The Shower

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Having decided to spend a weekend away together we journeyed to a log cabin in the mountains. It was quite a long journey and we were in need of food and freshening up on our arrival. It was quite cold in the cabin so you went to the log shed to get some logs to set the fire while I prepared some hot soup and warmed the oven ready to bake a pizza. We put some beer and wine in the fridge ready for later and prepared for a long weekend of love together.

Feeling a little sticky I start to undress ready for a shower in the en-suite cubicle, while you work the fire up into a warm cosy glow.

I enter the shower and stand under its refreshing flow as my hair becomes wet around my face and the steam fills the booth. I start to make lather with the shower gel and rub it all over my wet naked body. As I am doing so you enter the room and see my silhouette through the clear steamy glass and as you watch me lather my breasts you start to feel excited and undress yourself. You see me pausing for a while as I am obviously enjoying washing my crotch and your excitement is raging within you. Unable to contain your lust any further you throw open the door to the shower cubicle and step in.

Turning me round you press me back against the wall and place your lips heavily on mine plunging your tongue deep inside me as you pin me to the wall. You rub your hands up and down my body seizing my breasts and pinching my nipples between your fingers. Your hand reaches down to finger my wet soapy clit and you rub firmly making me groan and writhe with anticipation. I feel your finger slide inside me, one at first, then two as you turn and twist them inside me moving güvenilir bahis them rhythmically up and down feeling for my most sensitive spot as I start to cream from within.

My feelings of desire grow so strong, I want you inside me as I feel you press your hard dick against me, teasing me, as I long to feel you inside me. You tease and make me wait, as the kisses get deeper. Then you pin me to the wall with one arm as you thrust your hard weapon inside of me pushing it deeply to the hilt. Fucking me hard and deep like a raging beast I feel the thrust so deeply my eyes water. I am powerless to resist as you have your hands against mine, holding me against the wall. I writhe with delight pushing my breasts hard against you so that you can feel my erect nipples against your chest.

The kisses stop and you start to nibble my shoulder and I kiss your neck. As you work harder and faster and deeper, I am totally lost in the passion and the feeling of you ramming inside me. Unable to control myself I bite on your neck, sucking until you scream. I feel your deepest thrust and every throb of your dick as my muscles hold it tightly within, milking you for all you have. Unable to contain the intensity of the passion any longer, I cry out as you shoot inside me and I feel your come hot inside me. A hot glow engulfs me and I tremble as I orgasm. Our wet juices combine filling me to overflowing so that they run along your shaft and down my inner thigh. You fall against me as you recover your strength still inside me.

I whisper breathily to you ‘ I love you’. Then you withdraw. The water runs over our bodies now highly sensitised. I squeeze out some türkçe bahis shower gel and lather it between my hands before I start to wash your balls and between your legs and your arse. You do the same to me, lathering my wet pussy. I wash you outside then my finger penetrates you stroking you inside. Meanwhile, with my other hand I wash your shaft pulling and squeezing. I wash the tip seductively as I nuzzle your neck and you start to get hard again. Your passion is unstoppable.

You reach out of the shower booth and take hold of the cord of my bathrobe bringing it into the cubicle. You take my arms, raising them above my head and bind my wrists together with the cord before tying them to the shower head. The warm water runs down over my breasts as you start to flick my erect nipple with your tongue. You nibble as you suck and your hand works its way down to my clit, which is still pulsating from my last orgasm. I am so aroused already that I writhe with pleasure. You work your way down my body, still fingering my clit and you tease my navel with your tongue. The tickling sensation is almost agonising and I scream as I am helpless to stop you.

You place kisses and lick my belly as you work your way down my body holding my thigh with your other hand. I want to move my hands to hold you and tug at your hair, but I am bound and cannot move. As your mouth moves closer to my crotch your hands move, one holding my buttock and the other starts to feel around my anus. Your tongue flicks teasingly on my outer lips and I want you so much. Your tongue starts to flick my clit as I feel your finger slide inside my ass. I feel like I am going to burst güvenilir bahis siteleri with pleasure. You engulf me completely with your mouth, causing a vacuum as you suck at me, fucking me with your tongue. Then I feel your teeth gently nibbling on my inner lips. I push myself to you, grinding my clit against you. No longer able to control myself I release my come into your mouth letting out a powerful scream as the orgasm completely takes over me.

You are consumed by the desire to have me, and stand up wiping the come from your lips. Your dick is hard and erect and ready. With my wrists still bound above me to the shower head, you lift my leg and support it over your hip as you plunge yourself into me once more. Fucking me hard and deep and out of control. You plunge so deeply into me I feel as if you will go right through me. With a mixture of pleasure and pain I grip onto your shaft as if I want to hold you inside me forever. Your hand supporting my leg firmly tightens on my butt as the other feels my breast. The passion is too much for me I want to explode, I want to grab hold of you and I struggle my hands in frustration. You have control and you fuck me hard and fast. Unable to withhold any longer, the most powerful climax overtakes me and I squeeze you so hard as I contract, I siphon your milk from inside you. You scream. I scream. We are overcome by the intensity of it all. You fall against me and kiss me lovingly and passionately, as you reach up and release me from my bondage.

My arms flop onto your shoulders as we embrace and kiss under the warm flowing water as you gently withdraw. I run my fingers tenderly through your hair. Then still kissing me you pull me backwards out of the shower cubicle. You guide me lovingly to the bed, still wet and glowing from the experience. We flop down onto the bed and embrace each other, feeling spent and worn and blissfully contented.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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