The Surprised Attraction Ch. 02

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Note from the Author: Ok so it looks like I’m gonna continue this. This is the first time writing for Literotica so I am trying to get a hang of the time delay it takes to upload the stories. I will do my best to get them up every Friday or Saturday. Also, since I sometimes listen to music while I write this I thought it would be cool to show you guys what I listen to as I write. Let me know if it enhances your read. I hope you enjoy this and don’t worry it is going to get really hot real soon if this one didn’t do it for you. Comments are always welcome.

-Milo the Great

Snakehips – Days With You ft. Sinead Harnett

DJ Katch – The Horns (For the later part in the party)


Chapter 2: The Celebration

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. The big hand pointed to the 4 while the little hand pointed to the 3. Pencils scratching paper were the only noise to be heard other than the clock. Tapping. Tapping. Tapping. Sam began to tap his pencil on the desk. He looked up at the board. Only 10 minutes left.

‘Shit.’ He thought.

He looked at his answer sheet and scanned how many he left blank. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. He flipped the page in his packet to find the first question that he left blank. As he went through the numbers to find his question his phone started to vibrate. He had to let it go. He was almost done. Only 10… no 9 minutes left now. He found his question. It read: ‘The superego is what provides you with your moral standards. What is the Id?’ Sam knew this one but couldn’t bring up the answer which is why he skipped it in the first place.

‘Think Sam, Think.’

He thought long and hard but nothing came to mind. All of a sudden his mind wandered back to the night he met Kelly’s family. His eyes were glued to everything they shouldn’t have been glued to. Then he started to think. He was getting somewhere with this thought.

‘If the superego is what provides me with my morals, and I was trying so hard to avoid looking at Kelly’s sisters body to fulfill those morals, then…’

He found the answer. He was surprised though that the thought of staring at his girlfriends sisters ass as it bounced down the stairs last weekend actually helped him answer one of his questions. He thanked his dirty mind for helping him and just brushed it aside.

Sam looked up at the clock. 3:23. Only 7 minutes to go and 4 questions left. He flipped the page to find the next question right at the top. He read through it and answered it. The next question was right below it. Question after question he got 3 of them out of the way in a matter of 3 minutes. The last question dealt with Sigmund Freud and the Oedipus Complex. He remembered that one clearly and filled in the answer. Finally done but he started to think; Did Kelly ever have sexual feelings about her father? The Oedipus Complex didn’t directly deal with that but he thought of the tale behind it and then thought of Kelly. He took a step back in his mind and asked himself another question; Did he ever have sexual feelings towards his mother?

His mother was 42 years old but looked 35. The years were catching up to her but she still tried to make herself look good. She took pride in keeping herself skinny and not letting her metabolism screw her over. She still had curves in the right place. To Sam she was ‘OK’ but some of his friends made dirty comments that he punched them for. Jack especially.

Speaking of Jack, he was taking the same exam as Sam. He got up and packed his pencils away in his bag, put on his jacket, and headed towards the exam proctor. As he walked, he scanned the room in search of his friend. Nothing. He handed his exam in and started to head out. Through the aisles he looked around. Still no sign. He reached the end of the aisle and as he was looking to the right, a nudge can from the left. He turned his head quickly and made eye contact with Jack. He saw desperation in his eyes, he was struggling. Sam couldn’t do anything though but he did want to mess with him a little bit.

“C.” Sam whispered.

“Fuck you.” Jack whispered back.

Sam kept walking and head through the doors to freedom. He was done. For him it seemed like an eternity in there and the whole semester as well. One semester down and only one more to go until he never had to take another exam ever again. It hadn’t dawned on him until he finally broke the seal to the double doors of the torture chamber he was just in. He started to feel happy and calm but also a little nostalgic. This was his home for 4 years and he was going to have to leave it soon.

Sam and Kelly attended Penn State and they both came for different reasons. Sam lived in Pennsylvania so he got in state tuition which he didn’t really need but it was nice. Kelly on the other hand lived in New Jersey and chose Penn State because she was very close to her grandfather. Even though her own father told her to choose any other school, she went with Penn State because her grandfather attended it and had no complaints. Leah on the other hand wanted to get as far as possible from, as some would call it, “The Dirty Jers”. Her parents bahis firmaları fought against it but she wasn’t taking no for an answer. She loved the sun, loved the campus, and she absolutely loved to party, so it was a no brainer for her to choose UCSB.

Sam stood outside taking it all in. He then remembered his phone interrupted him during his exam. He took his phone out and looked at the message he received. It was from Kelly. She wanted him to let her know when he finished his exam. She ended saying she was done and need to wind down. He texted back that he just finished and that he had a breakthrough that they only had one semester left. He returned his phone to its nuzzled spot in his pocket where it always was and decided to wait a bit for Jack to finish seeing as there was only 5 minutes left when he finished.

He started to hear a lot of shuffling come from the other side of the “prison gates” and attached his gaze towards them. One by one, students started shuffling out either texting, reviewing notes to see if they got questions right, or were just in depression mode. Jack had to have been one of the last people to hand in his exam. He was probably filling in random answers as they went around and collected.

“Well?” Sam asked.

“I need a beer.” Jack replied with a sigh. “Or maybe a shot… or 10 shots.”

“Aw come on it wasn’t that bad”

“If I get a C in the course I will be happy.”

“Same but I am aiming for B. I know I got at least 75% of the questions right. I just had a little trouble towards the end.”

“20. No maybe 15% for me.”

They started to head out of the building and towards their apartment which was on the complete opposite side of campus.

“Shit, did you not study?”

“I shouldn’t of had to study for that. Most of the people last year said that as long as I went to every class I would do just fine. I went to every class Sam. Every class.”

“Did you actually… um… pay attention when you went?” Sam chuckled.


“There you go, thats where you fucked up. How did you expect to learn anything if you didn’t even pay attention. You can’t just go to class and expect the material to just pop into your head just by being there.”

“Worked in my Psych of Art class.”

“That’s a different story.”

“Anyways, we are getting fucked up tonight right? Gotta end the first semester of our last year with my boys. Gotta make it rememberable.”

“Or not rememberable.” Sam chuckled.

As he said that, a vibration came from the nuzzled phone in Sam’s pocket. He took it out and opened the text. His eyes widened for a second but went back to normal and looked at Jack to see if he snuck a peak at his phone but it looked like he was just trying to not bump into anyone. Kelly replied back saying to meet her in the building to the right of the east library to “relax from finals”. Sam replied to the text; “2 seconds”. The building she was talking about was in the direction that they were walking in and was coming up. Once they got to the intersection Sam moved to Jack’s right.

“Sorry Jack, I’m heading this way. I am meeting Kelly at the library.” He thought quickly. “We are grabbing dinner together as a celebration.”

He started to head down the path that lead towards the east library backwards.

“When we get back we are gonna drink and go out. Dan’s frat is throwing down tonight and I’m sure we can get in.” Sam said distancing himself.

“Alright, sounds good.” Jack replied and started to take out his headphones.

Sam turned around and almost crashed into a heard of sorority girls who he knew. Smoothly he caught his step and slid right in between them. They giggled a little bit but shouted to him “good save.” He brought his gaze towards the 6 story building where the whole campus spent the past week. Bobbing and weaving through the sea of students returning from getting murdered from their exams, Sam was on a mission to get to his destination. Although he told Kelly, 2 seconds, he arrived at the library in 5 minutes and headed for the doors to the building to the right.

He brought out his phone and texted Kelly asking where she was as he entered the building. Within 20 seconds a reply was received. He followed the instructions Kelly gave him to the dot. He landed downstairs, one floor from where he entered and stood outside the doors to a lecture hall. That was the first time he saw a lecture hall below the main floor. He opened the doors and went in. It was smaller than all the other ones Sam sat in through the years but still bigger than a normal classroom. He scanned the room searching for Kelly but not a soul in site. He stood at the edge of the last row to the right and contemplated leaving for a second but took another scan around the room.

From behind the podium, Sam’s brown haired girlfriend jumped up and gave a quick shout to grab his attention. Displeasing Kelly, Sam acted cool and not scared even though he jumped a little from the surprise. He started to walk in the direction of his girlfriend who remained at the podium.

“Aw come on, you kaçak iddaa weren’t even scared?” Kelly asked.

“Nope, not one bit. What are you doing here?”

“Im… Unwinding.” She said making a wave like motion with her body.

“And how are you doing that in one of probably the most stressful places you could be?”

“Well, I haven’t yet. I need you for that.”

“Oh do you?” Sam asked stepping onto the platform where the podium was to join Kelly.

“Yes, you play a very crucial role in helping me unwind.”

“You know someone can walk in here at any moment right?” Sam grabbed Kelly’s waist.

The two of them were visible from the back of the room but only from their shoulders. The podium covered most of them. Sam leaned in and gave Kelly a passionate kiss on her soft small lips. Their bodies were clenched together as Sam went in for a second kiss. He pulled his head back and looked at Kelly.

“Looks like you don’t really care about that, huh?” Kelly smirked.

“I don’t care. You are the one who I thought would care out of the two of us.”

“Does it look like I care?”

“No but you would never do this in a million years. I would know. I asked plenty of times.”

“I know but we need something hot to help us unwind. Let’s be adventurous for a day.”

“A day? How about everyday?”

“Don’t push it. Now are you going to fuck me or are you going to fuck me?”

No more words were said from Sam’s mouth. He silenced himself and took Kelly in for a deep make out session. Sam kissed her passionately but quickly realized that if this was going to happen, it would have to happen quickly. If they got caught fucking in a university facility they would be in serious trouble.

He wanted to do this quickly but he also wanted the two of them to enjoy it. He grabbed the back of Kelly’s head and broke the kiss by moving his lips to her cheek. He inched his way, kissing her face, towards her ear. This was something that he never did but saw it happen in some of the movies he watched so he decided to give it a try if they were being spontaneous and adventurous. He took her earlobe in his mouth and french kissed it for a second to see how Kelly would react.

“Ughhh,” She moaned.

That confirmed it for him but he didn’t want to stay long there. He moved his way down to her neck, kissing her every step of the way. His left hand started to mine its way into the barrier her pants formed with her body. After a fight through, his hand found its way to her pussy and started to do its dance. Circles and diagonals as he kissed her neck like a vampire. His main goal was just to get her a little wet which he started to feel happening on the tip of his fingers.

Sam took action and broke everything. He smoothly retracted his hand but quickly grasped the left side of Kelly’s pants. He swung around behind her and grasped the other side with his other hand. In one quick motion without unbuttoning anything, Sam dragged Kelly’s pants to the floor, followed quickly by her panties revealing her pretty little pussy. From the force, Kelly had to re-balance herself using the podium. She clenched the sides of the wooden device the professors used to give their horrid lectures as she spread both her feet to get a sturdier stance.

“Ugh yes Sam, Fuck…”

She was cut off by Sam’s hand clasped across her mouth. With his free hand he unbuckled is belt and undid his jeans. He pulled them down with his underwear just enough to let his cock free. He released his hand from Kelly’s mouth and grabbed her hip. He rubbed his dick up her pussy and attempted to enter. She was wet but not enough to allow him to smoothly slide his dick in without hurting her. He pulled back and applied a small amount of spit to his cock which acted as lube. He repositioned himself and tried to enter again. This time it slid in without a problem.

A groan came from Kelly. She wanted to say more but knew it would just be blocked once again by Sam’s hand. Time was ticking and Sam had to work quick. He thrust his hips making his cock disappear into Kelly’s pussy. He quickly receded but went back in. Fast and hard was the goal. The clap from Sam’s pelvis hitting Kelly’s ass applauded them on. He thrust faster and faster but didn’t want to be the only one to finish. He snaked his arm around Kelly and reached for her clit. He started to massage her to the same rhythm he was thrusting his hips.

“Ughhh, YES!” Kelly yelled.

The moan was noticeably loud and anybody walking in close distance to that room would have been able to hear it. Sam quickly reached around with his free hand and clasped it to Kelly’s mouth. They stopped moving for a second but Sam kept his hand dancing on her clit. He retracted his hand from her mouth and continued to fuck her. He had to finish soon to escape anybody that might have heard that yell. He felt Kelly start to squirm. She was reaching her climax soon. Sam thrusted his cock back and forth building himself up to his climax. After a minute, Kelly was on her toes in pleasure about to cum. Sam was almost there himself. As he felt his girlfriends kaçak bahis pussy get warmer and warmer he got closer and closer. He was about to cum but held back. Once Kelly’s heels returned to the ground, they both broke into a simultaneous orgasm. Sam filled his girlfriends pussy as she let her own orgasm overtake her.

As they both came and enjoyed their orgasms, a click was heard from the door. Sam retracted his dick from Kelly and they both immediately took to the ground. Hiding behind the podium, they both got themselves together and listened. They heard the door open and close. Somebody came in. They heard a seat open and get occupied.

“Shit.” Sam whispered as soft as he could.

Sam looked at Kelly whose eyes were wide. She was looking over to the left of the podium. Sam turned his head to see what got his girlfriend all flustered. Their book bags were out in plain sight.

“Shit.” Sam whispered again.

“What are we going to do.” Kelly whispered back.

“Shh.” Sam put his index finger to his mouth.

They waited and listened. They started to hear footsteps. Were they coming towards them or away? A click was heard and a door opened and closed. They waited a second to hear if anything was alive in the room with them. Nothing.

Sam peered his head to the side of the podium. Nothing on that side. He quickly switched sides and checked again. Nothing.

“Lets go.” Sam motioned. “Quietly.”

They reached for their bags and made a silent escape through the side door next to the podium. They ran up the stairs and made their way out of the building. Once free they both stopped to catch their breath.

“Holy shit that was close.” Sam exclaimed.

“Oh my god, never again.”

“It wasn’t that bad!”

“We almost just got caught fucking in a lecture hall. We were lucky that was a student. What if that had been a teacher and came straight to the podium? We would have been fucked.”

“Well…” Sam smirked.

“Oh shut up, I didn’t mean it like that.” Kelly said. “But that was hot. Oh my god. That was one of the strongest orgasms I have ever had. The rush was just so hot. And knowing that any moment we could have gotten caught made it even hotter.”

“Well we could always go round two in another building sometime.” Sam winked.

“No.” Kelly was stern. “That was a one time thing. Don’t let it get to your head.”

“Always the party pooper.”

“Shush. Speaking of parties… My sister is coming tonight to party with us here. She decided to celebrate with us the end of our first half of our final year.”

Sam’s heart started to race. It should’t have. He started to think back of when they first met. Her athletic body and her perfectly round ass bouncing down the steps. Then his mind went to later that same night when she appeared in his head when he fucked her sister. The cum also filling her face and licking it up from the sides of her mouth. His heart pumped 3 times harder than before. He kept his cool though. He didn’t show it.

“Oh that should be fun.” His heart started to slow back to a normal pace. “I was just talking to Jack about Dan’s frat throwing down tonight. We should pregame at my place and then we’ll head over there.”

“That sounds great! Im sure she’ll have a great time.”

“Oh she’ll have a great time alright.” Sam winked.

“Ew Sam!” Kelly punched him in the arm. “That’s my sister!”

“Im kidding! Im kidding.” Sam pleaded for her to stop.

He was mostly kidding but that came out without him even thinking. He wouldn’t have said that on any other day. ‘Why did he say that’ he thought? He shook it from his head.

“Ok, so your place at 10?” Kelly asked.

“Yea, sounds good.”

“Ok, I’ll see you then?”

“Alright.” Sam remembered what he told Jack. “Oh wait shit. I told Jack we were getting dinner. That was only 15 minutes ago.”

“I can eat.” Kelly smirked.

“Actually me too.” Sam laughed. “That little session got me a little hungry.”

Dinner it was. They headed towards the north side of campus where there were plenty of restaurants to choose from. They ended up at a burger place. They sat and talked until they were done with their meal. Kelly had to end it short though because Leah was coming in soon. Sam kissed her goodbye and headed back to his place.

Four hours passed and Sam snoozed away. He hadn’t gotten any sleep the past week from all the studying he had to do for finals, so right when he hit the bed he knocked out. He didn’t set an alarm because he wanted to just sleep for as long as his body needed. Jack and his 2 other roommates didn’t have the same idea.

Jack, Dan, and his third roommate Charlie all came into his room with props in hand. First came the loud horn which made Sam shoot his eyes wide open. All he saw was 2 pairs of legs standing in front of him. Second came a shout which came from behind him. He shot his body up and started to turn his head to see the person who yelled. Halfway through turning, his head was forced back the other way by a hand covered in some type of cream. Shaving cream? Yes, shaving cream. As his head went the way it came, his right fist had its sights set and locked. His knuckles connected with the person who just smacked his face right in the nose. This made him stumble backwards to catch himself.

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