The Stalker

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“How long were you stalking me?”

“A while.”

“Why me?”

“Because, ‘Madam’, you’re beautiful. Because you’re the most insatiable slut I’ve ever seen. Because I had to know.”

“Know what? And why do you call me ‘Madam’?”

“I know more than you could imagine. What I will learn tonight is what it’s like to fuck the best.”

Jayde couldn’t help but smile at that. She knew she was the best – dozens of lovers had told her that as she’d left them limp and gasping – no use pretending otherwise. “Was it worth it? Worth the jail time you’ll get for raping me?”

“‘Madam’, it may have started as rape, but,” he gave her a quick stabbing jab with the cock lodged in her asshole, “it’s ending up as something else.”

Oh, fuck, she thought. He’s right. I want this so bad. I’ll never get enough, never. I was so fucking hot tonight …


Jayde’s pussy had been on fire since noon. She’d had a torrid email correspondence with her cyber-lover, with photos of each other sent and received: Her beautiful cunt and tits; his hard cock being stroked, then leaving a pool of cum on the picture of her cunt and clit. All that was followed by readings of intense fuck stories. No wonder she had a burning that needed quenching.

When she got home shortly after dark, she had no idea she’d been followed, and no reason to think she had. Her mind was so distracted by her needs that she’d not seen a flasher with a 12-inch dick two feet in front of her.

Outside her bathroom window, the stalker watched her masturbate furiously and play gorgeous games with ice cubes. Later, through the small basement window, he watched her order her husband to fuck her, which he did thoroughly but in a hurry. He left quickly after blowing his cum in her thirsty pussy. The husband slipped upstairs, but the stalker stayed with Jayde, becoming rock hard as she worked out with a two-shafted dildo. He forced himself to not grab his dick and pump. He had a need for all his strength.

After 30 minutes, the husband and two sons paraded out the side door. The stalker could tell from their conversation that they were off to a school ball game and that the two boys were going to be staying the night with buddies. Yes: At least two hours alone with Madam. Yes.

He waited a full ten minutes before making a move; to be sure they’d not be back. He used a piece of stiff plastic to slide open the door lock and entered slowly, waiting for his eyes to become used to the dim light. He crept to the stairs and proceeded down. As he neared her bedroom, he heard the constant moaning of a woman in heat, muttering sexual obscenities and yelping. He reached the door and opened it slowly.

Jayde had impaled herself on both prongs of the toy and was ramming back and forth furiously, squeezing her tits and nipples as if she could get hotter, cum harder. A slimy puddle between her splayed legs told the story of a wanton woman who had had plenty, and needed more. He walked to the side of the bed.

Jayde stopped suddenly with a gasp, her closed eyes snapping open. “Who’s there?!”

“Your new lover.”

“What … ” but she knew the question would sound incredibly stupid.

“You know exactly what I want. And I know what you want, what you never have enough of.” He’d removed his stiff dick and was stroking it, just inches from her face.

“Get the fuck out of here!” She screamed for her husband, unaware that her lover knew he was gone. “He’ll kill you!”

“No, ‘Madam’, we both know better. He’s gone away with your kids, and you and I have some time to get acquainted. Shall we do this together, or are you going to fight me?”

“Get out of here before the cops find you. They will, you know. And rape will get you an easy ten years, asshole!”

“Easy, easy. ‘Madam’, I’ve wanted to know … does your husband know how big a slut you are?”

“You … you prick! Don’t you talk to me like that, and don’t come any closer!” Her words died off then, as the stalker swiftly moved to sit on top of her, grabbed her wrists and planted his lips on hers. She shook her head violently from side to side, but he pressed on, finding her lips again and forcing his tongue into her mouth. He felt her go still, and her mouth opened wider, her tongue starting to play with his.

The kiss went on for minutes. He let go her hands, and they went to his face and held him. His right hand found her breasts in turn and squeezed the heavy, luscious bags. The hand continued down to her soaked pussy and he pushed two fingers in without a pause. Jayde bucked against his hand and sucked his tongue. She freed a hand and sought his dick, slipping in through the waist of the loose sweat pants he wore. Her hand was burning; his cock red-hot.

“Now … get in me! … need more, MORE COCK … ” He’d hoped to go slower, to tease her, to bring her to a peak gradually, but she wanted to be fucked NOW, HAD to be fucked now. He drove into her drenched cunt in one stroke. She grabbed his ass to pull him harder, she avrupa yakası escort needed it deeper, up to her throat if she could. “Fuck, fuck, fuck … HARDER … ooooohhh … hold … just a minute … .FUCK!” and she gushed cum around his invading prick, her cum, her husband’s blended with it. “FAST NOW! FASTER YOU BASTARD YOU RAPING FUCK FUCK ME SORE HURT MY PUSSY! Ohhhhhh … FUCK I’M CUMMING … ”

The stalker just held on, not thrusting at all now, just buried to the balls in her sweet, reeking snatch and waiting for her climax to recede.

“Ooohh, that was … a wonderful, NASTY fuck … you didn’t cum … why?”

“We have much more to do with each other.” He withdrew his stiff tool from her pussy (she moaned a protest), and immediately jammed it up her ass, loose and open from the dildo play. “The night’s just started.”

Jayde suddenly snapped to the situation: She was being ‘raped’, by this intruder. God, she’d loved it but … no one should have this done to them, no one. Shit, men are so fucked up. Asking would be so much easier, sexier. Who … but Christ, he was good. Just took me, yes, took me like a whore, the whore I am. And I fucking love it …

“I’ve wanted you for a long time, Jayde.”

“How do you … know who I am?”

“Don’t ask. I have my ways.”

“You’re just a fucking stalker.”

“Yes, but that’s not all. I’m your lover now, Jayde, I’m the one who worships your promiscuous ass, the one fuck you’ll remember and always want again and again. I KNOW you.”

“How long were you stalking me?” …


The stalker’s root was jammed up Jayde’s hungry anal passage. She squeezed down on him like a tourniquet, as if to squeeze his dick longer, to get him to slither deeper into her shit tunnel. He groaned with the pleasure-pain and started to move in her. “NO … hold still … I feel your fucking nuts … resting on my ass … Unnnngh …”

“Are you sore?”

“NO … no it aches … so GOOOD! … OH Christ, MOVE NOW … hammer my ass … come ON … make me scream”.

The stalker picked up the pace, treating his cock like a hammer and her ass like an anvil.

“YESSSSS …” Jayde had frantically reached for her vibrator and was abusing her nasty, swollen, sopping cunt with it. He twisted her tits almost painfully. Jayde clutched his head and pulled him down fiercely for a carnivorous kiss, screaming into his mouth as his cock pistoned her.

“FUCK ME! CUM IN MY FUCKING ASS … NOW! Kiss … kiss me you filthy fucker … kiss your ass-fucking slut … OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!” and the cum geysered from her pussy, hot, sticky, copious. Her breathing was fast, deep; her hand froze with the vibrator impaled six inches into her snatch.

At last she began to calm down. The stalker was jammed fully in, but watching her curiously.

“Don’t … don’t tell me you didn’t cum yet,” she gasped.

“Not yet, ‘Madam’. Not until I sense you’ve lost your mind with lust. Not until I know you want to drown in my cum.”

“Look … he’ll be coming back … we can’t fuck all night … ”

“That’s true. I thought we’d switch to oral for a while. You are a notoriously avid cocksucker after all.”

“None better. Let me show you.”

“What happened to your talk of ‘rape’, hmm?”

“I won’t press charges if you don’t.” They both broke up in laughter, which had the lovely effect of jogging his still-steel prick in her asshole, and caused them both to start the in-out movements.

“Ooooh, fuck me again, fuck your whore … quick! I’ll never let you out of me, I want you in all my holes, want your fucking cum everywhere, come on, move you bastard … MOVE!”

A firm, calm voice from the bedroom door cut through the sex-noises.

“Ah, my dear – who’s the new toy? I’m not familiar with this one. He seems to be performing better than the usual assholes you fuck.”

Jayde never lost her composure. “No idea … just some stalker … ”

“You’ve gotten pretty close in a short time. You know, I’m supposed to be the jealous husband now and threaten you both, right? It’s hard to be jealous of you, Jayde. You’re such a huge slut. I should have taken care of you long ago. You’ve fucked every friend I have, and most of their wives. I should be walking around ashamed. But I just don’t feel any of that.”

“What are you feeling?” Jayde asked sweetly, ass-squeezing her new lover as she spoke. The stalker was confused, scared of this seemingly calm husband.

“I’m feeling … like having an adventure. Don’t you fucking dare pull out of her ass, prick! You may not have noticed the pistol in my hand. I could blow you away, and I may yet. No, Jayde, I’m thinking I’d like to bring someone else into this intimate scene. You remember Daisy, don’t you?”

“Daisy? … Ooooh, yes – is that tramp here with you?” Jayde gave the stalker’s tits a twist. “You’ll love Daisy, trust me.”

The husband approached the bed, bent to kiss Jayde and shoved the barrel bahçelievler escort bayan of the gun between the stalker’s shoulder blades. Jayde’s arms were around both of her men.

Jayde broke the kiss and called out, “Daisy! Get yourself in here! Meet my new man!” She clenched the stalker harder with arms and asshole, kissing him hard. The stalker was torn between lust and fear, with lust winning out from Jayde’s skills.

Suddenly, the stalker felt a warm ooze across his buttocks and over his shithole. Confused again, he wondered how Jayde’s greasy gash could have sent her slime uphill like that … and then he felt his asshole stretched, torn, violated. He screamed.

“Jayde, tell your lover to shut the fuck up! He’s scaring Daisy.”

“Oooooh, are you cherry, baby?”

“Oh, Christ! That fucking HURTS!”

“As it was meant to, asshole. Now, start fucking my wife to my rhythm. NOW! Unless you’d like a different barrel up your ass.”

“Oh God!! That feels so good! I love getting fucked by both of you!” Jayde screamed out as the stalker rammed away at her ass with the same rhythm her husband was using on the stalker’s ass. Her ass clenched tightly at the cock buried deep inside as she came yet again. Sweat poured down her body as the stalker violated her with each stroke.

Her husband’s voice, dripping with sarcasm, reached her ears. “But dear, our guest hasn’t cum yet.” Jayde looked over her shoulder as her husband extracted his cock from the other man’s ass. The stalker rolled over on the bed, his face a grimace of pain.

“We need to help him with that,” Jayde announced as she rose from the bed to take a place beside her husband. “Why don’t you get me a washcloth?” she instructed to her still erect husband.

“What about your new lover?” he sneered at her.

“I think I can handle him. Just hurry back,” she sneered back as she walked around to the head of the bed, near the stalker’s feet. She easily looped a nylon cord that was tied to the bed around one of his ankles and pulled it tight.

“What the fuck?” the stalker started to protest.

“Now be a good boy or the Old Man will come back down with his gun and put another hole in your head.” That was enough to shut him up right away. Jayde walked around to the foot of the bed and grabbing one of the stalker’s arms, looped another cord around it and pulled tight. She continued around the bed until the stalker was spread eagled, his hard cock pointing above him.

Jayde turned to see her husband coming through the door wiping his still-hard cock on the washcloth. “Give me that,” she giggled as she stole the rag from his grasp and climbed on the bed next to the stalker’s raging hard-on.

“Let’s get him all cleaned up and see what we can do with him,” she murmured tormentingly in a demented tone of voice.

“You are something else,” her husband retorted, standing at the foot of the bed just above the stalker’s face, slowly stroking his cock.

“Jesus Christ, Jayde!! That’s cold,” the stalker protested as Jayde used the rag to clean his cock before continuing with her intentions.

“So, this one knows your name,” her husband said, glaring down at the stalker splayed out on his bed.

“Well, Duh!! He knew where I lived didn’t he?” Jayde shot back, pointing out the obvious.

“Come here and let me get some of that pussy,” her husband shot back, oblivious to her sarcasm. Jayde laid the cloth aside and straddled over the chest of the stalker, placing her dripping wet, well-fucked cunt right over his mouth, facing away from her husband.

“Now be a good boy and lick my clit,” she said to the stalker as she grabbed the back of his head and forced his face deep into her snatch. At the same time her husband slid his cock deep inside her waiting hole. The stalker had a front row seat as Jayde’s husband sawed his cock in and out of the gaping cunt. The stalker could feel the other man’s balls slap against his forehead as he did his best to give the proper attention to the clit in his mouth.

“Oh, that’s it! Suck that clit,” Jayde said, just before she gave in to temptation and lowered her mouth to the cock before her. The stalker moaned into the open cunt before him as his cock disappeared down Jayde’s throat.

“I think he likes your legendary talents, dear,” Jayde’s husband rasped between strokes.

“Most men do,” Jayde responded, taking only a moment from the task at hand. She let her tongue roam all along the hard shaft as she worked her way up and down the swollen cock. She was too good a suck-artist to gag when it hit her throat, instead letting it slide deeper. She wrapped one hand around the base of his cock pumping him in time to her suction. The other hand slid down to fondle his balls.

She felt a pause in the action from her husband before feeling a light tapping on her back. “Here dear. Show your new friend our toys,” he said as he got back into stride. He had handed bakırköy escort Jayde a small vibrator she had often used on his tight back door.

Jayde took the vibrator in her mouth to get it nice and wet before sliding it between the stalker’s ass cheeks. She let it slide up and down his crack getting his ass nice and wet before she pushed it against his opening. She was met with little resistance and slid the toy in deeper. The stalker once again moaned into her cunt, as his ass had become used to be invaded. Jayde switched it on low and slid it slowly in and out as she expertly sucked his throbbing tool.

Jayde felt a familiar thrust from her husband and knew he would be shooting his seed into her any moment now. She sucked the stalker to the back of her throat and held on as she received this gift from her husband.

When he had finished he pulled out. Pushing her down against the stalker’s face growled, “You wanted her cunt so bad, eat it. Suck my cum from this whore’s snatch.”

The stalker buried his face deeper into Jayde’s cunt sucking with renewed vigor. He couldn’t get enough of her sweet juice mixed with her husband’s sperm. Thrusting his hips against the invader in his ass, the stalker licked Jayde’s cunt as if it was his last meal.

Jayde swallowed the cock in her mouth as she began to see flashes. She looked over from her cock sucking to see her husband taking pictures of their new toy-boy. The stalker only swirled his tongue faster and made no attempt to protest as his image was being captured with a vibrator in his ass and him sucking another man’s cum from a gaping wet cunt.

Jayde could feel her climax approaching and turned the vibrator up as she ground her hips against the stalker’s mouth. The cock fell from her mouth as she sat up, screaming and suffocating the stalker with her smooth cunt lips.

Her husband, not wanting their new friend to be disappointed, took over the vibrator and sucked the man’s cock deep in his throat. As Jayde’s orgasm subsided she saw her husband’s cheeks balloon out and knew he had just received a mouthful of cum from the stalker who had invaded their home.

Collapsing on the bed next to their guest, Jayde and her husband held hands over the out stretched form. “Well now what shall we do to him?” Jayde asked with a lusty tone in her voice.

“How soon do you think he can cum again,” her husband asked.

“I could make him cum again in 30 seconds – you know me,” Jayde replied with a laugh. “But I think we want this one to last a while. He’s not bad, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Tasty jizz, I must say. You really ought to get him to shoot in your mouth.”

“Plenty of time for that, dear. Right now, he’s all tied up with no place to go. Hey, ‘Stalker’. Ever sucked cock before?”

The stalker didn’t respond. He was in total confusion. Not long ago he thought he’d had control of the situation, when it was just him and the slut. But now he was their slave, tied up, anally raped.

“You don’t have a choice, you know. The shots my husband took show you raping me … me, an innocent housewife.” Jayde couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“Open wide, asshole,” growled her husband.

“Do as he says, dear, and who knows? You may love it.”

The stalker saw no point in resisting; in fact, he was starting to crave the taste of this man’s dick. “What if I don’t do it right,” he thought. “Shit, will he blow my brains out if I’m no good at it?”

Trying to set aside his worry, he opened his mouth and felt the swollen crown of the man’s cock pass through his lips. “Jesus – so hard … and soft at the same time. I can taste Jayde on him. Ummmm – nice …”

“Ouch! You nipped me with your teeth!” Jayde’s husband angrily put the gun to the stalker’s head and screamed, “I should blow your fucking head off!”

“Oh, take it easy,” said Jayde soothingly. “He’s just a beginner. Hey, why don’t I give you a lesson? I’ll suck your cock, and everything I do to you I want you to do to my husband, at the same time. Hope you’re not a slow learner, Lover. Remember the gun.”

Jayde crawled between the stalker’s outstretched legs. “Now remember, do to my husband what I do to you,” she breathed as she approached his flaccid cock. Jayde let her tongue snake out and lick the bound man’s balls, running around their protective sack as if looking for an opening. A moan escaped him as he opened his mouth to do the same to the cock looming overhead.

“Oh, that’s it, Jayde. Show him how to suck cock,” her husband encouraged as he began to enjoy the stalker’s ministrations. The two men relaxed as Jayde continued to lick up the shaft of the stalker’s now swelling organ.

The stalker’s tongue took on a mind of its own as it slid up the raging cock in front of it. “God it almost feels like I am licking my own cock,” he thought as he felt Jayde’s tongue sliding along his shaft while he did the same to the one in his face.

Jayde was in her own world as she tended to the cock in front of her. She forgot she was giving lessons and went about it with her usual passion. Once her tongue reached the sensitive tip she swirled it around just under the hood, then across the top, before letting the swollen member slid into her hot mouth. She didn’t take it all the way back, just the first couple of inches, letting it roll around on her tongue like a sweet candy treat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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