The Story of Rasheeda Pt. 02

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Rasheeda kept narrating to me her story.

“I was speechless. Hamid smiled and said,

“You look scared. Do not be. I am not the monster nor the stalker you think I am.”

He said as he tried to rub my cheek with his right finger tips. As I tried to stand to move away, he held me by my hip and pulled me to the nearby bed, he sitting on the same bed, by me.

“What are you doing, you bastard!? Quit touching me!”

“It is Hamid, not bastard”

“Whatever, why not just leave me alone?”

This time, Hamid seemed angry. I was scared to look at him so I looked down. He held my chin and turned my face towards him.

“Look at me when I talk!” He shouted. I was silent.

“He took his money for his use so I took his wife for my use, you understand!?”

I felt so ashamed of Bashir and so sorry for myself as well. I remained as pious as possible ever since I knew I had to. But now, because of Bashir, I am going to hell. That is what my religion says. If the husband is bad, wife goes to hell with him.

I was still wearing my head cover. He placed his palms on my neck over my head cover and said,

“Rasheeda, look at yourself at the mirror once in a while. You have got thinner. your cheeks have gone inside your jaws. around your eyes are blackened due to sleepless nights. Your eyes are red due to crying almost everyday”

I was bahis firmaları speechless. He took away his hands, placed his left Palm on my right thigh and said,

“Look what you have chosen for yourself! If you said yes to me back then, none of these would have happened by now!”

“Hamid, there was no way! I would go to hell for marrying a disbeliever. Even if I had something for you, my parents would have punished me if I had said yes, and that would have been worse…”

“…And is this okay!? Huh!? Is that what you are saying?”

He responded angrily, without even allowing me to finish. Then, he smiled and started rubbing my thigh forth and back. It was something completely new to me. Something I had never had from Bashir. I felt myself getting hot by that very thing. I smiled back at him. I said,

“Okay then, I am gonna go to hell anyway”

I was still crying. He wiped away, saying,

“Your beauty is in your smile, Rasheeda, not in your tears. Smile at me, and thus keep me pleased”

He held my chin and slowly moved it to sides as I smiled at him. Then, he placed his left arm around my waist, right palm on my left cheek and squeezing it, he pulled my face towards his. I closed my eyes and soon enough, I felt his lips moving against mine.

I was getting hotter by the moment passing as he was kissing my lips. I was dying to kaçak iddaa be kissed on my lips by Bashir and I was scared to ask him. Seemed like, Hamid was well aware of what a woman wants.

I knew I had no reason to fear Hamid the way I feared Bashir so I put my arms around his neck, held his head and kept him firm so that I could keep kissing him back. His kissing was expert. I did not know how to kiss him back but I tried.

I felt his hands getting around my body and getting my boobs pressed against his chest. I felt the hardness of his chest. He surely was a very strong man as well. His grip was so firm that soon enough, I was having a hard time breathing in. I broke the kiss and looking at his eyes, I said,

“Hamid, I cannot breath. You are too tight against me”

“Oh sorry”

Saying that, he loosened his grip and laid me on the bed. Then, he started slowly unbuttoning my dress. I stopped him by holding his hands. I wondered what he had to do with my boobs. Back then, I had never watched porn nor had I read any sex story at least due to religious reasons.

“Hamid, what are you doing?”

“You will like it, Rasheeda. I am gonna play a while with your boobs”

Saying that, he slowly pinned my hands against the bed, kissed my lips and again started unbuttoning my dress. He unbuttoned it down to my belly, pulled it apart uncovering my kaçak bahis upper body which had my bra on my boobs. His eyes were shining with pleasure as he was looking down at my boobs and then he looked back at my eyes and said,

“Wow! When I felt your boobs for the first time during the first year at the University, I knew they not just feel good but look good too.”

I never got my boobs touched by a man during that time so I asked him,

“You felt my boobs? How? I do not remember you groping them. What did you do?”

I was supposed to be angry enough to slap him across the face but I did not. I was just curious, not angry. He smiled and said,

“Well, while you were walking, talking to Sahla, I was standing on your way, talking to one of my friends. You hit against me and walked away. Maybe you did not take it seriously but I felt your boobs very well then. Now, lemme feel them better”

Saying that, he placed his right hand on my left boob, while he was supporting himself over me with his left elbow. I held his right hand with both my hands.

“Hamid, I feel shy”

“Do not be…why not just lemme do what I wanna do and see if I go better than Bashir did?”

I was speechless. I left his hand. He, for a while, felt my left boob over my bra and then, he pulled my bra off my boobs and uncovered them both.

Then, as I was remaining astonished and speechless, he started playing with my boobs and nipples, using both his hands. It was a completely new yet good feeling for me. I felt my pussy getting wet”

Stay tuned for the next part. Bye!

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