The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 08

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Chapter 41

I called Grace and told her she could stop worrying about Amanda that I had met with her and she explained everything about her life and why she wanted discretion. She didn’t ask for details and I didn’t offer any other that to say that Amanda was ok and she would probably enjoy her company as she was a nice person. I didn’t tell her that she was horny as hell and a slut when she got going. I thought she would find that for herself. I had a feeling that Amanda would swing both ways if she had the opportunity.

Grace asked what I was doing on Friday and I replied that I was free as a bird, what did she have in mind? She thought I might enjoy lunch and “DESSERT”, I chuckled and said I would be there with an “APPITITE”.

I got some laundry together as I had bedding to do and other stuff as long as I was taking a trip into town. I didn’t run into anyone at the laundry and I stopped in the general store to pick up some stuff. Lois was there and asked if I was in a hurry, I shook my head and she asked if she could see me outside when I was through shopping. I said ok and met with her about twenty minutes later.

Lois wanted to apologize for giving Amanda my name and hoped I wasn’t angry with her. I told her that everything was ok and she could stop worrying. I told her that I thought Amanda was very nice and we got along very well. I assumed that we would be good friends.

Lois was relieved and explained that Amanda’s daughter had called her and asked if she knew anyone that her mother could keep company with and I read between the lines that she needed some personal attention. She said she realized after the fact that she should have cleared it with me before giving her my name. She also realized what I had been thinking about when this person showed up from another town and from another state. She didn’t blame me for being suspicious and doing some checking and she was sure Amanda didn’t either. I reassured her that everything was fine. We parted with a hug and I remembered what I nice body she had as she held it against me just a little to long for a casual hug.

I stopped back to fold and pack up my laundry and headed for home.

I put everything away and put the clean sheets on the bed and did a little spring cleaning to pass the time. I was thinking I might have to buy a washer and dryer, it would be a lot more convenient for me because all the women I had visit me were prolific gushers and squirters. I might talk to Grace about that as it would make the house easier to rent in the future especially if it was a female who rented it. Probably the next occupants would be Rachael and/or Jenny or Carol.

I had gotten the place in pretty good shape in the time I had been here and I had the feeling if Grace didn’t have the cash to buy the washer and dryer she would defer the rent for the cost of them. I had a pretty good deal here with privacy when I wanted it and lots of friends when I didn’t.

Thursday morning was beautiful and I had a touch of spring fever and wanderlust. I had finished up my chores and had lots of time before dinner so I decided to take a ride and see what kind of trouble I could get into. I

had been driving an hour or so and found a little diner and thought a cup of coffee would hit the spot.

The diner was spotless and I picked a booth where I could see everyone as they came and went. I like to watch people and always find someone interesting to talk to or just watch their body language. This place was no different, lots of regulars and some really interesting characters.

There was one guy that I could tell was always the life of any party, laughing and making sure all the ladies whether that were young or old got the same attention. He was a little younger than me and looked to be in good shape and I had the feeling he was a ladies man. I got a piece of pie to go with my second cup of coffee and just enjoyed myself watching the antics of this guy as he teased all the girls.

I paid my bill and set this place in my GPS so I could find it again in the future. I drove around a little and made the comparison that this area was a lot like the valley where I was living.

I found my way home and had a light dinner, found a book that I had not read yet and settled down for a quiet night.

Friday dawned and I was surprised to find I had fallen asleep reading my book and I had a stiff neck. I managed to get out of my chair and worked out some kinks on the way to the bathroom. I took a shower and it helped to take the soreness away from my night in the chair. I finished up and fixed myself some breakfast thinking about my lunch date with Grace.

I knew I would be in for a treat both with lunch and “dessert” because she was a good cook and an even better dessert maker. The morning dragged by and it reminded me of Christmas Eve as a kid. It seemed like that day was as long as a week and this morning was no different. I thought I would ask Grace about the washer and dryer during lunch if she wasn’t sitting on my lap feeding me something interesting.

Grace had said lunch casino siteleri was at one o’clock and I got there a few minutes early but not so early that I would be in the way. Lunch was about ready so I sat at the table as she served her masterpiece. Grace had made chicken salad served on lettuce leaves, with fruit served on the side. I guess she wanted to keep me healthy. I opted for iced tea for a drink and we talked like a married couple, discussing the things that interested both of us. She told me about her latest projects and luckily I had become somewhat knowledgeable about web design so I was able to follow the conversation.

I asked her about a washer and dryer and she thought it was a good idea and if I didn’t mind would I buy them and she would make adjustments on the rent. I said that was ok and she should go with me because she was probably knew what features would be best to buy. She laughed and said that the only features needed were a super duty, a normal and a gentle cycles, no one ever used the rest of them anyways.

Lunch was finished and she asked if I wanted dessert and I nodded not knowing what to expect. She got up and went to the fridge where I couldn’t see her and when she came back she was naked and held a can of whipped cream and a bottle of chocolate syrup. She crooked her finger at me and walked into the bedroom and lay down on the bed, handing me the whipped cream and syrup. She said she had prepared the makings for a make your own sundae so get started.

I stripped in a hurry and knelt on the bed beside her with my cock sticking out at her. I took the whipped cream and squirted some on her tits making mounds on her nipples, around her belly button and decorated her pussy like a Santa Claus face. I drizzled some chocolate syrup on each site with whipped cream and got up and went to the fridge. I found what I was looking for and placed a cherry on her nipple mounds and one on the Santa nose. She looked down at herself and laughed at my poor attempt at artistry but pulled my head down to start eating my desert. I cleaned up her breasts and worked down to her nether regions slurping the sweet treats as I went. By the time I got to Santa Claus the cream was starting to melt and I had to do a through cleaning of her cunt. She was squirming as my tongue slithered into her folds lapping her juices mixed with the cream and syrup.

She pushed me away and said it was her turn for dessert and I laid down where she had been. I got a white beard and a design down my torso. When she got to my cock she looked perplexed and I was surprised when she just put a dab on the tip. She came back up and licked the beard from my face and progressed to lap everything up until she got to my cock. One swipe of her tongue took care of the dab she had put there. Smiling at me she opened her mouth and filled it with whipped cream and sucked my cock into her sweet cream filled mouth. Feeling her swallow the cream with my cock in her mouth was amazing.

I was on the verge of shooting my load when she stopped and straddled my face pushing her wet sweet pussy into my mouth. I lapped up the rest of my dessert, hardened my tongue and stabbed her wet sex twirling it around and swallowing her juicy offerings. She moved her hips to match my tongue and had a few orgasms riding my face and tongue.

Grace fell off me to catch her breath but I didn’t let up my assault on her body. Right away I got between her legs and slammed my cock in her. I fucked her hard and fast, her legs wrapped around me and her heels beat my ass to a pulp as she matched my passion stroke for stroke. I could feel my cream start to rise and made sure she was getting full strokes. I felt the first spurt leave my body and it felt like it blasted the head off my prick off.

I grabbed her hips and held them against me as she ground her cunt against my pubic bone. She had a hard orgasm with me, the sweat glistening on her body and her juices running out of her. I pulled out and went down to slurp up our mixed cum. I got a mouthful and went to offer Grace some of our love potion. She willing took the mixture, had another little orgasm and we hugged sharing the love we felt for each other.

We rested awhile and took a shower together with us washing each other making sure to get all the nooks and crannies. Wrapped in towels we had something to drink and talked for an hour or two. She wanted to know if Carol had ambushed me again and I just smiled and nodded. I wanted to tell her what a firecracker she was but stuck to my guns, not telling tales out of school.

I told her about the conversation with Lois and she agreed with me that she should have talked to me first so I wasn’t taken by surprised. I said that I was just glad that there wasn’t another agenda and I was happy to help Amanda with her “visit”. I figured that it would tell her that I had fucked her without telling her anything. Grace asked if I had used a condom and I said I didn’t. I felt it was ok because she hadn’t been with anyone since her husband died a few years ago and she said they were faithful to one another.

I canlı casino said I would get a test if it would put everyone at ease. She thought that might be a good idea because it would set the example for anyone that left the valley and wanted sex when they came home. I agreed and said I would take care of it.

We got dressed and Grace fixed some supper, drank some wine enjoying each other’s company and the evening.

I would have to talk to Amanda and tell her about the rules here in the valley. She would have to get tested and only screw people outside of here with a condom. I was sure she would understand because she wouldn’t want to catch anything either.

I made a note to myself to make a dr’s appointment for a STD test.

Chapter 42

My test came back clean and I called Grace to tell her that she had nothing to worry about and she wouldn’t need to be tested.

We made a date to go to Knoxville to look at washers and dryers in a few days, she had a project she was finishing up before she could take a day off. There wasn’t any rush as far as I was concerned. I had found where a washer and dryer had been hooked up before, tested the receptacle and it was powered up so I figured it would be a simple installation. I would need a new vent pipe but that was all.

Spring was around the corner and I started to look for a location where I could plant a small garden, maybe just some salad vegetables and some herbs. I figured a 12 X 14 foot space would be plenty. I would only need a market pack of tomatoes, a few cucumber plants, a row of leaf lettuce and maybe some onions. That would still leave some space if I wanted to plant something else. It was a little early but in a few weeks the days would be long enough for planting and I didn’t have to worry about frost here like back home.

I staked out an area and started to turn the ground over breaking up the grass clumps as I went along. I did an area about 4 X 5 and figured it was enough for the first day. The garden would have to be turned again before planting and I would have to see if I could find some manure to fertilize, I wanted to stay away from chemicals. I noticed that the grass was starting to grow so I would have to mow before long. It was nice to be starting a new project.

Grace and I traveled to Knoxville shopping for my new appliances, found what we wanted and arranged for delivery. I asked her if she needed or wanted to do any other shopping, smiling she said she thought she needed some things at the mall. We strolled thru the mall at a leisurely pace walking toward Victoria’s Secret.

Grace winked at me when she asked if I was coming in with her. I asked if she was going to model her selections for approval, she smiled and said “Maybe”

There were all kinds of sexy, frilly almost there creations that conjured up all kinds of thoughts. I fingered a few things and Grace called me a pervert. I asked her why she asked me in here if she didn’t think I was a pervert. We both laughed at that. She continued shopping and finally settled on a few items and went to the changing room. The area had a private viewing area so I followed her and sat on a bench waiting for her first selection. She came out and what she was wearing took my breath away. The bra top was see thru and her nipples made tents in the material. The bottoms were about the same and were crotch less so her pussy lips protruded slightly thru the slit.

I raised my eyebrows in appreciation and she turned to change into selection number two. A few minutes later she reappeared in a black lace outfit that left nothing to the imagination. The bra had nipple cut outs and the panties were sheer lacy material that showed her pussy if you looked hard enough through the lace. I told her that it was beautiful and couldn’t make up my mind which outfit I liked best. She thought about for a minute and decided to buy both. I couldn’t believe the total of the bill when the girl rang up her purchases, crying out loud it was only a square foot of material.

We stopped for lunch and laughed about my reactions to her undies. I asked her where she was going to wear them, she laughed saying they were her party things.

The trip home was relaxed and she said she liked the back roads I picked whenever we were taking a Knoxville trip. I said since we were in no rush it was better than fighting the interstate traffic and ruining the day.

I dropped her off at home and got a kiss as she exited the Suv, promising that I would benefit from her new outfits.

True to their word the delivery truck showed up the next day around noon and two strong young men unpacked, brought in the appliances, hooked them up. I gave them a tip so they could stop for lunch and they left. This was going to be a lot better than going to the laundry every week. I was becoming quite domesticated in my old age.

There was enough time before dinner so I turned over another section of my garden. The soil is a sandy loam so it was pretty easy to work. I thought with a little fertilizer it would produce a good harvest.

I kaçak casino was going inside when Jasmine drove in. I waited for her to stop and went to greet her. She said she was driving by and saw me outside and wanted to stop to say hello. I gave her a hug and kiss and she returned them warmly.

She looked at my partially dug garden patch and asked if I was digging a grave. I laughed and said I might need one if I don’t slow down a little. I explained about my plans for a little vegetable garden and asked if she knew where I could get some good seasoned manure. She laughed at me and said I was so full of bull shit I could probably take care of it myself. I laughed along with her and gave her another hug.

She thought a minute and said she had a friend that had a few cows and a horse. She was sure I could probably get what I needed from her. I said I would only need a few bushels but she said take at least twice that for side dressing after the plants started to produce fruit. She also said she had a roto tiller I could borrow but the rent was expensive.

Talking to her was improving my mood considerably and I agreed to pay anything she wanted to charge. I said I was going to turn it over by hand first and then come to get the tiller to really mix it with the fertilizer. She said she would call her friend for me and if I didn’t mind she would ride along with me when I went to pick up the product. She said she hadn’t seen her friend in some time and was sure she would enjoy a visit. I said that was a good idea so she could call me and we could go at her convenience.

She said she couldn’t stay and took me in her arms and kissed me goodbye leaving me with a hard on.

Chapter 43

Jasmine had called her friend and made arrangements to go and pick up some fertilizer from a friend of hers so I packed up some containers and picked her up.

She was excited to go see her friend and the thirty mile trip went by fast. We pulled into her friend’s driveway and a strikingly beautiful black woman came out to greet us. She was as dark as Jasmine was light and I had to admire the difference. All I could think of was light and dark chocolate in the same box. Jasmine introduced me to Ida and instead of shaking hands she hugged me warmly.

Looking at Jasmine she said “damm girl you didn’t tell me he was this handsome, good thing you came with him cuz I would have kept him for myself.”

I could feel myself blushing and the both laughed at my expense. Ida showed me where the manure was and I took my covered containers to the pile and filled them up. I had filled six plastic pails, put the covers on them and left them outside the Suv until we were ready to leave. I went to the house and could hear Jasmine and Ida laughing and giggling like a couple of school girls. I didn’t want to interrupt so I sat on the steps letting them have their fun. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop and could hear Jasmine telling Ida about some of the fun we had the past few months. I could tell that they were getting excited when they spoke in hushed tones and then would giggle.

I got up and knocked on the door to let them know I was there and went inside to get in on the conversation. Ida offered something to drink and I opted for coffee. When she poured the coffee the look in her eyes let me know she was interested in more than talking.

I sat next to Jasmine and her hand was busy in my lap rubbing my leg and getting close to my cock that was starting to get hard. I didn’t know how far this was going to go and I just let things run its course. Ida sat next to me on the other side and held on to my arm pulling it close to her rubbing her breast against me. They were firm and high on her chest and I wondered if she was going to fight Jasmine for the first grab of my cock.

I put my arms around their shoulders and drew them to me. “Well girls, what do we do now? Do I have to defend my honor or just give up and save myself a defeat at your hands?”

They just laughed and Jasmine said “Ida, I told you that he was a good guy and has a great sense of humor and takes good care of us over in the valley.”

“Well Jasmine, I know what you told me but I will just have to see for myself if Mike is willing. What do you say Mike, do you want to make my rafter’s shake.”

“Ida I would love to shake whatever there is to shake and I am sure that Jasmine will want to shake a few things with me. I have to assume that the both of you are really close friends.”

“Oh yes Mike, We were roommates in college and sometimes men are scarce and nights are lonely. We girls had to take care of ourselves sometimes and we have remained close over the years.”

I could see Jasmine blush under light chocolate skin and I squeezed her to me letting her know I understood. We left the table and moved to the living room. I sat on the couch and Ida sat in my lap kissing me deeply and using a lot of tongue. I returned her kisses and my hand found her breast cupping it and mauling it a bit. Jasmine was helping, unsnapping her jeans and pulling them down. No one was being very delicate and it was obvious that someone wanted to get fucked. I think that someone was Ida and she was going for the gold in record time. I could feel the heat from her pussy thru my jeans and she swung her legs around to straddle my lap.

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