The Works Course

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This is the story of my first gangbang and the making of a slut whilst I was away on a works course.

The week I was away changed my outlook and attitude on sex, showing my husband and me what we had been missing out on.

It all started on the second night, the first night had been pretty boring sat in my room reading, so the second night I decided to go down to the bar for a drink. After about half an hour, two men came over and started to chat to me, they introduced themselves as Dave and Mick.

I did not mind the company, as sitting on your own isn’t very exciting. They brought some drinks and we talked for awhile. As the drinks kept coming I began to loosen up and the talk was getting a lot more suggestive, with them telling me I had a nice body, and was I wearing stockings, and was I wearing any underwear.

I don’t know if it was the drink talking, or I just wanted it but I said if they wanted to know they would have to find out themselves. Dave put his hand on my leg and began to slide it up towards my stocking tops and then to my thong. I opened my legs and he inserted a finger into my already moist cunt. He said to Mick that I was already soaking wet and was dying for a good shagging, all the time he was moving his fingers in and out, and rubbing my clit. I had to bite my lip to stop myself crying out when I came.

We got up from the table and went to the elevator, once in their hands were all over me, the top of my dress was pulled down freeing my tits which Dave went to work on with his mouth, whilst Mick pulled the bottom of my dress up to my waist and was fingering my smooth shaven cunt. Everything was on view to anybody if the doors opened.

The elevator stopped at another floor and the doors opened to two dumbstruck men looking at us with their mouths open, watching me with my tits, stockings, ass and cunt on show being frigged and groped by two men. The doors closed again without them getting in (their bad luck), and by the time we had got to our floor they had got my dress and thong off leaving me in just my black stockings, suspenders, and high heels, and they were mauling my body all the way to my room.

Once inside they soon stripped off and really went to work on me. Dave went down on me and soon had me cumming with his tongue that was teasing my clit and probing inside. Mick was playing ataköy escort with my tits and biting my nipples making them stand up large.

I was begging them to fuck me and soon had my wish granted as a large cock was rammed up my wet juicy cunt, then another being offered to my lips which I licked and sucked all round the bell end then the shaft and his balls, finally taken all his cock in and sucking hard until he shot his load deep into my throat, then pulling out and shooting his second load over my lips and face. All they while Dave was fucking me hard right to the hilt, stretching my cunt wide with his large cock until he came, jet after jet of hot cum deep in my cunt. I then took his cock in my mouth and sucked him clean tasting his cum mixed with my own love juices.

This went on most of the night with them taking it in turns to shag me either end or wanking over my tits and face. By the morning we were all tired out, how I kept awake during the lectures that day I don’t know.

I had an early night that day, but had arranged to meet them in the bar the following evening. I tarted myself up and went down. They where waiting for me with a couple of mates of theirs who they introduced. I could tell by the way they were looking at me that Dave and Mick had told them what had happened and what a right slut I was and a good fuck.

We sat at a table and had a few drinks, but I knew what they really wanted, and it wasn’t long before Mick slid his hand under the table and my dress up towards my stocking tops. He gave a large smile when he discovered I wasn’t wearing any panties and told the others, ready for action said Dave, and I moaned yes as Mick had several fingers in me frigging me to an orgasm.

We all decided it was about time we went up to their room and made our way to the elevator, this time when we were in there was no lifting my dress up they just took it straight off leaving me in just my black stockings, suspenders, and high heels. I was pushed down onto my knees and Dave told me to get one of the other men’s cocks out and suck it, which I did. I was well into it when the doors opened, this time there was a man and a woman. The woman said it looked as if I was having a good time and they both entered the lift. I carried on cock sucking while the others were playing avcılar escort with my ass and tits and fingering my cunt. The woman said she was enjoying watching me getting all this attention, and had always wanted to watch a woman get well and truly fucked. Dave and Mick said they were welcome to join us, so they did.

When we were all in the hotel room, the rest of them stripped off. The women said she was not into gangbangs herself but wanted to watch and play with herself, and to get things going she wanted to perform with me first. All the men naturally thought this a good idea.

She stripped off and came over and kissed me pushing her tongue into my mouth and rubbing my clit, she the kissed and bite my breasts and nipples, then on down to my shaven pussy.
She ran her tongue up and down my cuntlips, teased my clit, and probed inside, I was soon cumming on her face. She first used her fingers, then a large vibrator she had in her handbag making me moan with pleasure as she fucked me with this giant artificial cock, as I kept cumming over and over again. I did the same for her, and she loved having her nipples sucked and bitten making her cry out.

After our performance had finished she sat back and told the men to go to work on me. They took hold of me and started to use me, she was urging them on while she wanked herself with the vibrator, telling them to fuck me good, calling me a slut, a dirty bitch, and a slag which only turned me and the men on more. I was fucked over and over again, one minuet I was on all fours getting cock from both ends, next I was sat astride one of them with cocks in both my hands shooting their cum over my face and dribbling down onto my tits, other times sucking three cocks one after the other while I rode another guy, my cunt filled with his hard cock.

I was fucked well into the night in about every position you could think off, with the final being my entry into anal sex with a cock up my cunt, one in my mouth, and one up my ass, the other two wanked over my face, them cumming one after another and showering me and filling all my holes with their hot sticky cum.

The women said she had never seen anything so erotic and sexy ever, and thought It was some performance. She came over and kissed me and rubbed the cum into my body massaging my avrupa yakası escort tits and pinching my nipples. She stuck a few fingers up my dripping cunt and then pulled them out, her fingers covered with the warm cum of all the men which we both then hungrily licked off. She said here’s something to remember the night by for a while (like I could forget) and gave me a love bite on my breast, then told the men to. I had bites on my tits, insides of my thighs, the shaven part of my cunt, and on my ass cheeks showing just how I had been used that night.

I had one more session with Dave and Mick and his mates on the last night when we went out to a restaurant for a meal. They were all taken it in turns to finger my cunt under the table, as I wasn’t wearing any underwear again. After the meal on the way back to the hotel they took me down this alleyway, stripped me and took it in turns using me, fucking my cunt, ass and mouth repeatedly. I was loving it telling them to shag me hard, treat me like some whore they had picked up and taken down this alleyway. A couple of tramps that were dosing down in the alley couldn’t of believed there eyes and were wanking whilst watching me there naked being fucked legless by a group of men.

After we had finished I walked passed them still naked with cum running out of my holes and down my legs, I stopped by them and said did they want a closer look at my body, the guys said give them a treat and let them have a feel of my ass, tits, and cum sodden cunt, they rubbed there hands over my cunt and one of them inserted three of his fingers in me and frigged me to a climax, while the other was squeezing my ass and tits. The men were cheering them on. “Go on let them fuck you,” one of the guys shouted. So I let these two down and outs lay me down on the alley floor and both fuck my cunt, and ass and bite and slobber on my tits. They couldn’t of had sex for a long time as both of them really pounded me into that dirty alley floor. After they had both cum in me I put my dress back on and we went back to the hotel for a final night of long hard sex.

The next day I went home. I told my husband what had happened during the week away when he noticed the bites on me later on when we were having a good shag, and he told me his fantasy was to see me gangbanged, he said it was just what he would like to have seen and was pissed that he hadn’t been there. That came true on the holiday in the story Holiday Park Slut that my husband wrote not long after the week’s course, and several times since.

Well, that is the story of my work course, and how I got a liking for gangbangs.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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