The Telltale Tan

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Chapter 1

Let me start out by telling you that I am strictly heterosexual; I like girls and have no inclination to ever change that. You’ll see why I make that point when I tell you what happened in the boy’s locker room shower when I was eighteen.

There were several of us showering and, while I don’t ogle the other guys, I couldn’t help but notice that my one of me newer friends, Dennis, showering next to me, had an all-over tan.

Well, it was unusual enough so I decided to ask him as we were leaving the gym.

“Oh, um, well, can you keep it quiet, like not tell anyone about it?”

Now more curious than ever, I agreed.

“Well, my family are nudists. Have been ever since I was small so I’m really used to it and nobody has ever called me on it until today. Have you ever been around nudists, Greg?”

“No. You’re the first person I’ve ever known that’s into it. Well, that I know of, anyway. What’s it like?”

“Naked,” he answered, laughing.

“Well, I know that but, really, what’s it like?”

“Why don’t you come over sometime and find out?”

“Um, I…I might, I’ve never done it before but, well, I know that people do. Yeah, maybe sometime,” I mumbled rather amazed at being asked.

It was a week or so later that Dennis asked me over to his house that Saturday. Even surprising myself, I assented and on the next Saturday morning, I was standing on his front porch ringing the bell wondering if he or one of his family would answer it naked.

The door swung open and there he was, fully clothed, and ushered me in.

“Come meet my mom and dad and my sister,” he said.

I didn’t know he had a sister, I was hoping she would be a toddler.

We went into the den and I was introduced all around to Susan, his mom, Jack, his dad and Karen, his sister who was his twin and very pretty. We all sat around for a bit, the parents telling me how they first got interested in nudism and how they had raised their family that way.

I tried listening but, truthfully, much of my attention was on his sister, wondering if she went around naked all the time and if she would today. Yes, my dick was wondering the same thing as I sat there, smiling, as they told me their story.

“We have a pool out back and we’re all going to swim and get some sun if you want to join us, Greg,” his mother asked.

I agreed and his dad asked if I would rather use Dennis’s bedroom to take my clothes off or just to go ahead here in the den with the rest of the family. I told him that here was fine and everyone started taking their clothes off. Including his mother and his sister.

Dennis’s mom was in her lower forties and quite nice looking. His sister, as I said, was very pretty and I tried not to make it too obvious but I was thrilled that she was stripping with the rest of us.

I tried to not look at anyone while this was going on but I did look up as Dennis’s mom undid her bra, looked up at me and let it slide off her arms right as I was pulling my shorts to the floor.

Well, she looked pretty good, I’ll say, pretty nice. Her breasts were large with big, light brown nipples and they still looked pretty nice and firm. I knew the next thing off were to be my briefs which were expanding outward. The other guys, Dennis and his dad, had pulled down their briefs and were standing there as Karen took off her bra. Both women stood there in their panties.

That did it for me but Dennis and his dad were about half-erect. So, I just bit my lip and pulled them down and stepped out of them.

“Um, maybe Karen and I should just stay like this and leave our panties on,” she said smiling at me as I stood there just about as hard as I’d ever been in my life. I so wanted to put my hands down to cover my raging erection but knew that was just such a lame thing to do.

“Oh, take ’em off, girls,” Jack said and they both pulled their panties to the floor and kicked them away.

Karen was really beautiful without her clothes, her breasts were medium-sized, round and full, straight out and tipped with small, pink nipples; below she was shaved clean while her mom had a small, trimmed patch of brown hair above her plump slit.

“Don’t worry, Greg, guys are always like this the first few times, you’ll get used to it and we understand,” Susan said as both women looked at my cock wavering out in front of me.

“Believe me, Greg, I’ve seen a lot of them so don’t worry. You’ll get used to it and, well, to tell the truth, it’s kind of fun to see other people like this,” his sister told me, smiling a pretty güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri grin. “Come on, let’s get some sun,” she added and I followed them all outside.

It was especially nice to follow Susan and Karen which didn’t help lower my erection in the least.

Dennis and his mom and dad dove directly in the water and started swimming around as Karen went over to lay down on a chaise lounge. I went to lay down too and get some sun.

I raised my leg up, shielding my erection from the view of those in the pool as Karen said, “You might want to take care of that while they’re swimming in the pool. I don’t mind watching, Dennis and my dad do it all the time when they get hard like that.”

So, I thought, what the hell and took my dick in hand, pretty much hidden from the others by my upraised leg and began to slowly stroke myself.

“Does this help?” she said softly as she widened her legs showing me the glinting moisture gathering between the lips of her plump, pink pussy.

“You’re really beautiful, Karen, I love seeing you like this.”

“And I love watching you jack-off. Maybe I can do it for you sometime.”

She really said that; it wasn’t my imagination, it was Karen, Dennis’s sister who was laying there showing me her lovely pussy.

I wasn’t about to let an opportunity like that go away so I replied, “I’d love nothing more, Karen, any time you want, I’d be most happy.”

“Are you home alone after school? Do your parents both work?”

“Yeah, any afternoon, just let me know,” I quickly answered as I watched her hand slide down as she began fingering her wet slit while she watched me.

I was close now and knew I was just about to cum as I took a couple of faster strokes and the white arcs began shooting up landing on the cushion and on my leg.

“Oh, good one, Greg,” she said as she stood up and came over to me with a handful of tissues. She knelt down to wipe me off as the others swam, then bent over to give a quick suck on my cock, then went back to her lounge chair.

My head was spinning, I just couldn’t believe what had happened so far. His mother seemed quite nonchalant about showing me her body, even seemed to enjoy it. His sister showed herself to me quite openly, even urging me to masturbate as she watched, then gave me a quick suck. Incredible.

It sure hadn’t reduced my swollen cock, that was sure. About then, the others got out and stretched out on lounge chairs or cushions to take some sun.

“Want a swim, Greg, come on,” Karen said as she stepped over to me and pulled me up. She led me to the pool and dove in. I followed her into the nice cool water as she swam over to me and put her arms around me while wrapping her legs around my legs pressing her pussy against my cock which was folded up between us.

She wiggled up and down a bit as she kissed me while I looked to see if we were being watched. I felt her pull up a bit and move just so the tip of my cock was right on her pussy slit. She then pushed down so it slipped inside her.

“Mmm, that’s nice, huh?” she whispered as she pushed down more driving me up into her almost all the way. Then we both started moving, slowly fucking in the water.

“I like your cock. Maybe you can come over some time for a sleepover. Just tell your parents it’s with Dennis. My parents let me sleep with guys when I want so you could sleep with me. Or you and Dennis could sleep with me. Did he tell you he’s fucking me, Mom and Dad don’t mind?”

“Um, no, he didn’t mention it. I, uh, well, yeah, I think I’d like to do that. I sure like doing this,” I managed to get out as my cock slid in and out of her. The whole episode so far was simply amazing, totally beyond my expectations or even my imagination. But, was I one happy guy.

“Mmm, I’m feeling good, Greg. You’ve got me close,” she whispered as she slowly moved up and down on me.

“Me, too, Karen, this is incredible. You are so hot,” I gasped as I felt myself getting closer and closer.

“I’m on the pill, so don’t worry. Just cum whenever you want,” she whispered in my ear as she rose and fell impaled on my hard cock. She was so tight and the whole thing was so arousing with her family just yards away, I suddenly jammed up into her as I felt my cum spurt deep inside as she twisted her hips and moaned that she was cumming, too.

She pushed down and twisted around as I pushed up, it was just so erotic and unexpected. She gave me a kiss as we slowly moved around the pool, her pussy still skewered on my happy cock, kissing and holding each güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri other tight.

Noontime rolled around and Karen and I were now separated and slowly swimming around when her mother announced that lunch was ready.

We got out and dried off and went inside to help bring out the sandwiches and potato salad and drinks. All I could think about was my friend’s sister and how she wanted to be together with me again.

We ate lunch all naked, it was a really strange experience and one that I could not get my cock to completely accept, I was still about half-hard, I just couldn’t help it.

Chapter 2

After lunch, everyone was laying down for some more sun when Dennis’s mother asked me if I’d like to join her in a cool swim so I agreed.

She slipped into the shallow end as I got in down the ladder and she was soon right along side me in the medium part of the pool where her boobs were right at the height of the water.

“You and Karen had a nice swim earlier, Greg,” she said as I felt her fingers wrap around my cock. “Think you’d like to treat her mother to some fun while we’re here in the pool?”

I was stunned, it was as simple as that. Now, his mom looked good, she was not some old frumpy woman and she moved me back to the ladder where she lifted one leg up on it then led my cock up under her widened legs as I pushed up into her.

“Mmm, oh, yes, that’s nice, Greg. I’m sure Karen liked your cock, I already do and we’ve just begun,” she murmured quietly as soft waves began to radiate outward from us.

“It wasn’t easy knowing you two were out here fucking so nicely as I lay there wanting your cock for myself. But, now, it’s inside me and I’m loving it. Do I feel good to you?”

She did and I told her so. “Well, you’re welcome to visit our house more often. Jack and I have a very open relationship, in fact, we all do so if you want to be together again some time just let me know. We can always go to my bedroom, Jack won’t care a bit. He’ll just go take Karen to her room and do her if he gets horny.”

Well, this rather had my head spinning, what a family, I had no idea. But I was sure enjoying it, yes, Dennis’s mom was good, she was almost as tight as her daughter and I could really get far up inside her the way she was splayed along the ladder opening herself to me.

“Mmm, yes, Greg, I’m glad Dennis brought you over, this is just what I’ve been wanting, a nice hard young cock.”

“I’m sure happy I’ve got one, I really didn’t expect this to happen.”

“Well, it can happen a lot more if you want, I’m certainly enjoying our nice time here in the water. I’d also love to try out this nice feeling cock of yours in bed sometime soon.”

“I’d love it, too, this is so wonderful, I mean, I never expected…well, you know.”

“Yes, you just thought we were nudists and we turn out to all be sexual free-spirits just having as much fun as we can. Just like this, Greg,” she said as her hands pulled my butt up and down as I fucked her deeper.

“Mmm, nice, yes, very nice.”

“When I saw your cock, I knew I wanted it inside me like this. I love to be fucked so you can do this all you want. I think you’ll find my daughter takes after me in the same way.”

“Um, she’s kind of hinted at that, yeah.”

“Oh, knowing Karen, she’s more than hinted. She’s a girl who knows what she wants and when she wants it. If you were smart, you’d ask her to show you her room, I’m sure she’d love to so she can screw your brains out.”

“Sounds like you have a fun family,” I told her as I moved up and down sliding in and out of her under the water.

“Oh, fun is what this family does best, Greg. Just like we’re doing.”

I knew I was close to cumming and wanted to warn her just in case, “I’m about to cum if it’s okay?”

“Mmm, good, I’d love to carry your cum inside me the rest of the day, go ahead whenever you’re ready.”

I knew I couldn’t hold out no matter what I tried so when it happened, I just pushed up in her and let it flow.

“Uhhhm, uhhhm, uhhhm,” I groaned as my semen shot up into Dennis’s mother while she gripped me tightly as I felt her begin to shake.

“Hmmm, mmm, mmm, oh, yes, oh, mmm, feels so good, Greg, mmm,” she groaned as her lips pressed mine, her tongue shoved inside my mouth.

We held each other a few more minutes and then we parted as my cock came out into the cool water from it’s warm nesting place. I felt her fingers surround it and give a happy squeeze.

“That was nice, Greg. You made me happy and I appreciate güvenilir bahis şirketleri it. I hope it was good for you.”

“It was wonderful. I really hope we can do it again,” I told her.

“You know where I live, Greg. Anytime, sweetie. Jack doesn’t mind, he does his thing, I do mine,” and she gave me another kiss and got up out of the pool as Karen came over and stood there over me, her legs apart asking me, “Wanna come up and see my room? Maybe try out my bed?”

I pulled up out of the pool and took a towel and dried off as I followed Dennis’s sister’s beautiful butt up to her room. Her tight little pussy was looking back at me so enticingly as she climbed the stairs ahead of me.

“I hope you can see my pussy from back there, Greg. It’s wanting you real bad,” she teased as we went in her room and closed the door. She pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me holding me down as she straddled me rubbing her wet underneath all over my midsection.

“I saw you fucking my mom, I knew she wanted you as soon as you took your clothes off but, then, so did I and now I get you for the second time today. Ready to fuck?”

She raised up and reached under to steady my dick as she pressed down running me up into her then began quickly rocking back and forth.

“God, I am so horny, oh, you feel really good. Is my pussy nice, feel good?”

“Mmm, yes, really nice, oh, lots better than nice, just the best,” I managed to get out.

She was really a beautiful girl with her deep tan all over; her whole family was darkly tanned and I was considering the exact same for myself if I could get myself invited to sun with the family at their pool. Especially now that I knew what fringe benefits came with it, especially the one I was currently enjoying to the max as she beautifully rode my cock.

“Well, I’m sure glad Dennis brought you over. The second I saw your nice cock I knew I wanted it. And I knew I’d have to move fast to beat my mom to it. Now I’m already enjoying it twice,” she cooed as she pushed down and twisted back and forth. “Mmm, that’s so good.”

Oh, it was good, this was just heaven. Karen was so beautiful and sexy as she fucked me up and down while I played with her firm and perfect boobs.

“Mmm, yes, mmm, feels so good,” she murmured as she rocked to and fro over me.

It still was seeming too good to have really happened but I simply couldn’t ignore the reality of the beautiful naked girl up over me fucking me for all she’s worth…and that’s a lot.

She lifted up pulling almost off me but not quite. Then she started twirling her butt around as I held steady. The inside of her pussy was rubbing the tip of my cock around and around and it was simply awesome, I just had to cum.

“UUH, UUH, UUH, MMM, MMM, oh, wow, Karen, that was so, so good. I don’t know where you learned to do that but, wow, does that get me off,” I gasped.

She laughed, saying, “Oh, I’ve been told that before. Actually, it was my mom who told me about it. Get her to do it to you sometime.”

I made a mental note to do just that as she now was taking long, deep strokes up and down on my shaft.

“Mmm, close, oh, mmm, so good, mmm, mmm, yes, oh here it is, UUH, AYYE, AYYE, UUH, mmm, mmm,” she groaned as she dropped down kissing me.

What a day. Here I was all nervous with my first time being with a nudist family, then having sex unexpectedly with the mother and the daughter, simply incredible. Oh, happy day, I thought as Karen kissed me on, her hips slowly rising and falling on my cock.

Soon, she stopped and just lay over me kissing me slowly, her tongue moving in and out like she was fucking me with it. My cock was still inside her and was still feeling pretty good even with the workout it’s had.

“Want some more? Want me to fuck you again? I’m still horny, but I’m always horny,” she laughed. I told her ‘sure’ and she began moving up and down on me.

So, I ended up having sex four times that day, a portent of how my days with Dennis’s family would go in the future.

I, too, ended up with an all-over tan and the happiest cock I ever dreamed of. Every time I went over to sun with his family, I would have sex with his sister at least twice, usually three times and with his mother at least once, often twice.

I was also invited to sleep over at his house, Dennis always the one asking but with me ending up sleeping with his sister, a few times with his mom and his sister, all three of us.

Now, you might be a nudist and say, well, this really isn’t the way nudists behave. You may be absolutely right. But his family did and that’s all I cared about.

I’m in my third year of college now and still visit them to sun and the other fun activities they seem to enjoy. It’s like I’m part of the family.

How lucky can a guy get? Now I have that telltale tan myself.

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