The Sound of Heels

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My studio is in the north end of my loft where there’s lots of daylight and plenty of space for a large computer set-up, 3-d printer, flat files and so on. I’m a partner in an architectural firm, but can usually work from home. The past few years in my loft have been blissfully quiet since both the apartments upstairs and downstairs have been seldom used pied-a-terres.

That changed two weeks ago. The floors of my pre-war building are substantial enough to block most ambient sound, but apparently not the penetrating click of high heels. Back and forth, day and night, that new sound upstairs is annoying, of course, but it’s particularly distracting for a man like me who has a thing for heels. I love a woman in high heels. With heels, stockings, panties, garters, corsets, any and all types of lingerie, a beautiful woman can have me from hello. Maybe it’s a thing about lingerie and architecture, you know, support, structure, decoration, etc.

The ‘hello’ from upstairs came late one afternoon in the form of a slow dripping leak in my ceiling that was falling much too close to my computer. Someone was home upstairs, the heels were clicking, so I raced up there and knocked. After a little through-the-door introduction, the door opened.

“Hi, I’m Nancy, what’s up?” said a young woman who was not in heels, but still gorgeous. Nancy was a tall and sexy brunette dressed casually in jeans and a t-shirt.

“Oh hi” I said,” sorry to bother you, but there seems to be a leak coming down from your place at the north end of the apartment. It could be the radiator in which case I may be able to fix it if I could have a look. Do you mind if I check?”

“Sure, that’s my roommate’s bedroom. I think she’s about to go to work, just a sec.. Sharon?” she called down the long hall.” There’s a nice gentleman from downstairs who says your room is leaking and he wants to check you out, I mean check it out.” She winked at me. Cute.


“Coming” said a sexy voice, ” just let me slip something on..” A couple of minutes went by while I made small talk with Nancy.

“Sharon…We’re waiting”

The heels clicked back and forth and then headed in our direction.

Wow, I watched Sharon come down the long hall, working it like a pro on a catwalk. Tall, blond, and stunning, her hips swayed, the heels snapped, her long hair flowed back and the full red lips smiled, long legs moving as if she were in slow motion. She gave me enough time to take a long look. Above her five inch stilettos, her short silk dress was thin and flowing so that it beautifully revealed to my experienced eye the edges of garters and stockings and some kind of corset that pushed her perfect tits up and out, but left the nipples naked and erect beneath the caressing silk. When she stopped in front of me, I was enveloped by a rush of heady perfume and the unmistakable smell of wet pussy that made my head spin. What had this beauty been up to down the hall?

“Sorry to keep you waiting” she gushed as she took my hand. “I’m just getting ready for work, you know, a night shoot. Tonight it’s lingerie and that always gets me a little wound-up, so I was just trying to get myself pumped, I mean, you know, ready, when I heard Nancy call. I know you get the same way, don’t you Nancy? Sometimes I get a little out of control at those shoots if I haven’t, um, released some energy first! I mean it’s pretty wild to have so many watch me practically naked.’

She gushed on, but I hardly heard her except for the sexy giggles. I was too busy enjoying her wiggle her hips and play with her hair.

Nancy shot us a look and said, “Well, I’ll let you two check out the steam, I’ve got to change as well. Nice to meet you David. By the way, what do you do besides rescue maidens in distress?”

“I’m an architect and I have a home studio just below Sharon’s bedroom. Thus the concern about the leak.”

“Oh God, I forgot about the leak”, said Sharon. “Wow, so, a sexy nerd architect? I’ve always wanted one working under me. Imagine you, hard at work down there and I’m just dripping on you! I’m so sorry! Let’s go take a closer look. Follow me Mr. Architect.”

“Lead on.” I said and she glanced over her shoulder with a killer smile, a wink, and a giggle.

She led me like a drooling dog on a leash while I was stammering nonsensical small talk behind her. My god, what a stunning view, her dress’s hemline brushing over her perfect round ass, each rolling cheek showing the straps of the tight garters pressing flesh and the lower lace edge of her corset stretched under the fabric. When her dressed flipped up with each bump and grind, I could see that the top inner edge of her stockings were stained and wet with a bead of moisture collecting at the lace trim. No wonder she smelled so delicious. I seriously had to arrange my raging hard-on before we reached the bedroom door. Of course, Sharon turned around just as I did so. Her eyes went right to my bulging crotch, looking pleased by my reaction. Just another smile and a giggle as she pulled me in.

“Sorry illegal bahis about the mess”

Sharon paused in front of the huge floor length mirror opposite her bed to check herself out. I checked out the room, a room from my fantasy heaven. Lingerie and dresses were scattered all over the furniture, racks of high heels were visible in the open closet. The walls were hung with huge glossy fashion shots of Sharon, a number of which were stunning lingerie shots from lacey to latex. The bed was just turned down and I couldn’t help noticing a dildo sticking out from under the pillows and an open bottle of lube on the nightstand. For ‘releasing some energy’ before the show, no doubt.

Sharon let me take it all in while she primped in the mirror, running her hands over her luscious body in the pretense of smoothing her dress. She licked her red lips and smiled.

“Let me show you that steam, David. I think the radiator is over here on the other side of the bed. Come.” She took my hand. “Oh yeah, look at that, I think you’re right. That’s steam, right? Let me get a closer look.”

Sharon bent over at the waist with her legs slightly parted. I just about came in my jeans as I watched her dress ride up over the curves of that fine ass until her thong covered pussy came into view followed by the thin strap that stretched over the jeweled end of a buttplug. The tops of her thighs were glossy with cunt juice and a bead of lube rolled down from that beautiful toy. What an incredible sight.

She stayed bent over like that, teasing my brain to hell, and casually said, “Oh my god, yes, it’s really dripping down here. Do you think you can plug it with something? We’ll need something big I think.” She straightened up. “Come take a closer look, David.”

She let her breast graze my arm as I came over to the radiator and got down on my knees. The valve was dripping down and obviously leaking through the floor into my empty apartment.

“I just need to screw it closed, but the valve is very hot. Do you have a towel or something for me to wrap around it?”

Sharon handed me a bunched up silk chemise. “Go ahead”, she said, “It’s all stained anyway. Go ahead and screw it in for me, David.”

I gingerly shut the valve, wiped my hands on the sweet little chemise, and turned on my knees to find Sharon about a foot away sitting on the edge of the bed. All I could think of was that she was sitting on that pretty buttplug up her ass. Just to remind me she rotated her hips just slightly as she ran her fingers up her stocking thighs.

“Your good with tools aren’t you, Jason.. Did you see the steamy leak I’ve got here above my stockings?”

She was rubbing the dildo from the pillows over her wet skin.

“See right here, see I tried to plug it with this fat tool, but it just makes it wetter! And when I suck it I get very sloppy wet.” She licked the black rubber shaft and then sucked it in and out letting a thick bead of saliva drape from her curved tongue to its dripping tip.

What a perfect cockteaser. I stood before her with an aching bulge in my crotch as I watched her slide back against the pillows, pull up her long legs, and plant those nasty stilettos on the bed to spread her thighs. Her dress was bunched up around her waist.

“I think you like what you see, David.” She giggled. “I think we both like what you see, all that hot lingerie wrapping me up like pink candy. Take it out, show me what I do to your cock, I want to make it so, so hard.”

“Take a good look, you sweet little tease.” I unzipped and let me pants drop. I pulled out my raging hard-on while I watched her run that dildo up her stocking thighs, over the tight garter straps, and onto her wet satin thong.

She tapped the dildo on the jewel of the buttplug making her cheeks clench with little jumps.

“oh yeah,” she sighed as I stroked my dick, “mmm, nerdy architect boy has a nice thick cock, oh that’s hot, you’re so hard for me that it’s sprung right up flat against your abs. I haven’t seen a cock that eager since I was a school girl.”

She rubbed the dildo over her wet thong, “Maybe I’ll wear my old school skirt for you sometime while we play teacher. I like getting my white satin school panties smacked with a ruler while I’m bent across a desk. But maybe later, cause right now you’re going to pull my thong aside just like this and shove that big dick into my wet pussy just like I’m shoving this dildo in now. mmm” She pushed that fat toy all the way in, pumped herself a few strokes and then rose up on her knees until my cock was in her face.

“Give it!” Sharon grabbed my cock with her right hand as her left worked the toy in her cunt. She stared up at me licking my shaft as she rotated her fine hips. She worked over my cock with a sloppy suck punctuated with the sluttiest talk.

“mmm, so good, so hard, look at us in the mirror, that sexy slut sucking your cock so good. In the mirror, I’m like a porn star, right? Look at me, look at my photos, think about how you want to fuck me, which pose, illegal bahis siteleri which position, I’ll do anything you want, anything, just fuck me hard. But first, you’re going to come in my mouth, on my face, on my tits, I’m gonna suck your cock and swallow your hot cum. Give it to me!”

I watched us in the mirror as she got seriously busy worshiping my cock. Sharon moaned as she took it deep. She worked it with both hands, played with my balls while she swirled her tongue over the fat head. God, she was talented. Five minutes of expert sucking and nasty talk and I felt my orgasm building.

“Here it comes you hungry slut, fucking take my hot load!”

“Yes! Give to me!” She gasped. She didn’t pump it into her open mouth like a pornstar, she milked my cock with her mouth and hands and as I came hard she swallowed spurt after spurt letting the last couple of hot jets splash her face. She smiled up at me licking her lips as my come rolled down her chin. She pulled that dripping dildo from her cunt and rubbed it over her cummy lips, giggling and flicking the tip with her tongue.

“Watch me.” She slid of the bed and let her dress fall to the floor. She was so gorgeous in her tight corset, stockings and heels. “You like this, don’t you? She said as she ran her hands over her breasts and down the tight satin curves. Her eyes on the mirror, she turned and shimmied, “Oh yeah, my tits look really hot pushed together like this. Don’t you love my ass with these garter straps? I just live for lingerie and heels. I’d like you to see it all.”

Yes, I was mesmerized by her fine ass as she slowly walked over to the mirror especially with that incredible jeweled buttplug wedged in there, wagging side to side. My cock was already getting hard again which was clearly the effect she was after.

“Yes, baby, that’s right. I’m making you hard again, aren’t I? I going to make you rock hard so you can fill my pussy up, fill it with that big fat cock. Come fuck me, please fuck me like this.”

She stood facing the mirror watching me in the reflection. She licked the suction cup at the base of her dildo and stuck it on the mirror in front of her mouth. With her long legs spread, she arched her back showing me the thong pulled aside exposing her plugged ass and her open wet pussy. She spread her cheeks with both hands while she sucked on the bobbing dildo, face fucking herself in steady strokes. Her eyes were locked on mine in the mirror as I approached her, my throbbing dick in my hand.

I pressed up against her beautiful ass. My cock was in heaven sliding up her crack, bumping over the end of the buttplug, hitting the bottom edge of her corset. I reached around and squeezed her tits while she ground her hips into me. Oh God, she was so hot, moaning while she slobbered over that dildo..

“Let’s fill all your holes, you slutty little tease.” I slapped her ass and she whimpered, I took my cock head and rubbed it over her clit, tapped it, slipped it through her dripping crack. She arched out to get me in, but I only gave her the tip, bobbing in and out just an inch or so. She tried to speak, but I grabbed her by the hair and kept her mouth rammed full of rubber dick.

“Not yet, gorgeous. I’m going to tease you right to the edge, just like this until your pretty cunt lips kiss my cockhead like a hungry mouth with a rocking orgasm. Yeah, a little pussy tease until you’re really desperate. Too bad you can’t beg too well with your mouth so stuffed. Oh you look so good. I know you think so, I see you watching yourself. Look down as I slid my big cock between your legs so it pokes out in front of your cunt, almost like you have a cock of your very own.

That’s right reach down and stroke the slick head as it thrusts out just like your jerking off your own cock, push it up hard against your slit, yes good girl, fell it’s ridge bump over your hard clit. Come for me! Do it, come on my cock, you fucking slut!”

I rammed her face down on that dildo with each thrust of my hips until she was gagging and drooling, until I felt her pussy begin to twitch. I pulled her head back to hear her moan and beg. She didn’t disappoint me.

” Oh God, yes, I’m coming, ahh, please give me your cock I need it so hard and deep, fuck, fuck, fuck me now!” I gave it to her. It felt so awesome to push my cock into her grasping hole, so tight, so wet, sucking me in as I shoved it in balls deep with one relentless push. She pushed back to take me, gasping and grinding. I grabbed her corseted hips and pounded her, rutting into her with her face pressed up against the mirror, which was a mess of drool and lipstick. I grabbed her by the hair again and forced her mouth onto the dildo, which she took like a pro. Such a hungry cunt!

Moaning over the shaft in her mouth, she came hard, her cunt rippling over my pounding cock. I let her ride out the long wave of her rolling orgasm and then made her gasp and cry as I pulled out to turn her around for our first deep kiss. We were both on fire, writhing against each other. I savored canlı bahis siteleri the feeling of that tight corset as I ran my hands around her cinched waist, down over the swell of her hips, grabbing her ass strapped in bowed garters. Reaching down between her firm cheeks, I played with the buttplug, tugging and pushing it while she ground her hips against my stiff cock wedged between us.

“Yes, I need you to fuck my ass!” she whispered between kisses, “fuck it hard and fill it with cum. Make me take it!”

Sharon grabbed the dildo off the mirror and dropped into a silk armchair, leaning back with her ass right on the edge of the seat. What a beautiful sight she was, legs up and spread, the plug still wedged in her crack, the dildo now back in her pussy,

“Pull out my pretty plug and stuff my gaping hole with cock. Come on, do it, do it, baby!”

While she rubbed her clit with the tip of the dildo, I slowly pulled out the plug, watching it twist as the bulbous knob stretched her asshole on its way out. Sharon gave a little gasp as it popped out and another as I quickly pulled down my stiff cock and wedged its fat head just within her open gape.

“Wait!” she reached down and held my shaft still. “you’re so big, I need this” Pulling a little bottle of lube from the cushions, Sharon drizzled it over my pulsing dick with extra right where it was jammed into her hole.

“Now, baby, push it in, push it deep in my ass. Oh, yes, like that, so, so deep, uhn…”

God, she was so deliciously tight, tight but very ready after prepping herself so well. How long had she had that plug up her ass, all morning? Now I was really stretching her with one long push, all the way balls deep up her ass, a moment there and then some long full strokes in and out. Three inches out on the in stroke she held my hips steady. “Stay still and watch. ” She slid the dildo down from caressing her clit and rubbed it up and down her slit while she rotated her hips in small circles.

“My ass is so tight, I know, but I want you to feel me fuck my pussy with this fat toy, feel it rub your cock right through my cunt, feel my ass get even tighter with both my holes filled.”

It did feel like heaven as I kept still and let her work my cock in her ass. I could feel the thick dildo enter her pussy and slide, first with a quick in and out and then deep full thrusts as she began pounding herself with both hands at the base. Staring in my eyes as she worked it, she teased me more in between the gasps and flutters of little orgasms.

“oh, baby, so good, yes, I know I feel good on your big cock and I know I look good, don’t I? You like me all dressed up pretty while you fuck my ass. I have so much to show you, David, so much sexy lingerie, so many killer heels, I’m going to keep you hard forever. Maybe next time I could come down to your office dressed like a dirty secretary, all tight skirts and stockings bent over your desk for some deep dictation. Maybe I’ll suck another cute architect’s cock while you fuck me from behind.”

“I have everything you dream of David and more, like you know, since she’s the same size, I share everything with Nancy. I mean we share absolutely everything, David. But she has more leather and latex, I’m more satin and lace, like this. Oh, God, yeah, like this, oh yeah it makes me so hot to have you watch me fuck myself with your cock up my ass. I feel so slutty and full, but now I want you to really own my ass, pound it hard and make me come! Pound it!”

So, I began rutting her ass so hard and deep that she shut up and could only grunt and moan with the pounding. I held the base of the dildo against my groin so that it fucked her pussy on the same stroke as my cock in her ass. Slamming into her like a demented beast, I growled,

“Yes, you beautiful slut, keep me hard with your silk and satin til we soak it all with cum, til we rip it to little shreds.”

I grabbed the bottom edge of her corset with both hands and pulled her into me as I ground deep in her ass, which squeezed my cock in her strongest orgasm yet. Her head thrown back she was delirious with orgasms and I felt my own cum rise as my cock was milked in the impossibly tight mouth of her ass. Jabbing and grunting, I shot my load in long satisfying spurts deep in her ass again and again as she sucked it in.

I collapsed on top of her. We kissed while still panting from such an intense fuck. I slipped back and from below took in the sight of her ravaged, dripping holes. Sharon angled her hips to the mirror,

“Look, baby, watch your cum slip out of my ass, oh yeah, here it comes, so nasty, look!”

She reached down and scooped the drips running down her cheeks, rubbing my cum all over her cunt and ass, playing with her fingers in the beautiful sloppy mess of her crotch.

“I wish you had a camera, don’t you, David? I’m so pretty with your cum dripping from my ass. So… ” she giggled, looking in my eyes in the mirror. “I do have to find a camera, I mean, the cameras at work. I have to get to work after all, I was on my way before a handsome stranger came to check on my leak and look, I still have such a wet mess. I think you need to plug things up a little better next time. Look at this dripping slut!” She laughed and climbed out of the chair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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