The Trip Ch. 09

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“Did you miss me?” Susan asked as she hugged Barry at the front door. Barry smiled at his girlfriend. The sun was beginning to set and cast a beautiful orange across the sky.

“You know I did, baby,” he answered, kissing her tenderly. His hands caressed her back as he held her tightly to him. Susan moaned as their kiss became more passionate. Barry broke the kiss, taking her bags and leading Susan into the house.

“How was your trip, Barry?” Susan asked, “My flight was long and the traffic at the airport was horrendous.” Barry thought for a moment, smiling to himself as he remembered the events of the last few weeks.

“You must be tired then. Let’s order in tonight,” he said. Susan lay down on the couch, her head resting in his lap as he stroked her long, blonde hair. “My trip was fun. I met a lot of really neat people. People from all over the country. It was tiring though. I was glad to finally get here.” Susan agreed, cooing as Barry massaged her head and neck.

After a while, Barry got everything ready for dinner. Susan went to the bedroom to freshen up. When she came out, the Chinese food had already been delivered and Barry had it set up with fresh flowers and lit candles. Standing at the table, Barry watched as Susan walked over to him, smiling. He felt his heart beating rapidly against his chest. Even though she was wearing one of his oversized T-shirts and a pair of baggy shorts, she looked beautiful and sexy.

“Oh, Barry,” she said softly, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Everything is so lovely. I’ve missed you so much.” Barry held her tight. The familiarity of her body did nothing to lessen his feelings. Barry kissed her gently, then pulled her chair out, letting her sit.

“So you DID miss me, I see,” she giggled, noticing the bulge forming in her boyfriend’s shorts. Barry blushed slightly, nodding his head. Susan talked about the few weeks she spent at the beach with her parents, telling Barry about the different bars and clubs she went to, about the guys pawing her body when she danced with them and about the nude beach she and her girlfriends went to.

“There really wasn’t any fucking going on, but there was a lot of sucking on the beach,” she said, laughing. “There were girls giving their boyfriends blow-jobs right on the beach. It was really pretty hot watching it.”

“You didn’t find someone to give one to? I know how much you love sucking a cock,” Barry said, smiling. He could feel his cock becoming even harder, thinking of Susan, naked on the beach, sucking his cock.

“That will just have to be one of my little secrets,” she replied, coyly, licking her lips. “I do love sucking, don’t I Barry? Especially when the cock I’m sucking is yours.” Barry squirmed on his chair, adjusting his hard cock. He had shared Susan just one time before, with an old college friend. He had had mixed feelings about it. He had been a little jealous, watching someone else fuck his girlfriend as she’d feasted on his rod with an abandon that had surprised them both. At the same time, the experience had been one of the most erotic that they had ever had together. Now the thought of her sucking a stranger’s cock on a beach was arousing him even more.

“We met some guys there and went out with them that night. It was sort of weird, knowing that they had already seen us naked when we met the at the club.” Barry let his hand slip under the table and stroked his already hard cock through his shorts. He felt it twitching and jerking as Susan told him of the guys dancing with her, their hands sliding all over her body. He knew she loved to tease and could just imagine her pulling out all the stops. Susan could feel Barry’s eyes burning into her, not with jealousy, but with lust. She continued her story, adding emphasis to tease Barry even more, knowing how much he enjoyed these ‘confessions’.

“This one guy just couldn’t keep his hands off my ass,” Susan admitted. When we danced, he would grab my ass, pulling me against him. I felt him grinding his cock against me. It was pretty hot, I must say.”

“Did you do anything with him, later?” Barry asked, stroking his cock under the table.

“No, I didn’t really like him too much. Too aggressive. His friend was cute, though. Real shy, too,” Susan answered, smiling sultrily. “I danced with him some, but this time, I was the one doing the grinding,” she said, giggling. “He was so cute and shy, he didn’t know what to do.” Susan continued telling Barry how she’d taken his hand and let him feel her breasts as they danced. Barry was obviously enjoying the story. “After we danced, I took him out back without anyone knowing and gave him a blow-job. He was so excited it didn’t take him too long to cum.” Susan was giggling as she told Barry, watching him squirm in his seat. “He filled my mouth with so much cum it was hard for me to swallow it all. I hope you don’t mind, baby.” Susan lowered her eyes, acting all innocent as if caught in some minor lie. erenköy escort

“No, baby, its all right. I know how much you love giving head and you gave that guy a thrill he’ll remember the rest of his life. Just as long as that mouth is for my cock only from now on,” Barry replied, smiling at his soon to be wife.

After dinner and cleaning the table and kitchen, Barry and Susan went back to the lounge, sitting on the couch. They watched some TV for a while, Susan resting with her head in Barry’s lap again. Susan turned her head slightly down and kissed Barry’s thigh. Barry had slid his hand over her ass and under the long T-shirt, caressing her back and side. Susan felt at ease in his arms, relaxed, totally at one with him. She started nibbling on his thigh, sending electric shocks through his body. Barry’s hips slowly began rocking as he slid his hand down her back, on to her firm, taut ass. Her knickers felt nice to his fingers, the satin adding to his sensations. He had always loved the feel of lingerie on his fingers. They had been together so long and knew each other so well, that they could tell when the other was becoming aroused. No words were needed and none were said to spoil the moment.

Susan turned on to her belly, pressing her face into Barry’s lap, his cock growing harder with her pressure. She could feel his hand sliding under her knickers, cupping her cheeks. Knowing her as well as he did, Barry knew just which places to touch to bring his lover even higher. He slipped his fingers between her cheeks, sliding the fingertips down over her hole and on to her already wet lips.

Susan squirmed, pressing her ass against his hand, feeling his long, thick fingers probing her tunnel. She slid the zipper down to his shorts, pulling his cock out. Biting her lower lip, she looked at the hard, thick shaft before her eyes. She studied the shape and size of his cock, trying to relearn every curve and part of it. Her breathing deepened as she realized that this might well be the only cock she would have for the rest of her life, but it didn’t matter. She loved Barry and loved how he made her feel. She looked at the thick head for another second, then dropped her head, engulfing it entirely.

Barry rocked his hips, helping it into her mouth. Susan was one of the only women able to take him this deep, this quickly. He plunged his fingers deep into her wet pussy as her head came to rest against his mound.

“Ooohhh Ggdddd, Susan, that feels sooo good!!!” he cried, his hips thrusting. Susan could only moan, her mouth filled with his thick cock. She rocked her hips back and forth against his intruding fingers, forcing them deeper inside her aching pussy. Susan loved this position, Barry’s cock in her mouth and his fingers deep inside her wet pussy. She struggled to concentrate on his cock, the sensations sent through her body by Barry’s fingers nearly overwhelming her. Susan tightened her lips around his thick cock as the head slid against the roof of her mouth. She could feel his body shaking, trembling as she sucked him. She felt her body getting close to the edge too. Barry’s hand slapped against her ass as he thrust his fingers deep into her again and again. His pounding drove her face down, taking his throbbing shaft even deeper.

Barry could feel Susan getting closer and closer to her climax. He twisted his fingers, rubbing her g-spot as his hand slammed against her ass. Susan moaned, letting the thick cock slip from her mouth. She stroked him several times, sucking on the tender underside of his thick rod. Barry groaned, thrusting his hips to increase the feeling as he worked a third finger into Susan. She squealed, her pussy gripping the intruding fingers. Barry watched as Susan flicked her tongue over the tip, then dropped her head, taking him completely into her hot mouth again. He tensed for a moment, reminded suddenly of the expert sucking that Jane and Shona had given him. Susan looked up at him, her eyes batting as she lured him into her passion.

“Who’s the best cocksucker, Barry?” she asked, her beautiful face lying next to his throbbing, hard cock. “Who sucks you better than me?” Barry had always been able to answer that truthfully, that no one sucked him better than her. But now, having experienced the skills of Shona and Jane, he wasn’t sure. His voiced cracked as he rammed his fingers deep into her wet pussy, her body shaking as her climax ignited.

“You are baby, you’re the best cocksucker ever,” he replied.

Susan engulfed his cock once more, sucking harder than before. Her body was shaking as her orgasm reached its crescendo, peaking just as Barry grabbed her hair. He cried out, thrusting his hips as he fucked her wonderful mouth. Susan came hard, her juices squirting out on to Barry’s hand as the warm fluids ran down her thighs. Barry erupted into her mouth, his cock jerking as it spewed its hot cream. Susan tightened her lips, taking etiler escort it all. She loved feeling him cum in her mouth, filling her with his passion, his love. She slid her mouth up and down his shaft a few more times, swallowing all she could, concentrating on the sensitive head. Barry’s hips bucked uncontrollably as she drained him of both his seed and his strength. Susan swallowed the warm juices with his cock still in her mouth, then let it out with a pop. She kissed his belly, looking up at him, smiling. She could see the desire in his eyes, feel his passion and love for her.

Even though he had fingered her until she came, Susan was just getting started and Barry knew it. Pulling her up to him, Barry kissed her, biting on her neck. She dropped her head, surrendering herself totally to him. Barry leaned her back gently, their eyes locked the entire time. She pulled off her top, exposing her large, full breasts. She cupped her breasts, playing with her hard, brown nipples as he slid to the back of the couch. He massaged her feet, then her ankles and calves as he kissed his way up her legs. She began shaking with anticipation, knowing that she was about to be eaten as never before. Barry could taste the juices that had already flowed from her aching pussy. He sucked and bit on her inner thighs, rubbing the top of his head against her neatly trimmed pussy. Susan bit her lower lips, waiting for the moment he would take her, to send her into ecstasy.

Susan looked down at her lover, watching him. She had been waiting for this moment for three weeks as they both made their separate ways across the country. She was very sensitive, jumping at each touch.

“Ooohh Gggddd, Barry, I have missed you so much,” Susan moaned as she waited for Barry to take her. Barry looked up, smiling knowingly, as he flicked his tongue up and down over her aching lips. Susan squeezed her breasts hard, her hips bucking slightly. She wanted to grab his head and pull his face into her pussy. But she held her actions, knowing that Barry would take care of her desires and needs. She felt his nails scratch along her inner thighs, his face nuzzling gently against her wet pussy. He was teasing her unmercifully, making her wait and wait for her satisfaction. Susan suppressed her squeals, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Slipping his hands under her firm cheeks, Barry lifted Susan’s ass off the couch, pulling her to his mouth. He plunged his stiff tongue deep into her pussy, grinding his face hard against her. Susan cried out, the sound torn from her mouth as her thighs clamped tight around his head, holding his face against her. She bucked her hips wildly, surprised at how quickly she was responding to his touch.

Susan savored the feeling of Barry’s tongue rubbing against her clit. She squealed, biting her lips as his teeth scraped across her bud, sending wave after wave of electricity through her body. Resting on her shoulders, her hands clasped tight on her heaving breasts, Susan rocked her hips against Barry’s probing tongue.

“Ooohhh fffuuuucckkkkk, Barry… yeesssss, yeesssss!!!!!” she cried, pinching her nipples hard. Her head tossed back and forth against the cushion, her hips fucking his wonderful mouth. Barry squeezed her cheeks, sucking her clit between his teeth, his thumb pressed against her tight rear hole.

“Ooooohhhhhh Ggdddddd yyyeeeessssssss… finger my ass, Barry, finger fuck my ass!!!” she pleaded, her hips thrashing against his mouth. Barry twisted his thumb, working it into her tight hole as he bit and tugged on her wet pussy lips. Susan screamed with pleasure, her body shaking wildly. She could hardly say anything as her orgasm grew deep inside her.

Barry concentrated on her clit, knowing how much women and especially Susan loved it. He sucked and bit her bud, holding it between his teeth. Susan grabbed the cushions, her body twisting, ready to explode. She erupted, flooding his mouth with her hot juices as he rammed his fingers deep into her cunt, the other hand still fingering her ass. Her head banged against the couch as she came again, her climax peaking over and over.

Barry kept his mouth attached to her pussy, licking and tasting her sweet juices. Susan twisted and shook uncontrollably, her body acting with a life of its own. After her initial release, a series of orgasms burst within her, cascading through her shaking body. As she came again and again, she felt her insides tightening, expelling her juices into her future husband’s wonderful mouth. After what seemed like an eternity, Susan finally settled on to the couch, sinking deeper into its soft cushions. Her heart was pounding in her chest, beating rapidly, her breathing deep and fast. She lay there for a few minutes, trying desperately to catch her breath as Barry licked her clean, sending even more shivers throughout her trembling body, then kissed his way up, kissing her flat tummy then sucking florya escort on the undersides of large breasts. She grabbed his head, clutching him to her breasts. He could feel her heart against his face, beating out her love for him.

Barry slid up, wrapping his arms around her, holding her shaking body tight against his. His hands tenderly caressed her, sliding over her wet body. They lay there for several more minutes, lost in each other’s passion.

“Oh Barry, I love you so much. No one has ever made me feel like you do. Not even a woman has done anything like this to me before,” Susan said softly. She tensed suddenly, realizing what she had just said. It took Barry a few seconds to catch it. He had known she had had a few affairs with other girls, especially her friends in both school and college. In fact, Susan and he had shared one of her friends, quite innocently, after the other girl had broken up with her boyfriend. Barry had always suspected that Susan was more bisexual than she let on and felt himself become even more aroused in response to his girlfriend’s inadvertent slip. He caressed her lovingly, deciding to let her tell him anything in her own time. He let the utterance slip by, kissing her deeply.

They watched TV for a couple of hours more, making love once more in bed before falling asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning, Barry slipped quietly out of bed to relieve himself. When he returned, he looked at Susan who still sleeping peacefully, her face still glowing from last night. Barry looked at her quietly, watching her sleep. He thought to himself that not only could she be the only woman for him the rest of his life, but that he would be very happy with it. Just as he was aware that Susan had been with other men and, he suspected, other women since they’d been together, he had been with other women since he’d met Susan. He had always enjoyed the sex with those others, more for the satisfaction of knowing how much pleasure he had given them than for his own gratification. He thought again about the adventures he’d had on his journey; about Carla, Marisa, Beth and Terri, Tammy and Jamie and especially Jane and Shona. He had loved them all, giving himself to unselfishly to each of them, satisfying their needs. Yet Susan was the woman that he truly loved. Today he would be committing himself to her and her alone, happy to forgo the additional thrill of the casual, and not so casual, encounters he’d enjoyed in the past. If Barry had discovered one thing during the last few weeks it was that loving Susan was its own reward.

Susan had woken when Barry had got out of their bed. Smiling to herself as she remembered the passion of the previous evening, she felt a thrill of anticipation run up her spine as her thoughts turned to the day ahead. Hearing Barry’s return, she pretended to stir, stretching languorously, savoring the feel of the soft silk sheets next to her skin. She let her eyes flicker open, rubbing them briefly to clear away the last vestiges of her slumber then glanced suggestively at Barry, who was watching her from just inside the door. Moving sinuously, she peeled away the top sheet to reveal her naked body then slowly but quite deliberately spread her legs. “Get yourself over here and fuck me again, Barry,” she purred seductively, slipping a finger between her labia and dipping it into her cunt.

Without the need for any further instruction Barry crossed the room and climbed back on to the bed, positioning himself between her legs. Susan pulled her finger from her pussy and lifted it to her lips, sucking her own juices into her mouth. Instead of moving up, Barry leaned forward. His tongue flicked out and ran lightly along the length of her slit. “Oohhhhh Ggggdddd, Barry, yessssss!” moaned Susan as his tongue explored of her most private flesh. His tongue darted in and out of her hot, wet hole and she squirmed with pleasure. Squeezing her large, full breasts, she cried out as his tongue lashed across her sensitive clit. “Ohhhhhh ffuuuccckkk!” she moaned, tweaking her nipples with her fingers as his lips fastened around her swollen bulb and he sucked it lightly into his mouth.

Susan continued to cup and squeeze her breasts as Barry’s tongue lapped at her pussy. Pinching her nipples harder, she cried out as Barry slowly inserted two fingers into her cunt. His tongue flicked over her clit as he pumped his fingers in and out.

Susan felt her body begin to shudder as Barry’s mouth drove her closer and closer to her impending climax. Tossing her head from side to side, she writhed with pleasure as Barry’s tongue lashed her clit, surprised at how quickly Barry’s tongue had worked its magic on her clit, bringing her quickly and effortlessly to the brink of orgasm. As her breathing became increasingly labored she closed her eyes and let the sensations take over. Barry teased her clit with his teeth. Susan’s back arched. “Mmmmmaaaaah,” she sighed as she slipped over the edge, surrendering herself to the waves of pleasure that washed over her. Barry slipped his fingers out of her cunt but his tongue continued to lap at her clit, each contact sent fresh spasms through Susan’s body. “Yessssss! Ohhhhh fffuuccckkkk, Barry, yesssss!!!!!” she cried as her climax peaked, subsided then peaked again.

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