The Somer’s Sisters Ch. 04

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Big Clit

Thursday night after supper, Tommy said he wanted to talk to Jane about Janey. He said how he thought she would want to do some modeling too. Jane listened and said she would call Janey on the phone and they could talk about it. Tommy said how she was coming over in about a half hour and maybe then they could talk.

Janey came into the kitchen and sat down at the table and she and Jane talked for about 45 minutes. Jane said how Sandy had called her earlier and she wanted to know if she was available for a shoot tomorrow night. “How would you like to come and watch and then maybe you could get a feel for if you would like to try it.” Janey asked if Tommy was coming and Jane said no it would just be her and Sandy’s son working together. Janey agreed and she got up and asked where Tommy was, and Jane said he was working out downstairs. Jane knew the two of them worked out sometimes and caught Janey in her little t-shirt and tight little shorts a few times. “Go workout with him,” Jane said thinking of an idea that might tease both of them.

Janey went down and found Tommy doing his routines and she told him that she was going to go tomorrow night with his mom and see if she might like to try it. “I have a feeling your mom is going to be pretty hot and bothered tomorrow night, she is modeling with a guy.” They both worked out and talked about how exciting all this modeling could be for them.

Upstairs, Jane put on her little nightgown which she’d just shortened even more. She went downstairs went into the gym room where Tommy and Janey were exercising. Both kids could not take their eyes off of how much of Jane was showing, the shirt barely covered her ass and she had no underwear on either. Tommy was getting hard and Janey was getting wet. Jane just talked a few minutes and then went upstairs.

“She is so beautiful,” Janey said.

Jane had called Sandy and said she was bringing someone and explained the whole thing to her. Sandy was fine with it and said, “There is enough work for all of us.” Sandy mentioned that she wanted to do videos with her and Shawn and wondered if Jane had any ideas. Jane said, “Why don’t we do a handjob to get him off quick them maybe a blowjob too but what might really work is how about if I ride him a few minutes and then do an anal shot and he can cum in my ass and you get video of it dripping out.”

“That is a great idea, I could do that with Tommy too if you don’t mind,” Sandy said.

Friday night, Jane and Janey walked into Sandy’s studio and Janey was surprised how attractive Sandy was, much like Jane she thought to herself. They talked a few minutes and Sandy explained some of the business to Janey. Sandy said that she was all set in room

when Jane was ready.

Jane and Janey went into small changing room and Jane handed Janey a small robe and said, “You can go put it on and watch the shoot rather than just wearing regular clothes.”

Janey trusted her older friend and striped naked and put on the robe. Jane commented how attractive Janey was when she was naked which thrilled the teenager to hear.

Both women went into room

and Janey saw a boy who looked like Tommy lying on his stomach naked. Sandy was there, too, with a video camera set up. Jane dropped her robe and started rubbing the boy’s back and thighs for a few minutes then told him to roll over. Shawn’s cock was sticking straight up and Jane was not even whispering because she knew Sandy could edit the sound later said, “You like it when I jerk you off don’t you, and even more with your mom watching,” and she slid her hands up and down his shaft until he started shooting thick globs of cum out of his cock.

Janey could not believe how Mrs. Somers could be so hot and yet other times so conservative looking. Shawn got up and washed his chest off, while Jane and Sandy discussed next video. Janey sat and listened, but she could feel herself dripping wet.

Shawn came back and lay down and Jane started rubbing his legs and then she started sucking him slowly. She pulled off and whispered in his ear if he wanted his mom to suck him too. Jane could tell how excited the kid was and she knew he would come soon. She sucked him and then tasted the salty cream going down her throat. Sandy had the camera a foot away as Jane milked his cock and some of the cum oozed down her face.

“OK Tiger, go wash up and then I am going to ride you and surprise you too,” Jane said.

Jane and Janey talked as Jane washed up and Janey said güvenilir bahis it was so exciting to watch as she took care of Shawn. Then, to Jane’s surprise Janey said, “When you came downstairs last night Tommy and I both wanted to jump you. I would love to watch you make Tommy cum.” Jane was still so turned on that she got even hotter thinking about what Janey had just said.

Sandy was in the hallway and said the next shoot would be in room
which had a large bed in it. Shawn was lying down waiting and Jane was dripping wet. She walked over to the bed and straddled Shawn and lowered her pussy onto his already hard cock.

She fucked him for ten minutes knowing that he would not cum too quickly having just shot twice already. Jane spread her ass wide so Janey could see and then lifted up and slowly lowered her ass onto Shawn’s waiting shaft. Janey had never even thought of the fact people do anal sex together. Jane slid up and down and knew how to press Shawn’s buttons.

With Sandy filming the scene right there Jane teased Shawn how she bet he would want to slide his cock in and out of his mother’s ass too. Even Sandy was getting turned on so much by how Jane could control the situation with right words at the right time. Jane could feel the hot goo shooting in her ass and Janey watched as she slid up and down Shawn’s cock and white cum oozed out of her ass. “I should make you lick me dry but I won’t sweetie,” Jane said.

To Jane and Sandy’s surprise Janey said, “I will,” and Shawn got up and Jane lay down and young Janey licked Jane’s ass and pussy. All the cum that came out Janey swallowed as she sucked Jane’s clit. Sandy kept filming as the young girl brought Jane to climax. Both older women were surprised how well Janey had done.

“Guess we know that you are going to do well in modeling,” Sandy said and they all laughed together.

“I would love to suck you dry too,” Janey said to Sandy. Sandy said that might be arranged soon. “I think I could do solo shoots like you did,” Janey said to Jane. “I am always teasing Tommy so I think I can do it.”

Sandy and Jane talked alone for a few minutes and both said that it might end up with each being with their own son’s and both women, although hesitant, also were excited about it. Janey, they agreed, would do well too.

“They pay a lot for double penetration video and we both could end up being with the two boys, I think I would rather go this way than strangers and I am not going to take that health risk,” Sandy said. Both women agreed they would stick with Shawn and Tommy.

Driving home Jane and Janey talked about what Jane and Sandy had discussed; them being with their own sons. Janey thought that this was more about making money for tuition and also not inviting health risks. “Yes, it is exciting too but it is also safe because we all know each other,” Janey said.

They rode a while longer and Janey said, “I have an idea. On Sunday mornings, Tommy and I usually workout downstairs. Why don’t you come down in that little night gown and let’s see what happens? We can all find out rather than have to go through awkward moments in front of Sandy. I know Tommy watches you all the time now so let’s see what happens.” They both agree and Janey said she would get Tommy ready.

Saturday Tommy and Janey got together and she told him everything that happened. At first he was surprised then he started getting excited thinking about his mother fucking someone his age who looked like him. They went down to the Mall for a while and then agreed to workout in the morning.

Sunday morning Janey and Tommy were downstairs working out. Tommy could sense something was going on, because Janey had on a little t-shirt and small white panties because she said she forgot to wash her regular gym shorts. Jane was upstairs and she had bought a blue t-shirt and cut it so it just was at her pussy. She could feel her wetness already.

Taking a deep breath, she went downstairs and entered the gym room. Tommy instantly started to get hard looking at his mother almost naked. Jane said, “So what are you guys up to.”

Tommy’s cock was straining his shorts and Janey said that they were just doing some exercises. “I bet Sandy has some exercises she would like to do with you Tommy. Why don’t you take off those shorts, they look so uncomfortable on you.”

Tommy slid his shorts off and his eight inch cock sprang straight up. “I talked to Sandy and she wanted to know if you would like to türkçe bahis work with her again. She has some video requests with blowjob and fuck shoots. Are you ready to fuck Sandy?”

“Maybe we should find out first before we go to Sandy’s and start without knowing if Tommy is going to like it or not.” Janey said.

“But how are we going to do that Janey?” Jane said. “When Sandy was stroking your cock the other night, did you imagine me doing it?”

Janey took off her t-shirt and panties and Jane took off her t-shirt also leaving all of them naked. “Maybe I should stroke your cock too, or what would you like, Tiger?” Jane said.

Tommy could not believe what was happening and without realizing it he blurted out he wanted to cum in her mouth. Jane lowered her head and started to suck his cock slowly, knowing he would shoot too soon otherwise. Janey moved and lowered her pussy on Tommy’s face. He could not believe how she was acting and also how wet she was…

Jane could taste the cum and then he started shooting his load into her mouth. He moaned and Janey rubbed her pussy even more on his face. Janey got up and as Jane straightened up she kissed Jane on the mouth and Jane still had cum in her mouth and Janey sucked it down her throat.

Tommy watched as both women kept kissing each other passionately. Tommy’s cock got hard again right away and Jane noticed it and teased him. “Do you want my pussy now, Tiger?” she said and lifted up and lowered her pussy onto his waiting cock. Jane rode him for ten minutes and then lifted up and lowered her ass onto his cock.

Janey whispered softly how Jane had been fucked in the ass Friday night and Sandy was going to ride him too. “Maybe I will ride you,” Janey said softly.

Jane said “Am I tight enough for you? Are you going to shoot in my ass and watch Janey suck me dry?” At that point Tommy started to cum and Jane felt the hot liquid shoot in her ass. Jane rode up and down slowly letting the white globs ooze out of her.

“OK honey, are you ready to suck me dry,” she said to Janey. She lifted off and Janey licked her ass and pussy for ten minutes finally bringing her to orgasm. Tommy watched his mother moan with pleasure as Janey sucked her clit. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Jane moaned.

Afterwards they talked and Jane suggested that they get cleaned up as she had errands to do.

For the next three days Jane and Tommy were back to how they were before Jane started modeling. It was as though nothing had happened in between. Work and school took up their time and they talked after supper like they used to do.

Wednesday night Sandy called Jane and they talked much like how Jane and Pam did. Both women were surprised how much they had in common and the connection was almost instant. Jane told Sandy what happened Sunday morning and that Tommy was ok with him and her being together.

Sandy said she did a shoot Monday night with Kathy Peterson taking the pictures and it went very well. “Actually it went so well that Shawn had come down unexpectedly and he was watching me pose and he asked if we could do a video together. Kathy is pretty liberal but I could tell she felt a little awkward until Tommy and I did a handjob scene with him and she pretty much loosened up.”

Sandy then went on to say that the Adult Web Site Eros has asked for a ton of photos and videos of all of them. “They mentioned using their own male models but I said we were not interested and that is fine with them, so we have a chance to make a small fortune here.” Sandy then asked Jane if Saturday morning she might be available to do some work and Tommy be available, too.

Jane said that Saturday would be fine and asked, “What kind of shoots are we looking at,” to which Sandy said that she and Jane would be with Tommy and Shawn and for the usual stuff, and a lot of hardcore videos as well.

“Kathy is going to do all the camerawork so I can get a chance to free me up for more work. Both women agreed to meet at about 10:00 on Saturday morning. Sandy told Jane to remind Tommy not to wear himself out in the meantime and both women giggled.

Jane came home and found Tommy watching a movie and told him about Saturday and he got excited right away like a little kid in a toy store. “Oh! Sandy says no jerking off until we do shoots on Saturday so you can be up to being with two women.” Tommy blushed and Jane was glad he still has that quality about him.

Saturday morning Jane drove to Sandy’s and güvenilir bahis siteleri on the way she told Tommy that Shawn was also going to be there so she hoped he would be alright with that. Tommy said he thought it was going to be like that sooner or later and he already knew what Shawn looked like from the internet photos.

They pulled into parking area and went inside where Sandy and Kathy were waiting. Kathy was about forty two and very petite at barely 5 ft tall. Sandy told Tommy to go back and put on a robe in the room she had left for him. Sandy, Jane, and Kathy talked about what they were thinking of doing. Sandy asked Jane’s advice because she had such a way of knowing what worked well in these shoots.

“I was thinking of having both boys on the bed and we give them a handjob at the same time. First I would jerk them both off and then your turn would be next. They are like rabbits at this age so they recover quickly.” All three women giggled when Jane said that. “I think the next scene we can ride them and maybe switch to anal before they cum,” Jane said.

“How about having both at once?” Sandy asked.

“I have to see if I can do it and if it hurts it will ruin the whole shoot. Next week I will try it at home and see how it feels,” Jane said.

Tommy went into the changing room and there was Shawn sitting in a short robe like the one Sandy had left for Tommy. They introduced themselves and the chemistry between them was much like how their mothers first hit it off. “Your mom is so hot,” Tommy said. “She jerked me off with her nails sticking into me and it hurt and felt so good at the same time.”

Shawn said how he sucked Jane’s pussy and had to swallow twice because she was so wet. Both boys also became aware that there was an attraction to each other, too. There was a knock on the door and they went out and Sandy told them they were to lie down and Jane was going to kneel between them and give them a handjob.

They both lay down and Jane got on bed and started stroking both boys and she teased Shawn saying his mom was going to see him cum in her hands. She only had to stroke a few minutes and both boys shot their cum into Jane’s hands.

After about ten minutes Sandy took her turn and it took a little longer but both boys came in Sandy’s hands too. “Let’s take a twenty minute break,” Jane said and the boys went into the bathroom to wash up. The three women talked and Kathy was getting excited which Sandy took as being funny because Kathy was not sure if she could do the video because of the sex and the boys involved. But now she was getting into it more and more.

Tommy and Shawn lay on their backs as Jane and Sandy mounted them. Jane was on Shawn and Sandy was on Tommy. They rode them for twenty minutes and then Jane lifted up and slid Shawn’s cock up her ass. Sandy lifted up and did the same with Tommy. It took only a few minutes and both boys started shooting into their partners. Jane stroked Shawn slowly up and down as his cum dripped slowly out of him. Sandy did the same with Tommy.

Afterwards both boys went and washed up and Tommy said, “I wonder what it feels like to have hot cum shoot inside you?”

“Maybe we should ask them if we could do a scene together,” Shawn said.

As they were driving home both Jane and Tommy talked about keeping things in perspective and knowing that this part of their lives is exciting how but the time will come to end the modeling. Tommy did not want to bring up the fact that he was thinking about he and Shawn doing a scene together. He was a little afraid how his mother would react.

Back at Sandy’s Studio she and Kathy were going over some of the scheduling when out of the blue Kathy asked if she could maybe do a shoot or two. Sandy smiled and asked her what she had in mind. Kathy said she could pose solo if she could use Shawn or Tommy to direct her posing to and then she might like to work with the boys too.

Sandy agreed and thought she was a very attractive petite girl and would get much interest from the studios. After Kathy left, Sandy asked Shawn how he felt about Kathy joining and Shawn was very receptive to the idea.

Tuesday night Sandy called Kathy wondering if she was still interested in working with Tommy and Shawn. Kathy again said she was very interested, and Sandy said, “Let’s see about Thursday night if I can arrange it.” Sandy also asked what Kathy was interested in doing and she said she had bought a little outfit and also wanted to do a scene with both boys together if possible.

Sandy said she would try and arrange it for Thursday night. Shawn was available so she called Jane and explained about Thursday and Jane said Tommy also was wiling to come in.

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