The Swingers’ Daughter Ch. 02

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It was late February. We still had about two months before start of the racing season. Dad’s coverage of World Championship Motocross Racing in the previous season had expanded the desire for Dad’s pictures and race reports from several magazines in the US. He stood to make considerably more money than in the previous year.

As part of the gymnastics team I was traveling a lot to our competitions. Dad and his cameras would make it to a few of them, depending on his work schedule and the distance to the events. Even in this final year of his service and as a high ranking NCO, he was stuck on a rotating shift. It was not uncommon for the highly classified work that he did. But it did make it more difficult for him to cheer for and make pictures of my friends and me.

My two best friends were also seniors and on the gymnastics team. Both were much better than I was. And both were very sexy. Christina was the athlete, being competitive in both gymnastic and in track. She was short and muscular with a tight butt and firm breasts.

Sofia was sexy. She had big boobs and a big behind but she was really good on the bars and had a great floor routine. And, they both were crazy about my dad. It seemed they spent more time at our apartment than at their own homes.

Both my best friends had German parents. And, German was their first language. Both Sofia’s parents were German. Her dad, however, was a high ranking NCO in the US Air Force.

Christina’s mom was a German lady who had married a GI. They later divorced and she stayed in Germany. Christina did not know her biological father and was not at all close to her stepfather who was retired military, living in Germany.

In spite of all efforts to maintain our family secret, Christina and Sofia suspected that my relationship with my dad had crossed the line. They talked openly about how they would like to fuck my dad, often insinuating that I was fucking him. I had. But only that one time in late January when we had a family fuck that concluded with Mom and I sharing Dad the entire night. We, my family, knew it would not be the last time.

When Dad would accompany the team and take pictures, Sofia would manage to expose as much her sexy body as possible. I must admit, Dad seemed to enjoy all that she exposed. I had seen him touch those big boobs. Sofia definitely liked it. I think that touch is what gave Sofia the confidence to try so aggressively to seduce my dad.

It was so blatant that it embarrassed Dad. He asked me to talk to Sofia; try to make her understand how delicate his position could be. Even though Sofia, Christina and I were all eighteen, Dad’s security clearance could be placed in jeopardy by the appearance of adultery – or incest.

At first, Sofia seemed upset but the more she thought about it the more she realized how awkward it had become for my dad – even though he seemed to encourage it by touching her breast.

I tried to hide my jealousy. He had always been my hero. My Knight in Shining Armor. The man I thought was only interested in me – and my mom, of course. I was not ready to share my dad with friends.

Sofia continued her seductive approach to Dad but was more careful about appearances and the obvious flirting – in public places. Our home was a different story. Both Sofia and Christina had started kissing Dad at every opportunity, especially when arriving or leaving our apartment.

One day, after leaving school early, the three of us came in to find Dad sleeping on the sofa wearing just a pair of gray flannel sweats cut-off at the knees. Sofia pulled up a short footstool beside him and teased him with her long blonde hair brushing his face.

Dad bahis firmaları woke slowly, blinking and then smiling at Sofia. Her left hand was resting on his bare stomach, just above the elastic band of his sweats. Her right hand was on the arm of the sofa above Dad’s head. Dad put his left arm around Sofia, pulling her closer and kissed her mouth while using his right hand to slide Sofia’s hand under the elastic waist band.

She did not resist. Sofia wrapped her hand around Dad’s cock and slowly stroked it. The waistband slid back exposing her hand job. Dad must have been really horny. A stream of jism shot nearly to his chest. He held Sofia’s head down, kissing her as semen continued to spurt sporadically. She squeezed the last few drops from his softening penis and pulled her face away.

“You like?” she grinned.

I was shocked but really turned on. Christina started applauding and I joined in. It is what it is. My dad doesn’t mind being shared. Oh well. There was no claiming that he was the only one fucking me. I had to accept that he would fuck other too – other than Mom and me, that is.

“I could use a wet bath cloth and a towel,” Dad said to no one in particular.

I went to get them and returned to find both Christina and Sofia naked.

Dad cleaned away the evidence and sat up on the sofa while my friends pulled off his sweats. They rubbed his face with their tits. He seemed to especially enjoy the feel of Sofia’s big titties on his face. He would suck one nipple then the other while burying his face between them when not sucking.

Christina went straight for his cock that was again rock hard. She sucked it and fondled his balls while touching her own quite unique pussy. Her pubic hair was a very thick dark patch in a small area above her pussy. It was more like fur than hair and not in the classic V-shape but more of a long thin rectangle. It stretched down over her fat labia but did not cross to her thighs. The labia parted slightly exposing the hood over her clitoris. There was a darker string of matted hair hanging directly over the urethra. Her pussy was dripping wet with a drop of pussy juice clinging to that darker strand of pubic hair.

Sofia was purely blonde. She was exactly what many people consider a German Fraulein – pale, blonde and blue eyes. Her pubic hair was so light that you could see the skin beneath. It barely covered the labia majora. Though the lips were fat and puffy, the inner lips, labia minora, protruded slightly.

Her breasts were quite large. Her areola and nipples a pale pink, barely darker than the soft white surrounding them. Sofia cupped her breasts in the palms of her hands and pushed them into Dad’s face. He greedily accepted a mouthful of one and a handful of the other.

It was Christina who made the first move to get her pussy penetrated. With Dad’s face buried between Sofia’s tits, Christina back up to Dad and lowered that shiny wet pussy down to his throbbing cock. My dad was fucking my friend.

With her facing me I could see his cock working in and out of Christina’s fur-covered pussy. I got on my knees and licked Dad’s balls. They tasted of pussy. Each time Christina would raise a bit too high, Dad’s cock would slip out. I would suck it into my mouth and Christina would push me away.

When she pushed me away, I would lick Christina’s clitoris. Sofia had been shoved aside. She watched us fuck and suck.

I still had not stripped. Sofia was tugging at my clothes. I stood up and helped her. Sofia was on her knees. When my panties came down, she pulled me close and licked my pussy.

I pushed her onto her back and straddled her face, leaning forward with my hands kaçak iddaa on Christina’s thighs so that I could get a good look at Dad’s cock in her pussy. It was making those sucking or farting sounds as Dad pumped in out of it. I watched and squeezed Christina’s clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and massaged it.

It got really juicy all around my dad’s hard cock. Christina was making humming sounds and grunting as her hard stomach convulsed. I stopped massaging her clit and just watched her enjoy an intense orgasm.

I was still sitting on Sofia’s face and getting more and more pleasure from her soft mouth and my swollen, overheated pussy.

Dad slipped out of Christina’s pussy and he easily lifter her by the waist, sitting her beside him on the sofa. I got off Sofia’s mouth and beat her to Dad’s cock.

Unlike Christina, I climbed on facing him. With everyone watching I began a slow, deliberate hunching motion on my dad’s cock. He wasn’t moving. I kept my vulva plastered to his pelvic bone, using just my stomach muscles to apply friction to my clitoris and Dad’s cock.

Dad pulled me close and kissed me. It was nothing like a father-daughter kiss. Dad held me close, one hand on back of my head, another on my back with his tongue in my mouth.

Gradually, Dad slid his hands down my back to my ass cheeks. With a hand on either cheek he spread them. He lifted me until his dick escaped my pussy. He sat me back down with the head of his cock pushing through the sphincter muscle. I had never been fucked in the ass. I pulled away but Dad insisted. I gave in. His cock was slick from all the pussies it had been in and slid easily up my rectum.

Dad went slowly, pulling back then gradually going deeper. The girls were shocked. Neither of them had ever had a cock in their ass. I wondered if Dad had fucked Mom’s ass.

Dad came in my ass. We used the wet cloth and towel to clean things. It had been messy. There were shit stains on Dad’s dick. Dad said that when people do that it is normal to have an enema first. The girls and I just looked at each other. Was this really something we wanted to be into?

Poor Sofia still had not had the fuck that this whole thing had started over. And Dad was taking a bit longer to recover from ejaculating in my ass. She and Christina were lying on the floor fondling. Sofia turned Christina onto her back and pushed her legs all the way up to her head. Christina’s knees were touching the floor beside her ears. Sofia mounted her, pressing their wet, puffy lips together with the clitoris touching.

They were moaning and enjoying each other when Dad got hard again. This time I sat back and watched. Dad came back from the bathroom after cleaning and sterilizing his dick and joined the girls on the floor.

Dad wrapped his hands around Sofia’s waist and pushed his cock between the two pussies. It went far enough to touch the two clits, one pussy on top of his dick and the other rubbing the underside. He slipped his dick into Christina first, hunched a few times and pulled out. Then he put it into Sofia from a doggy style position. She let out a long, low groan as his cock reached its limit.

When he pulled back and out she moaned, “NO! NO! Fuck me. Please Fuck Me!”

He teased her by putting it back into Christina. He would fuck a few strokes then back into Sofia. None of them was in the right position for the ultimate pleasure. Dad picked Sofia up and took her to the bedroom. Christina and I followed. We watched my dad give Sofia what she was wanting when she started this whole thing. He kept fucking and fucking and Sofia kept coming and coming.

We don’t know how many orgasms Sofia had but kaçak bahis it was way more than two.

Dad did not fuck either of my friends in the ass but it was not because of their objection. I think either of them would be glad to submit to anything my dad wanted of them. I know I would.

Mom came home while dad was fucking Sofia. I was naked too. And Christina was lying on the bed with her legs spread, waiting for her turn with my dad.

Mom watched Dad come in Sofia then said, “You’re okay with this? All these girls naked in your apartment?”

Dad just smiled and fondled his growing cock, “I was sleeping. Sofia practically raped me.”

Mom smirked, “Yeah, I’m sure you were forced. You better hope these girls understand about discretion. I hope they don’t feel it necessary to brag about their conquest.”

After she calmed down, we began to discuss anal sex. Mom admitted that Dad had fucked her in the ass but it was not something they did on a regular basis. And, she had not done the enema thing prior to fucking.

Mom was worried about me. She had me spread my legs and pull the cheeks of my ass apart.

“Be really careful with that. You don’t want to get an infection. Make your dad sterilize his penis before putting that nasty thing back into your vagina.”

Mom looked wantonly at Christina’s “furry” pussy. She sat on the edge of the bed and admired it then brushed it gently.

“I like the feel of that, Christina. It is like petting the fur of a kitten. I can almost hear it purr,” Mom grinned.

Christina closed her eyes and lay there with her legs wide spread and her pussy juice glistening in the dim light.

“Four women and one man requires some adaptations,” Mom said quietly, as if speaking to all of us yet no one in particular.

She stood and stripped. The red hair on her pussy and light freckles on her small tits was so sexy. I stood behind her and ran my hands over her body. I held my mom’s small, still firm breasts cupped in my hands and kissed her neck.

Sofia went for the bath cloth and towel with Dad’s cum running down her leg.

Mom took charge. She took Christina’s place on the bed, spreading her legs demanding that we all give thanks to her for sharing Dad. Christina climbed on top of Mom, rubbing both their small pert tits together. I rubbed Mom’s pussy until there was enough lubrication to insert three fingers in her pussy and my thumb in Christina’s. Sofia was back with the towel and wet rag. She just watched us please my mom.

Dad came back with a hard cock. Christina asked Sofia to take her place on mom. She wanted another go with Dad. Sofia climbed on, pressing those huge boobs against Mom’s tiny titties. Dad and Christina moved back into the living room. I walked in to watch Christina mount Dad’s cock in a face to face position. Dad kissed her much the same as he had kissed me.

I went back to help with mom but Sofia had put Mom into much the same position as she had Christina earlier – with her knees by her head and their two clits smashed together. I watched my mother and best friend complete their lesbian act, knowing that I would soon be and forever after a part of what I was watching.

During all this erotic action I had failed to mention that Sofia was engaged to a high school classmate. She did return for several more engagements with Dad but never shared it with her fiancé – at least, not that I am aware of. Sofia was married shortly after graduation and moved to Michigan.

Christina had boyfriends but did not marry until several years later. She continued to be an integral part of our family’s incestuous relations continuing into the years after Dad retired and we moved out of military housing and into a German community. Being a German citizen made her quite helpful in adapting to our new surroundings. Christina finally married a young GI and moved with him to the States.

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