The Week-end Away Pt. 03

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The Week-End Away — Part 3

Dr. Jimmy stood at the window as Michelle’s car drove off along the unpaved driveway, whilst her daughter, Ali walked behind him from the front room to his bedroom.

“Hang on there, babe,” Jimmy called to her, “we’ve already been there twice and I haven’t see where you sleep yet. Why don’t we christen the upstairs loft?”

Ali turned around and moved to the staircase with a huge mischievous smile on her face. She had on a forest green hoodie, unzipped to the waist, exposing the outline of her tiny breasts, tight jeans that showed her camel-toe, and woolly socks, which she was taking off and tossing up the stairs before she ascended them. Jimmy had on his jeans and tee shirt, which he was removing as he headed to the stairs. Because she had a head start, Ali was able to bounce up the stairs, remove her hoodie and be up in the loft before Jimmy was able to even reach half-way up. She jumped on her bed and unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans with her legs horizontally above her as she lay on her naked back. Jimmy reached the top of the stairs in only his unbuttoned and unzipped jeans and surveyed the beautiful scene before him.

“You have to take the rest off, lover,” Ali told him, “and do it slowly. I want you to smell the odour of my wet pussy right now.” And with that Jimmy moved over to the bed and grasped Ali’s jeans by the cuff and pulled them over her feet and legs at which point, Ali spread her thighs and dipped the index and middle fingers of her left hand into her moist vagina, swirled them around and then held them out for Jimmy to smell. He took her hand gently and first held them to his nose and inhaled deeply, revelling in the pungent aroma of her. Then he put her fingers into his mouth to suck off the sticky juices that accumulated there and closed his eyes as he again delighted in the taste that he was anticipating and that she was waiting for him to perform on her.

Jimmy knelt down at the end of the bed and ran his hands on either insides of her thighs, moving towards, but never touching, either her wide-open labia or her clit, but just barely missing them as he massaged her inner upper legs. She squirmed under his touch and moaned loudly, now not caring how loud, as there was no one else in the cabin.

“You are such a fuckin’ tease,” Ali said through clenched teeth, “I love it.” And she continued to move about the bed in the throes of passion.

Intermittently, he would grab hold of his own jeans which were unzipped, but still around his thighs and give them a tug. But after a while of massaging Ali’s legs, intentionally missing her vital parts, Jimmy stood up, yanked down his jeans and pulled them over his feet standing naked in front of his teen lover. Ali was now seriously rubbing her own vagina, seeing that Jimmy had only been teasing it. Her legs were shaking as were her large labia.

“I’m cumming already, you fuck,” Ali announced, rubbing and plunging her fingers inside of herself. Jimmy bent over with his mouth just above her open pussy but Ali grabbed his head and pulled it to her orgasming opening. “Oh fu-u-u-uck!!” her head threw back and her bare feet dug into the mattress as she screamed and emitted a good dose of her sweet liquid directly into his mouth.

“Oh shit,” Jimmy said, once she had calmed down a bit, “you are one amazing girl. And Byron said you weren’t good at ‘the sex-thing’? He’s crazy, Ali, I think he’s the one with the sexual problem. You are definitely better off without him.”

“Yeah, but what about when I get so horny that I can’t stand it,” Ali asked, “I’ve tried rubbing my clit on my pillow, and it does feel good, but nothing like this. I mean, I can’t just go out and pick up random dudes, plus, I really love being with you. You know what you’re doing.”

“Well, since you’re now 18, I guess there wouldn’t be anything wrong with you ringing me up and us getting together… just the two of us,” he said, as he slowly jerks on his own cock as they’re talking.

“Yeah, that’s true, but what about my mum?” Ali asked, “she does live there you know. How do you think she’d react to see her daughter fucking and sucking this dude that is old enough to be her dad, and not only that, but who she knew wasn’t interested in her at all?” And she went back to rubbing her own pussy.

“I guess we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it,” Jimmy told her, “in the meantime, what do you want to do now? Play chess?”

“You are awful,” Ali replied and took hold of his arm and pulled him onto the bed next to her, and moved him so that he was lying on his back. She then bent over him and again took his erection into her mouth, stroking it with her hands as she sucked on the tip hungrily. Jimmy moaned and Ali let out a “hmmm” as he felt some pre-cum emit from his enlarged organ.

“Here, babe,” Jimmy instructed, “move on top of me and rotate around.” The girl did as she was told until she positioned illegal bahis herself until her still-dripping pussy was positioned just above Jimmy’s mouth again. He grasped her arse and pulled her large clit into his mouth, her labia on either cheek.

“Oh, fuck,” the teen exclaimed again, “you are so fuckin’ good at that. Can you just move into my room… like… forever!?” And through moans of her own, she went back to shoving his cock down her throat, stoking it with her hands to get her saliva all around the organ. The couple continued to sixty-nine until, with a great gasp, Ali came again into Jimmy’s mouth, delivering her juices and curling and uncurling her toes. Then when she could take no more, the teen swivelled around again and looked deeply into Jimmy’s eyes. He exchanged the same intense stare into hers. Then, without looking down, she grasped his saliva-drenched erection and moved it forward and back along her pussy, tickling her clit and labia with an almost defiant look on her face.

“I want you to pound me, Jimmy,” Ali told him, their eyes still locked on each other, massaging her opening with his cock, “I want you to make me scream and need this cock more and more. I want you to treat me like the bad girl that I am. Can you do that?”

“Oh, yeah, babe,” he assured her, looking right back at her and her only, “I fuckin’ can, Ali. Put that cock inside of you right now.”

She did as she was told and inserted the tip of his organ into her gaping wide vagina. He grabbed her arse again and pulled her fully on top of him so that his penis was balls-deep inside of her dripping and anticipatory pussy.

“OH… FUCK… ME,” she screamed, and threw her head back again, the nipples of her tiny breasts aroused to erection as well. Jimmy reached up and grabbed her breasts, Ali covered his hands with hers over her breasts as she moved up and down on his erection. She then leaned over him and put her hands on his chest, his hands still on her breasts as she “twerked” on his cock and he pinched her erect nipples hard as she screamed again.

“Come on, Ali, fuck me, you bad girl,” Jimmy said, and she picked up her efforts on his enlarged organ.

Moving more and more quickly, she sat back up and grinded forward and back, hitting her clit and vagina with every movement. Jimmy moved his hands to her hips and thrust deeper and deeper, grinding pelvis to pelvis.

“Call me a slut,” Ali told him almost breathlessly, still grinding away at him, “tell me what a slut I am to take my mum’s man away from her. Tell me!!”

“You are such a fuckin’ little slut,” Jimmy did as he was told, “all you can think about is your fuckin’ pussy and how I can make it cum and cum and cum again.” Ali moaned loudly. “How all I’ll be able to think after this week-end is your fuckin’ pussy and being inside of you. And all you’ll be able to think about as you masturbate on your pillow is my fuckin’ cock inside of you.” She moaned loudly again. “So, slut, does it make you feel good to know that you can do things that your own mum can’t do. To get me to want to fuck you all night and all day, every night and every day?”

“OH… FUCK… I’M CUMMING… AGAIN!” Ali screamed and bent over Jimmy again. This time she drenched him in her pussy juices, spasming over and over again, despite him still being fully inside of her, screaming over and over again and not caring if her mum had been there.

It took her a while to calm down, and Jimmy’s erection was still fully inside. The blanket on the bed was completely covered with her juices.

Come on, Ali, there’s a bit of a wet spot,” Jimmy told her. Reluctantly, she disengaged herself from his organ and stood on the floor next to the bed, Jimmy got up, took her hand and led her downstairs to the front room. His cock, still erect and dripping from her squirtings.

“We haven’t christened this room yet,” he told Ali, “well not fully that is. All you did was show me your boobs yesterday, now I want you to bend over the couch and spread your legs.” The girl then bent over the back of the couch and spread her legs, juice still dripping form her open vagina. She put her hands on either of her labia and opened it even wider, the aroma of sex filling the room and their nostrils. He had to bend his knees to get his cock into her as she was so much shorter that he. Ali let out another moan as she felt him penetrate her again, she stood on the tip-toes of her left foot and lifted her right leg onto the couch back to give him even easier access.

“So, you are a little slut, aren’t you, Ali,” Jimmy told her, grabbing hips and plunging in and out of her “is this what you do with all the other boys in your school?”

“Ohh, god,” she moaned.

“I bet you have fantasies about fucking the entire football team, don’t you,” he continued. “I bet you have fantasies about fucking all your male teachers, too, don’t you? As you rub your can’t-get-enough clit and pussy on your pillow, you fuckin’ little slut!” illegal bahis siteleri And he spanked the teens right arse cheek as he continued fucking her form behind.

OH, GOD,” she screamed now, “tell me more. Tell me more!”

“I bet you even have fantasies about your female teachers, licking each other’s pussies, playing with each other’s tits, pulling each other’s hair.” And with that, he pulled on Ali’s hair, making her scream again, the toes of her extended right foot flexing and un-flexing as her excitement continued to grow.

“Tell me, Ali,” Jimmy said, his arousal almost getting the better of him, “do you smell your own pussy as you fall asleep on your pillow? Do you like the smell? Do you want to cum again, even though you just came on it? You really are a fuckin’ little SLUT.”


“I’M CUMMING TOO, YOU SLUT,” Jimmy screamed. And the pair erupted at the same time, Ali covering Jimmy’s cock, the floor, and the back of the couch with her rampant explosion as she collapsed on the back of the couch, completely out of breath. Jimmy exploded inside the teen’s greedy pussy so that the juices all over the front room were a combination of both of their orgasms. He collapsed on the back of Ali also completely out of breath. Neither of them had any leg strength to stand. Jimmy reached around and held Ali’s head in his hands and kissed her deeply and fully.

After a time, the couple were at least somewhat revived, but still unsteady on their legs.

“Oh my god,” Ali said, “that was absolutely incredible, Jimmy. Do you do the all the time?”

“No, never, love,” he reassured her, “there’s a first time for everything, I guess.”

“For me too, babe,” she told him, “maybe we better clean up and get cleaned up. Mum should be home soon form the store and, wow, what a scene she’d return to.” It took the couple a while to get their legs back. They walked to the small shower and washed all the juices off of themselves, kissing and washing each other.

“No, we can’t, not again,” Jimmy told Ali, “besides, I don’t think I could get it up again, now with a crane.” Yet, despite his words, there was his penis rising slowly again.

“Wanna bet,” Ali asked, playfully, “but you’re right, we have to get this place cleaned up before she gets back.

They got out of the shower and dressed quickly. Ali tossed the blanket from upstairs down to Jimmy who threw it into the washing machine in the utility room at the far end of the cabin along with some washing soap and turned the machine on. By that time, Ali had got the mop out of the cupboard and was cleaning the area just in back of the couch as they heard Michelle’s car pull up.

“I’ll need some help with the groceries if you two don’t mind,” she said, “I had all I could do to get them into the car, I’m not getting them out.”

She then looked at Ali with mop in hand. “What happened here,” she enquired.

“Oh, we had a little leak,” Jimmy explained as he went to put on some shoes in order to bring in the grocery bags.

“A leak,” exclaimed Michelle, “a leak from where?! And why were you two barefoot and… and the fire’s almost out. We need more wood! I swear, you two are useless.”

“Well, not a leak, exactly,” said Ali, “more like a spill or squirt. I opened a soda bottle and it exploded all over… just now… I guess I shouldn’t have given it such a good shake, eh, Jimmy?” She called to him as he lugged the last of the carry-bags onto the kitchen table.

“I’ve told you that before, Ali,” Michelle admonished her, “why were you shaking it up?”

“We were doing some biology, Michelle,” Jimmy said, “I’m as responsible for this as Ali is. If you’re going to yell at someone, you’ve got to blame us both.” He then left and carried the first log from outside to put onto the smouldering fire.

“And so, mum,” said Ali, “we were just playing around and when it exploded, our socks got all wet so we took them off. Oh, and we brought down the blanket and that got all wet from the liquid as well, so we put it in the wash.”

“Well, at least you did that right,’ Michelle said, “all right, finish cleaning up and I’ll get dinner started. Are all the bags in, Jimmy?”

“Yep,” Jimmy said.

“The car shut up,” Michelle asked.

“Of course,” Jimmy answered, “but you’ve got the key. If you want it locked, you’ve gotta do that.”

“I got some haddock and salad and rice,” added Michelle said, “so I hope that’s all right with you both. After all you didn’t come with me to pick things out, so I got what I liked and figured that would be fine with you two.”

“Actually, I’m really hungry for some reason, Michelle,” said Jimmy, “maybe because I only had breakfast and some of Ali’s liquid diet for the rest of the day.”

“I’m hungry too, mum,” Ali chimed in as she kept on mopping up the mess from her ‘liquid diet’, “how long till it’s done?”

“I haven’t canlı bahis siteleri even started yet,” her mum said indignantly, “you two carry on with your duties and I’ll sort it out.” She then put the three pieces of fish in foil and set the oven. Covered them with lemon juice and some white wine she also bought and shoved them in to cook. Meanwhile, Ali and Jimmy were getting on with the chores they were given: Jimmy with the wood and Ali with the mopping, at one point Jimmy and Ali “accidently” bumped into each other, looked each other in the eye and then quickly got on with it.

After dinner, which was very good, the trio listened to music, with which Jimmy played along on his guitar. Ali and Michelle played one game each of cribbage and backgammon when Michelle said, “Well, it’s been a busy day, and I’m exhausted, I’m going to bed. Coming Ali?”

“Not yet, mum,” the teen replied, “I want to see if I can beat Jimmy at Scrabble… or some other challenging game.” And she smiled demurely at Jimmy hoping not to draw attention from her mother.

“All right, then, you two, g’nite,” Michelle said and moved slowly and gruntingly to and up the stairs to the bedroom. “Ali, don’t forget to take your blanket out of the dryer, it’s supposed to get really cold tonight.”

“All right, mum,” Ali called up. “I’ll get it out now. But what if it’s not dry yet?”

“Then you can sleep by the fire on the couch if you want,” Michelle called in a very tired voice, “you figure it out. I’m too tired to think.” And within a minute, they could hear the sounds of loud snoring coming from the upstairs loft, drowning out the sound of the music.

“C’mon,” Ali said, grabbing Jimmy’s hand and leading him to the back room. The door had been shut and there were bunk beds stood empty to the left and to the right and devoid of any sheets or blankets. It was much colder here than in the front room due to the barrier of the door to the heat from the fireplace. The dryer was still spinning the blanket and the timer was flashing a “1” till the cycle was done. Ali opened the dryer and took out the dry and very warm blanket. She placed it on the lower bunk to the left and removed her clothes and climbed beneath the blanket.

“You’d better get in here, Jimmy, you fucker,” Ali said, “I want you again, we’re leaving tomorrow, you know and we haven’t christened this room yet.”

“I know,” Jimmy said, removing his own clothes and moving next to Ali under the warm blanket, “my hands are cold just now, let me warm them up first.”

“Let me do that, babe,” she said and held his hands in hers whilst she blew her warm breath into them, “better?”

“You tell me,” Jimmy answered. He put his hands on her tiny breasts and tweaked the nipples that were already hard from the exposure to the cold. Ali moaned softly.

“Make love to me this time, please, Jimmy,” she asked, “like we were lovers forever.” And this time, she pushed his head downward to the spot that she knew would do the most good to her body. She separated her thighs and in the dark, he could still smell her sweet pungent odour, which served as a beacon for his tongue and mouth. Jimmy felt for and separated her labia, licking the dewy moisture he found there. Ali moaned louder this time, enthralled by his oral stimulations and anticipating the explosion that her orgasms now brought. Jimmy kept up his tongue action and inserted and removed one, then two, then three fingers into her generous vagina all the while keeping up his stimulation on her clitoris. Ali’s hands went to the back of Jimmy’s head as she pulled him further and further onto her love button.

“C’mon, baby,” Ali moaned, rapt with passion, “don’t you stop now. I’m cumming… I’m cumming… I’M FUCKIN CUMMING!” And her heels dug into the mattress as her pelvis lifted off the bed and she grabbed his head even harder as she delivered her liquid love into his eager and hungry mouth. Jimmy swallowed and swallowed, lest they have to wash the entire bed this time. Fortunately, there was not much liquid that escaped. But the scent of sex was unmistakable again.

Jimmy lifted himself to her face and kissed her gently but deeply. He could see her from the faint glow of the fire in the front room. His erection now long and strong was at the entrance of her vulva, between her labia, and he held himself up so that he could move his penis up and down along the groove and hit the clit with his tip. Ali moaned softly.

Then in one deft move, he inserted himself into her in one great thrust and Ali inhaled instantly as she felt it’s presence inside her body. Slowly and deliberately, he moved in and out of her, causing her to gasp and inhale with each thrust and parry.

“Oh… my… god” Ali said breathlessly with three successive thrusts, “I can’t believe you can do this to me.”

“And I can’t believe you can do this to me,” Jimmy confirmed, “I’ve never been able to do this more than once in a day, if that. And here you are so fuckin’ good that I get hard just by looking at you.”

He kept up his thrusts into and out of her body until she said to him, “Wait, can I try something on you? You won’t freak out?”

“I don’t think so,” he answered, “what do you want to…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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