The Tale of a Viking Shield Maiden

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Freya is a Norse Goddess of Viking mythology. She is associated with beauty, love and war and is a particular favourite of mine. Friday is allegedly named after her, which has got to be a good thing and as I love nature, the fact that she can shift into the shape of a falcon seems a pretty amazing power. Looking up at the stars tonight, see if you can spot this amazing Goddess as she rides her chariot across the sky pulled by two fierce wildcats – now that’s cool!

The prow of the Viking long-ship ploughed itself up onto the sand and the four warriors leapt-out onto the snow-covered beach. Norway, their beloved land, arriving home after an epic sea voyage. It had been a successful raid against the Saxons, yielding gold, silver and the strange things called books that the Christians held at such high value. It hadn’t come without a high cost, however, as three of the party were left dead back in England, not all bad though, their souls were not in their rotting corpses – they were in Valhalla!

Leading the Vikings up the dunes to a deserted Mead Hall was a warrior a little shorter than the others and with the unmistakable, curvaceous shape of a woman. Revna was a Shield Maiden, fierce, brave in battle and beloved by her companions Bjorn, Thorsten and Eric. Revna was not only the equal of these men, she was a striking beauty too, with dark-blond, braided hair and a hard, tanned body, honed from years at the oar and battlefield.

Tonight they would celebrate their fallen comrades, their victories and their booty with a feast of fresh beef and free flowing mead. Revna would make a special offering to Freya, the Goddess of love and war, who had protected her through the fighting and other hardships of the past months.

As kurtköy escort bayan darkness fell and the roaring fire warmed the cozy hall, the four warriors sat opposite each other at the end of a long feasting table, drinking mead and wolfing down meat and bread. If a traveller had passed-by outside, they would have been mistaken at thinking there were dozens celebrating within, such was the shouting and roaring with laughter of the four Vikings as they regaled their tales and adventures.

As night moved on and the companions grew more and more drunk, Revna suddenly stood-up and exclaimed: “let’s throw some axes”, to great cheers, followed by the rule of her game: “losers strip naked!” to even heartier cries.

Within half an hour, the hard bodies of Bjorn, Thorsten and Eric were all stark naked in the firelight much to the hilarity of a laughing Revna, who was dancing about fully-clothed, clubbing the boys lightly on their firm bottoms with her axe shaft. Hardened warriors can only take so much teasing however and soon the lads were grabbing playfully at Revna and tugging away at her woollen dress and leathers until she too was revealed in her full feminine glory.

The three lads were all over a very willing Revna, kissing and stroking her amazing ripped and curvy figure. She reached out and grabbed two big cocks and began to wank them to and fro, whilst many male hands fondled her breasts with fingers running up-and-down her moistening slit.

The strong men picked up the writhing woman and clearing the feast table, laid her on her back, as they stood over her. Bjorn pushed his rampant member into Revna’s mouth, Eric fondled her firm tits maltepe escort bayan and sucked greedily on stiff nipples, whilst Thorsten grasped his rearing prick, thrusting it deeply into the warm, moist core of her womanhood.

Pumping, sucking and licking away, the lovers groaned and contorted in the ecstasy of their collective passion. Revna’s hands gripped Bjorn’s thick shaft as her tongue swirled around his bulbous cock-head. Eric wanked away at his prick as he feasted on those lovely, pert boobs and Revna’s body was rocked back and forth by the powerful thrusts of a grunting Thorsten.

Bjorn came first with a sudden bucking motion, his cock bursting streams of man-seed into Revna’s gasping mouth and over her face. This had Thorsten re-doubling his efforts between spread thighs, thrusting furiously into the lovely, tight pussy until he too exploded, coating her inner walls with love juice, as she gripped and spasmed on his rod at her own massive orgasm. Eric then reared backwards and ropes of spunk arched above Revna to fall obscenely in long lines over her tits and belly.

It was hard for the four companions to get their breaths back quickly for they were laughing and gasping from the pleasure of their mad passion. Revna lay with her back arched, licking sperm from her lips, rubbing it onto her tits and then downwards to her sodden pussy, where her fingers traced gently over her swollen love-bud.

Beautiful Revna remained spread-eagled on the table in front of the lads masturbating and moaning lightly. After a few minutes in the flickering warmth of the fire and a few deep drafts of sweet honey mead, the dangling pricks of these young, fit men began mecidiyeköy escort bayan to swell again at the stimulating sight of such a horny woman, yet to be satisfied.

It was Eric’s turn to position himself between Revna’s open thighs, easing his thick rod through glistening lips like a dagger thrusting into a tight, wet sheath. He began to pump slowly at first and then faster and faster, causing Revna’s mouth to open wide in a silent scream of pleasure. The hands of the other boys stroked their own hard cocks up and down, sometimes rubbing them against Revna’s slippery body.

After a few minutes of humping and grunting, Eric could feel the inevitable pressure in his balls. With final, furious thrusts, his cock sprang from that wonderful pussy, spraying love juices, including his own gushing spunk all over Revna’s furry bush and onto her belly, all to the accompaniment of Revna’s high-pitched cries as she orgasmed beneath him.

On viewing this wonderful, erotic spectacle, Bjorn and Thorsten pumped their hands up and down thick shafts, faster and faster, until they too were blasting copious loads of sperm over the orgasmic creature beneath them.

Our hardy young Vikings, male and female, were fully spent by their lovemaking, sleeping deeply, entwined together in thick furs as the fire crackled and spat beside them.

What could be said of it all is that our Norse Goddess Freya, the party girl of the Aesir, would definitely have approved of this wild coupling, for the beautiful heroine Revna, dripping head to toe in pearls of sticky semen, certainly had the strong smell of the open sea, so treasured by the fearsome Viking warriors.

Post-script for those interested in history:

Recent burial finds from Scandinavia and a former Viking camp at Repton in England prove for certain that Viking warrior women (often called Shield Maidens) did fight and die in battle. Clearly not as physically strong as men on average, it’s thought they used bows, lighter or longer weapons to give them an advantage in range and speed against the sheer brute force of their male opponents.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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