The sex villains

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The sex villains 

The kidnapper: 

He kidnaps random girls into a van, drugs them, undresses them and uses their panties as gags. He has black hair, pale skin and brown eyes. He is good looking which is how he lures them into his van

The planner: 

He plans which girls to use and how to use them. He also has black hair and pale skin though he has blue eyes. 

The reenacter:

He searches the Internet for sex stories and pornography to reenact with his next victim. He has dyed blue hair blue eyes and pale skin. 

Together they are the sex villains. 

Day 1 in metropolis. 

Which girl this time planner? 

The red head. She has a tendency to get horny easily and her parents are always out of town, currently her parents have just left and plan to be gone for a 6 month cruise. 

Perfect says the reenactor. 

Who uses her first? Asks the kidnapper. 

All of us, kidnapper you will be first
… The plans are talked over

The red heads point of view

No tiffany I am daring myself to be by myself all night. I know this will be the first time but there’s a first time for everything just worry about yourself, k bye. 

I looked around my bedroom. My house is so lonely. My parents left this morning and won’t be back for 6 months. They told me to invite Tiffany over to stay for the next 6 months but I need me time too. I decided on going for an evening walk around the park. 

I look at the small playstructure my parents took me to when I was little. I lingered around the slide. How my dad used to stand here and catch me. 

Suddenly bursa escort I am slammed against the slide. Scream and you die threatened a tall pale man. He had a knife pressed against my throat. 

I kept quiet. The park was empty considering it was 8 o clock. 

The man pressed a dirty rag against my nose and I passed out. 

The kidnapper

The red head passed out quickly. I carried her to the van. I opened the very back door and laid her down and climbed in after her. I closed the door behind us. 

I undressed her lingering on her sexual instruments. I stuck a finger in her pussy. Already broke her cherry I see i say. 

I remove my finger and shove her panties in her mouth. I take the handcuffs and attach them to her hands then to the ceiling. I then take some rope and tie her ankles together and then attach the rope to the floor. 

I climb into the front seat and drive off to the mountain lair. 

Red head. 

Agh I try to scream but I can’t. I’m gagged by my own panties. 

And naked. 

And a cock tickling my anus. 

Good morning sunshine says a man under me. He is naked and holding me up only millimeters above his cock. 

I try screaming again but its no use. In? He asks. Alright he says and he positions his cock and he lowers me. It hurts anal, but i moan in response anyway  He pushes further in. 

I try my hands but only realize now that my hands are raised and chained to the ceiling along with my ankles. 

You can probably release the panties now kidnapper another man enters the room and says. He removes my panties bursa escort bayan from my mouth. That man I notice Is naked. So is another man who enters the room after

Who are you i manage to say before the first mans cock enters my mouth. Suck it slut you know you want to. 

I do actually. I am the schools biggest slut. 

As for the question, we are the sex villains. Extra large cocks, we kidnap women, you have surely heard of us. Anyway I am the planner, the man impalling your anal at the moment is the kidnapper and the man behind me is the reenactor. 

The reenactor holds up a tablet showing a porn video. It’s of one women and three guys. The women is riding one man cowgirl style in her anus. She also has a cock in her mouth and a cock impalling her pussy over and over again. 

Nooo you can’t rape me, I haven’t done anything wrong. Especially not to you. 

No you haven’t you just had the misfortune of crossing our path. Now the reenactor says and the kidnapper lets go of me and I completely bottom out on his cock. Aargh!!! I scream. I hear groans all over the room. Someone turns a light on. 

Good morning ladies we have a show for you. 

There are many women in small cages along the walls of the room. The cages are only just big enough to lie down in. The cages are stacked on top of each other. 

Every woman in the cages are naked. Each women i also notice has a slight bump on each of their stomachs  they are all pregnant. The reenactor goes to one women and squeezes her tits. ohhhh she moans. 

I continue to suck on the planners cock. I feel him getting escort bursa close. Just then the kidnapper lifts me up and let’s go. Thrusting him in and out over and over again. The planner pulls my hair and starts face fucking me. He spurts his cum down my throat gagging me. I spit some out but he gives me that look that says do you really want to do that?

I gradually swallow all the cum just as the kidnapper cums in my ass. 

The planner takes his cock out with a pop and places it in my pussy. The kidnapper switches with the reenactor underneath me. 

With one shove both at the same time the planner and the reenactor both shove their cocks deep and hard inside me. Ooohhhhhhhhhh I moan in ecstasy. I am stuffed with cock. 

The kidnapper goes to my mouth and places his cock there. I immediately start sucking. 

All the while one women rolls out of her cage and over to us. She squeezes my tits and whispers in my ear “it will all be ok this will be my second and if I can survive you can”

I think about that. 

How long will I be here. 

She goes back to her cage and closes the door. 

Suddenly an organism hits. 

My body spasms violently. Cum pours out of me like water. My pussy squeezes hard on cock. 

Then the planner the reenactor and the kidnapper all cum at once.  

Cum fills all my holes. In my pussy I feel semen leek to my womb. 

I fall backwards and the reenactor catches me. The sex villains all remove their cocks. 

In the corner I see a secluded cage by itself. Its the same size as the others. 

The reenactor carries me over to the cage and pushes me onto the floor. He rolls my cum covered body into the cage and closes the door. You belong to us now he whispers. 

And I believe it. 

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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