The St. George Double

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Jenn went to St. George as she’s the coach of the high school high jump team, which her son who’s still in high school is trying to jump his way into a college scholarship. What began as an innocent high school athletic trip ended by being completely naughty.

You see, she drove to the meet by herself, instead of taking the school bus. Mostly because she doesn’t like to feel locked into something, and because her son wanted to catch a ride. The track team picks up the charges for the hotel, while the kids stay at the local gymnasium. The kids are closely monitored by volunteer parents to make sure there isn’t any funny business going on between the students.

She arrived at the hotel shortly after 6pm on Friday night, a mere couple of hour road trip, and she was ready for a drink. Unfortunately, she couldn’t have one as the team was getting ready to meet for the evening to discuss the events happening on Saturday. It would be in bad form to show up to this meeting smelling like alcohol. But you can be assured that it was in the back of her mind!

All of the kids were exhausted from the long bus ride, and weren’t really “upstairs” for the meeting. Most of them were just listening half assed waiting for that moment when they could be released to go mingle with other students. A couple of different schools were there, as it was some sort of state challenge.

A coach from another team that was there, caught Jenn’s eye. It had been a long while since she had any interest in men, but for some reason there was a twinkle in this man’s eye that caught her attention. The meeting wrapped up, and several of them suggested that they go get something to eat at IHop after the kids get settled in.

Her son wanted to stay with her in the hotel and was quickly discarded when he asked if he could. I believe she said something like, “Um, no.. I think it’ll be good for you to stay the night with your team. Go make some new friends!”. I wish that I was a fly on the wall, when that was said. He makes the worlds most interesting faces and pouts like no other when he doesn’t get what he wants.

When Jenn arrived at the restaurant she saw the aforementioned coach sitting in a booth with room for one more and sat down next to him. She introduced herself to the other coaches and saved the last one for the one she wanted. She has the most beautiful smile, and she knows it. She was waving it around the table, showing everyone how beautiful she is. And James, the one next to her, knew she was being flirty with him.

For hours, they talked about their students and their achievements. Filled with stories and laughter about different mistakes people have made, funny things the kids do and say when competing so hard, and various “innuendo” talks, slightly suggestive in nature.

Afterwards, illegal bahis after all of the other coaches left, Jenn and James remained at the table. They talked and got to know each other better as the time went on, and the sexual tension was growing rapidly. They walked outside together, so that he could walk her to the car. I’m sure she was feeling a little nervous right about then, hoping something would happen but she didn’t want to be the first one to make the move. She really is kind of a shy girl. Especially if she hasn’t had anything to drink.

And as luck would have it, it did. She was about to close the door to her car, when he swooped in and gave her a kiss. It was one of those short, but long kiss. The kind that you give to see if the other really wants it or not, and if they do, would they be the ones to initiate it? She returned the kiss, and it became a kissing frenzy. She gets a little wet especially when the person she’s kissing is good at it. She tends to have longer, deeper breaths and gets very emotional, very touchy.

After a few minutes of that, James pulls her out of the car. He leans her against the car and kisses on her again, pushing his sports type figure onto her. She can feel his manhood, stiffening against her. Thoughts roll through her head, thinking about the many possibilities that could happen from here.

She takes everything she’s given and almost begs for more. Looking into his eyes, she can see the lust in him that he wants to tear her apart, and she’s feeling a lot more than just willing at this point. In his ear, she asks.. “Do you want to come home with me?”

That was a pretty obvious question with a pretty obvious answer. He followed her closely back to the hotel, and she had all kinds of thoughts running through her head. When she got out of the car, she could barely swallow because her mouth was so dry. The anticipation of what might happen next was giving her a high feeling.

They were careful not to share public displays of affection since it was a hotel that all of the other coaches were staying at. Jenn slipped him a room key, and told him to come by in a few minutes. This would give her a few minutes to freshen up and make sure that there weren’t any kids, in the room.

She quickly rinsed off and freshened up, and she couldn’t wait for that door to open with this guy coming through it. She walked around the room nervously, and every time she thought she heard footsteps coming down the hallway, she would walk towards the door. She poured herself a drink, and sat down at the table, with her legs clinched together, feeling a slight ache between them. A desire to be touched, and filled with warmth and determination.

The sounds she wanted to hear, began. She grinned to herself, as she recognized illegal bahis siteleri the sounds of his shoes. She listened as he put the key card in the lock, and stood right in front as he opened the door. She greeted him with a smile, took one step forwards and kissed him, closing the door behind them. His big warm arms surrounded her, as he pressed her against the wall, forcing himself on her. Taking her, like she wanted to be taken. Sort of a strong, domination game.

They kissed and kissed, and clothes began falling to the floor. Her soft spot is on her neck, and of course he found that out pretty quickly. She was putty in his hands, and soaking up every bit of it. His drive continued to push her further into a submissive state. He directed the show, and she was following with intensity.

He backed her up towards the bed, and gently pushed her over, kissing her all of the way down. He kissed her continuously as he worked his way down. His hands coddled her body and she laid there, enjoying his touch and his commanding presence. Once he was down there, and she felt his warm tongue touch her lips she just about lost it. She grabbed his head and rubbed her fingers through his hair. Men love that. Especially when someone grabs a good handful and holds their head in close.

It didn’t take long, and she could feel one rolling on. He thighs tightened up around his head, her toes curled and released. This obviously excited him, knowing he was able to make that happen. He continued to pleasure her, but with even more enthusiasm.

She sat up, with conviction, and rolled him over onto his back. His cock was very hard, and quite impressive. Maybe not the longest cock she had ever seen but it was certainly one of the widest. She moved her body so that she could get down on that thing with her mouth, she wanted to return the favor.

Starting with her lips, she slowly slid on top of his head, small strokes of course until she was comfortable enough with putting more of this monster in her mouth. She could taste his precum, and loved rolling his balls around in the palm of her hand. She always has this way of holding the balls, while rocking the cock with her lips and fingers. His cock throbbed in her mouth, she could tell that he was well on his way to releasing his load. Daringly, she sank deep down on his cock, and he lost it. He came hard, and she held it there until he finished pulsing. And as girls who know how to make things kinky, she swallowed it with an evil smile.

James was truly well endowed. He could also get hard with just a simple touch. They were both really turned on, and really into satisfying each other, and it was showing.

Jenn climbed on top of him, his cock rubbing against her pussy and she was massaging and kissing on canlı bahis siteleri his chest. She rocked her body back and forth until he was semi hard, and reached in between her legs to help him get inside. She sat further down on him, as far as she could and both of them just closed their eyes and enjoyed how warm, wet and good everything felt.

His cock felt so good, and felt even better as it continued to harden inside of her. She rocked on top of him until the point where the head of his dick would feel like it was coming out, and quickly sit back down on him. Sometimes, she would tease the head a little, before slamming down again. His hips met hers and he would push just a little extra to see her squirm and feel her body tighten with pleasure.

She can usually have a few orgasms before her partner does, and this time was no exception. She rolled several hot orgams out before he released his. His body was covered in her cum, and now she was about to take his. His cock was hard it was throbbing immensely. She squeezed on him even harder until he released his load, deep inside of her. She could feel it shoot against the walls of her body. This sent her into one last spasm that caused her to get Charlie horses in her feet!

She thought about the times where her previous boyfriend would want to come and lick the cum from her body. About how he would want her to sit on top of his face, and feed it to him, telling him about how she was fucked. How good it was, and how much cum she has for him.

She slowly climbed off of him, and was motioning that she was going to get off, and James grabbed her by the hips, pulling her pussy closer to his face. She realized what he wanted, and she gladly gave it to him. She grabbed him by the hair, and sat down on his face. His cum dripped slowly into his mouth, and he tried to fetch every last bit of it with his tongue. Then she really rubbed herself down on his face, making sure that he ate every last drop!

They continued to roll and fool around with each other until the sun started rising. They didn’t have any time to sleep, and just enough time to rinse off and get ready to go. James left early, hoping to not be seen by any of their peers. Jenn was ready in a few minutes, and met the others at the coffee shop.

During the track meet, the other team was winning. Jenn was a little upset with this, as she’s a very competitive person when it comes to sports. James’s team was winning, and she wasn’t about to have that. She wanted to show him that her team could beat his, and she had the drive to do it.

At the end of the day, and a few dirty looks here and there, neither of their teams won the competition. But several of their kids did really well. After the meet was over, the coaches went back to IHop for some debrief. Of course, who were the last two to stay?

You can imagine what happened later that night. Both of them being competitive, both of them boasting about the better players, both of them fucking each other with a vengeance. A double hitter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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