The Weekend

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Big Tits

The house was quite easy to find. The sat nav behaved itself and led me down the narrow lane. At the end a stone built converted barn. Just right for a secluded, private, weekend.

The door was opened by Marie. Fifty years old, five foot six, brunette hair in a bob. She was healthy, fit looking, although she carried the padding appropriate for a real woman of her age. She looked just as she did in her pictures, a good sign. She smiled, said hello and kissed me on the cheek. She smelled clean and fresh. Chanel Mademoiselle? Her husband, John appeared. This was the moment I was most apprehensive about. Sometime during this weekend I may have to have sex with this man. I hoped my hand wasn’t too cold with fear as I shook his. He was slightly taller than me, broader, with a wide smile. He was dressed almost identically to his wife, jeans and a crisp white t-shirt.

This was the first time we’d met in person. We’d exchanged emails and pictures for sometime. We’d even masturbated together over the telephone. Were they as I expected? They were what I hoped for. Their home was stylish and airy in a modern country cottage sense. We sat in the living room and made small talk about my journey. We weighed each other up. She was attractive, I could imagine making love to her. Him, could I get naked with him? It might not come to that. There was another woman to arrive to make up the foursome and possibly he might not fancy me in the flesh. The bisexual bit might get forgotten.

I don’t know how I spoke, my head was pounding and my mouth dry. Just as I was running out of conversation the doorbell rang. Laura was thirty five and well, disappointing. Five foot four, mousey mid length hair, little make up. Her smile was pretty and her eyes friendly. No, she was ok. What am I doing judging this woman?

More chat and another glass of wine. What happens next? Marie showed Laura and I to our room. So we were to be a ‘couple’ for the weekend, sharing a bed for sleep as well as sex. Laura seemed comfortable with this. She had been to a number of John & Marie’s weekends.

Then Marie said something that made my heart pound even harder.

‘Roger is a bit of a virgin with the boys. So we thought we’d start the weekend with him and John giving us a little show. Would you prepare him please Laura?’

They’d obviously discussed this beforehand. Laura said she’d dress me. John would be dressed in the same way. Without speaking Laura took off my clothes. She remained in her leggings and sweater. ‘Lovely’ she said once I was naked. ‘Time for your shower’. Her eyes were on me all the time I showered. Slowly my penis began to stiffen. Not fully, just enough for her to notice. She towelled me dry and sprayed me with aftershave. On the bed she laid a black suspender belt, black stockings and a plain black thong. I sat on the bed as she pulled the stockings over my legs and took time to get the suspenders just right. Her suadiye escort touch was enticing. I could have cum there and then. When I was dressed she led me down to the living room. I was told to wait and she left me.

I felt cold. I felt scared. I felt excited. This was it, what I had feared and desired for so long. I suppose it will get it over with. I saw myself in the mirror over the mantelpiece. What did I look like? Would they laugh at my body? It’s easy to hold your stomach in and choose the best angles for photos, but here I was, warts and all. Laura said I looked lovely. Was she being serious? And what if I couldn’t go through with it? Why don’t I just run upstairs, get changed and go?

Just as I had almost made up my mind to leave I heard footsteps on the stairs, then high heels on the wooden floor of the hallway. The three of them walked in together and I knew I had to see it through. Two women you’d walk past in the street without a glance were transformed. They each wore a shaped black corset which covered their breasts and hips. Black pants and sheer, glistening stockings held up by suspenders. Four inch heeled stilettos and gash red lipstick completed the costume. They sat side by side on the black leather sofa.

John was dressed exactly as I was. Glossy black stockings, suspenders, thong, no shoes. I didn’t know where to look. Damn it, you’re here now. Do it, enjoy it!

‘You look lovely’ said Marie. ‘You’ve done a good job Laura’

‘Thank you. What do you think John?’ asked Laura.

He stood beside me. ‘Beautiful,’ he murmured in a deep smooth voice. He walked round me, looking me up and down. His body was as it promised to be from the photographs I’d seen. A broad chest covered in a mat of dark hair. Broad shoulders. And as he passed me the strings of the thong outlined a pair of round powerful buttocks. The stockings followed every contour of his strong, shapely thighs.

He stood behind me. I could smell his aftershave again. I felt a sensation on my right shoulder. He was gently kissing it. This was it then. I began to surrender to my desire. His hands reached around and passed over my chest and shoulders. Alternately gently, hardly touching, and more firmly he explored my chest and back. I felt safe, my cock began to swell. I looked over at the two women. They were looking straight at me. I allowed myself to look directly back into their eyes.

Still holding my gaze, Marie said ‘I think he needs his cock to be released John’. John stroked his hand over my stomach and into the thong. His hand covered my erection. This was the first male hand to touch my cock. I let out a long audible sigh and relaxed backwards. I felt John’s chest on my back and his erection was pushing against the softness of my buttocks. This was wonderful. Soon he had pushed the thong from my cock. I stepped out of it and kicked it away. He began taksim escort to slowly masturbate me, firmly stroking the foreskin up and down over the helmet. No woman had ever wanked me so perfectly. He seemed to understand exactly what I wanted.

I cast my eyes over the women. I devoured every curve, every inch of flesh. They enjoyed me in return. ‘Don’t you cum yet’ Marie sounded quite stern. I wasn’t going to, I was enjoying this too much. I wanted it to last.

‘Would you like to taste cock?’ she asked.

‘Oh yes.’ I murmured. John sat on one of the armchairs. He stretched out his legs towards me. His legs were so strong and shapely. The stockings were sheer and shiny. A narrow line of reflection followed the contours of his calves and thighs. Beyond the stockings his legs were smooth, shaved. I knelt between his legs. I firmly stroked a hand up each leg from the ankle to the thong. Feeling his muscular limbs gave me a wonderful sense of masculinity. This was not like being with a woman. It was different, more animal. There were hormones flowing through my body which were new to me. I wanted that cock in my mouth. I couldn’t resist kissing his stockinged legs following the route of my hands. He lay back and sighed deeply.

‘Oh God’ he whispered.

Then the bulge in his thong was in front of my face. My heart beat heavily but slowly. I gently kissed his erection through the fabric. I took a moment to look up at him. His stomach, that hairy chest and strong face gazing down at me. I let my hands explore his chest, pushing my fingers through the hair.

‘Beautiful’ I heard Laura say. I looked around. The two women were kissing while they watched.

‘Take out his cock’ said Marie. I held the corners of the thong with both thumbs and forefingers and slowly peeled the material away from his erection. I pulled the thong down his thighs. As I did I had to move his legs closer together making his cock stand proud of his body. It was beautiful. I was surprised how much I wanted to touch it. It was as if the whole power of his masculinity was focused on that rod of flesh. I pushed his legs apart again. Now I understood how he was able to masturbate me so well. His cock was like mine with a pronounced foreskin. I knew I could pleasure him in the same ways I wanked myself. I gripped his erection. It was strange to be holding another man’s cock. So familiar but not mine. I began to wank it steadily, the foreskin sliding easily over the head. I was aware of the same musky smell my cock had when aroused. His balls were shaved naked. I cupped them with my other hand.

John let out a low moan. ‘That is superb’ he moaned. I looked up at him. My God, his body was wonderful, so powerful. That wave of masculinity coursed throw me again. What was that about? I wanted to wrestle him. Fight him. I felt my chest swell, my sense of being a man growing inside me.

‘Take tuzla escort it in your mouth’. It was Marie. I looked across. They had stopped kissing. ‘I don’t think you need any more encouragement from us. We’ll save the lesbian show for later. Suck him.’ I slid the foreskin down gently over the helmet. It was tight and shining with pre-cum. I opened my lips and slowly slid the head inside. It was bigger than I imagined. I suddenly realised I needed to be careful of my teeth, not to scratch him. I sucked. He let out another moan.

‘I love to see that’ said Laura. ‘How does it taste?’ I just smiled in reply. I teased the head. It felt so smooth against the roughness of my tongue. I took each of his balls in my mouth. The skin of his smooth scrotum felt amazing.

‘You’re so fuckin good’ I heard John say. He closed his hands over my head, pushing my mouth against his cock. I took his cock deep into my mouth and gripped his thighs tightly with my hands. He began to groan and slowly swear under his breath. ‘Fuck…fuck…fuck…’ Then he began to move forward ‘Get on the fucking floor, get on the fucking floor.’

He pushed me on my back onto the rug. He lay full length on top of me. I could feel the full weight and power of his body. He ground his chest into mine and began to kiss my neck. He wanted to kiss my mouth! This was something I didn’t want to do. It felt too intimate. But I couldn’t stop him. Suddenly his mouth was on top of mine, then his tongue was in my mouth. Again the animal in me took over. I pushed back and our tongues wrestled between our mouths. Our cocks and balls rubbed together. As we kissed I wrapped my stockinged legs around his. They intertwined, the smooth nylon of our stockings sliding over each other.

Then he was moving, turning his body round. We found ourselves laying on our sides in a 69 position. My cock was in his mouth. He sucked so well. I did the same. I stroked my hands up and down his legs and body. I clutched his buttocks, they were so firm. We lay there sucking, licking and wanking. It was clear that this would be the climax. He slapped my arse. He decided it was time for me to orgasm. Taking me out of his mouth he wanked me faster and faster. I did the same. The girls were stood above us now, their high heels and stockinged legs an extra turn on.

I heard a shoe fall to the ground and felt a stockinged foot caressing my backside. Then another one was stroking my stockinged leg. I couldn’t take much more. ‘I think you should cum boys’ said Marie. ‘John first, our guest can cum last. Wank him harder Roger.’ I clutched his balls tight as I wanked. Then suddenly I was hit in the face by a hot stream of semen. It was a surprise, and at that moment I came into John’s mouth. It was a long, powerful, muscular orgasm. I hadn’t cum for five days in preparation. I wanted the first orgasm to be incredible. It was. The ejaculation was so deep. I could feel the muscles around my balls forcing the cum into John’s mouth. John sat up revealing the cum in his mouth. He looked up at his wife. ‘Swallow it John’ she ordered. He gulped it down.

‘Well that was a nice start to the weekend’ said Laura. ‘Shall we eat. The boys need to build up their strength’ suggested Marie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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