The Winnebago

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Most of this story is true. Heather is, and, from bar to restroom to Winnebago, so are Mona and Tim (although their names have been changed). Don is an embellishment, but Heather, most certainly, is real and really did much of what’s described here…


Heather sat at the bar waiting for Don to join her. He had just texted her that he was stuck in traffic and that it would probably be an hour before he would get to the bar, when she saw the couple come in and walk up to the bar and sat down on the bar stools beside her. They were both fit and well-dressed. Both had dirty blonde hair; he was Heather’s height and the woman was a little shorter than Heather. What caught Heather’s attention, however, was the woman’s tits. She was wearing a form fitting top, and she could see that they were not too big or too small, and they were perfectly shaped. As she looked up, she saw the woman looking at her. She leaned across her husband and put her hand out. “Hi, I’m Mona and this is my husband, Tim. Are you from this area?”

Heather blushed for a moment, and then answered: “Yes. My name’s Heather. It’s nice to meet you. Are you visiting?”

“Yes,” Mona said. “We have an RV and we like to travel during the summer. We’re passing through on our way to Michigan.”

“An RV?” Heather asked. “That’s always been one of my fantasies — to own an RV and travel all over the place.”

“We have a Winnebago,” said Tim. “You ought to make that fantasy come true.”

The small talk continued as the couple bought drinks for the three of them. Heather noticed that the couple often found a reason to work sexual innuendo into the conversation, and that Mona often had her hand on Tim’s leg, where she rubbed a growing bulge. As Heather grew more and more wet, she realized the couple was giving off a sexuality that was infectious. Their bodies always seemed to be touching each other in a sensual way, and Heather found her eyes darting from the curve of Mona’s full breasts to the bulge in Tim’s jeans that had now extended down the inseam a full 7-8 inches. Tim’s eyes were looking Heather over brazenly, lingering on her cleavage and legs. Mona’s dirty blonde hair and dark eyes contributed to a look that said “What the fuck? I’m ready to try anything…” And Heather noticed that Mona’s eyes were scanning her body, as well, bouncing from her eyes to her tits.

Eventually, Mona got off her bar stool to walk over and stand next to Heather so she wouldn’t have to talk around Tim. When Tim appeared to be momentarily engrossed in a baseball game on the TV behind the bar, Mona leaned close to Heather and whispered in her ear: “I hope I don’t embarrass you, but I noticed you staring at my tits when I sat down at the bar…”

“Oh… I…” stammered Heather.

“Don’t worry,” said Mona, her breath caressing Heather’s ear and contributing to a growing sense of tension between Heather’s legs. “These are my new tits — I had work done — and I was wondering if you could give me an honest opinion.” Mona was close enough to Heather that her right tit rubbed against Heather’s arm as she spoke.

“I think they look wonderful,” Heather said, stumbling over her words.

“What’s amazing is how tiny the scars are,” Mona said. “Come with me, and I’ll show you!” And with that, Mona took Heather’s hand and together they walked back to the Ladie’s room. Fortunately, no one was in the room, because when Mona shut the door, she turned the lock and then turned to look at Heather. She pulled up her top and bra, exposing firm, pert tits with hard nipples. Heather’s nipples were hard, too, and Mona noticed. The next thing she did was to push down her skirt so it fell to the floor, and then take Heather’s hand and pull it to her pussy… which was very wet…

Heather let out a soft moan at the sight of this beautiful woman’s tits and the feeling of the wet pussy. She parted Mona’s lips with her finger and then began to slowly push her finger up into her tight, wet pussy.

Mona wasted no time. Her hand went into Heather’s skirt and began stroking her slit, caressing her clit before plunging her finger quickly up and into Heather’s cunt. Heather gasped as Mona’s finger entered her and she rose with Mona’s hand until she was on tiptoe, and then settled back down on the finger, mounting it, as it began to up and down into her throbbing pussy — there was nothing gentle about this — she was being finger-fucked and she was being finger-fucked hard. Heather reached across to Mona’s tits with her free hand and began to twist on her nipples. Mona moaned and began to knead Heather’s breasts through her top, pinching the emerging nipples. Both women were kozyatağı escort moaning now, writhing in time with the movement of the other’s thrusting fingers…

Mona leaned forward and whispered in a throaty voice: “You know I’m just priming you for my husband’s cock…” This caused Heather to close her eyes and focus on her pussy and the finger that was entering and withdrawing, entering and withdrawing…

Suddenly, the finger was withdrawn — completely — and Heather opened her eyes as she exclaimed “Oh!” Mona was looking at her through half-lidded eyes, lust burning in those eyes. She withdrew her hand from Heather’s tits and cupped one of her own tits with it. Heather needed no further cue — she leaned forward and took the full breast in her mouth, sucking on it and then pulling off of it to pause and bite and lick at the hard nipple.

Mona took Heather’s hands from her pussy and tits and pushed them up over Heather’s head and pinned her back against the wall. She paused for a moment to stare into Heather’s eyes and see a mixture of ecstasy, fright, and lust, and then she pressed her lips against Heather’s, and thrust her tongue into Heather’s mouth, jousting with Heather’s tongue as Heather recovered from the surprise and kissed her back.

When the kiss was over, Mona let Heather’s arms fall to her sides and then began to pull her top down and pick her skirt up from the floor. Heather was in a daze as she rearranged her clothes. “Come on,” said Mona, “I’ll buy you a drink.”

Heather was sure that as she walked back to her bar stool people would see that “just fucked” look on her, but no one appeared to notice. When they got to her bar stool, Mona leaned forward and kissed Tim, and then she slid her fingers into his mouth. As he sucked on them she whispered in his ear, “She’s good…”

Tim stood up from the bar stool and let Mona sit on it. Mona took Heather by the hand and pulled her toward them so they formed an intimate threesome. Tim caught the bartender’s attention and ordered another round of drinks for them, then he turned his attention to Heather. “If you’re serious about living out your fantasies, you should check out our Winnebago — it’s parked just down the street.” As he was talking to her, Mona took Heather’s hand and led it to Tim’s crotch. What she felt there was very hard, very thick, and very long…

“This was one of my fantasies, after all,” she thought. “I just need to text my husband first,” she told Tim and Mona, who exchanged a glance. Heather noted the concern in the glance and said, “Oh, don’t worry — it won’t be a problem. My husband’s stuck in traffic. He’s very supportive of my… fantasies… so I know he’ll be okay with this as long as he knows what’s going on.”

Quickly, Heather texted: “Am at bar and have met couple who want to show me inside of their RV — naked — okay with you?”

There were a few awkward seconds when they took a sip of their drinks and waited for the return text. Don texted back: “Go for it! Will drive fast and hard!” She showed the text to Mona and Tim and then Tim settled their bar tab.

They left the bar and turned right, walking down the main street of the small town. Then she saw the Winnebago, parked right in front of the town’s biggest landmark. Fortunately, it was dark, but she still thought she looked like a slut entering their RV — which only turned her on more…

After climbing up the steps and turning to the left, Mona led Heather and Tim to the back of the Winnebago, where a couch covered the back wall. She turned and pulled Heather’s skirt down and began kissing her deeply as she unbuttoned Heather’s blouse. Heather let the skirt fall and puddle on the ground as she returned Mona’s kiss, their lips pressed hard against each other, tongues entwining. She could hear Tim behind her shedding his clothes, and when Mona broke off the kiss, Heather turned to inspect Tim. Tim was naked and his cock, freed of his jeans, was a full 8-inches-long. Heather stepped forward and kissed him, taking his cock in her hands. It was slightly longer than Don’s cock, but thicker and heavier in her hand. She felt Tim returning her kiss, the beer he had been drinking lingering on the tongue that probed her mouth. His hands were pushing her blouse off her shoulders, and she could feel Mona working the bra clasp so that, suddenly, her breasts were free of her bra. Tim moved quickly to cover one of her hard nipples with his mouth, not releasing it as Mona pushed her around and up against a wall so she could join him at her breasts, sucking and licking Heather’s right breast as Tim devoured her left breast. küçükyalı escort Heather was moaning at the touch of their lips and tongues, and almost screamed when she felt Tim’s fingers at her pussy lips. The head of his cock was brushing up against her hip as he bent over her breasts and worked his fingers into her pussy.

Mona bit her nipple hard enough to make Heather squeal… and then smile in erotic delight, before she stepped away from Heather, sat back on the couch, and pulled her skirt up to reveal her dripping pussy. Her wetness made her pussy lips glisten in the dim light of the RV, and Heather moved toward them, breaking Tim’s hold on her with his mouth and fingers. She dropped to all fours and moved forward to place her mouth over Mona’s cunt, running her tongue around her clit before beginning to lick in long, fast strokes, up and down her slit. Behind her she felt Tim positioning himself to fuck her doggy style. With one hand he reached forward and grabbed her left tit and began pinching her nipple and pressing the breast back into her body; with the other hand he positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy, yielding as she spread her legs and put her hand between them to grasp his cock. Heather guided him to her wet lips, and he did the rest, with a slow thrust. First, she felt his cock head part her lips and pop inside her cunt, feeling her walls expand and then grasp the bulb, then he kept coming forward, his thick shaft spreading her cunt, her pussy wrapping around him as the head of his massive probed deeper and deeper inside her. For a moment she gasped — he was going to split her in two with his thickness! But Mona wouldn’t allow her time to think, pulling her face back into her pussy.

Tim was fucking her hard now, his balls slapping against her clit, and he hissed through clenched teeth “You’re going to make her come if you keep eating her pussy like that… Oh yeah, lick it… Oh yeah, she’s going to come…” And then she felt Mona’s body go rigid, her arms straightening for a half second before contracting and pulling Heather’s head deeper into her pussy, shooting come into Heather’s mouth… Squirting — yes squirting! — into Heather’s mouth until she could take no more and the come started dripping from Heather’s lips… Still Mona came, squirting come into Heather’s face, startling her before she opened her mouth and tried to catch Mona’s come on her tongue…

The sight of this action was too much for Tim. His hot cock began to throb in Heather’s pussy, he began to slam into her, and then he groaned and she could feel his hot seed shooting into her pussy, hot ropes of it filling her up as he continued to pound her through his orgasm. The feeling of his hot cock shooting all that jism into her, and the sight of Mona’s body arching in delight, her wet, hot pussy now dripping cum from its lips, brought Heather to orgasm. She had felt the pressure building and now she let it cascade over her, clenching her teeth and moaning before opening her mouth to shout out in a high voice “Oh God, yes! Yes!!!”

Tom slowly withdrew and pulled himself up on the couch that sat at right angles to Mona’s couch. Heather, still breathing hard, but eager to have such a large cock in her mouth, turned and placed her mouth around the head of Tim’s still hard cock, and began sucking what little sperm still remained in Tim’s cock out and into her mouth. His come mixed with the taste of her come as she took more and more of the shaft into her head with each bob. Tim began to moan, looking down at the sight of Heather with her mouth wrapped around his hard cock. Mona moved from her couch now, and got on all fours behind Heather. With her hands on Heather’s hips, she coaxed Heather to raise her self onto all fours high enough so Mona could get her mouth between Heather’s lips and buttocks. She teased Heather by licking her rectum and then tonguing her ass, causing Heather to squirm and almost choke on Tim’s cock, then she moved on to Heather’s pussy and began sucking on it, sucking her husband’s cum out of Heather’s distended pussy, and pausing every now and then to bite Heather’s clit and pull it out of its sheath to be at the mercy of Mona’s tongue. It was Mona’s tongue on her clit that made her come again, waves of pleasure surging from her pussy throughout her body, making her choke and then remove Tim’s cock from her mouth.

Tim watched Heather ride the wave of her orgasm as he stroked his cock. When Heather had recovered, he stood and pushed her back so that she sat up and her face was level with his cock. He put a hand on each side of her head, and then he guided his cock to her anadolu yakası escort lips, pushing past them. He was gentle at first, but soon his hands were thrusting Heather’s head back and forth in a brutal rhythm, she found the tulip-shaped head of his cock deep in her throat and moaned with pleasure as he fucked her throat. As fast as he fucked her, she could still feel his cock swelling, stiffening, and she moaned again, loudly, her mouth full of cock and then, suddenly, hot sperm was shooting everywhere and she had to swallow to keep up. Tim pulled his spurting cock from her mouth and shot cum across her face and into her hair before falling backwards to a seat on the couch.

Heather’s moaning provoked Mona to move in. She had moved to Heather’s side to watch her husband’s cock sliding in and out of Heather’s mouth, and now she moved forward to kiss Heather and taste his cum on her lips. She mashed their faces together so that Tim’s cum covered them both and they each began to lick the cum of the other’s face. Then Heather’s cell phone rang…

After a quick exchange, there was soon a knock on the RV’s door, and then Don was in the RV, Mona taking his clothes off. Tim sat on the couch with Heather sitting on the floor beside him, her head on his knee, eyes darting from Don to Tim’s still engorged cock.

“I’ll take him forward,” Mona said, and led Don by his hard cock to the bunk over the driver’s compartment. As Donn stretched out in the bunk, Mona climbed on top of him, placing herself in a 69, pushing her wet pussy into his face while she devoured his meat. Heather watched her stroking Don’s shaft, faster and faster, bobbing her head in time with her hand. Her moans indicated Don’s tongue was splitting her labia and tickling her clit. Knowing Don was close to coming, Mona stopped sucking on it and slowly pulled herself off Don’s face. “Wait a minute, lover…” she said, and repositioned herself astride him, grasping his hard cock in one hand and guiding it to the lips of her snatch. Slowly she lowered herself down onto his rock hard cock, not stopping until she’d taken all of him inside her. She leaned forward and Don leaned up to take one of her nipples in his mouth. Heather knew that Mona would soon be moaning — the combination of Don’s cock and his mouth would have her coming in no time.

Mona soon found that the combination was too much to resist and her moans became short shrieks and then one long shriek as she came and soaked Don’s cock and balls with her juices. As she shuddered on top of him and fell forward onto him, Don pulled her close, kissing her hard. When she rolled off of him, he climbed down from the bunk and told her to join him. Soon he had her on top of the table located between the “kitchen” and the sofas that Heather and Tim were reclining on. Tim’s cock was hard again and Heather took turns sucking it and stroking it so she could watch Don and Mona.

Don pulled Mona’s body so her legs hung over the edge of the table and began to pound his cock into her pussy, fucking her hard and causing her to breathe in short moans, echoing with each thrust. Heather could tell Don must be close to coming, when he suddenly slammed into Mona with extra force, groaned, and then pulled his spurting cock from Mona’s pussy and shot his jism across her pussy, stomach, and tits.

He staggered over to the sofa and collapsed beside Tim as Heather rose to her feet and crossed to the table, where she crawled atop Mona and began to kiss her tenderly on the mouth, then on the neck, then she worked her way down Mona’s body, licking and drinking up Don’s cum…

When she looked up from Mona’s body, she saw that Don had moved between Tim’s legs, and was working his mouth over Tim’s massive tool. He stopped to wink at Heather and tell her “This is one amazing cock — I’d hate not to have a taste of it!” Up and down Don bobbed, pausing to lick around the head of the cock, and down the shaft. He buried his face in Tim’s balls as Tim moaned with pleasure, and then began to eat Tim’s ass, causing him to squirm and moan even louder. All the while, Don’s fist was pumping up and down on Tim’s long, thick cock… Don must have known how close Tim was, since he stopped eating his ass and put his mouth over Tim’s cock and began bobbing his head in time with his left hand. As Heather watched, Don paused to lick his right index finger and then returned to bobbing up and down on Tim’s cock. Don’s right hand went between Tim’s leg and she watched as Don slowly inserted his finger into Tim’s ass and began to fuck him with it. This caused Tim to convulse and groan “Oh my God!” and then Don was bobbing his head more frantically as Tim’s body began thrashing under him. Don took all of Tim’s come in his mouth and then crawled over in Heather’s direction. She dropped to all fours to meet him. He leaned towards her and kissed her, sharing Tim’s come with her. After that extremely erotic exchange, he smiled at her and said “Honey, I’m home!”

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