The Skylark Solution Pt. 03

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Big Tits

This is a continuation of The Skylark Solution.

Reading The Skylark Solution Parts One and Two will give you much needed context for this story.


Carter: my nearly forty-year-old husband.

Skylark: Carter’s cousin, who is pregnant. She came to live with us in Part One where she and I established a sexual connection. In Part Two Carter and I both welcomed her into our bed.

Isabella Emily: A wife, a writer, a pervert, a pleasure seeker, and your humble escort through this story.

If you’d like to read more about Skylark, Carter, and myself and our relationship please let me know in the comments or reach out in a private message.



From Part One

Skylark came up beside me and lay down with her head on my shoulder. Her hand found mine and we clasped them together. We stayed like that for a long time, the three of us covered in sweat and each other’s cum and not even noticing.

Eventually Carter stirred and pushed himself up on his elbow. He reached out and touched Skylark’s cheek gently.

“What are you thinking about Skylark?” he asked in a soft voice.

She smiled in the nearly dark room. “I’m thinking that I should have moved here years ago.”



The three us of stayed together on that big bed for a long time. We were in that perfect post coital zone of relaxation.

A physical exhaustion, an emotional satisfaction, and a sexual satiation, all combined with the comfort of the bed, the gathering dusk outside, and the awareness that this new erotic situation we found ourselves in wasn’t a one-time thing. We each knew that there were more physical sensations to be explored together.

I closed my eyes and savored the closeness I felt to both Carter and Skylark. I loved them both dearly.

Carter was an adoring and romantic husband, with a great sense of humor and an ability to make me feel protected and safe, yet free to live life as I wanted and needed to. As a bonus he’s also an insatiable pervert, with a taste for kinky play and exotic pleasure. He and I are a perfect match.

Skylark is someone I’ve known since meeting Carter’s family all those years ago, but over the past few months we’ve become incredibly close. We share a perverse and profane sense of humor, as well as a love for horror movies, classical music, and antiquing.

Feeling a bit emotional, as often happens after a particularly satisfying orgasm, I rolled over in that big bed and snuggled close to Skylark, pressing against her from behind. I reached over her drowsy body and laid my hand upon Carter, letting my fingers tangle in his chest hair.

Skylark pushed back against me with her ass, grinding against me softly. I nuzzled my face against her neck and felt the bed shift as Carter moved closer to the two of us.

I opened my eyes and saw that he was laying on his side, facing Skylark. Her eyes were closed, and he and I made eye contact as his hand began to softly caress her baby bump.

She let out a deep and contented breath, and I slid my fingers around to her breast and kissed her neck. She moaned as my fingers found her nipple, and I felt Carter’s hot breath on my fingers as he pushed his tongue against her sensitive flesh.

He started licking and kissing my fingers and her entire areola while I softly rubbed her nipple, feeling it stiffen against my finger. I moved my mouth to her ear and slipped my tongue against the lobe as I blew against her with my hot breath.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as she reached back to tangle her hands in my hair.

Taking a fistful of her hair I pulled her over onto her back, staring at her pretty face for a brief moment, before lowering my lips to hers. I felt her mouth respond to mine and I closed my eyes in pleasure as she pushed her tongue against mine.

I could taste my own cunt on her mouth, and suddenly sparks of fresh arousal exploded in me as Skylark’s fingers pinched one of my nipples. I opened my eyes and took a deep shuddering breath, seeing her hand wrapped around Carter’s cock.

He wasn’t hard anymore, his erection having abated in post orgasmic bliss after pumping Skylark full of his sperm. He was pumping his cock slowly back and forth in her hand while continuing to suck on her nipple. I leaned over and took her other nipple into my mouth while sliding my hand down to her thigh.

Her hips began to rise and fall gently as my fingers danced along her inner thigh, and I felt her fingers tangle in my hair again as she began to tremble with need. I touched her pussy and felt how hot and wet she was. I wasn’t sure if she was still aroused from our earlier play or had become that way again, but I knew what she was craving.

We’d let the genie out of the bottle by welcoming her into our sex lives, and her body was desperately trying to catch up on the months that she’d been deprived. I moved my mouth to the underside of her breast and sucked the flesh there, biting her gently as she began to buck against bahis firmaları the bed.

I moved down to her thighs, wrapping my arms around them for the second time that day and inhaling the intoxicating scent of her arousal mixed with Carter’s cum. I knew we would be playing again later, so I saw no reason to make this last.

I pushed two fingers into her inflamed pussy and fastened my mouth around her clitoris and began to suck. I heard her utter a stifled moan and realized that Carter was kissing her while I chased her next orgasm with my tongue.

I slid my fingers up to her stiff clit and pushed my tongue into her hole, tasting the delicious blend of her flowing arousal and Carter’s cum. I growled in lust and attacked her with my fingers and mouth.

It didn’t take long, and I realized that Skylark was one of those women that has each orgasm make the next one easier to have. One of her hands was busy clutching Carter’s cock, and the other pulled my hair as my mouth pushed her over the edge.

“Mmmmmmmffffmff!” she moaned against Carter’s mouth, as her hips gyrated against the mattress.

I gripped her thighs as tight as I could, determined to keep my mouth in contact with her pulsing clit as she thrust against me.

As suddenly as it began her mini orgasm began to subside. I continued to gently tongue her through the rest of her contractions, staying with her until she sank completely limp onto the mattress beneath her.

I kissed each of her inner thighs, before moving up to kiss her baby bump, the underside of each breast, her collarbone, her neck, and then her lips, before laying down next to her again and snuggling close.

“Oh damn,” she whispered, “that was so nice.”

“We aim to please.” Carter said with a smile.

“No one should ever get out of bed horny.” I added.

“Well I need to get out of this bed soon.” Skylark said. “My bladder is full and I feel like I need a shower.”

“First one up has to make dinner. Those are the rules when we fuck in the afternoon.” Carter told her with a smile.

“I think I can handle that.” Skylark grinned. “Seems like the least I can do for an afternoon of pleasure that I needed so badly.”

“Let’s all shower and then I’ll help you.” I told her, rolling off the bed and heading for the master bathroom. I paused in the doorway and made eye contact with Skylark, jerking my head to indicate that she should follow me.

I turned the water on and then turned to find Skylark in the doorway.

“Should I shower in the guestroom?” she asked.

“You can if you’d like, but you’re more than welcome to shower here with us. Your soap and shampoo are still in here from before anyway.” I told her.

“Well there is plenty room for all three of us.” She said, indicating our extra large shower stall.

“Sure. We could all shower at once and not even end up touching each other.” I replied. “Not that that sounds like a fun way to get cleaned up.”

I tossed her a hair tie as I put my own hair up and stepped into the hot water. I left the shower door cracked for Skylark, who paused at the toilet to pee.

“Don’t worry about flushing!” I called. “Your cousin the plumbing genius has it set up so it doesn’t affect the hot water.”

I heard the toilet flush and then Skylark was in the shower with me. There’s something I’ve always found incredibly intimate about bathing with someone else. I’ve never really been able to put my finger on it but I suspect it has something to do with it being an activity that’s mostly done in private.

I squirted body wash onto my loofa and motioned for her to turn her back to me as the shower door opened and Carter looked in.

“Room for one more?” he asked.

“That depends.” I answered. “Do you plan on getting an erection and waving it around at both of us?”

“Of course not!” he answered with mock indignation. “I’m a gentleman!”

“That’s certainly a disappointment.” Skylark said.

“No kidding.” I replied. “You can come in anyway. But for the record, we were sort of hoping for a little bit of cock waving.”

“A little bit of cock waving at the very least.” Skylark chimed in.

“Well let me earn my keep then.” Carter said, taking the loofah from me. “Both of you put your hands on the wall and assume the position.”

“Are we under arrest?” Skylark giggled as we both complied.

“You’re both being detained for aggravated seduction of a gentleman.” He told us as he began to lather up my back and legs.

“If the punishment is something kinky I’d like to go ahead and plead guilty right now.” I said, wiggling my ass at him.

Carter finished scrubbing my back and legs, and as I rinsed off, he moved to Skylark, pouring more body wash onto the loofah. Soon her back was soapy, and Carter had knelt and was soaping up her legs.

“Well I plead not guilty!” Skylark declared as he worked. “What’s more I demand to see the evidence against me. Or at least have it read back to me like a sexy story.”

He kaçak iddaa paused long enough to give her a sharp slap on her ass before standing up, which caused her to squeal with delight. He started to scrub her arms which were still over her head and against the wall of the shower.

“Being a mouthy defendant will just anger the judge.” He told her.

She turned around and faced him while the hot water rinsed all the soap off her.

“You have no idea how mouthy I can be.” Skylark told him, reaching out and tickling his penis playfully.

He put the loofah aside and began to lather her breasts with his hands, being gentle with them as he gently worked the suds all around. Lifting first one breast, and then the other, he washed underneath them and then moved his hands to her protruding belly.

“I might be able to see my way clear to letting a certain amount of mouthiness slide,” he said, “as long as you have a character witness to help persuade me.”

Skylark and I were both clean now, and we turned our attention to Carter. I began to clean his back and Skylark soaped up his hairy chest. We worked together, starting at his shoulders and moving down to this legs and feet, before moving back up his body to wash his arms and hands.

Skylark sat down on the built in shower bench, and leaned over to give his cock a loving kiss.

“I think you need a good cleaning down here Carter. Your cock smells and tastes like cunt.” She whispered.

“I’ll happily plead guilty to that accusation.” he said.

I then joined her at his front and using the handheld showerhead and lots of soap we gently washed his balls and penis, taking our time and gently rubbing every inch of his sensitive skin to make sure he was clean, and afterwards to make sure we’d rinsed off all the soap.

His cock had started to stiffen again, and I let Skylark gently stroke it back and forth while I began to massage his balls. He closed his eyes as we played, each of us enjoying the feeling of his genitals in our fingers as his arousal grew.

As his cock reached full size I took a firm hold of his balls and pulled him close to me. Skylark still held his cock in her soft hand.

“First things first,” I told him, “we need something to eat and then we’ll see what comes up after dinner.”

He grinned and turned off the water, before leaning over and giving me a passionate kiss. He opened the shower door and stepped out, grabbing towels from the towel rack. He handed me a towel and I in turn handed it to Skylark, leaning over to give her a soft lingering kiss as she took the soft towel from me.

I followed Carter out of the shower and took another towel from him, and the three of us dried ourselves in comfortable silence. Moving back into the bedroom I pulled on a pair of panties and an oversized t-shirt, before heading to the kitchen.

Before long Skylark had joined me and we put together a salad and some finger sandwiches, while Carter loaded the coffee pot and set it percolating. It had started to rain outside so instead of using the back deck we sat around the coffee table in the living room.

Carter put a few logs in the fireplace and the crackling fire combined with the sound of rain on the roof provided a nice cozy atmosphere. It was dark outside, and the only light in the room came from the fireplace.

Skylark was dressed similar to me, wearing panties and an oversized pajama top, while Carter was wearing nothing but gym shorts. He and I were often naked at home before Skylark moved in with us, and now that our relationship with her had changed we were each loving being able to eat without being fully dressed.

We ate in a comfortable silence, each of us processing the way our relationships with each other had changed in the past several hours. When we were nearly finished Carter went into the kitchen and returned with hot coffee for each of us.

The three of us moved to the floor in the front of the crackling fire. We sat on cushions and leaned back against the couch, resting comfortably with our shoulders touching, Carter and I on the ends and Skylark sitting between us. We sat watching the fire and sipping our coffee.

“It’s probably sort of weird,” Skylark ventured, “but I’d like to thank you both for what happened this afternoon. I needed it almost as badly as I wanted it. I appreciate you both being so generous. And helpful. And sexy.”

“It’s definitely weird.” I told her. “But you’re very welcome. I can’t speak for Carter but I for one enjoyed being generous with you very much.”

“Oh I did as well!” he proclaimed. “In fact I’m very willing to be generous in that way anytime you need it. Or even if you just want it.” He grinned at her, and she broke into a beautiful smile and blushed.

“I certainly don’t want you to think that I expect it to happen over and over again.” Skylark said. “I don’t want to disrupt your marriage or your lives.”

“Skylark,” I ventured, “if I recall correctly one of the things kaçak bahis you said you wanted was to be able to experience the kind of sex you wanted more than once.”

Without making eye contact with me she acknowledged what I said with a nod of her head.

“That makes sense,” put in Carter, “because getting the most out of any sexual encounter involves getting to know what you can do that they enjoy, and learning what they can give you that you like so you can take advantage of it.”

“Sky, remember this afternoon?” I asked. “After you had a few orgasms and right before I had my first one? I told you to trust me because I was a pervert and a degenerate?”

Carters eyes got big and he glanced quickly at me. I knew he’d been wondering about the exact sequence of events that had happened between his gorgeous cousin and his wife. When he’d left for work that morning we’d been finishing breakfast and talking about what kind of dinner we should plan for Saturday night. Nine hours later we were sitting out by the pool together, naked and horny and practically begging for his cock.

“I remember,” Skylark giggled, “although at the time I had no idea how much of a pervert you really were.”

I smiled in the dark room. “Oh my dear Skylark, you’ve hardly begun to scratch the surface of my degeneracy. But as much as you’re comfortable you should listen to what Carter and I think about this. We have a bit of experience when it comes to sexual pleasure.”

“And I should add, and I’m sure I speak for my horny wife as well, that we want you to be comfortable. If we cross some sort of line just tell us and we’ll back off. We may be perverts, but we don’t want you to feel any pressure here.” Carter said

“I think you both know things that I don’t,” Skylark said, “and I’m sure you both have more experience. But I want to be careful about your marriage and your relationship. I don’t want to be the one that crosses a line here.”

“Neither of us will hesitate to let you know if that happens.” Carter said softly, reaching out and giving her knee an affectionate squeeze.

“So if you want to go further, or when you want to go further, just let us know, together or just whichever one of us you want to spend more time with, and we can go from there.” I told her. “There’s literally nothing that will shock or offend us so you can ask about anything or bring anything up. If we’re uncomfortable with it we’ll let you know, and if we’re into trying it we’ll figure out how to try it together.”

“I do want more.” She whispered. “I’m positively dripping right now just thinking about it.”

Carter put an arm around her neck and let his hand slide down until it was inside her pajama top. From the movement of his hand and her sharp intake of breath I knew he was gently rolling her nipple in his fingers.

I reached over and slid my hand up her smooth thigh, and when my fingers reached the crotch of her panties I began to push them against the slick fabric. I involuntarily moaned, feeling the fabric become wetter and wetter as my fingers moved against the sheer material. Within moments my fingers were positively drenched, and her panties were slick with her arousal.

“Oh fuck.” I said quietly. “Carter she’s absolutely soaked. This poor lady might be the horniest woman I’ve ever touched.”

My fingers began to rub her wet lips slowly though her sopping panties, and she closed her eyes and shuddered. Carter pushed his face against her neck and kissed her tenderly.

“What sort of ‘more’ do you want right now?” I whispered with my lips against her ear.

“What you said earlier,” she struggled to get her trembling voice under control, “about getting turned on by giving pleasure. That’s the same for me. I got more than I gave this afternoon. Now I’d like to change that.”

I took my wet fingers and drug them along her smooth inner thigh. She took in several deep breaths and I stared at her beautiful face.

Carter moved his mouth to her ear and I saw his tongue snake out of his mouth and sensually lick her inner ear. I felt my body respond to the sense memory of feeling him do that to my ear.

“What sort of pleasure do you want to give?” I asked her, my own voice trembling with lust.

“I want it to be your pleasure.” She said, looking deep into my eyes. “I want to taste you again.”

I felt my belly clench with lust, and I closed my eyes as she leaned over and kissed me. I felt her tongue push into my mouth and lick against my teeth, and my heart began to pound and I suddenly felt hot and dizzy.

The next few moments became a blur.

Skylark moved away and began to kiss my neck.

Carter was suddenly kissing me and sucking my tongue.

I felt Skylark’s hands on my bare skin as she reached under my shirt.

Carter lifted me onto the couch.

Someone pushed my thighs apart.

I felt a mouth on my inner thigh.

Someone grabbed a fistful of my shirt and tore it from neck to naval, exposing my swollen breasts to the dark and cool room.

Both nipples stiffened in erotic anticipation.

A log settled into place in the fireplace.

The fire crackled at the same instant I felt a mouth on each of my breasts.

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