The Sperm Donor

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The Sperm Donor

My first sex story, by kiwi-bob at hotmail dot com


I had been working at the fertility center for about two weeks during the summer break, waiting for university to start. They even gave me a nurse’s uniform, which I thought was funny because I was just a receptionist.

Ever since I started working there I had had a secret obsession with the sperm donation room, fantasizing about the guys who went in there with their girlfriends to “help” them.

It was Friday afternoon and all the staff had left early except me and Nicky, the manager. She said she would be going too, and asked me to lock up. At last I was alone, and I surreptitiously strolled up to the donation room door, looking over my shoulder as I turned the handle.

As I suspected, there was a pile of “reading material” to help the men rise to the occasion. I immediately felt my pussy juicing up. I flicked through the first magazine, feeling really naughty. Reading through a sex story, I was rapidly making a big wet mark in the crotch of my thong panties. I was rubbing my clit and starting to really lose it when I heard the main door open.

Flustered, I quickly made my way back to reception. There was a really hunky guy, about 30 or so, and a pretty girl in a skirt, about 20 I guess.

“Hi, how can I help?” I said, trying to pretend I wasn’t almost just caught masturbating. My cheeks were flushed.

“I’m John, I’ve come to donate sperm” he said, seemingly completely without embarrassment. His girlfriend gave a little giggle. I showed him to the donation room, and then realized with horror that I had left all the porn spread out on the bed there. They both went in, John winking at me. My god, I felt like I had been hit with a thunderbolt.

I went to my chair, my panties squelching with wetness as I sat down. All I could think about was this sexy couple playing around, the sexy girl trying to milk cum out of his hard cock to make babies. I couldn’t help it, I had to rub my clit. After a while I was so wet my the seat of my dress was getting soaked too.

Suddenly the donation room door opened and I reluctantly took my hand away from my pussy. The girl was trying hard not to giggle, and was holding two donation cups.

“Do you need both of these?” she asked. I looked at the cups, and realised they were both full of semen!

“Uh, no, just one” I somehow stammered. With that, she immediately put one of the cups to her lips and swallowed the entire contents! I just stood there, blushing and looking stunned. I could smell the sperm.

John winked at me, they departed, and I was left holding a cup of warm semen. I was amazed at the quantity. Surely nobody would notice if there was a bit missing? I slowly drank the cum, savouring the lovely taste.

I locked myself in the donation room and surrounded myself with the porn and masturbated like crazy, drinking sperm and leaving a big wetspot on the bed. I almost passed out from the intensity of my pulsating orgasm.

After I had somewhat composed myself I cleaned up and put the remaining semen in the freezer. I locked up and walked to my car, hoping no one would see the huge wet mark on the back of my skirt.

The bursa escort next week was all a blur, all I could think about was the sexy couple, the girl drinking wad after wad of hot, wet, creamy semen. At last it was Friday afternoon and I was frantically hoping that they would show up and I would be left alone with them. Nicky, the manager, was still there and I hinted that I could cope just fine and maybe she should take the afternoon off. Eventually she agreed and left. My pussy immediately started juicing up in anticipation. John was scheduled to turn up at 4:00 pm and I was counting the minutes.

My prayers were answered as John and his girl entered. I noticed she was carrying a small bag with her. I started flirting immediately.

“Maybe you could give me and Jessica a little bit of help in there?” John asked.

“Mmmm, I thought you’d never ask” I replied. Oh my god this is it, I thought. My panties were so wet they were practically dripping.

Jessica smiled and came up to me, giving me a wet French kiss. Our wet tongues slowly explored each others mouths. This was having an obvious effect on John; his jeans were starting to have quite a bulge. I turned around and bent over, lifting my skirt and giving them both a good view of my bum covered only by my skimpy thong. John started kissing my bum, and Jessica seemed pretty eager to get his pants off.

I helped Jessica undo John’s fly, and was almost hit in the face when his huge cock sprang out. I gasped at the size of it, wondering what orifice it could possibly fit into. I was going to find out soon. Jessica slid his jeans off and took off her top. John undid her bra and squeezed her lovely boobs. I lifted up Jessica’s skirt from behind. She was wearing a thong even more skimpy than mine and it made her sexy round bottom look amazing. Caressing her inner thighs, I worked my way up to her pussy while she sucked John’s huge cock. My fingers teased her and eventually reached her crotch. I started gently rubbing her clit through her panty crotch, which made her moan loudly, the sound only muffled by the cock head in her mouth. Soon there was a definite wet spot in her thong, which only made me rub her more vigorously.

Jessica’s moans became more desperate, and then her body tensed up as she orgasmed. I absolutely had to take her thong off and sniff the crotch. It smelt heavenly, all wet and creamy with her juices. Jessica turned around and French kissed me. I could taste the pre-cum from John’s rock hard cock.

John kissed my neck and started slowly lifting up my dress. I bent over a little bit, posing my ass for him. “I’m such a sucker for thongs” he said, kissing my bum again. I was starting to seriously lose control. John lifted my dress over my head and Jessica unhooked my bra.

“Your tits are so fucking incredible” John said as he sucked and gently bit on my nipples. He slowly licked his way down my tummy to my thong panties. He pulled them down and kissed lower and lower.
Meanwhile Jessica had opened her bag and I was getting more and more turned on looking at what she had packed. She took out a seemingly endless collection of sex toys, everything from vibrators to anal beads and buttplugs. There was lube, baby oil, condoms, latex gloves, carrots and even duct tape. “We’re really going to have some fun”, she bursa escort bayan giggled. I believed her.

John lifted my up and put me on the bed. He started gently licking my clit and pinched my erect nipples. I gasped and lay my head back in pure ecstasy. Jessica came over and kissed me while stroking my hair. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this. Her kisses roamed over my cheeks and neck. She started whispering incredibly naughty things in my ear as I moaned and whimpered. I could feel a powerful orgasm welling up deep inside me. John kept me right on the edge for ages and I screamed as I came, my pussy contracting wildly.

“Mmmm, that was delicious” said John, lapping up my pussy juice. His tongue was resting on my sensitive clit. Jessica handed a latex glove and some lube to John. “He’s going to put his fingers deep up your tight little pink asshole” Jessica whispered. John’s gloved, lubed fingers carefully explored the rim of my anus. I had never done any anal play before, but it felt fantastic. I moaned my approval. The circular motion of his fingers slowly zeroed in on my sphincter, and slowly eased their way in. Jessica kept whispering her dirty words into my ear while massaging my breasts.

I could feel John’s fingers plunging deeper and deeper into my bum. He then curved his fingers upward towards my tummy, stimulating my g-spot. I felt sort of like I needed to pee. “Let it all flow out into my mouth” John said, seemingly reading my mind. My clit and asshole couldn’t take this much longer. I could feel another huge orgasm on its way. I totally lost control and squirted hard into John’s mouth, flooding it with my female ejaculation. John’s cheeks expanded a bit as his mouth filled up with my squirt, then contracted as he swallowed again and again. “Good girl”, Jessica whispered. “That was so fucking sexy baby”.

I was in a state of semi-consciousness but managed to sit up and start sucking John’s pre-cum leaking cock.

My hands caressed his massive balls, almost as big as oranges. Jessica was licking all around his shaft with her expert tongue. My mouth moved to those big lovely balls and Jessica licked and sucked around his cock head. She was obviously a brilliant cocksucker, John closing his eyes and moaning. Jessica took his wet shaft deeper and deeper into her mouth. She carefully worked it into her waiting throat as I stared in disbelief. Soon she had deepthroated him all the way, her nose resting in his pubes as he stroked her long blonde hair.

“Your turn” she whispered to me. There was no way I could deepthroat like that, but that was fine with me because I wanted him to cum all over my tongue. I flicked the sensitive underside of his cock head as he grunted his desire. I sucked his cock like a limpet and soon he moaned and filled my mouth with his heavy sperm. Jet after jet sprayed onto my tongue, filling my mouth faster than I could swallow. Jessica had anticipated this and was ready with a cup to collect any stray drippings. She caught the cum that was flowing out of my mouth and dribbling down my chin. “This goes in the freezer, the rest goes in our tummies, pussies and assholes” Jessica said to me. I would have agreed with her if I was not busy swallowing semen. John slowly pulled his still-hard penis out of my mouth, and Jessica French kissed me.

John escort bursa picked up some fuzzy pink handcuffs and Jessica obediently lay down on the bed, ankles up by her ears. John handcuffed her wrists to the bedposts, then handcuffed her ankles to the same bedposts. He then lubed up a buttplug and slowly put it up Jessica’s asshole. I was so turned on I jumped on the bed and straddled Jessica’s pretty face, my shaved pussy over her mouth. John’s cock, wearing a vibrating cock ring, looked ready to split Jessica in half. He eased the head of his pole against her sopping wet cunt, the head entering with a plopping sound. Jessica moaned, and I moaned too because she was eating my pussy out. Slowly but surely inch after inch of penis was ladled into Jessica’s slippery vagina. I still don’t understand where it all went, but I don’t think either of them cared. There was still about two inches sticking out when John had reached the limits of Jessica’s womanhood. That didn’t seem to deter him and he kept the pressure on Jessica’s cervix. His determination paid off as his cock slid all the way in, the vibrating cock ring now against her clit. I figured the only way his cock could be that deep would be if the head were actually past her cervix in her womb. Jessica’s muffled moans filled the room.

John leaned forward to kiss me and fondle my boobs. He gently touched my anus and caressed the rim with his slippery finger. Jessica was losing control and soon she was shaking against her restraints with her orgasm. “Mmmm baby your pussy contractions feel so good” said John. I was getting pretty close to orgasm too. John was just holding his cock still, letting the vibrating cock ring do all the work. After a few minutes Jessica had another orgasm and the wet patch on the bed was turning into a small lake. This continued for quite a while, with Jessica having orgasm after orgasm. After about her fifth one, John was getting ready to shoot his huge load. The contractions of her latest orgasm sent him over the edge, her pussy milking the sperm into her womb. It was such a turn on I had an orgasm too. Jessica was basically just a quivering mess at this point. John slowly pulled his sperm-covered cock out of Jessica’s twitching pussy, leaking semen onto the bed.

John unlocked her handcuffs and I started to eat Jessica’s lovely cummy pussy, greedily lapping up the copious amounts of semen and pussy juice. The sperm slowly oozed out of her. I couldn’t resist taking the buttplug out of her bum and putting it in her mouth. She looked so cute sucking on it, like a baby with a pacifier. I held her hips up to expose her sexy pink anus and slowly rimmed her while massaging her clit. My warm, wet tongue was slowly teasing her asshole and working its way up her bottom. I worked it all the way as far as it could go, Jessica whimpering softly. I had a perfect closeup of her vaginal contractions as she had yet another orgasm.

The rest of the afternoon and night is a bit of a blur because I was in such a delirious orgasmic state. I stopped counting my orgasms after 20. That night just seemed like one long orgasm. I remember Jessica and I getting carrots, vibrators, anal beads and buttplugs and of course John’s fingers up our bottoms. John kept cumming like a fire hose and I swallowed more sperm than I ever dreamed possible.

Needless to say, my job satisfaction has gone way up. The only problem is that some sperm samples have recently gone “missing”. Hmmm, I wonder where they could have gone?

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