The Stress of Revision Ch. 04

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Part One

Once Jon had been dragged off by Bianca, Niall took several moments to recover his senses. When he did, he realised the remaining girls, Karla, Kristen, Tasha, Holly and Freddy, were sat staring intently at him.

OK, he thought to himself, this isn’t a good time to say something stupid. Just keep it cool…

“So… Do you girls do that all the time?” he asked innocently, referring to the intimate snog he had just witnessed between his love interest Karla, and Jon’s squeeze, Bianca.

Kristen replied first. “It depends,” she answered mysteriously.

“On what?” Niall replied, sounding interested.

“Well… basically whether we like who’s asking,” Tasha responded, flashing a shy smile at him, casually flicking her long hair back over her shoulder.

“Ah right… Well, rest assured I’m not gonna ask whether you girls like me, I don’t think I could take five on at once,” Niall said, waving a hand nonchalantly. This brought the girls into a round of chuckles.

“Is that a challenge girls?” Holly said looking around at her comrades.

“What do you think he’d do if we all jumped him at once?” Freddy continued, which for some reason made Niall squirm a little uncomfortably, while his insides were giving a roar of anticipation.

Oh God, make me the luckiest guy alive…

The five girls sat and pondered Freddy’s motion for a few seconds. Niall sat swirling the dregs of his pint, his heart racing as he awaited some kind of response.

To his slight disappointment, Karla held up her hands. “Listen girls, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, we don’t know what he’s like in bed yet.” The girls all nodded their agreement.

Niall felt slightly disheartened. Dammit! Though does that mean she’s willing to find out? I wonder…

Coming back from inside his thoughts, Niall felt someone tugging at his arm. Turning his head slightly, he saw it was Karla, who gave him a wink, and leaned in to whisper in his ear, her hot breath tickling his lobe.

“I’d really like to find out how good in bed you are however.”

There it is… A proposition that no guy in the world could turn down. Hell yeah!

Linking her hand with his, she pulled him into a standing position, and not for the first time that evening, one of the guys was dragged away by one of the girls. Freddy marked the moment further with a loud wolf whistle, causing Niall to blush as he glanced back over his shoulder. Karla merely smiled, continuing to pull Niall forwards towards her room, a determined glint in her eyes.

As they disappeared out of the bar, Tasha turned to Kristen, and muttered, “What do you think Karla’s going to do to that poor boy then?”

Holly and Freddy leaned in at this point, ears pricked up.

Kristen grinned. “I think ol’ Karla there has found her man, and Niall isn’t gonna stand a chance there, she gets what she wants don’t she…”

“He’ll be going round in circles tomorrow, he won’t have any up and down left,” Holly giggled, to which they all chuckled.

“Drinks girls?” Freddy asked, standing up and grabbing her bag.

When they’d all given her their orders, and Freddy had returned, skilfully handling four glasses, they all put their heads together, leaning over the table.

“So… we’ve got two of our group taken now,” Holly said. “What do we all think? Like about Jon and Niall?”

Straight away, Tasha answered, “I like them both, they’re not like the other dicks around here.”

Kristen looked thoughtful for a few seconds. “I agree Tashy. I just feel slightly gutted Bianca got in first, I had my eye on Jon myself. He’s so cute!”

“You like Jon hey… Gotta admit, I did always have a soft spot for Niall,” Tasha added. “There was like during Freshers Week in September when we had a few drinks together down here, but he’d just come out of a relationship then. But there was just this genuine air about him. He’s one of these guys you can just trust immediately. Full credit to Karla for getting in there, he sure knows how to make a lady feel special alright…” Tasha had tailed off, a distant gaze on her face, clearly trying to remember exactly what had happened on that night.

Freddy looked at her slightly suspiciously. “How come you’ve never mentioned that before?”

Tasha double taked. “Well, I dunno really. Nothing happened between us, it was only a few drinks! I just don’t think he wanted to let himself go back then.”

“So you’re not mad at Karla for getting in there first?” Freddy asked cautiously.

Tasha thought about this, scratching the back of her head. “No,” she said eventually. “I’d have loved to have slept with him, but there just wasn’t quite that spark to have a relationship with him. If Karla’s found that with him, then I’ve got no reason to be jealous at all.”

“So if the opportunity arose now to sleep with him, would you still take that?” Holly asked.

Once again, Tasha struck a thoughtful pose. “Yeah, I guess I would. He’s just one of these guys that’s got one of these erenköy escort bayan voices that no matter what you’re talking about always seems to make me slightly horny. Know what I mean?”

The other three girls nodded.

“OK,” Holly said slowly. “Do you know of Bianca’s plans?”

Freddy smiled to herself, knowing of what Bianca had up her sleeve, while Kristen and Tasha shook their heads. Boy, they were gonna get a shock, Freddy thought to herself.

“Well,” Holly continued, “Bianca has big group plans from what we can gather,” pointing at herself and Freddy.

“Group plans?” Tasha asked, sounding confused.

“Yeah,” Freddy replied. “Y’know… a bit of group fun shall we say.”

Kristen looked blank. Holly sighed.

“Are you talking sex here?” Tasha muttered in Freddy’s ear.

“Bingo!” was Freddy’s reply, watching closely as Tasha and Kristen absorbed this information. It was Tasha who responded first.

“Do you think Jon and Niall are gonna be up for that?”

Holly nodded. “I reckon they’re down to earth guys. Bianca has a hunch that they can separate feelings from sex, and I know she’s taking a small risk with Niall, but Jon had such an effect on her she thinks that he’s something that needs to be shared around. Spreading the wealth as it were.”

Tasha was trying to absorb all this. “So, basically you’re saying that Bianca has gone out of her way to try and find sexual partners for us all, who just happen to be these two guys?”

It was Freddy who nodded this time. “Yep, that’s about right. I think she wants to turn them into the equivalent of a harem.”

“You mean like, if we need sex, we’d just go to either one, and get serviced?” Kristen asked.

Holly smiled. “Yeah, pretty much. How does this sound? Obviously Bianca will talk to us all once she’s made a decision, but it seems like a suitable point to test the water with you two. Fred and I are up for it, I can’t think of an easier solution to my man troubles at the moment, seeing as they all seem to be complete tossers around here. And this way there’s no strings attached, it’s just sex. And we all need a bit of that now and again,” Holly finished with a smile.

Tasha grinned. “Yeah, it’s been too long since I had a real cock. So you reckon Jon’s amazing in bed?”

“I thought you liked Niall?” Freddy retorted.

Tasha looked a bit bashful. “Well yeah I do, but right now if Jon’s got a proven track record, then I could do with a good servicing. Surely Karla will report back on Niall tomorrow?”

Kristen and Holly chuckled at Freddy’s bewildered reaction to what Tasha had just said.

“So it works out all good all round then?” Holly asked tentatively.

“Yeah, report back to Bianca that all she has to do is convince Jon and Niall now,” Tasha replied.

Holly heard her phone go off in her bag. “I think that’s going to be the plan,” she said, checking the message then looking at Freddy. “You ready to go hun?”

Kristen looked at them both as they stood up, collecting their bags. “You two off?”

“Yep, Bianca’s putting her plan into action. Jon may well end up lucky tonight,” Freddy responded.

Tasha looked at them wide eyed. “You’re g-going to have s-sex with them n-now?”

“Well, I think that might be on the cards, yes,” was Holly’s reply.

“Blimey… Well, good luck then, let us know how he takes it,” Kristen said, sounding rather rueful.

Waving goodbye, Holly and Freddy hand in hand headed out of the bar, and up to Bianca’s room.

As they reached Bianca’s corridor, Freddy stopped and turned to her friend. “Do you think we’re doing the right thing here?”

Holly stopped walking and put both hands firmly on Freddy’s shoulders. “Look Fred, you’ve already admitted Jon’s a nice guy. Sure, he’s technically going out with Bianca, but it’s not as if we’re going behind her back at all is it? She wants to share him with us. Whenever we want to have sex with him, all we have to do is ask. And don’t tell me you’re not turned on by the idea?”

Freddy’s squirmed a little uncomfortably, looking rather bashful. Holly had a gleam in her eye that Freddy only usually saw when they were bored and had had some lonely evenings together that had involved several of Holly’s strap on dildos.

Her worries weren’t unfounded, as pinning her friend up against the corridor wall, Holly’s hands immediately started to caress Freddy’s body through her top.

Freddy looked horrified. “Holz, what are you doing! We can’t do this in the corridor!” she hissed.

Holly gave no reply, instead she leaned in over her friend and gave her a wet kiss on the lips. Under her hands, Holly felt Freddy relax slightly. This lead to Holly bringing her hands up to cup Freddy’s breasts, gently brushing her nipples with her thumbs.

“Oh Holly… You don’t half know how to make a girl feel amazing… I feel so horny right now…” Freddy said breathily, now slumped against the wall, eyes etiler escort bayan slightly glazed and breathing hard.

Holly smiled, and grabbed her friend by the hand. “C’mon Fred, we’ve got a date with Jon to fulfil. Save your horniness for him.”

With that, they knocked on Bianca’s door.


Part Two

Meanwhile, Niall had been well and truly worn out by Karla’s sexual stamina. After engaging in the roughest, fastest sex of his life, Niall was lying flat on his back in Karla’s bed, with his girl snuggled down next to him, her golden hair draped over his chest, seemingly returned to the innocent, shy girl he had virtually fallen for. Good God, that was unbelievable! Niall thought to himself. She’s like an animal in bed, and so dominating… Wow… He turned on to his side, which caused the gorgeous Swede to open her eyes sleepily.

“Hello sexy,” she said huskily.

“Hey there,” came Niall’s hoarse reply.

“Was that worth waiting for?” Karla asked, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Niall pretended to think about it for a few seconds, which made Karla punch him on the arm. “Ow!” he exclaimed, rubbing the spot where she’d hit him. “That was uncalled for!”

“Well answer the question, or I’ll find my handcuffs and then be forced to whip you soundly,” was the sleepy response.

As good as that sounded to him, Niall answered meekly, “It was definitely worth waiting for, I’d never expected you to be so wild between the sheets, and you caught me unawares really.”

Even in the half light Niall noticed Karla turn crimson.

“I guess I just have needs like any other person, and its just what gets me off…” she tailed off.

“Oh believe me, I’m not complaining! I was just surprised that’s all. How can there be so much aggression in you?” Niall asked, digging her lightly in the ribs.

“I dunno… I just tried it once, and it was sooooo intense being in that kind of power, cos guys are usually in charge really.”

“Yeah, that’s true. Makes a change,” Niall admitted. He snuggled back under the sheets again, as Karla’s warm naked body cuddled into his side. They lay like this for a few moments, Niall listening to her deep breathing, feeling her breasts rub into his ribs when she breathed in. Their sweet sexual odour was still in the air, surrounding them it seemed like an invisible aura.

Karla was the first to break the silence. “Niall?”

“Yes Karla, what’s up babe?”

Karla took a deep breath before answering. What am I gonna do if he flips or something? I sure hope Bianca’s plan works here.

“Y’know the girls in the bar tonight?”

Niall looked at her and answered slowly, a thousand thoughts suddenly racing through his mind. “Yeeeees…”

“Which of them would you like to fuck besides me?”


Part Three.

Only Tasha and Kristen were left in the bar now.

“Weren’t we gonna go out at some point tonight?” Tasha asked to no-one in particular.

“Yeah, I think that was the back up plan wasn’t it…” Kristen answered. “I’m not really up for it now to be honest, now that bombshell’s been dropped on us. My brain hurts thinking about it all.”

“I’m with you there Krissy, I’m just trying to imagine how it’d all work. One thing that comes to mind immediately is what happens if we all get attached to each other? Surely there’s no way that it’d work out if that happened.”

“But would that be a problem?” Kristen asked.

“Could you share a guy with anyone else?” Tasha asked with a frown.

“I dunno… If I knew who they were, and there was an understanding among everyone, then I don’t see why not. It’d take some getting used to, sure, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world,” Kristen replied. “Why, do you believe that it wouldn’t work?”

Tasha looked taken aback at her friend’s response. “Krissy! How could it work? How could you sleep with a guy if you knew he’d been sleeping with other girls?”

“I reckon that it would be all fine so long as there’d be complete understanding between all parties involved. I can’t figure out why you’re being so stuck up about this,” was Kristen’s unperturbed reply as she finished her drink.

“Stuck up! I’m not being stuck up! I just don’t think it’s right!”

“OK OK, calm down Tashy, you’ll make a scene. You haven’t fallen for anybody yet,” Kristen said coolly.

Tasha sighed. “I know Krissy, but I have to think these things through before I make a decision. I want this to work, but the idea of the two guys each having the six of us all to themselves just sounds weird. Do you know of anything that happens like that?”

“To be honest,” Kristen said with a chuckle, “it’s the kind of thing that nobody would reveal.”

Tasha sighed again. “Yeah, you’re right I guess.”

“Listen honey, lets give it a try. We all need to see if everyone’s comfortable with the idea,” Kristen said, giving her friend a pat on the arm.

“You seem all for it,” Tasha florya escort bayan replied, almost spitefully.

“Yeah, maybe I do. It sounds like it could work. Imagine this, okay. Imagine that the eight of us, us six girls, with Jon and Niall, all lived in a house one day. We’ve all slept together at one point or another this year, haven’t we?”

Tasha nodded, her mind switching back to the first time Kristen and her had fooled around.

“Therefore, we’re all comfortable with each other. The two guys are pretty cool, Jon probably more sensitive than Niall, but I can’t imagine either of them turning an opportunity down like this to sleep with six girls. They’re also pretty tight, aren’t they? There wouldn’t be any jealousy between them, for example if the girls preferred one or the other. They’re also rather altruistic between them from what we’ve heard, they’d put our pleasure before either of theirs.”

“What about making friends and stuff? The two guys would have a terrible time making friends, not being able to reveal the biggest secret of their lives,” Tasha pointed out.

“This is where I think Bianca’s been clever in finding two guys. Jon and Niall are best mates. They’re not competitive between themselves are they? Therefore, they’ll be fine making friends. They won’t give up a three to one ratio to share us with their mates will they?”

Tasha shook her head.

“Precisely, they’d be barmy to do that. If it was just Jon, he’d probably go nuts having to be around guys, and not being able to tell them all that he’s sleeping with six girls. And no guy can satisfy six women at once. Three at once seems rather more realistic.”

“There is method in all this madness then,” Tasha admitted.

“Indeed. I mean, we’re only going on what we’ve been told, who knows what Bianca’s got up her sleeve,” Kristen said.

“And at the moment, there seems to be a three way split as well,” Tasha said thoughtfully.

“How do you mean?” Kristen asked.

“Well, look at the figures. You and Bianca fancy Jon. Karla and I fancy Niall. And who knows what Holz and Fred are thinking. They’d probably alternate between the two I reckon.”

Kristen nodded. “That’s a darn good point Tashy. And as I said earlier, we’re all rather well acquainted with each other aren’t we? So no-one would feel left out would they?”

Tasha shrugged. “I’m warming to the idea to be honest. Obviously, we’re gonna have to try it all out first to see how everyone reacts and stuff. But if it works out, then hell, we’d be sorted for life just about.”

Kristen grinned. “I knew you’d come round eventually,” she said.

“Time at the bar!” came the call from Tim, the barman.

Downing the rest of her drink, Tasha put the glass down and glanced at her friend as they stood up to leave. “What you up to now?”

Kristen gave a sly smile. “I thought I’d acquaint myself with Niall,” she said, a lusty glint in her eyes.

“Niall?” Tasha asked incredulously. “But I want Niall!”

“Come with me then silly. Lets put this all to the test.”

“Now?” Tasha replied, looking worried and sounding nervous.

“Well, do you want to do it when you’re thinking rationally?” Kristen pointed out.

“Ah… Point taken. You reckon Karla wouldn’t mind?”

“Karla? The dominatrix? She’d love two girls to dominate, remember when Holz and Fred had that time with her? They slept virtually the entire next day, she’d worn them out so much. Not got an exam or anything tomorrow have you?”

“Nope.” Tasha’s mind was racing now. Oh my God! I could sleep with Niall tonight… And I’ll never forget being blindfolded and gagged that time with Karla, my pussy never felt the same after that night, goodness knows what she did to me. I’m up for some of that again!

“Right, we’ve got a plan then. Lets go! I’m already feeling rather wet in anticipation here…” Kristen said, striding towards the bar door, Tasha following closely behind as they headed up to Karla’s room.

Part Four.

And there it is, Niall thought to himself, the prospect of a threesome… How the fuck do I answer this question? I like all of ’em, they’re all so smoking hot, I just guess I’m most attracted to Karla here.

“I think it depends on the motives for why you’re asking as to how I answer that question Karla babe,” he decided upon as the safest way to start.

She looked at him thoughtfully. “I’m merely asking because I want to know who to ask to join us in the future,” she said carefully.

Niall’s eyes widened. “You’re kidding me,” he said hoarsely.

Karla smiled and glanced down at his penis, which was beginning to make a lump in the sheets.

“I think you like the sound of it though, or am I mistaken by your dick’s reaction?”

This is a dream… Stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life, Niall was thinking to himself. He swallowed audibly. “You mean… You mean it was a genuine question?”

When Karla nodded, Niall thought his head was going to explode. Oh my God… Oh my God! Who do I say? Any of them I guess, I’m not overly fussed, they’re all above the threshold aren’t they… I can’t believe this is happening. How on earth did Jonny Boy get so lucky as to stumble in on this group of girls?

“Well, to be honest, I think the girls should decide who want to be there, rather than me choosing. That way there’s no disappointment is there?”

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