The Sex Files Ch. 1

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My name is Todd, I’m 19 and play the guitar in a local neighbourhood band. There’s four of us and we’ve been playing together since we were 16 and we play local fairs and at clubs and have played our towns annual July 4th Picnic for 2 years now. We practice every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we hardly ever miss a practice. One of the best parts of our rehearsals is Eddie, the lead singers sex tapes.

I should explain that we are from a fairly small, mid-western town. My dad died when I was ten and me and my mom and my sister were always very close. Deb, my sister is a freshman at a college two states away. She was brilliant and earned a scholarship and was probably going to be a doctor. I went to the local college, with my friends and worked in a gas station part time to earn extra pocket money. We weren’t close to being rich, but my dad had made sure he bought enough insurance that we would never lose the house.

Mom is a hairdresser, which may not sound like much but she does pretty good with her tips and she’s been there so long she has a special deal with the owner where she gets a percentage of her work.

Anyway, my mom is still a very good looking woman. She’s 40 but she’s still one of the best looking women in town. She’s tall and still thin. She has beautiful blonde hair and a sexy butt that I’ve often noticed when she wears her tight jeans. Her boobs are nice too, not to big but big enough to make you look at them. Mom is conservative though and I’ve never caught her walking around naked or semi nude, not that I haven’t tried to peep. She also hasn’t really dated since dad died. She had one boyfriend for a while but that didn’t work out and I couldn’t remember anyone else.

Well, now you now about my family. Back to Eddie’s sex tapes. For about a year now, Eddie has discovered tapes that his mom had made of her having sex with various men. She has a bit of a reputation and is disliked by many of the married moms in our town. They live in a trailer park and people refer to her as white trash and other bad names. I know Eddie is sometimes embarrassed by his mom’s antics and I think that’s why he shares these tapes with us.

For the record, Janette (Eddie’s mom) has been nothing but nice to the guys and especially to my family. Mom considered Janette a good friend and often got angry at the people in town who judged her. We all had the hots for her also. Whenever Eddie discovered a new tape we would watch it on Friday nights. We practiced at my house because I had the biggest basement and it had heat in the winter. I also had a big TV in the den and those home movies looked great on it. The other reason was my mom played cards every Friday night and we had the house to ourselves usually from 8 till midnight.

One of the guys would usually bring some pot on our special video nights and we’d practice from 7 to 9 and then watch the video. We were all friends since grade school and often we would all whip out our hard cocks and jerk off while we watched Eddie’s mom having sex. She was average looking, I guess she was pretty. Her body was nice and rounded in a good way. She had a full ass but not fat and she had big tits with big, dark nipples. She also had a pretty hairy vagina and big lips down there. I’d seen enough adult video’s to compare and I also wasn’t a virgin.

If I had to guess, I would say Eddie had brought over maybe 25 videos over these past two years. It’s not like his mom fucked 25 guys during that time. Often the same guy would appear in the videos. Maybe she had 7 or 8 different guys in that span. The best video to date was her sitting naked in a chair and two guys, one on either side of her feeding their dicks into her hungry mouths. Of the men, a couple seemed above average in size but one guy in particular was huge and that video was really hot also.

She really seemed to love fucking in front of her camera. So when Eddie showed up Friday and with a wicked grin he pulled the video from his bag and said it was a real fresh one, from last Friday night he said because he saw a guy drive up as he left for rehearsal here. We only made about an hour of practice and we decided to clean up and get to the video. It was only 8:30 and Mike was passing around a joint and we were drinking the beers that Billy had brought. It was Eddie’s mom in the shower and it was very sexy watching her lather up.

Billy stood up and unzipped his jeans, he was the horniest of the bunch and usually the first to reveal his 6″ erection. Now I’m not gay, I’ve never touched another guy, but I do bahis firmaları like when we all haul out our cock and balls to jerk off. I also like it because I have the biggest one in the group though Mike’s is much fatter then mine. Eddie’s is like Billy’s. Mine measures almost 8″ but its not as thick as Mike’s and Eddie’s. After Billy had his pants around his knees, the three of us quickly followed.

The camera followed Eddie’s mom as she walked naked from the bathroom to her bedroom in the trailer. There was another naked woman on her bed. In all the video’s, I had never seen Janette with another woman. I guess everyone was thinking what I was, who was the other woman? We watched, passing the joint and stroking our erections in between. When the woman on the bed rolled over, she was also naked, my jaw dropped. It was my mom laying there naked. “Shut it off!” I stood, my long cock pointing to the ceiling.

“No way!” and “Sit and shut up” were some of the responses I got. Much to my own amazement, I didn’t give much more of a fight. I sat back down.

The ladies were soon kissing and touching and my mom seemed to really like sucking Eddie’s moms big boobs. The man holding the camera pointed it down at his enormous cock. Longer and fatter then mine. There was music playing rather loudly and you could barely hear there voices, I was able to hear the mans voice saying “That’s it Connie (my mom), lick that lovely pussy” and there it was, right in front of me… my own sexy mom licking Eddie’s sexy moms pussy. It was red and wet already and it looked like this wasn’t the first pussy mom had pleasured.

I swear I had never cum with such force. My cock just started shooting off and my cum blasted all over my chest. The guys looked away from the screen for a minute and over to me and my shooting cock. They seemed as amazed as me at the amount of cum shooting from my dick. When it was finally over I was breathing heavy but I was still turned on as Eddie’s mom was now moving in to do to my mother as my mother had just done to her.

Billy then did something none of us had ever done, he stood up and stripped naked. We all just stared for a minute. “I’m sorry, this shit is way too hot” he said and then like we always do, the four musketeers, we joined him. Four 19 year-old guys with erections, jerking off to two of our mothers doing it. It was odd, with our cocks out only, the couch never seemed too small. Now, all of us naked, it seemed very crowded. I guess it was because our naked legs were touching. Before the guy in the video even made an appearance, we all had cum. We stopped the tape and we all went to clean up and get another beer. We were pretty buzzed from the two joints we had smoked and were now drinking our second beer.

Eddie came into the kitchen where I was washing my hands in the sink, it was weird because we were both naked. We’d all played high school football together but being naked in a locker with 40 guys was definitely different then what was going on now.

“Your mom is really sexy” he said to me, I smiled and nodded because he was absolutely right. I told him the same thing about his mom. Then he blew me away when he asked me if I ever thought about fucking my mom. I told him the truth, that I had imagined it sometimes. Then he asked if I would ever fuck her if I had the chance. I laughed and told him that it would never happen. He seemed to be thinking about something and was looking across the room.

“If I told you something, do you promise to keep it between us? I mean no one could know, not even the guys” I looked at him and told him I would never betray a trust between us. Then he took a deep breath, “my mom has sucked me a few times” he said and turned away uncomfortably.

I asked him for details and I tried to hide the fact that I was turned on by his confession. He told me that he even sucked the cock of one of mom’s dates. He was relieved that his last statement hadn’t offended me at all. I told him I was curious sometimes about that too. All of a sudden I felt his hand on my cock… not pulling or jerking it, but just fondling it gently. I jerked away at first but hadn’t stopped him. Soon I had an erection. Then we were interrupted by Mike’s loud voice saying he was putting the movie back on. I told Eddie to go on ahead and I would be out soon. I waited for my erection to go away a bit and rejoined my three naked buddies in the living room. I checked the clock and saw we only had an hour left before my mom returned.

On screen it was obvious the camera had been set down kaçak iddaa and it zoomed in on the mystery mans oversized cock as mine and Eddie’s mother gave it a world class blowjob until it looked ready to explode. It didn’t however and he proceeded to fuck Janette doggie style. All of us had full erections again but were stroking more slowly now because we didn’t want to cum too soon. We were all saying crude things and Billy made mention how my moms pussy, covered in a thin blonde fleece looked so sexy that he would kill to fuck it. Mike said he loved it too and would definitely lick that pussy for hours. We made comments on how hot it would be to fuck Eddie’s mom between her tits just as the mystery man pulled his cock out and came all over Eddie’s moms round, sexy ass. My mom was right there to take some of his large load in her mouth.

That’s when I felt Eddie nudge me and I looked over to see that Billy was stroking Mike’s cock. Eddie took this as a sign that it was okay for him to stroke my cock. I reached with my left hand and soon we were stroking each other’s cocks as my mother and Eddies were reviving the large cock with their mouths.

“Oh My…. what the hell are you boys doing?” My mother was standing in the doorway with an understandably shocked look on her face. Walking in on her son and three of his friends stroking one another’s stiff cocks while she sucked a cock on the larger then life TV screen had to be some sight. We all tried to cover up as she walked into the center of the room and stood there with her arms crossed, looking at us now and not saying a word. I could tell her nipples were hard because they poked out from her sheer blouse. I wondered what kind of trouble I would be in?

It was amazing how the four of us all seemed to lose our erections in those few, endless moments. “Have I stepped through the door and entered heaven?” my mom broke the stunned silence. She did something next that would change our lives forever. She stood in the middle of the room and as she began unbuttoning her sheer blouse, she told us that the real thing was much better then watching it on TV. The look on our faces was almost comical, shocked we watched as my sexy, 40 year-old mom removed her blouse, then her snug jeans were pulled down. Her bra was next and as she unclasped it and let her boobs free, the action on the TV was forgotten. She stood there in her tiny, black panties and a pair of white sox. She sat on the coffee table in front of us and said she wanted to see the lovely cocks we were hiding. I had never heard my mom curse so hearing her say the word cock was a surprise.

Slowly I think we all realized we were in for something special. Mike stood up and offered his cock to my mom. His erection was returning quickly and mom took it in her mouth and began to suck it. Billy realizing there was a blowjob to be had stood next to Mike and mom seemed at ease handling the two young erections in her face. She was licking up and down the length of Billy’s cock when he moaned and his cock erupted. Mom quickly pointed it towards her tits and he exploded all over her hard nipples. They seemed to get thicker and harder and they looked really sexy.

Eddie looked at me and smiled as he stood in front of my mom next. She took his cock and Mike’s and held them so the pink, swollen heads touched. She took both crowns in her mouth. I looked down and eyed her panty covered pussy. On screen the guy was now fucking mom’s blonde pussy. I fell to the floor and worked my way between her legs. She didn’t even look down as I pulled the wet crotch of her panties aside and looked at her pussy. I was inches away from the passage that I had come through when entering this world.

The very first thing I noticed was that she was dripping wet. Then I noticed how large her clit was, neither of my lovers had a clit half the size of hers. I just dipped my head closer and inhaled her scent and my cock began to throb. She had blonde hair that was fine and silky although some was matted down with her juices. I leaned even closer and she seemed to open her legs wider for me. I thought about the reality of it, I was about to eat my own moms pussy. I stuck my tongue out and heard her muffled moan when I made contact with her clit. Then I just went for broke. My tongue danced over her clit the best I could. Then Mike moaned, almost howled, and started cumming on my mom’s face and tits. She pointed his cock at her tits and as I continued to eat her Mike stepped away. In a moment it was dripping down her belly, along with Billy’s cum and I watched kaçak bahis the thick, whitish cum drip closer to my tongue.

Mom was going after Eddie’s cock with determination now and I was licking and sucking her juices which were really flowing now. Then I felt mom rubbing my erection with her leg and I just shot off, all over the place. My cum sprayed with even more force then my first load. Some of it hitting mom in the leg but most of it spraying all over the carpet. Then mom started to cum. I almost paniced when she bucked her hips and slammed her muff against my mouth. But I kept my mouth attached to her clit and rode her out as her orgasm seemed to last forever. Eddie also started cumming but this time mom kept the squirting cock in her mouth and took it all in.

Mom stood and leaned down and kissed me and I tasted Eddie’s cum on her lips just as I’m sure she tasted her juices on my lips. “Thanks boys. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did!” and she began gathering her clothes and then said goodnight and headed up the stairs. The TV was blank, the home movie apparently over.

We were all pretty quiet, in shock still I guess. Mike started to get dressed and so did Billy and Billy asked him to give him a ride. I sat back on the couch, exhausted and Eddie sat on the opposite end making no move to get dressed. Mike and Billy smiled and thanked me and thanked Eddie for bringing the video. My eyes were half closed as I heard the front door open and close. I heard the shower running upstairs. I looked at Eddie and asked him if this is what he and his mom did. He told me “sort of” and moved a bit closer to me. “Hey, you’re the only one who didn’t get a blowjob,” and he looked down at my soft cock. “I know, the host always gets jipped” I joked. He leaned down and in a moment I felt his hot tongue on my balls. “Mmm, I love the way a guys nuts taste,” he said. I closed my eyes and sat back and enjpyed a pretty good blowjob from Eddie.

He used his tongue to lick all around the shaft and would suck hard on the head once in a while and pump my shaft which was wet now with his spit. I guess because I had just cum for the second time a few minutes ago I was able to last for a while but Eddie didn’t seem to mind and he kept right on sucking. He seemed to be getting better as he went along and he swallowed maybe 4 or 5 of my 8″. “Oh Eddie, I’m gonna shoot” I moaned. I expected him to do what every girl who’s ever sucked my cock did, and that was clear the way. Instead he took me deeper in his throat, he pumped my cock with his right hand and I unleashed my third load of the day right down his throat. It was pretty intense, my toes curled and everything. When Eddie was sure my balls were empty he simply kissed my cock and stood up.

I opened my eyes and there it was, level with my face. He had a really impressive cock. It was thick and the head was really big as were his hairy balls. He had a thick vein running up the shaft and I could see it throbbing. I couldn’t resist, besides that, he had just taken the time to give me an excellent blowjob… I guess I owed him one.

I sat on the edge of the couch as he stood in front of me. I held it in my hand and was surprised that my fingers barely made it around his girth. A droplet of precum came out of the hole and I rubbed it around the purple crown. I inhaled the musky smell of his nuts and found that I liked it. I kissed the head, then let my tongue slide out over it. I liked the way he tasted. I have to admit, I liked the way my moms pussy tasted much better but this wasn’t bad at all. I started tentatively but soon I was working the head and a couple of inches of the shaft into my mouth. I made sure to move my tongue around a lot as I sucked. Unlike me, he didn’t last very long. When he announced he was going to cum I had a moment of panic before deciding I would return the favor all the way and swallow his load. He really blasted my tonsils and I guess my inexperience combined with his huge load had his cum overflowing my mouth and dripping down my chin. I pumped his shaft until I was sure he was completely drained and then I let his cock go. All in all, I had liked giving my first blowjob.

Eddie dressed and took his video and left shortly after that. I went up to my room completely drained. Moms door was closed and I guessed she was sleeping by now. I sat in bed and recounted all that had happened over the past 4 hours. I wondered if Eddie and I would repeat our oral activities but more then that I wondered what would happen between mom and I from this point on. I fell asleep wondering how good her pussy would feel wrapped around my cock, or her lips. The next day was Saturday and I wouldn’t have long to find out what lay ahead for mom and me.

To Be Continued…

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