The true king of the hill part 2: Hank’s lucky day

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It was a hot day in Arlen Texas. A heat wave had hit the town and it seemed no body was immune to it’s merciless blaze. Even Hank Hill who had lived in Texas his whole life was sweating under the hot sun. The heat had pretty much cleared out Strickland propane for no one was caught dead in front of a grill when the mercury was rising the way it was. Hank sat at his desk lazily filling out paperwork. The new girl Debbie was organizing the burger flippers. She was wearing a Strickland top with a pair of very short shorts. She dropped a flipper and bent over to grab it revealing the fact that she was wearing a thong. Hank merely shook his head. “Why would a girl wear that it doesn’t cover anything.” He thought to himself.

Buck Strickland came out wearing his traditional dirty grey suit. “Hank my boy can I see you in my office.” Hank got up and went in. “Now Hank you are my best employee and I really need your help right now.” Hank nodded in agreement. “Why yes sir you know that you can always count on me.” Buck smiled. “That’s my boy now I’ve got a date tonight with a young lady and seeing as it is slow today I want you to close up shop.” Hank rolled his eyes he knew that Buck was probably going out to get a hooker. No one else would sleep with him. “Yes sir it’s no problem.”

Hank went back to his desk and began went back to his paperwork. After a few minutes the shutters closed and broke Hank’s concentration. “Now hey I tell you what who ever did that better fix it because I need that light to GUH!” Hank looked up to find Debbie lying seductively on his desk with her top undone exposing her breasts barely being held in a black lace bra. “Debbie what in the world are you doing?” Debbie smiled. “Oh come on Hank I’m just having some fun.” Hank backed up. “Now Debbie I know that the heat is getting to everyone but during working hours we stick to the strict uniform guidelines.”

Debbie got up and went over to Hank. “The only heat I want to feel is the one coming from our two bodies as we lie on top of each other.” Hank looked confused. “I don’t think that putting our body heats together will solve anything that will just make it worse.” Debbie got mad and pinned Hank to the wall. “Oh Hank don’t play dumb with me I want you. I want the two of us to become one in the bonds of sexual desire.” Hank bolted up. “Now Debbie I am a married man the only guh sexual desire I have is for my wife Peggy. So I’m sorry but I have to say no!”

Debbie became red with rage. “I’m not taking no for an answer!” She forced Hank back into the chair and tied his hands behind his back tight with the phone cord. Hank struggled but he just wasn’t the strapping young man he used to be. “Debbie let me go now! This is sexual harassment and I will sue you if you proceed.” Debbie groaned. “God you talk too much.” Debbie took off her sweaty shirt and tied it around Hank’s mouth. “I know you want this even if your stupid heart won’t let you say it.” Debbie began taking off Hank’s pants. She reached for his underwear and Hank began to fight. Debbie took her finger and thumb and pinched Hanks testicle hard. Hank winced in pain but did not yell for he had never yelled out in pain in his life. “Now listen up I can be nice or I can be a bitch and if you keep struggling you are not going to like which one I will be.”

Debbie let go and ripped down Hanks underwear. His penis was about 4 inches long but still completely soft. “Wow you are an old man but oh well we can fix this.” Debbie began gently rubbing Hank’s cock. Hank resisted at first but instinct began taking over and his cock slowly hardened. Debbie smiled and slowly began licking the tip around and around in a circle. Hank closed his eyes in pleasure and Debbie began stroking it rapidly. “I bet it’s been a while since your wife has touched you like this.” Hank didn’t say anything but he knew it was true Peggy had never been this kinky in her life.

After a few minutes Hank’s penis was hard and it was already almost ready to blow. “Oh now now we can’t have that.” Debbie let go to a slight disappointment from Hank. “I don’t want this to end just yet after all I haven’t had any fun yet. Now I’m going to take off the gag and if I hear one word from your mouth other than yes Debbie then I’m going to take that pencil sharpener on the desk and put the tip of your penis in it understood?” Hank merely nodded. Debbie undid the shirt and Hank was able to bereave normally again.

Debbie got on the chair and wrapped his legs around Hank’s neck. “Now you are going to show me your best pussy licking skills and if you are good I just might give you a little treat.” “But Debbie I” Debbie gave Hank a stern warning look. “Yes Debbie.” Hank began gently licking her pussy in a nervous almost first time way. Debbie frowned. “You are going to have to do better than that or you will regret it. Peggy is speed dial number 2 on your phone right?” bursa escort Hank grew nervous and began sucking on Debbie’s clit. Debbie smiled and nodded in agreement.

Hank began licking her pussy like a dog licking peanut butter and Debbie went into a opera of moans. Hank licked her pussy up and down and used his nose to gently massage her clit. Each lick sent a shockwave of pleasure through Debbie. She let loose and leaned her body back putting her hands on the floor. With surprising flexibility she positioned her body so she could reach Hank’s dick with her mouth. She put the 8 inch penis in her mouth and began sucking it like a Popsicle. The two provided each other with oral pleasure causing them to moan like wilder beasts until finally they could take no more. With one loud moan they both climaxed on each other’s faces.

Hank leaned back finally able to rest after a tough work out. “Oh no you don’t!” Debbie yelled. With athlete like agility she let go of Hank’s face forced herself to her knees and began stroking Hank’s penis rapidly. “You are not getting off that easily I am not letting you lose that boner.” Hank put up no argument and let Debbie do as she pleased. Debbie smiled. “Admit it that was the best sex of your life.” Hank merely smiled. “Oh baby there is simply no comparison.” Debbie smiled and went faster and harder. “Say I’m better than your wife!” “Oh god you are better than my wife. Peggy can’t hold a candle to you in either attractiveness or kinkiness.” Debbie nodded and let go, “Now that’s a good boy for that you get a reward.”

Debbie sat on Hank’s lap with his semi hard penis against her butt. Debbie stroked Hank’s hair and leaned in to kiss him. She forced her tongue down his throat but Hank provided no resistance. Hank put out his tongue and the two of them preformed a virtual wrestling match in each other’s mouths. Debbie leaned back and put her chest up in Hank’s face. “Go ahead honey drink from mommas breasts.” Hank did not need to be told twice. He put his mouth around her tits and began sucking like a hungry child. Hank couldn’t believe how smooth and perky her breasts were. He gently licked around her nipples causing her to moan and turn redder than she already was. Hank’s penis became hard again and started poking Debbie in her tailbone.

“Looks like someone is ready for a second round. Now I don’t think I can quite trust you yet so I’m going to keep you bound for now. But don’t worry I’ll be gentle.” Debbie positioned herself over Hank’s cock and pushed the tip slightly into her vagina. “Debbie I hope your ready for some hanky panky.” She said with a wink, Without warning she thrust herself down on Hank’s penis taking all 8 inches in at once. Debbie screamed in pain. She had taken big cocks before but none of them with the thickness of Hank. She began slowly pulling herself up and down on Hank’s cock. Hank moaned with pleasure and was quite surprised about how good it felt. Despite her well-seasoned nature Debbie was quite tight and her pussy hugged around Hank’s cock like they were made for each other.

Sweat poured down their bodies and their bodies grinded up and down in an increasing passionate manner. Debbie was starting to get used to Hank’s cock and increased her speed, sending Hank into a river of moans. Debbie’s screams began to sound like a record of an opera caught on a high note. The two continued to fuck unsure of which one would break first. Surprisingly Debbie reached her breaking point and let out an ear shattering orgasm that carried though the building. She collapsed on Hank but he continued to gyrate his hips because he had not gotten his fill. Debbie smiled and slinked down his body. She put his cock in her mouth and gently began sucking. The taste of pussy juice and Hank’s leftover cum filled her mouth but she did not turn away from it. She continued to suck until she could taste only her own spit. She smiled and started jacking him off as fast as she could. Hank went into heavy moaning and his body jerked. “Come on Hank give me all of it now!” She squeezed as hard as she could and finally Hank could take no more. He body shook and he shot streams of cum all over Debbie’s face. Debbie licked off the cum and smiled. “Wow now that was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever taken.”

Debbie stood up and started to get dressed. “Now I’m not finished with you. I want to do this again first thing in the morning at my house. You will be there at sunrise or I will tell your wife what you said about her understand.” Hank merely nodded and Debbie smiled. She undid the phone cord freeing Hank’s hands. Hank began to stand up but Debbie shoved him back down. She wrapped her arms around him from the back and licked his ear. “Don’t be late.” Hank smiled “Don’t worry I won’t.” Debbie began walking out the door and Hank spanked her bum. She giggled. “Maybe there is hope for him yet.” She thought to herself.

It bursa escort bayan was a quite ride home for Hank. He rode in his truck playing what had just happened over and over in his mind. He couldn’t believe what he had just done he had cheated on Peggy and yet it had felt so right. He thought about not showing up and telling the police what had happened. “No who would believe that a girl like that could overpower and rape me. They would throw me in jail with a second thought.” He thought to himself.

Hank pulled in to his drive way. He thought about going in but he just couldn’t face Peggy just yet. He saw that Dale, Boomhower and Bill were all in the alley drinking. Hank went out to join them. He grabbed a beer and stood in front of the fence. All of them said “yep” except Hank who was miles away in his mind. “Hank are you ok?” Bill asked? “Dale stood back. “Oh my god it’s true the government is turning random citizens into mindless zombies to form their own army. I never thought they would choose Hank well played Mr. Obomba.” Hank got annoyed. “Damn it Dale I’m not a zombie I’ve just had a crazy day is all.” Dale squinted behind his sunglasses. “Does that day involve becoming a zombie? Tell us the truth!”

Hank couldn’t help it he had to tell someone. “I had sexual relations with Debbie from work today.” All three of them spit out their beers. “Hank are you crazy you can’t cheat on your wife! Cheating is the lowest thing a human being can do. Nancy and I could never cheat on each other.” Dale shouted. A native American man walks past them into Dale’s house. “Hey John Redcorn.” Dale said as he went by. “Hank is this true did you cheat on Peggy?” Hank lowered his head. “Yes I’m afraid so.” “Manitellyouwhatmanineverthoughtiwouldseethedaywhenhankwouldcheatmanimeanhimandpeggyhavelikeastorybookmarrigaemanandithinkitsjustlikeuniverseshatteringtothinkthatsomethingcouldchangethatman.” Boomhour said is his usual way of speaking. “I’m with Boomhour Hank I can’t believe that you would do that. You have the most beautiful wife in the world just waiting for you at home and you just break her heart like that.” Bill said in anger before he went off to his house in disgust.

All three of them watch him go. Dale turns to Hank. “So how was it.” Hank waved them in so he could whisper to them. “Well let me just say this girl makes Luanne look like my mother.” All three of them laughed out loud. “Now listen guys you can’t tell Peggy anything ok it has to be our secret.” “Don’t worry Hank no one is more secretive then me and besides people don’t often believe anything I say for some reason.” Dale said with a salute. “Dangyouknowmemanimlikeadangolddiarymanlikescountshonourman.” Hank nodded and went inside.

Hank found the house quite dark when he went in. The whole place was cleaned top to bottom except for his chair, which seemed to have a huge wet mess on it. Hank went into to his bedroom and found Peggy lying in the dark reading a book. “Jeeze Peggy it’s so dark in her why don’t you turn on a light?” Peggy got angry. “Forgive me for trying to set a mood for the evening.” Hank looked at Peggy she was wearing her best lace teddy and she had set out candles all around. It was clear that she had wanted to have sex. He couldn’t bear to have sex with her tonight so she tried to fend her off with some small talk. Peggy went over to him and started flirting and feeling his penis. “Peggy I’m not in the mood tonight.” Peggy got mad and went to sleep saying that Hank had to make his own breakfast in the morning,

All night Hank had sweet dreams of Debbie and her sweet perfect body grinding on top of his. She was about to let her enter him when his alarm went off. Hank was angry and didn’t want to go to work but then he remembered why he had to be up so early in the first place. He got up like a child on Christmas and got dressed in a flash. He went to the door and took one last look at his loving wife. He loved her so much and he couldn’t let her know what he had done. That is why he had to go.

Hank drove over to Debbie’s place and knocked on the door. Debbie answered dressed in nothing but a bathrobe. “You’re right on time come in.” Hank walked in and saw that Debbie lived a very minimal lifestyle in an upstairs apartment. He was worried how they could do anything without the neighbours finding out. Debbie smiled and led him to her bedroom. “I was up for most of the night preparing let me know what you think.” They walked into her room and Hank smiled. There were pads and egg cartons all over the room and bathroom. Her room was completely sound proof.

Debbie went and lay on the bed, “Last night I had you tied up. Everything was in my control and you did everything I said. Today I want to return the favour.” She gestured her closet and it was filled with kinky outfits and bondage gear. “Do what ever you want to me.” Hank’s mind was filled with escort bursa visions of him being a slave master and punishing Debbie in everyway imaginable but he shook his head. “Yesterday was the kinkiest sex of my life but today I simply want to make love as though we were husband and wife.”

Debbie smiled and merely opened the robe to reveal her naked body. Hank fell to his knees and he started to kiss her chest gently. He picked began kissing her mouth and fondled her breasts gently. She returned the favour gave him a soft warm kiss. He pulled back and began kissing and licking down her body. She softly moaned with pleasure. He licked her breasts softly and slowly making sure to cover her in his saliva. He made his way down her tummy and licked her long sexy legs and sucked her toes. She moaned loudly and Hank smiled. “You really are a whore aren’t you.” Debbie gave a wicked little smile. “Yes but would you have me any other way.” Hank smiled. “I want this to be like our first time. I want to wash everything and everyone else off of you.” Debbie smiled. “And I want the same thing for you.”

Hank picked her up and carried her over the threshold of the bathroom as if it was their wedding night. He turned on the hot water and lowered her into the tub. He grabbed some soap and began lathering up her silky smooth skin. She was so beautiful so perfect in everyway. The two kissed passionately and Hank began rubbing her vagina with the bar of soap. She smiled and said “Your turn.” Hank turned around and she lathered up her hands with man’s body wash and began massaging his body. She reached around and began whacking off his penis with the soap. Hank moaned and the two shared a soft kiss. She continued to go faster and harder causing Hank to moan loudly. “Wait stop not yet.” Hank turned around and the two kissed. “Are you ready Debbie?” Debbie said nothing but merely smiled and opened her legs in an inviting motion. Hank positioned himself between her legs and entered her.

Debbie let out a small half moan half cry. Hank smiled and kissed her. He began to slowly thrust her. The sex was very different then the day before it was gentle and loving the way Hank fucked Peggy on their wedding night. Their bodies continued to collide and water splashed on the floor. Soon Hank could take no more he pulled out and came on her leg. The wet semen clinged to her like a leech. Hank smiled and licked it off. “My Hank Hill when did you become so kinky.” Hank smiled. “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

The two got out of the tub and Hank dried Debbie off with a towel paying special attention to her under regions. The two went back to the bedroom and Hank lay on top of Debbie. The two kissed some more with lots of tongue. “Debbie I’ve never felt this way about anyone before not even Peggy. I want to experience something that I have never experienced before. I want this with you.” Debbie creased Hank’s face. “Whatever you want my love I will gladly do it.” Hank blushed “You see Peggy is very plain and she never let me do this before.” Debbie smiled because she knew what it was. She turned over and got into a doggy position and stuck her ass out.

Hank smiled and grabbed her hips and placed his cock on the bottom of her asshole. “This will hurt.” She smiled. “Don’t hold back give it all to me.” Hank gave a long breath and stuck it in. It was like nothing he had felt before. His cock felt like it was in heaven. Her asshole was so tight it was squeezing his cock. He pushed deeper and her asshole opened more. Debbie was in more pain then she had ever been in but she loved every minute of it. The sounds of their screams sounded like a horror film murder scene but no one but the two of them could hear it. They moaned louder and louder and began to moan in unison. Hank could tell he was close and he knew she was too. He devised a plan. He began fucking her more and more and he gave one final hard thrust almost putting his whole cock in. As he did he slammed his hands on both sides of her ass hard causing her to scream in pain. Debbie had reached her limits and let out a beautiful orgasm. Hearing her screams of pleasure caused Hank to once again.

The two fell on to the bed next to each other. Debbie felt like she would never be able to walk or sit down again and Hank felt like he just went for a 100 yard touchdown. They panted but they were never happier. “Oh Hank I’ve never been fucked like that before I can’t describe it. Is this what it is like with you and Peggy?” Hank shook his head. “No it’s much greater than that. I love you more than anyone could ever dream.” The two smiled and sat in silence for a few minutes. “So what do we do about your wife?” Hank shrugged. “I will have to tell her but I have to say I’m not sure how she will take it.”

Suddenly Hank’s cell phone went off. Hank picked it up and saw that he had a text. He clicked to read it and there was a picture attached. It loaded and Hank’s eyes widened. It was something he never thought he would see and there was only one thing to say: GUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

To be continued.

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