The Surprise

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Lilith kneels on the floor in the living room, her breath comes quickly, waiting in anticipation. She’s naked except for black pumps with sharp heels. Adam has blindfolded her, bound her wrists with leather restraints and strung rope between her legs so that every time she wiggles, it chafes against her clit. She’s getting wet waiting for him, thinking of how he’s going to fuck her. She feels his breath against her ear and moves away from him as it tickles.

“Trust me” he says. She smiles.

“I always do.”

She hears the door open and footsteps on the cement floor coming closer. She hears someone inhale sharply, as if from the sight of her. It is a distinctly male sound. Lilith’s brow furrows in confusion. She hears a zip, and suddenly feels something soft, yet hard against her lips, seeking access. She knows Adam is behind her, feeling her breasts, so she’s not sure who’s in front of her. She turns her face towards Adam…

“It’s ok, trust me”.

She turns back and opens her mouth, taking the waiting cock into her mouth. She hears the sigh again and realizes it’s Mark! She smiles around his cock and works him enthusiastically. She hears Adam chuckle softly behind her, realizing she’s figured out who’s joined them. She’s wanted this for a long time and wishes she could thank Adam; she’s sure she’ll have time.

Adam grabs her elbows to better lock her into place. Mark grabs the back of her head and mouth fucks her. She gags but relishes the feel of his thick cock in her throat. Adam slips one hand behind her legs and pulls the rope tighter making her squirm. She’s so wet, it’s hard for him to keep a grip on the rope, but he holds it steady as she rocks herself against it and Mark’s cock until she orgasms. This pushes Mark over the edge and he cums down her throat. He quickly pulls out and kisses her deeply, tasting his cum in her mouth.

Lilith then feels something cool slide across the side of her ass and between her legs. She shivers from the coldness.

“Hold still” Adam warns her.

She hears a tearing sound and realizes Adam has just cut the rope from between her legs. She holds still until she’s sure the knife is safely away and then shivers more, her nipples getting hard. Adam leans her forward, his hands around her elbows again and plunges his cock into her cunt. He braces against her but with her hands still bound she has no balance and starts to pitch forward as Mark catches her shoulders and holds her place as Adam pounds her.

“Keep going, fuck me” she whispers just as an orgasms tears through her. She screams her pleasure, liquid pouring out of her.

“Your cunt is so wet right now” Adam gasps. She know he’s close to orgasm.

“Cum in my tight, wet, cunt.” Lilith tells him. It’s all he needs to hear. He rams her quickly two or three times and then plunges deep into her cunt with a loud moan as he shoots his load. Her body contracts around him. She feels Mark’s cock touching her body as she jerks back kadıköy escort bayan and forth from the convulsions.

“You’re turn, Mark. Time to give Adam a break”. Adam leans against her back and kisses her, biting her back softly in concession before getting up and moving away from her.

Mark helps her stand and then grabbing her waist, picks her up and walks back towards one of the walls. He throws her right leg over his left arm as she wraps her left leg around his waist, her heel digging into his butt. She realizes he’s stripped naked at some point, but it doesn’t matter when. She’s wet and ready again. The fact that she can’t see is thrilling; the sensations of being touched are magnified by this fact.

Mark leans her back against the wall. She has enough movement in the restraints to place her hands on the wall to support herself. Her butt is off the wall but she knows she won’t fall, positioned as she is. Even so, she smiles coyly at Mark.

“You’re not going to let me fall now, are you?”

He runs the fingers of his left hand over her mouth, letting her lick them and suck on them lightly.

“Don’t worry, Adam would never forgive me if I did.”

With his right hand supporting her waist, he trails his wet left hand down her chin, her neck, between her breasts and down her stomach towards her hips. Her legs clench, the heel of her left shoe digging harder into Mark. He shudders from the sharp contact, closing his eyes. When he opens them he sees Lilith smiling wickedly in her blindfold.

“You’re going to pay for that” he promises.

“Yes, sir” she answers brazenly.

Mark’s hand finishes its travels down her body as she says this and he pinches her clit sharply. She gasps and before she finishes breathing in, he plunges his once-again hard cock into her, continuing to play with her clit. She braces harder against the wall as he fucks her, her legs locking onto his arm and waist.

The feel of his length sliding in and out of her is almost too much. He lowers himself slightly so the angle is higher and starts to pound her g-spot. Lilith screams his name as he works her over. She’s starting to lose her concentration in the pleasure. Mark realizes this and pulls her off the wall and cups her in his hands, supporting her ass with one hand and grabbing her wrists with the other as he continues to fuck her. She slides her pussy over his cock but the angle isn’t the same anymore.

“Untie me, please.” She begs. “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Mark thrusts into her a few more times, bringing her close to orgasm. Just as she’s about to climax, he pulls out of her, sets her on her feet and spins her around. His cock slides between her ass cheeks as he pulls at the bindings on the wrist restraints. Once her hands are free, he pushes her fully against the wall, lifting her right leg off the ground and dives into her cunt once more. The orgasm kartal escort bayan that was building breaks over her as she claws at the wall. Mark presses up against her, continuing to pump her as she jerks in the afterglow. He rolls his hips slowly, sliding his cock in and out of her tantalizingly as she comes down from the orgasm.

“That was unfucking believable” she says as she turns to kiss him.

“It looked even better.” Adam says as he joins them. Lilith reaches for him blindly, and he’s there. Her hand lands on his chest and she tweaks one of his hard nipples, making him shiver. She wraps her arms around him and sucks on each hard pebble, savoring the feeling and his ticklishness. She slides her hands down his back and cups his incredible ass in her hands. She feels his cock pressing against her stomach as Mark comes up behind her, his cock bouncing off her ass.

“Fuck me, boys. I want to feel you both cum inside of me.”

The men oblige and lead Lilith to the bedroom. Adam kisses her and then pushes her back onto the bed, making her squeal.

She quickly crawls backwards towards the wall as Adam reaches for her again, giggling as he growls. She yelps as he grabs her ankles and pulls her back to the edge of the bed and flips her over onto all fours.

“You’re not getting away that easily, miss.”

“Who says I was trying to get away?” He smacks her hard on the ass to that response and she leans on her forearms as he smacks her again. Mark climbs onto the bed and as Adam smacks Lilith once more, he bites into her shoulder blade, making her moan. Adam rhythmically starts to slap her ass, alternating between each cheek as Mark bites her back and pinches her nipples, twisting them in his fingers.

She’s getting wet again from the attention and Adam decides it’s time to continue. He reaches into the bedside table and brings out a small toy, generously applies lube to it and starts to rim Lilith’s anus with it. Lilith calms her breathing and body as Adam slowly inserts the toy into her anus, filling her up. He works it back and forth slowly, then with greater intensity as she moans from the pleasure. As she’s about to cum, he inserts his cock into her pussy in time to feel her contract.

As she shivers, Mark kneels on the bed and gently lifts Lilith’s head, moving his cock to her mouth again. The force of Adam’s thrusts works Lilith back and forth over Mark’s shaft. Each time she’s moved backward she sucks hard, sealing him in until she reaches the head of his cock and then loosens her grip to go back down to the base. Mark grabs her hair and thrusts her hard and faster on his cock again. He and Adam start to match rhythms as Lilith thrashes between them orgasming.

Adam loves the feel of how tight Lilith’s pussy is from the toy in her ass. He pulls on the toy a bit making her moan around Mark’s cock down her throat. The sound spurs him on and he grabs her shoulder toprak escort bayan with one hand and continues to pound her as he also plays with the toy. She grabs Mark’s hips in response and shoves his cock as far down her throat as she can, trying to keep her body still as she’s fucked. The sensations pile over each other, she’s barely able to concentrate. She pulls off of Mark’s cock long enough to breathe.

“Cum in me, please, shoot your fucking cum inside of me” she pleads before shoving Mark’s cock back into her mouth, bobbing frantically back and forth on him. The two men viciously pound into her, her muffled screams bouncing off the walls from the pleasure. Their breathing is ragged as they build to their own orgasms. Mark cums first, surprised by a particularly intense suck from Lilith and groans as he explodes in her mouth and down her throat. She moans in response, sucking him down, relishing the feeling of his hard cock pumping in her mouth. Seeing this pushes Adam over the edge and he tenses just before cumming into her cunt, his cock throbbing inside of her. She convulses on the bed, her shoulders and chest slamming into the mattress and rising up again from every little twitch of Adam’s cock. When he pulls out of her she curls up, still shivering, the toy in her ass continuing to pleasure her as her shivers cause it to keep manipulating her prostate.

Adam sees that Lilith isn’t quite finished and rolls her over onto her back, taking off the blindfold he sees her eyelids fluttering, small convulsions making her tits bounce and stomach clench. He shoves his fingers into her dripping, wet pussy and fucks her fast, curling the tips of his fingers over her g-spot roughly. Her breath comes in shorter and shorter gasps, her screams getting higher and higher as he brings her closer to cumming. He can see that she’s about to cum and orders her to push and as she does she screams in surprise as liquid starts to gush out of her and then the orgasm hits her fully and she falls back, landing against Mark’s chest. He pins her arms as she rides the most intense orgasm she’s ever felt, Adam still finger fucking her, the liquid spraying over his face and chest. Adam leans down and sucks her clit as he makes her squirt again. Mark kisses her upturned face, holding her tight. Lilith is vaguely aware she’ll be bruised the next day but doesn’t care as all thoughts get overridden by the orgasms.

Adam finally pulls his fingers out of her, but keeps sucking her clit and pins her legs to the bed as her body rocks from the aftershock of the orgasms. He slows his licks as her breathing returns to normal, her body limp and jelly-like in his and Mark’s arms. Her eyelids flutter in the profound afterglow she’s experiencing. She feels Adam pull her heels off her feet, and turns her over so she’s nestled along Mark’s front as he slides up behind her, spooning her back.

“Happy birthday, sweetheart” Adam whispers into her ear, kissing her neck softly. “I hope you enjoyed your present.”

She sleepily turns her head to him and kisses him before turning back to Mark and kissing him too, in thanks.

“That was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten” she mumbles. “How can I ever top this?”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” he says smiling. He pulls the duvet over the three of them as they cuddle up together and fall asleep.

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