The Sweet Smell of Heather

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Heather raised her head and eased herself up onto her elbows as she glanced around. The forest and the heathlands were glorious at this time of year and it hadn’t been hard in the thousands of acres to find a secluded spot. It was the first day of Tim’s summer break from university and as the weather was nice, and he had nothing planned, Heather had suggested a picnic. She’d packed sandwiches and a dish of salad along with the usual selection of sausage rolls, meat pies and boiled eggs and as a final afterthought, she had put in a bottle of beer for Tim and a small bottle of wine for herself.

She had done the driving on the outward journey and her son was going to do the drive back, which was why she had gone slightly mad and had far too many glasses of wine. She glanced around once more as her bladder protested, and then turned to her son and told him she was going to spend a penny. He mumbled something, not even bothering to open his eyes as she glanced at his topless torso.

He seemed to have changed since he had been away, growing a little taller and certainly more muscular she had noticed when he had pulled his t-shirt off to sunbathe. At first, after they had eaten and he had stretched out, Heather found it disconcerting, constantly having to look away as her eyes seemed to be drawn to the bulge and the outline visible in the light-blue shorts he was wearing.

She got to her feet, her bladder now bursting as she walked away from him, she had no desire to be near enough that he would be able to hear her urinate and so walked a reasonable distance away and went behind a tree, quickly climbing out of her shorts and panties as she squatted down and pissed.

She had brought a packet of tissues and a small plastic bag with her in case of a situation like this, pulling one out as she wiped herself and feeling relieved now that her bladder was empty. Embarrassingly, that touch on her genitals ignited a fire in her belly as she softly touched herself again. It had been several years since she’d last had sex and while this was not something that she would ever have thought of doing, the wine had taken the edge off her inhibitions.

Heather had married young, to a Frenchman she had met on holiday one year with her parents. He had been older than her, tall and handsome and at first, they had been happy, but eventually, she came to recognise that he had a wandering eye and they had separated when Tim was five, leaving her alone, but at least, financially secure. Tim knew of his father and had met him many times, visiting each summer when he was younger, though that was becoming a little less frequent now that he had grown.

She leaned forward for a second, still able to see her son’s feet in the same position that they were in previously as she leaned back against the tree, her fingers rubbing either side of her clitoris as the alcohol and the thrill of doing this outdoors increased the arousal of her masturbation.

It hadn’t taken her very long, at one point closing her eyes as she imagined a cock about to pierce her fanny and then feeling disgusted as an image of her son’s groin sprang into her mind. Heather rubbed frantically at her minge, alternating between her clit and thrusting fingers inside her passage, unable to dispel the thought of her son’s manhood and especially when the image in her head became a naked throbbing erection and her climax exploded.

She found herself panting and feeling overly hot as the sensations finally subsided, the stroking of her fanny slowing until at last, she removed her hand. She kept her eyes closed for several minutes as she savoured her orgasm and got her breathing back under control before taking another tissue and wiping herself carefully. Popping them into the plastic bag, she retrieved her knickers and shorts and made herself decent as she ambled back to join Tim, still snoozing on the picnic blanket.

Heather settled down next to him as he raised his head slightly and peered at her.

‘Everything ok mum?’ he asked.

‘Yes thanks, I’m fine now. I was bursting.’

She lay back and closed her eyes, momentarily feeling dirty, not because of what she had done, but because of the thoughts she’d had, again, when she’d returned, she couldn’t help but notice the outline of her son’s penis and the bulge that his testicles created. Thrusting it out of her mind, she pictured herself, she was reasonably attractive, although over the years she had put on a little bit of weight, a smidgen on her thighs and hips and a bit more on her waist and tummy, the majority seemed to have gone on her tits which were now quite a lot bigger than the reasonable perky breasts she’s once had.

She didn’t dislike her body, she just wished she could lose a bit of weight and return to the figure she’d had when she was Tim’s age.

The afternoon wore on until at last, it was time to pack the stuff away and head for the car so that her son could drive them back to the apartment block where they esat escort were staying. Heather was down visiting her parents, she’d driven down alone, and Tim had come straight here from university for what was a planned two-week break before together, they headed back home. Her parents owned two apartments in the block, their own penthouse suite and another which was used by friends and family whenever anyone wanted to stay over.

Heather had asked her son on the way back what he wanted to do tomorrow. He’d shrugged his shoulders, indicating that he wasn’t bothered. He had planned just to relax during this break and so was leaving it up to his mother if there were things she wanted to do.

‘Why not spend the morning around the pool and then in the afternoon we can go into town and have a browse around the market and get our evening meal out.’

She nodded in agreement, ‘That sounds like a plan,’ she laughed.

They spent the evening with her parents, the four of them dining together and then chatting before returning to their own apartment and turning in for the night.

Tim was the first up and about the next morning, the sun already shining through the curtains. After her shower and breakfast, Heather pondered on which swimsuit to wear, opting for a navy-blue flower print costume. She packed some towels together along with several cans of drinks while Tim went to change into his swim shorts and flip flops. Like a true gentleman, once down at the pool, he pulled two loungers close together and offered to apply lotion to the parts of her back and shoulders she could not reach.

Yesterday had been forgotten, that was at least for the first hour and until Tim decided that he was too hot and was going in for a swim. She watched as he dived in, swimming half the length of the pool underwater before surfacing and then lazily doing several lengths before resting at the shallow end. Heather had been about to pick up a magazine to read as her son climbed out of the water and was glad, she was wearing sunglasses, his white swim shorts had turned translucent, and she could quite clearly see his cock.

With a quickening pulse, Heather’s nipples had gone hard and the tingling in her fanny was intense, she was grateful for the dark material of her swimsuit because she could feel the spreading dampness between her thighs.

Despite several dips in the pool to cool off, Heather could not get the image out of her head, to the extent that she was feeling randy as hell and was considering whether to disappear up to the apartment on the pretext of getting more drinks, but in reality, to finger herself as the thought of masturbating while imagining Tim fucking her seemed to be ever-present in her mind.

‘This is fucking ridiculous,’ she thought to herself, before yesterday she would never have considered the thoughts presently going through her head. Not only was she acting like a schoolgirl with a crush, but she couldn’t get away from the fact that she was now mentally undressing her son and fantasising about having sex with him, ‘What the hell had come over her?’

That afternoon they went into town and wandered around the market stalls, as they passed a department store, Heather asked if Tim minded if she popped in to look for a couple more summer dresses. She was browsing the rails when he approached her without the slightest hint of embarrassment, proffering her a hanger that contained a yellow bikini.

‘Go on, go and try it on, see what it looks like.’

Heather hesitated, she could not even remember the last time she had worn one, considering that her fuller figure would look ridiculous in a bikini nowadays.

‘If it doesn’t suit you, I’ll say,’ Tim told her earnestly, which made Heather all the more nervous, it meant that he wanted to see her wearing it.

He continued to press her until she gave in, taking the garment as she headed for the changing rooms and a cubicle. Once ensconced, she stripped off, pulling on the bikini bottoms first and looking at herself in the mirror. To Heather’s eyes, all her faults stood out, her tummy wasn’t flat enough and it made her bottom look big. She took the top and fastened it, pushing her ample bosom into the cups and looking in the mirror once more.

‘Oh my God.’ The bikini top certainly left nothing to the imagination as it displayed a lot of flesh and her ample cleavage, how could she wander from the changing rooms looking like this?

Tim must have got fed up with waiting as she continued to stare at herself in the mirror, suddenly hearing his voice as he called to her. Drawing back the curtain slightly, she popped her head out.

‘You shouldn’t be in here,’ she hissed at him, ‘These are the female changing rooms.’

He just gave her a mischievous grin as he came closer. ‘Go on. Let’s see what you look like.’

Pulling the curtain back further, she turned a complete circle. ‘Well?’ She felt embarrassed as he looked at her head to etimesgut escort toe, before giving a low whistle.

‘It suits you, mum, very sexy. You know what they say. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ He grinned as he retreated from the changing rooms.

Heather closed the curtain and gazed at herself once more, his comment had bolstered her confidence as she tried to see herself through his eyes, turning this way and that.

‘Oh well, in for a penny, in for a pound,’ she thought as she got dressed.

Having done a picnic and a morning around the pool, Tim suggested that today they may try the beach with Heather happily agreeing, it would give her a chance to wear her new bikini, she thought as she told her son that she knew the perfect spot. It was away from the main beach amongst the dunes and was a lot quieter than the part used by families.

They’d had a light breakfast and again she had packed some nibbles and drinks while Tim put towels and windbreaks in the car. It was only a short drive to reach the car park and the steps going down to the beach and then a couple of hundred yards to where the dunes began. She carried the bags while Tim forged ahead with the towels, blankets and other paraphernalia, turning to grin at her frequently.

With everything set up, she applied lotion to her front, asking Tim to do her back before stretching out on a towel and closing her eyes. Her legs and arms had already caught the sun, what she needed now was for the rest of her body to catch up, a nice tan would emphasise the new bikini she was wearing. She had purposefully laid on her front, that way her eyes would not constantly be drawn to his groin, but she was puzzled as to why he kept glancing across and grinning. She had just turned on to her back and was about to ask him when something happened.

A couple were walking along the beach close to the waterline, the sun was in her eyes despite the sunglasses and so she put her hand up to shade them and got a shock. She looked at Tim and then looked back to the couple just to reassure herself that she was not mistaken in what she saw.

Heather hissed at him through the side of her mouth, ‘Tim! Look! That couple. They are naked!’

He propped himself up for a second and glanced in their direction before laying down once more. ‘So?’

‘What do you mean, can’t you see, they are wearing no clothes.’

He raised himself again, resting on his elbows as he turned towards her and started laughing.

‘Did you not see the sign?’

‘What sign?’ Heather enquired.

Tim was holding his sides now as he laughed uproariously, ‘The one that said we were entering a naturist area.’

Heather looked around fearfully as though people were suddenly going to jump out wearing nothing but their birthday suits, the look on her face causing her son to laugh even louder. When he eventually quietened down, she busied herself, getting them both a drink, she felt foolish now, she hadn’t noticed the sign and was acting like a maiden aunt.

Tim was still smirking and teasing her, ‘I will if you will,’ he joshed.

With a glass of wine inside her, she wanted to show her son that she wasn’t a prude. Perhaps it wasn’t the best idea she had ever come up with and she initially felt self-conscious, nevertheless, to prove her point, she reached behind her back, unfastened the bikini top and discarded it before lying back down.

She could feel Tim looking at her tits even though her eyes were closed, consciously she tried to control her breathing, worried that he would notice the rate at which her bosom was rising and falling.

‘I know you are staring at me. Please don’t, you’re making me feel……’

She had purposefully not finished the sentence; she couldn’t come out and say what he was making her feel like. Presently, she didn’t want him to stare at her tits, she wanted him to touch them, she wanted him to caress her flesh, to tease her nipples and to then explore further down her body where an itch was growing.

Next to her, she felt rather than heard Tim shuffling about but took no notice as she continued to sunbathe, at least it didn’t feel like he was looking at her bosom anymore. When she did eventually look in his direction, she was astonished, horrified and aroused to find that he had removed his swim shorts and was now lying next to her completely naked. Perhaps he had misconstrued what she meant when she had told him, ‘he was making her feel……’ Had he presumed she felt awkward having gone topless while in a way, he was still dressed.

Whatever the reason, she could not divert her gaze from his cock. Lying flat on his stomach, it was impressive even in its present flaccid state and she immediately wondered how it would look erect. Heather knew that there must be the start of a damp patch in her bikini bottoms, her temperature and arousal suddenly soaring as the urgency for sex or to masturbate became uncomfortable.

‘I am ankara escort going for a dip,’ she quickly announced, surprised when Tim said he would join her, totally unabashed as he walked with her to the water’s edge.

Tim splashed her and so she splashed him back as they frolicked in the sea, slowly moving outwards to where it was deeper until it came up to just above her boobs. He was messing around, swimming this way and that when he suddenly disappeared beneath the water. Heather spinning around the best she could, trying to see where he would surface. When he did, he took he by surprise, coming up directly in front of her as he lifted her partway out. As she slid back down his body, she just unconsciously wrapped her legs around his buttocks, her vagina pressed tightly against his penis.

Their eyes locked together although neither spoke, staying like that for what seemed an eternity to Heather as she felt his cock pushing against her fanny, her tits squashed against his chest. Surely, he must be able to feel her trembling she thought, aware that the water hadn’t cooled her ardour, her present position only serving to increase it.

She felt it just before he released her and looked embarrassed, she had felt his shaft jerk against her several times, a sure sign that he had become aroused.

‘It’s getting cold. I’d better get out and dried,’ she suddenly uttered as she turned and made for their towels.

It was several minutes before Tim joined her; his cock flaccid once more as he walked up the beach towards her. He seemed nervous as he dried off and then much to Heather’s disappointment, he put his shorts back on.

Something to eat and a few drinks followed before Heather decided to put her top back on, constantly noticing her son secretly gazing at her tits when he thought she wasn’t looking.

On the way home, they decided on a takeaway, Heather going to order it while Tim nipped into the off-licence and got himself a pack of beer and a couple of bottles of wine for his mother. It was troubling him, the way his body had begun to react when she had wrapped her legs around him. There was no denying she was attractive, and he’d always wondered why she had never found herself another partner.

The bikini was supposed to have been a bit of fun, but he had taken one look at her and realised that she actually looked sexy in it, her body whilst not slim anymore was still stimulating and erotic, and when she had gone topless that afternoon, he would have liked nothing more than to have been able to caress and kiss her tits.

During their meal, he had gone through two large cans of beer, his mother demolishing two glasses of wine. Afterwards, they had cleared the dishes away before retiring to the lounge to watch tv, his mother pouring another glass while he opened another can.

They had begun at each end of the large couch, but by the time she was pouring herself a fourth glass, her head rested in his lap.

‘I don’t think a bikini really suits me,’ she had suddenly uttered.

With three and a half pints of beer inside him, his words were out of his mouth before he had processed what he had just said, stopping just in time. ‘Rubbish! You look hot in it, good enough to fu……’

Her head swivelled from the tv as she looked at him, ‘Good enough for what?’

Later, she would put it down to the alcohol she had consumed as she finished the sentence for him, ‘Good enough to fuck?’ She watched as her son’s face suddenly went red and he refused to look at her.

‘Is that what you were going to say, Tim?’ Heather asked, as she sat up and swivelled around, nearly spilling her drink as she manoeuvred herself.

When at last he did look at her, she could see the intent in his eyes and on his face. ‘Yes, you looked good enough to fuck. And yes, before you ask, yes I would.’

His statement had momentarily taken the wind from her sails as he professed his desire to have sex with her and had ignited that fire again in her belly.

Heather felt flustered, what the hell did she say to him, definitely not the truth of what she had been thinking over the last couple of days, there was no way she could admit to her son that she would have liked nothing more than to take him to bed and have him fuck her, she was his mother for god’s sake.

Getting to her feet she blustered, ‘It’s getting late, and I feel tired. I’m going to bed.’

Quickly she disappeared from the lounge leaving Tim completely confused, glancing at the clock he saw that it was only approaching nine, far too early to be thinking of bed. What had come over his mother he wondered, over the last couple of days he had got the impression that what she had maybe been thinking wasn’t what you may consider as a normal mother, son, relationship. He had seen her watching him constantly and had lost count of the number of times he had caught her gazing at his nether regions.

With the interest that she was paying in him, it was only time before he started to look at her more closely, she was still very pretty and despite the slight weight gain, she still had a very sexy figure. But it was her tits that captured his attention and he’d thought a couple of times what it may be like to lose himself in them.

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