The Spa Game Ch. 08

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Apologies for the slower previous chapter; we’re back to the spa and the joys thereof this time around. Note this is labeled group sex but not all parties are full participants this time.

Also this is a serialized story; it will be very hard to grasp what’s going on without reading previous chapters.

Chip key: Nickname, value, favor, color

Clouds: 1, Touching, White

Canaries: 2, Kissing, Yellow

Lipstick: 5, Oral, Red

Skies: 10, Sex, Blue

Grass: 25, Anal, Green

Doubles/Oranges: 25, Double, Orange

Fucked: 100, Forefit, Black


It was bright in the room when Cyn woke up and took stock. She was still in Keith’s bed and she smiled as she remembered the satisfying if not mind-blowing sex she’d enjoyed with the poker champion from the night before. He wasn’t present, but she could smell bacon cooking from somewhere in the apartment.

She hadn’t taken time to assess her partner’s apartment the night before, but in the light of day it could have been worse. For an apartment in the city given he didn’t have access to the resources she did, she guessed it was all right. The ceiling was a bit cracked and most of the fixtures and décor were at least twice as old as she was, but apart from clutter nothing about the smell or look of the place revolted her. She wouldn’t deign to live here, but somehow she thought it was fitting for a one-night-stand.

She rose and cast around for something to wear. She would gleefully tease him by walking out to breakfast naked, but there was a chill in the air and from what she remembered he didn’t have padding on his kitchen chairs. She eventually located a T-shirt that didn’t seem too filthy and she shamelessly rummaged in his drawers until she found a pair of boxers that at least felt like they were trying for silk and hugged her ass nicely; it seemed Keith was much smaller than her in that department.

She ducked into the bathroom to take care of some needs before wandering purposefully out to the kitchen. Keith’s outfit matched hers in style if not in specifics and he had a smug grin on that she guessed she could allow. He scored himself a ten last night, even if I was the one doing the choosing.

Keith was polite and a little awkward. She wasn’t quite sure if it was because he wasn’t used to the idea of waking up with a girl or if it was her specifically, but she thought it was cute all the same. He got some basic info from her, though Cyn left out exactly where she went to school, but soon he settled into his main interest.

“Where’d you learn to play?” he asked.

“There’s a group at school that’s into it,” Cyn said. “Though it’s more casual than last night. They invited me along and some of them said I was all right at it. I figured I should find out if they were just bullshitting me.”

“You’ve got good instincts,” Keith said, “You keep up practicing, learn to hide and read some tells better you could probably go pro.”

“That what you do?” Cyn asked.

“Mostly,” Keith said, “I do rideshare driving and odd jobs to pad out when I can’t find games, but most of my money’s from cards. Hold’em, draw, stud, whatever game I can find with money.”

“You go for any big tournaments?” Cyn asked as he handed her a plate of scrambled eggs with some crispy bacon on it.

“Can’t afford it. I make rent and food with the games I got, but buy-ins for the big games are five, ten large. I can’t swing that unless I’m definitely coming home with something,” Keith explained. “Your clothes are in the dryer downstairs by the way.”

“Thank you. Are you always this thoughtful?”

“Never had anyone stick around, to tell you the truth,” he said. “Poker doesn’t have a lot of hot chicks chasing after the winners. Had a few girls come with me from bars or somewhere, but most of them were gone by morning.”

“I’m a late sleeper,” Cyn explained.

“Right,” Keith said.

He seemed to run out of conversation topics at that point and with Cyn not volunteering much information they were left with semi-awkward silence until Keith went down to grab Cyn’s clothes. They weren’t in the best condition, but they were at least dry. Cyn dressed herself and left after noting his address. Fortunately, Keith was aware enough not to pry about her number or last name, though she could see he was hoping she’d offer it. She found it funny how a guy so confident and solid at the poker table was so awkward the morning after.


Cyn felt good about her performance at the tournament but she dove back into poker research when she returned to campus and continued it the rest of the weekend. Robin returned on Sunday and seemed pleased to see her, but she also seemed a bit more worn out.

“You all right?” Cyn asked her.

Robin just shrugged. “Couple of bad games, no big deal,” she said.

Cyn didn’t press, but she also didn’t fully believe her roommate. She started keeping an eye out for Sylvia or Bill but didn’t see either of them until Wednesday. Sylvia atalar escort bayan was headed to a class but promised to meet up with Cyn in the library again that night.

“What happened to Robin?” Cyn asked after they met up.

Syl shook her head, “Not a good weekend for her. She got upset at Vincent over something. When they showed up to the house things were already tense, and Carl looked like he was wearing his pants backward, he was so uncomfortable. Robin sat out most of the games that weekend but jumped in on the high stakes game Saturday night and…well she fell apart. I think she won maybe two hands. I started bidding on her chips just because I felt bad for her, and I think Vincent busted out of a couple of hands he shouldn’t have even been in, but he was trying to shield her.”

“How bad off is she?” Cyn asked.

“I know she’s got a few full sets of skies floating around. Kathy probably got at least two, but she would have traded them up. I think one of the others ended up with Purna, but she’ll just use them as buffer. I know Charles cashed in his set with her; they were busy last night, but it’s very possible she has a full set of grass exposed.”

“Vincent didn’t get any?”

Syl raised a mischievous eyebrow at Cyn’s wording. After Cyn rolled her eyes Syl said, “He probably did, but he ends up with her chips so often it’s hard to keep track. There are rumors he just gives them back to her sometimes, but given Vincent’s stance on the rules of the spa I doubt that. They aren’t a couple; they’ve both made that clear, despite the fact that if they were they could ask for threesomes from basically any breathing human.”

Cyn damped down a burst of annoyance at another piece of evidence that she might have been invited to the spa just to be part of Vincent’s harem.

“Does this mess up your plan?” Syl asked.


“Well I assumed since you asked me for her chips this plan you’ve been working on had to involve Robin somehow.”

“Oh,” Cyn acknowledged, “It just…changes the approach, I guess.”

“Be careful,” Syl warned. “A lot of people have ended up with bad favor situations trying to solve a vendetta at the table.”

“I will,” Cyn assured her.

* ****

Cyn brought a small bag with her for her second outing; she didn’t want to be wandering around with the same outfit all weekend, praying it didn’t get too wrinkled or fragrant to last until Sunday. Early on Friday she convinced Robin to go with her to buy the bag. Robin tried to act excited but Cyn suspected her roommate was just humoring her in the name of keeping her interested in the spa.

Carl welcomed Cyn back on the ride, but Vincent was mostly silent, simply acknowledging Cyn’s presence.

The house was already bustling with people when they arrived, and Carl was almost immediately mobbed for his banker duties before he reminded everyone the exchange was closed. The first game got underway a few minutes later.

It was another lower stakes game, though not as low as Cyn’s first time; the limit was up at thirty. The champion players, as Cyn was coming to think of them, all sat out. She shared the table with five other players and played conservatively for the most part. She made sure to bet on any antes with chips from Robin in them, but few of those came up. With the starting antes down around ten and fifteen, and based on Syl’s report from the last weekend, Cyn worried that Robin didn’t have any chips of low enough denomination floating around.

Since her main goal wasn’t panning out, Cyn started to focus on a different strategy. She only picked up on the opportunity after a few hands went by, and the possibility sent a little tingle down between her legs. She counted some things up quickly before focusing on the ante, which had just started totaling thirty.

“One lot, two skies and lipsticks from Steve,” Carl announced.

They were playing five card draw again and Cyn’s hand had three, seven, and queen of diamonds, seven of spades, and ace of clubs. Steve bet twenty to start and that scared a lot of the others off, but Susan stayed in and so did Cyn. Most people would have kept the pair and gone for another pair or hope for the third card, but Cyn had already done the math. Chances of her getting a third card were remote and another pair wouldn’t be enough to win. But the odds on getting two diamonds were worth it.

Cyn tossed in the spade and the club and fought hard to suppress her grin when two more diamonds slid into her hand. Steve dropped thirty as his opening bet and that scared Susan off. If Cyn could have raised, she would have, but Steve already hit the table limit, so she had to settle for simply calling. Steve threw down a mere pair of aces, and she heard Susan grumble at that, but she smiled as she presented her diamond flush to the dealer and raked in the available chips.

A few more uneventful hands later the two-hour break for dinner started and Cyn was on a ataşehir escort bayan mission. The first thing she needed to do was talk to Bill and Sylvia again. She found them up in the kitchen picking at desserts; since they hadn’t played in the game they’d been free to eat as soon as the food arrived.

“Look I know I’m coming to you guys a lot and I’m sorry,” Cyn started out, “If I’m annoying you just tell me to fuck off.”

“Not at all,” Bill reassured her and Syl nodded in agreement, “What’s on your mind?”

Cyn sighed. “So, I’m kind of enjoying the more dominant side you guys woke up in me the other week. How much do you guys actually explore that elsewhere? Like, do you still do basically nothing except in the bedroom, or is it more involved? I know Syl said she asks permission for things sometimes.”

“We’re…a little more into it outside of the spa,” Bill admitted cautiously, “Why do you ask?”

“If you’re willing, I’d like to practice with you,” Cyn said.

“Practice how? Or are you talking about the chips Syl has?” Bill asked.

“I just…I’d assume a more dominant stance, and I’d recognize Syl as a sub,” Cyn said, “Like now, how I’m only talking to you.”

Bill smiled. “I was wondering if that was on purpose. So you want to practice outside the bedroom as well?” he asked.

“I think so,” Cyn said, “I don’t know if I’d want to do anything like what you guys have, but I like playing around with it, especially with the both of you.”

“I’m okay with that,” Bill said. He seemed to want to say more but Syl touched his leg. He looked over and then nodded.

Syl leaned forward and said, “I like the idea a lot. But you have to respect how careful we are. People are okay with us roleplaying for sex, but I think a lot more people would be nervous if they realized we carried on with it outside the bedroom too. Particularly since my family is regarded as a bit more…established than Bill’s. We can get away with a lot of it since Bill’s the dom and most of our families are old school about women, but if people start seeing you order me around it’s going to be noticed.”

“I’ll be watching you for clues,” Cyn agreed, and though she meant both of them she directed her statement at Bill again.

“I think this’ll be fun, don’t you pet?” Bill said, his hand running down Syl’s back. She arched her back in response, thrusting out her chest, and Cyn could see Syl definitely seemed excited by it. “Did you want to ask about your chips?”

“Were you planning on using them?” Cyn asked in return.

“Very possible,” Bill said.

“I…may have another favor to ask when you do. If you don’t want to, that’s fine, but I can’t explain it right now; I’ve got another errand to run.”

“What’s the errand’s name?” Bill teased as Cyn stood to leave.

“I’m sure you’ll find out,” Cyn replied.


Cyn walked with purpose through the house in search of Robin, finally locating her on the second floor, stuck looking out a window. Her expression seemed troubled but Cyn ignored it.

“Come with me,” Cyn said, putting a small stack of chips into Robin’s hand.

Robin looked and saw eight white chips. Based on what Cyn had seen and heard, she thought those might be the only white chips of Robin’s left in the spa economy, and only because they didn’t add up to ten. Cyn let Robin look long enough to realize what she held, then grabbed her arm and started tugging.

“Um, Cyn, there were a bunch of bedrooms upstairs,” Robin pointed out.

“Yeah, but I only gave you those chips so you can help me with something,” Cyn replied.

“What, you want a hard surface for a massage?” Robin asked, and her despondent tone seemed to be going away.

“Something like that,” Cyn replied, thinking Robin had just given her a new use for the white chips if she didn’t want someone groping her breasts.

Cyn almost literally pulled Robin back to the ground floor and into the sitting room where, sure enough, Steve was sitting with his tablet and some food, all alone. He looked up when they entered. Cyn closed the doors behind her and locked them.

“Hi Steve,” Cyn said as she began stripping off her shirt, “Are you busy?”

“Um…” Steve stammered. Cyn had slipped her bra off before finding Robin, and her perky, full D-cups were now bouncing toward him. “No, I’m not doing much,” Steve said.

“Wrong,” Cyn said immediately, “You’re doing me.”

She dropped a stack of ten sky chips in Steve’s lap, then brought her other hand around and deposited a bunch of his white chips as well. “I brought Robin down. She’s going to help me out because your cock is no joke Steve. Robin?”

“Holy shit Cyn,” Robin said, “you know-“

“Steve has a huge dick? Yes, I do actually, I sucked it for him two weeks ago. Now, help me out because I want to be cumming on that cock before the next game starts.”

“Um…How?” Robin asked.

Cyn reached in her pocket avcılar escort for a travel-sized bottle of hand lotion and tossed it at her. “I just gave Steve the clouds. Cover his cock with that.

Robin still looked a bit stunned, but no more than Steve, who was looking back and forth between Cyn, the curvy blonde who was now bending in front of him as she removed her pants, and Robin, strutting toward him like a runway model, albeit looking more confused than coquettish. Cyn smiled as she saw Steve shifting uncomfortably, obviously effected by the mental and visual promises being made.

Cyn nodded toward Steve’s expression and Robin caught on, pushing through her own bafflement and playing on the guy’s nerves. “Oh poor guy, you must be getting uncomfortable from all this attention,” she said, “Why don’t I help you out?”

Robin bent down in front of him without kneeling. Her shirt was loose and low cut enough that her pose must have given Steve a clear view down her shirt. Cyn didn’t know if Robin had a bra on; she was perky enough she could do without if she wanted, but in this case, it probably didn’t matter as far as getting Steve excited was concerned.

Robin undid his pants and pulled them off a bit roughly in Cyn’s opinion, but it freed Steve’s organ well enough. He was already halfway to full mast from what she remembered, and she could see it twitching as more blood rushed to try to fill his massive tool.

“Let’s get you ready big boy,” Robin said, “You need to be a lot harder than this to get into that nice pussy Cyn has.”

Cyn watched Robin put a generous dollop of lotion into her hands. She started at the head of Steve’s penis and ran both her hands down the shaft, coating it with lotion. Steve tensed at the contact but didn’t stop the tall brunette as she massaged his cock to hardness.

Cyn used the scene as stimulation. As she watched Robin work on Steve’s cock, she sat her naked form down on another chair and started immediately plunging her fingers into her own sex. She’d already gotten herself excited thinking about this whole scene for the past hour or so ever since she figured out how many of Steve’s chips she’d ended up with. Cyn thrust into her own pussy with force and quickly added a third finger while rubbing her clit with her other hand; she needed to make a lot of room for Steve’s cock. At the same time, she made sure her arms framed her tits, thrusting them out for Steve to watch.

Steve seemed to be fully hard in short order; having Cyn masturbate in front of him while Robin gave him a hand job would be enough stimulation for anyone who found women desirable. Cyn thrust into herself and rubbed her own clit until she was right on the edge of cumming; she was hoping her first contact with Steve’s rod would also set off her first orgasm. Cyn stood and walked forward. As she got closer, she noticed Robin’s hands. The nearly six-foot woman had long fingers but they only barely touched when wrapped around Steve’s girth.

“You ready for this big boy?” Robin asked her. Cyn could see excitement in her eyes and her nipples were poking out against her shirt; she was as turned on by the scene as Cyn.

Cyn wordlessly stepped forward, pushing an ottoman in front of her. She moved it so it was in contact with Steve’s chair and had him side down so she could straddle him while standing. As she moved into position, she realized Steve’s erect cock almost met her cleft without her squatting down at all, and the thought gave her a thrill of fear and desire.

Robin did the honors and held him as Cyn spread herself open with one hand and braced herself on an armrest with the other. His cock slid a little way into her pussy, but she had to stop at the head. She was already spread wider than she’d managed with her hand, and the mix of pain and stimulation of the nerves was almost overwhelming, pushing Cyn even closer to her orgasm. Steve was obviously desperate for more; he started twitching in small thrusting motions, hammering his cock at the entrance to her sex. She felt Robin move up beside her and she looked up at the girl.

“Does little Cynthia need some help taking that big cock?” Robin asked her. Cyn nodded, desperate to cum but unable to focus, panting at the massive intruder between her folds and needing both hands to prevent simply falling on it. Robin reached out and rubbed Cyn’s clit fast, the lotion still on her hands letting her reach a speed that would have rubbed Cyn raw otherwise.

The pressure of Steve’s cock and Robin’s hand forced a wailing moan from Cyn as her orgasm burst through her. Cyn almost felt more frustrated from cumming as the pleasure washed over her and threatened to weaken the muscles in her arms and legs. Robin, possibly sensing Cyn’s predicament, moved and braced her hips while Cyn shifted her hands to Steve’s shoulders.

Steve was still only making small thrusts, the progress of his organ blocked as Cyn’s pussy worked to accommodate it. The extra juice from her orgasm helped, however, and soon his thrusts were pushing him farther in. Cyn moaned constantly as he progressed, her insides being forced apart and stretched to their limit as she slowly impaled herself. Her legs were mostly stable now and Robin moved her hands farther up, cupping and kneading Cyn’s tits, helping to increase her pleasure and create a flood of juices down where Steve’s rod split her in half.

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