The Virgin Hunter

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Finding sexual partners had always been easy for Felicity. From the moment she became sexually active and even before men swarmed around her like flies around a honey pot. She wasn’t just attractive she was enchanting. Her petite figure and 5’4″ height body was a mini powerhouse of excitement. At 25 she still looked like a nubile teenager. Her pert B cup breasts always overflowing a tiny low cut bar and pressed tightly into a seductive cleavage. Her beautiful silken honey blond hair shimmered in the light and framed her sensuous big blue eyes that seemed to glow with an inner light rather than merely reflect her vision. Her figure was toned and exquisitely proportioned 34-22-32 with the most pert little ass you could imagine, her flat slender waist and sensually flat tummy sporting a pretty 24-carat diamond stud in the navel.

Felicity was obsessed with sex and had it several times a day often with several partners and sometimes multiple partners. It was like she had to have it often and as intensely as possible. Every one wanted her and most got her. She screwed her bosses, her co workers, her clients and a host of strangers she met at dance parties and sex clubs where she went in search of more challenging sex. The truth was though that despite the ready availability and enjoyment she got from her frequent sexual encounters she was becoming bored. She tried to spice up her life by holding off, postponing pleasure and intense teasing, by seducing married men, by fucking in public places but nothing seemed to really get her going that is until she met her first virgin male.

John was a 19-year old athlete. His short stylishly cut sandy blonde hair crowning a toned fit body trained for the distance running that was his passion and his obsession. He was the younger brother of one of Felicity’s school friends, Rachel, and she had known him since he had been a gawky looking teenager. So when Felicity dropped around late one afternoon to visit Rachel so they could chat about their latest flames Felicity was caught unawares by the presence of her kid brother. He had always been so busy training of late that it must have been two years since they had actually met face to face. As luck would have it Rachel was not home and Felicity took the opportunity to flirt overtly with him. She was dressed in a short tight yellow halter dress that plunged low to expose her firm little tits that sat up pertly in a delicious cleavage. The display of leg and boobs was not wasted on young John and much of his conversation seemed to be directed at her tits rather than her face.

” Yeah, Um so How’ve you been? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you.” He stammered a little nervously.

Felicity loved the feeling that she was making a man uncomfortable she loved making him flush with embarrassment and talk nervously to her. He was so sweet and fresh and so fit and innocent. She sat down on the kitchen stool and crossed her legs so that the hem of her skirt rose up to reveal as much of her legs as was possible. She watched him scan her legs apprehensively. His breathing betrayed the ardour he felt at that moment. Felicity knew when a guy was hot for her and he was definitely starting to smoulder.

“Your always training these days Rachel says you train six days a week. So I haven’t seen you when I get around here as your either training or sleeping. You look great though, I bet the girls are chasing you constantly I know I would have when I was your age.”

She uncrossed her legs and parted them slightly as she sat on the high stool and he glanced at the brief display of white silk that peered between her delicious legs, and then he looked up slightly embarrassed and began staring at her breasts again longingly.

“I uh, don’t actually have a girlfriend at the moment. I did but we just drifted apart because I trained so much and didn’t have time for her I guess. What about you are you seeing anyone at the moment, Rachel was saying you had a pretty steady stream of admirers. I don’t blame them either I had such a crush on you when I was younger.” He was fishing, She thought.

“No I don’t have any steady guy at the moment but I get to taste and try a bit. Did you really have a crush on me, Wow! I am flattered it must have driven you mad what with the amount of times I slept over here and walked around in my nighties and underwear. I didn’t think I’d be… you know admired by you. I guess I just thought of you as a little kid. Teenage girls can get pretty arrogant I’m afraid. So do you still have a crush on me?”

He looked embarrassed, his eyes still flickered between her legs and her cleavage and he looked even more uncomfortable.

“You are really pretty, even Rachel says how pretty you are what guy wouldn’t have a crush on you… I mean listen to me now I don’t get all flustered around other girls.”

It was true John had always been super confident, bright and outgoing and now he had reached a high standard in his athletic skills and entered college with a scholarship he was even antalya escort more so except when he spoke to Felicity. She noticed the slight lump in his long shorts smiled, got off her seat and walked to his and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

“You are sooooooo sweet! I mean you are making me feel so nice.”

“I was thinking of playing some squash this evening would you like to play with me. Rachel sometimes partners me but she ahs to go out tonight with that new guy she’s been seeing.” He looked more confident after the kiss and as felicity stepped back and looked down his hard muscular body she felt a wave of desire fill her. Maybe he was a virgin. Mmmmmm how sweet to be his first, how far could an elite athlete go and for how long? All these thoughts cascaded through her naughty sex crazed mind.

“I’d love to play anything hot sweaty and fast with you Johnny. I’d better get home and change into my sports gear do you mind dropping past my apartment on the way I’ll drive if you like. I can drop you back home after if you like.”

“Sure Ok I’ll get my gear and book court.”

The next ten minutes evolved into a flurry of activity and phone calls until finally they got into her car and headed for her apartment. In the car Felicity’s hem rode up again and john looked ardently at her white silk panties for most of the trip across town. Felicity made pleasant conversation and knew that she was baiting her tender trap. She felt exhilarated by the flirting and horny as hell, each time she felt his gaze upon her crotch she felt a tingle of excitement and moisture collect in her panties. By the time they reached the car park his shorts revealed a definitely noticeable lump. They went into the apartment and felicity made a show of changing into her sports top and skirt. She wriggled out of the tight halter-top and scuttled into her bedroom wearing just a white silk halter and panties. Slid on a midriff length lycra sports top and adjusted her boobs in it and then pulled on a super short sports skirt, followed by a pair of black sports pants that matched the skirt and top. John had been privy to a delicious little display of disrobing where she teased him by running in and out of the room looking for things and bending over to find them. By the time they reached the car again John was hotter than hot, his crotch sported a huge hard on.

Felicity was such a tease and she knew exactly how to get a man simmering on the edge of desire until she reeled him into her unearthly delights. She glanced down at the lump in his pants and noted with interest that it was definitely above average.

“Ooooooh John I just forgot I was in such a hurry to get dressed I forgot you might be a little excited by it. Do you like my body that much?”

He looked even more embarrassed.

“God Felicity you were always a dreadful tease. It’s just that I … um never… have been with a woman before and so you doing what you’re doing is making me excited that’s all. I’ll get over it.” Felicity smiled and leaned across to him and kissed him again. This time longer, more tenderly and more sweetly. She could feel him melt into her as he kissed her back.

“So you’ve never been with a woman before, you’re a virgin and heres your older sister girlfriend teasing the pants off you. Mmmmmm I promise we’ll do something about that.” She reached down and ran her fingernails across the lump in his pants feeling him tremble with a yearning that was both generated by and created by her hand tracing across his thick cock. She finished the kiss and the caress and turned to drive the car to the squash courts with his eyes permanently stuck on the risen display of flesh of her delectable legs and thighs.

At the squash court they played hard and competitively until both were breathless not thinking about the kiss in the car but concentrating on the speed of the ball and their fast short running and long rallies. They collapsed breathlessly into each other’s arms giggling and panting.

“Wow you are really fit too do you work out Flic?” He ventured as they leaned against the wall with his arm around her delicate waist.

“You could say I use sex as a workout.” She purred excitedly. He leaned forward and kissed her this time sliding his hand around her slender waist and feeling his cock stiffen again as he melted into a tender kiss. Her tongue mingled with his as they kissed longingly. He moved his hand to touch her breasts, he had touched girls before, and he knew they liked it. He wondered whether Felicity would let him, if she would like it too.

She melted beneath his touch and he felt her nipple stiffen beneath his fingers and he pinched it gently through the Lycra and silk. She kissed him more urgently more seductively. The kind of kiss that says take me, the kind of kiss that aches to be touched, fondled would this be the first time he got to…. he didn’t think any more, he had come close with his last girlfriend. She had let him touch her soft wet pussy, suckle her luscious breasts fethiye escort but had not let him enter her wetness. She made him cum in his pants as she touched him he was so excited by her. He hoped Felicity wouldn’t tease him like that he would die of embarrassment. As she kissed him she spread her legs and he dropped a hand to her pert ass and reached beneath her short sports skirt to feel her delectable ass. He pushed her closer to him and pressed his thickening cock against her. She ground appreciatively against it moaning sweetly. She broke the kiss and panted in his ear.

“You don’t really want to have your first time in a squash court do you? I mean we can if you want but I think you could hold off until we got back to my place don’t you?”

They hurriedly gathered their gear and walked to the car clutching hands desperately like each touch would bring them closer to the pleasure they both hoped for. In the car Felicity slid off her sports pants and encouraged him to touch her as they drove and kiss and fondle her.

“Mmmmmm yeah baby do you feel how wet I am for you. You know the more you make me cum the better it gets. Do you know how to do that for me? Ooooooh yes I guess you do.”

She began shivering and came as she turned the corner into her block and as she pulled the car to a halt shuddered in pleasure as his nimble finger slid across the white silk panties finding her clit and then sliding them aside and exploring her wetness as he kissed her and moaned in her ear.

“Mmmmmm God you feel so good so wet. Oh god I want you so much.” One hand finger fucked her while the other reached around her shoulders and clasped her breast and his kisses became more and more urgent.

“Like I said darling we can fuck here if you like but I’d much rather take my time and do it slow and hot upstairs. I know you want me darling. I want you too you’re making me sooooooo hot. I can barely wait.”

They got out of the car and almost ran up the stairs to the apartment and the moment they were behind the door Felicity put her hand on his rock hard cock and kissed him. Unzipping his shorts and sliding her hand over it, peeling the foreskin back so his excitement could grow harder and thicker.

“Oh my you have grown into a beautiful big boy haven’t you? I’m going to make you really happy now and then we’re going to cool off a little with a shower together before we make love.”

Felicity stroked his over excited cock with one hand and tickled his balls with her fingernails with the other as they kissed fervently. His own hands pushing beneath her top and bra to her tits which he toyed with hungrily pinching the nipples and cupping their firmness in his eager hands. She stopped touching him and reached down to peel off her top and unhitch her bra so that he could lavish more attention on them and then wriggled free of her sports skirt and then resumed kissing and fondling him clad only in her sweet tiny white silk bikini panties. John could not believe how beautiful her body was, how taut her ass was, how it’s pouted seductively in her sexy panties. He moaned with desire at every curve and sweet seductive mound of her skin. The sensuous slender waist, the small pert perfect tear drop shaped breasts with nipples like sweet pink jelly beans set on superlative coin shaped areoles. She was expertly caressing his cock until it was so close to explosion that he felt the warm sensation of loss of control creep over him and his cock began to throb.

“You want it pretty bad don’t you darling. I’m so wet for you too!”

She slid from his arms and fell to her knees grabbing his cock and blew across it with her moist lips within a millimetre of it. He groaned she would only have to touch him with her lips and he would explode he thought. Felicity looked up at him knowing how close he was to cumming and smiled a sweet sexy smile that melted him. She guided his cock to her breasts and touched each nipple with the head of his cock and teased his cock seductively.

“I know you want to cum in my pussy darling but we can spare a little for my mouth cant we?”

Felicity engulfed his cock with her mouth and began pumping his shaft with one hand as she squeezed and teased his balls with the other. John moaned and sank into a shivering mass of moans and shakes, he could feel his orgasm rising fast and hard. One moment he felt as if he would white out he was so excited and the next moment the orgasm took him like a hot summer storm. He erupted and felt a load shoot into Felicity’s waiting mouth. He looked down through the haze of pleasure that filled every nerve ending and looked at her angelic face, saw her swallow his cum slide her mouth to the tip of his cock and then pinch the tip of his cock cutting off any further ejaculation but maintaining the wonderful pleasure of the orgasm. His cock pulsed in powerful bursts trying to spill beyond the grip of her tight fingers, as she held him tightly and covered the tip with a million tiny wet kaş escort kisses. After a while the throbbing ceased and she let his hopelessly distorted cock drop from her hand and stood up to kiss him once more. The pleasure was almost unbearable. Her beautiful body, the best hand and head job on earth the thought of more drove him berserk with passion.

“Did you like that? I thought you deserved a little entrZe before the main course. Now come on lets get out of these clothes and have a shower.”

She took his hand and led him to the bathroom and undressed him sensuously. Kissing his muscular chest and flickering her tongue across his nipples until they were erect as he enjoyed caressing her supple curves, in the shower they soaped each other sensuously and held each other close sliding the slippery soapsuds against each other. Him fondling her delectable ass, her soaping his proud shaft and balls ardently each teasing the other so that their need for each other became overpowering yet holding off until the right time.

They rinsed off their desire with a cold burst of water that made both their toned bodies glow in the evening light. She led him to her bedroom and laid him on the bed and went to her drawer and pulled out a tiny white baby doll nightie with silk bikini panties. She made a show of putting it on positioning her luscious tits in the halter so that they sat pushed upward in the tight silk bodice and exposed with her hard nipples shown in outline through the sensationally sheer fabric. She slid the panties over her shaved pussy and smiled at him.

“Every gift is more exciting if it’s wrapped nicely. Don’t you agree?”

She moved towards him to sit on the bed next to him and he took her in his arms and kissed her again.

“Oh yeah baby! You are nicely wrapped, I could eat you up.”

She lay back as he covered her with kisses. He kissed her ears and neck sensuously as he felt her panties grow moist beneath his touch. She was excited. He found her clit and stroked the soft fragment of silk that stretched over it and revelled in her tiny moans of appreciation. By the time she began to shudder he had kissed his way to her nipples and sucked them hard through the fabric, making each nipple swell again. As she murmured ‘I’m cumming’ again he slid the panties aside and fingered her hot pussy whilst sucking her nipples hard. He pushed aside the fabric that clutched her tits and showered the space between them with kisses and ran his tongue around each nipple as she screamed beneath his touch. He kissed her belly and flickered his tongue round her diamond studded navel piercing and then found her sopping panties and sucked them between his lips inhaling her sweet sexy scent.

“Ooooooooh eat me darling make me cum. Mmmmmm yes yes oh yeah!”

He suckled her clit expertly and lapped around her wet folds teasing her to the edge of orgasm several times then backing off. He slid two fingers into her as he teased her clit with his tongue and sucked and licked around the flooding opening. She was tight and so ready. He delighted in her orgasms that seemed to grow in intensity and frequency until she was almost permanently screaming ‘I’m cumming’ and bucking against his feverent mouth and tongue whilst clutching at his head and grinding eagerly against his face. Suddenly she stopped and pulled him up to her face and they kissed once more.

“Do you want me lots? I’m sooooooo wet for you. My pussy’s going to be so tight darling I want you inside me so much.” She spread her legs and guided his cock to her wet panty front sliding the tip across the shiny silk surface.

“Oh god Felicity, I never wanted anything so badly you are so sexy, I want you so much. Ooooooh your pussy is so wet. I’m so fucking hard for you.”

“Mmmmmm baby your cock is so big, and I’m so tight and wet does Johnnie want a to fuck me now. Tell me you want to fuck me talk dirty to me.”

As Felicity spoke she slid her panties aside and let his cock slide over her sopping folds, parting them and letting the dribbles of wetness cover his tortured cock tip. Then she guided it inside and he pressed forward eagerly as his cock split her labia and entered her hot wet tight vagina.

“Oh god I want to fuck your hot wet pussy. I can’t wait to fuck you. Oh god it feels so good, so tight Mmmmmm of yeah ooooooooooooh.”

His cock slid deeper and deeper in side her and she wriggled her ass seductively as he placed his hand beneath her sumptuous buns and pulled out from her until the tip of his cock almost left her. Then he began to plunge inside her once more.

“Fuck me hard and fast. Run a marathon in my pussy darling, pace yourself then fuck me hard until I scream. Ooooooh yes that’s it, do me, fuck me hard, fast, long. Mmmmmm!”

He began fucking her with long deep hard strokes that increased in intensity until she exploded in orgasm screaming and scratching at his back with her finger nails like a bitch on heat. With each orgasm he changed his position and the pace of his stroke until she reached another and another. It seemed each time she came she got wetter and tighter, squirting him with her juices and screaming with passion. He belted her hard and fast, then slowly and tenderly, shifting her legs in to all kinds of yoga positions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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