The Tall Man Cometh Ch. 3

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(Author’s note: Sorry it took me so long to get this one written and posted. I had mid-terms this week.)

* * * * *

“I have a surprise for you,” Cami called.

I came back from my light snooze, then opened my eyes to see the best surprise of my life.

Standing in the doorway to the bedroom was a second, beautiful girl. Cami was still nude, and was standing behind the girl, her arms around the other in a most affectionate manner.

“This is my girlfriend, Andrea,” Cami introduced her.

Andrea was about the same height as Cami, about 5’1″, and her skin was just as fair and creamy as Cami’s. But the similarities ended there.

Where Cami was curvy, Andrea was much leaner, with smaller breasts. But she had an absolutely beautiful face and lovely grey eyes, both even prettier than Cami’s. And while Cami tended to dress punkish, Andrea was decked out in black, Goth clothing. Best of all, where Cami’s hair was dyed that Kool-aid red, Andrea’s hair was dyed electric-blue. The red and blue contrast was delicious to see while Cami kissed and nibbled Andrea’s left ear-lobe.

My cock had been half-hard when Cami left me a moment before. Now, despite the use and abuse it had already taken today, it grew fully erect as I saw Andrea. It started throbbing when Cami began touching her.

“Give us a minute,” Cami said to Andrea, who stepped out of the bedroom. Cami closed the door and came over to me. She climbed onto the edge of her bed and then moved over me, slowly and sexily climbing up my seven foot tall body. She kept cool, intense eye contact with me the whole time; and lightly rubbed against my prick as she passed it.

“I waited for you to doze off this afternoon,” she explained, “and then called to tell her that we were on for tonight, as she and I planned.”

“Planned?” I asked, smiling humorously.

“That’s right,” she said, returning a wicked smile to me. “I had wanted to talk to you about it before, but I lost track of time.”

“I certainly don’t mind her joining in the fun,” I said.

“No, of course not!” Cami said, laughing. “That’s not what I meant. You see, I had to sort of check you out before she joined us. You passed, with flying colors.”

“Thank you,” I said, pleased with myself.

“Not just because of how good you are in bed,” Cami explained. “But because you let me take charge, you restrained yourself. I had thought you would. That is important for her. You see, she used to like rough, almost forced sex from men. Well, a few months ago, her boyfriend got out of hand.”

“Rape?” I asked, stunned to the point that my erection started fading.

“Yeah,” Cami said sadly. “But, that is long over. The guy dropped out of school and left for home when she filed charges. Anyway, what matters now is that you are her first man since.”

“Oh, great,” I said heavily.

“Don’t worry,” Cami said, looking at me warmly. “You are exactly the right man for this. I trust you, and so does she.”

“Okay,” I said. “What are the ground rules?”

“Simple,” Cami said. “Don’t initiate with her too much. Let her take the lead, if she will. Just don’t try to do anything that she doesn’t clearly want. We want to get her used to men again. We can get a wild another time. Tonight we have to play it cool.

“But the real problem,” Cami continued, “is that she gets sensitive after a big orgasm. It will really hurt her if you don’t stop for a few minutes after she comes.”

I nodded my understanding and agreement. Cami leaned in, kissed me briefly, then jumped off the bed. She ran over and opened the door, her tits and ass bouncing sexily along the way.

Andrea had taken advantage of our conversation time to change out of her black dress, and to don a robe of the same color. Her creamy skin peeked out from the robe, making a fine contrast.

I watched as Cami took her hand and led her over to the bed. I alternately looked to Cami and then to Andrea, but did not make eye contact with the latter for very long, so as not to seem threatening. However, after a moment, Andrea made eye contact with me and kept her gaze on me for several seconds. We three remained silent and still for a moment.

Then Andrea smiled, causing me to do so in return. She sat down on the side of the bed, as far from me as she could manage. Given my stature, I filled the bed up fairly well. Nonetheless, I scooted to one side and made as much room for her as I could.

“Hi,” she said in a small, melodious voice.

“Hi,” I said, my own voice so hoarse that it cracked.

While I was absorbed in the newcomer, Cami startled me by jumping right on my torso. I felt her legs rub against my penis, which started coming back to life. Because of the size difference between us, her landing on me didn’t hurt at all; but it was quite a surprise.

Cami nibbled briefly on my chest, then rolled off me and towards Andrea, who was now sitting in a lotus position on her side of pendik escort bayan the bed. Cami then rose up and embraced her, then they kissed.

My cock responded to this display in full force, my earlier reluctance now almost forgotten.

“Whenever you’re ready,” Cami said softly to her. “Remember, nothing you don’t want.”

Andrea nodded, then kissed Cami very deeply, very passionately.

After a very intense moment of kissing, Cami eased away from her and then leapt back onto me. She climbed up my body and we began kissing, and I started molding her buttocks firmly. Then, I worked my right arm around her and pushed my hand through her legs from behind. Then I slipped my middle finger into her vagina, which was even wetter and hotter than I remember it being before. Cami began moaning deeply. As I was fingering her, I turned to look at Andrea in an almost shy, timid way. She looked at me confidently, with a definite interest; but she made no move to join us yet.

I turned back to Cami. After just a few minutes, her moans got louder and she started squirming in orgasm. It must have been a pretty good one, as her cunt muscles were gripping my finger fiercely.

When that had passed, while Cami was catching her breath, Andrea said, “That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen her come.” She was clearly impressed.

I smiled in satisfaction.

Cami then started licking and nibbling my chest. To my satisfaction, she started working her way downward. She reached my throbbing cock and grabbed it by the base. She tapped it against her face a few times, causing my pre-come to start leaking out. This provided some lubrication, and she spit on her hand for more. Then she started slowly working her hand up and down my shaft. As I watched, she reached her free hand between her legs. I thought she was playing with herself at first; but then she brought that hand up from her legs and put it on my cock as well. She had lubed up her hand from her crotch.

I’m not sure how she knew to do that, but getting a hand-job lubed by a girl’s own fluids is one of my favorite sexual activities.

She continually applied spit and vaginal juice to my cock, which was still leaking its own lube. This worked up a good layer of fluid on my cock, allowing her to give me one of the best hand-jobs of my life.

I leaned back and closed my eyes as the pleasure mounted. A moment later, I felt a new, warm and wet sensation on my cock. I looked down to see that she had started kissing and licking the end of my prick profusely, while still stroking the base with one of her hands. She was absolutely making love to my cock. I leaned back, then my body clenched up. She stopped her ministrations and for the second time that day I had a small, non-ejaculatory orgasm.

When that was past, she resumed her dual mouth-and-hand treatment of my member.

I leaned back and closed my eyes again while she delicately licked my extremely sensitive head.

After a few moments of this, she stopped for a second, then resumed at a much slower pace. Then I heard her start moaning.

I looked up expectantly, and to my immense satisfaction, Andrea had gotten onto the floor behind Cami and now had her head buried between her legs. Whether she was eating Cami’s pussy or giving her a rim-job, Cami was enjoying it immensely. I couldn’t see Andrea very well, as half of her body was hidden by the bed, but I could see that she was still wearing her robe. I smiled at her participation and then resumed watching Cami work my cock.

Cami had only licked and kissed around my member to that point, but then she slowly worked her mouth over the head. She actually managed to take about half of it in before she backed off. As with everything else she had done, she gave head expertly. She only let her teeth scrape my cock lightly, and that was only on about half of her passes. She used her lips and tongue to do most of the work there. Then she moved her spare hand to start fondling my balls.

Cami then stopped the hand-job altogether as she started moaning through another orgasm, courtesy of Andrea. I didn’t mind that she stopped, because I was getting close to coming, and I didn’t want that yet.

After Cami’s second come, Andrea rose from the floor. I watched as she gracefully swept her robe off of her shoulders. This revealed an entire body of smooth, creamy skin, interrupted only by a small, black tattoo on her stomach (I couldn’t make out the design, but it looked good on her).

Cami saw I was looking at Andrea, and turned her head to look. She laughed joyously as she saw Andrea nude. Andrea then moved onto the bed and started kissing her way up Cami’s body, from her calves all the way up her legs and back and to her face.

The girls both ignored me for a moment while they kissed, but then Cami started stroking my cock again.

Andrea leaned in towards my prick, and Cami stopped şirinevler escort bayan stroking, just held it in place. Andrea lightly kissed it. Then she started slathering licks and kisses all over it. Cami started stroking the base slowly, so as not to move it while Andrea was doing her thing to the head. Then Cami moved her face in towards my prick as well, and both girls were giving me head, both licking and kissing. Andrea put her hand over Cami’s, so that the girls were holding hands while they stroked me. Both girls’ hands were tiny on my eight-inch rod.

The girls were kissing and licking, and then Andrea surprised me. She opened her mouth very wide, and took in about half of my length at once. She started bouncing her head up and down the top half of my cock. Cami ducked her head under, and moved my legs apart so that she could get her face at my balls. She then started juggling them with her tongue, as she had done earlier, and which I loved so much.

I was in sheer bliss, for my entire cock and balls were covered by the girls’ mouths and hands. Andrea’s blue hair was moving up and down my rod, and Cami’s red hair was stationary beneath her. The visual contrast only served to heighten my delight at this rare blow-job which I was receiving.

Then Andrea started sucking hard, sealing her lips almost totally. This got me very close to coming.

“Oh, stop,” I groaned, “not yet.”

The girls slowly complied and pulled off of my member, reluctant to stop.

They looked at each other and giggled, then both moved up my body, lightly scratching my skin along the way. Once they were face to face with me, Cami dove right in and gave me a sloppy, wet kiss. After Cami broke off, Andrea leaned slowly in and kissed me tentatively. Then something just clicked between us, and our kiss became very hot.

I noticed Cami smiling at me.

Then, as if they were dancing to choreography, the girls both rose up onto their knees and moved to different parts of my body. Cami straddled my crotch and Andrea my face. A second later, I felt Cami ease down onto my cock. I was still almost ready to burst, but I managed to hold back. Then Andrea lowered her cunt lips to my mouth. I figured that I could distract myself from coming by really concentrating on eating Andrea. Besides, I would have to work hard to get Andrea off orally, since she sleeps with women.

The ‘distraction’ worked, for Cami’s motions on my cock felt less immediate, and sort of blurred into a general warmth and friction on my cock.

Andrea sat still atop my head, her knees on either side of my ears. I started by licking her slit several times, tasting her delicious nectar. Then I moved just enough to start swirling my tongue around her little clit. She started moaning, as did Cami, who had started humping away on my rod. I got close to coming again from hearing both girls moaning at the same time, but I held back again.

I moved my left arm up to play with Andrea’s left breast, rubbing the whole thing around and around in my palm. Then I eased my right arm under her, and then slid my middle finger inside her cunt. I started wiggling it around. I also continued swirling my tongue around and over her clit. I then timed all three motions together, the swirling of my tongue on her clit, the circular rubbing of my hand on her breast and the wiggles of my finger inside her. This had a dramatic effect on Andrea, who came to climax after just a few moments, and started moaning so loudly I worried that the neighbors would hear. She sounded loud to me even though my ears were muffled by her legs, and I couldn’t hear Cami over her.

Andrea then quickly rolled off of me and moved to the side of the bed again. It took me a moment to understand why she broke contact, then remembered that she got very sensitive after an orgasm. I looked away from her and noticed that Camille was having a very good time riding my cock.

Andrea then eased over and kissed me again.

“Sorry I had to get away,” she said into my ear, which she then nibbled a bit. “Normally guys can’t get me off that well with oral. You’re almost as good at it as Camille. You are truly something special.”

I then kissed her. Our lips did not part at all for several minutes as our tongues danced around together. Then she moved back.

“Cami’s getting close,” Andrea said and moved towards the other girl.

“Suck my tits,” Cami then said. “Suck ’em!”

Andrea leaned in and did so. This pushed Cami over the edge and she came quite fiercely, squeezing my cock hard in the process.

Playing with Andrea had successfully gotten my mind off of the orgasm that had been trying to overwhelm me previously. I was glad, as I did not want to come anytime soon, I wanted to keep on playing.

“My turn,” Andrea said. Cami slumped off of me and crawled up to my face. We both watched carefully as Andrea straddled my şişli escort bayan crotch. After just a moment’s hesitation, she eased down onto it.

She took it all in one slow stroke, but then held very still to adjust.

“It’s so big,” she said, quivering.

“Isn’t it an amazing feeling?” Cami said.

Andrea only moaned in response. Then she started small back-and-forth motions on my member.

Meanwhile, Cami snuggled under my right arm. I cupped my hand into her ass-crack. Then started rubbing my fingers on her vaginal lips.

“I don’t know if I can take anymore,” she said, losing her voice for a moment afterwards. I pushed my index finger inside her and then started slowly pistoning it in and out. I then withdrew and pushed Cami upwards until her tits were in my face. I resumed fingering her while I sucked hard on her nipples.

We went on like that for awhile. Finally, Cami came again.

“No more,” she said, panting. I relented. She curled up and just watched Andrea bouncing on my cock.

Andrea came and then became perfectly still and silent, with my cock still inside her. She was clearly being flooded with sensations.

After a moment, she started moving again. Then, finally, it was my turn.

“I’m coming,” I said, closing my eyes tightly, waiting for what felt like the best orgasm I would ever have.

Then Andrea stopped moving.

I opened my eyes quickly, my heart racing.

She leaned down onto me.

“Rape me,” she said fiercely. “Hold me down and take me, I’ll come so hard.”

I felt Cami’s hands grip me. She was as surprised by this as was I.

“Please,” Andrea said desperately.

I looked down at Cami. She was as startled as I. She nodded slightly, giving me the go- ahead. Cami then moved slightly away from us.

I grabbed Andrea firmly, rolled her over forcibly, and climbed on top of her. Because of my enormous size advantage, I was now totally in control.

Andrea started hitting and clawing at me. I ignored that and pinned her small arms with my large, bearish hands.

Fortunately, she did not scream or say “No.” I wouldn’t have been able to go on if she had. Instead, she just wiggled and squirmed.

I was getting really desperate to come, so I wedged my waist in between her legs. She squirmed more, but I was finally able to get my cock in. I did not force myself in too fast, as I absolutely refused to hurt her.

Finally, I was all the way in. I started thrusting slowly.

Then, surprisingly, I felt Cami climb onto my back. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and rested her head against mine. She just held on while I thrust away into her girlfriend.

This time around, I was the one groaning and moaning loudly. In just a few minutes, I was already on the verge of coming again. But Andrea was a little ahead of me. She came again.

“Stop, please stop,” she said as her post-orgasmic sensitivity kicked in.

I felt Cami tense up, her arms and legs tightening their grasp on me.

The girls together couldn’t stop me now if I wanted to come.

My dick was really pounding, my desire to come was insane.

Nonetheless, I stopped. I pulled out gently and let go of Andrea’s arms.

“Outstanding,” Cami said. She climbed off my back and eased up next to Andrea.

“That was so intense,” Andrea said, almost whimpering. “Thank you.”

“I told you he was a find,” Cami said. “Now it’s his turn. A little reward for being so good.”

Cami directed me to lie on my back. She threw a few pillows beneath me so I could sit up. Then she started guiding Andrea’s motions.

As I watched, my dick still throbbing, Cami spread my legs apart. She then sat on my left thigh and put Andrea on my right. As they were both so much smaller than me, they could each sit on a leg easily.

The girls then scissored their legs together around my dick. Seeing what they meant to do, I moved my legs a little closer together, with the girls still on them. The girls then moved in together, clamping their pussies and clits around my cock. Then they started grinding against each other, and against my prick at once. I started thrusting up into the warm and wet place that their conjoined pussies created. The girls then pressed their bodies together and embraced, both grinding against my dick.

In no time at all, my orgasm came. I cried out so loud that I heard it echo and resound in the air vents. And I started blasting shot after shot up between the girls’ bodies, and it felt like I was coming inside one single, large woman.

The intense orgasm Cami had given me that afternoon dwindled into insignificance next to this one.

The orgasm stretched on for an impossibly long time, and I was completely out of breath when it was done. Panting, I leaned forward and took both girls into my arms, and just held them for a long time.

The girls then put on a show for me, licking my come off their stomachs and torsos, where it had landed.

Then we kissed and stroked one another gently for awhile longer. Andrea curled under my right arm, and Cami climbed on top of me and dangled an arm and leg over to Andrea. We all fell asleep in that position.

I had three really intense, and (for me) novel sexual encounters, and all in one day.

I was looking forward to the morrow.

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