The Seminar

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Katherine stifled a yawn. “Methods For Soliciting The Attention Of Your Legislators” was a difficult subject to make interesting at its best and the current speaker sure wasn’t the one to make it interesting. She would be boring to listen to if she were addressing the group on the subject of sex. Katherine giggled inwardly at the thought. It wasn’t likely that the state library would sanction a seminar on sex regardless of the amount of interest.

She and John, the chairman of her local library board, were attending a two-day seminar on the very subject being expounded at the moment. So far she had doubts as to the value either she, the board chairman or her library in general were going to realize from this trip but there was still another day to go.

“Thank you for your attention. Are there any questions?” said the speaker, at long last.

As expected there were none. The seminar organizer, a representative from the state library office, then stood and announced that the social hour would be at 5:30 in the large meeting room and that dinner would follow immediately after that. The audience gave an almost audible sigh of relief as they rose and left the auditorium. As she and John left the room they were joined by Maureen, director of one of the library systems in the eastern part of the state, and Craig, who worked as an administrative assistant in the office of one of the local state senators.

“Why don’t you guys join us for Happy Hour?” asked Maureen.

Katherine glanced at John who said, “Sure. That sounds like a good idea,” and they proceeded together into the lounge area of the center.

Maureen did not look like the average persons mental picture of a librarian. Tall and shapely, she practically exuded sex appeal. She was dressed in a low-cut dress which revealed an enticing view of the tops of her obviously voluptuous breasts and was wearing shoes with heels just high enough to accentuate the calves of her legs. It was fairly obvious that Craig was interested in more than just her abilities as a librarian.

Katherine, on the other hand, didn’t dress to attract the attention of men or of anyone else. She was most of the time dressed in slacks or long skirts. She didn’t wear makeup. But she walked with a sensuality and grace that was alluring to men, some of whom recognized the sexiness but couldn’t define it. She was confident in herself and didn’t really feel the need for artificial enhancements to her appearance. She didn’t know it but John thought her the sexiest woman he had ever seen.

The four of them went to the portable bar and they each selected a glass of wine, Craig got a beer, and found seats at a table near the door to the restaurant. While they were seated, enjoying their drinks, Katherine was surprised to feel a tentative foot exploring her foot beneath the table. She assumed it was Craig, maybe searching for Maureen’s foot and a little off target.

They visited over a couple of drinks and then went to the restaurant where they also found a table to accommodate the four of them. Dinner was good, about what you could expect at a convention center and was accompanied by a couple more glasses of wine for each of them.

“I have an idea,” said Craig. “I have a bottle of champagne in my room which I was going to take home with me but why pendik escort don’t we go up and share it?” The four of them seemed to be enjoying each other’s company and conversation so they concluded that Craig’s idea was indeed a good one.

“Everybody bring along your wine glass because all I have in the room are those plastic cups for using mouthwash,” Craig said, laughing.

“I need to stop by my room for a few minutes first,” said John. “I have to make a couple of telephone calls.”

“Me too,” said Katherine. “Give me about 20 minutes.”

Craig handed John one of the coded cards used for a room key and said, “No hurry. Just come on over when you are ready.”

As it turned out Craig’s room was directly across the hall from the two rooms Katherine and John were occupying. John went into his room and made his telephone calls. He then removed his suit coat and neck tie, freshened his after shave lotion and called Katherine on her cell phone.

“Meet you in the hall?” he asked.

Katherine agreed and a couple of minutes later they were at the door to Craig’s room. John slipped the key card into the slot and they opened the door. Katherine gasped as she saw Craig and Maureen entwined together on one of the beds. Maureen’s dress was bunched around her waist and both her panties and bra had been removed. Craig’s shirt was open and Maureen had her hand in the front of his pants.

“Boy! These guys don’t waste any time, do they?” John said to Katherine as they quickly stepped inside and closed the door.

Katherine turned to John, her face beet red with embarrassment, and said, “What should we do?”

John said, “We were invited in for a drink of champagne so let’s have one. The bottle had been opened and the four glasses had all been poured. Two of the glasses had apparently been drunk from but only a little. John and Katherine picked up their glasses and turned to watch the amorous couple who were now almost totally naked and who apparently knew exactly what they were doing. John and Katherine sat down side by side on the other bed. Maureen turned so that she was lying across the bed, her thighs spread wide, her smooth shaven pussy glistening with the juices of desire. Craig positioned himself above her, grasped his cock in his right hand, and rubbed the head of it against the swollen lips of Maureen’s pussy. He then very slowly sank himself into her depths. All this was happening just in front of John and Katherine who sat side by side on the adjoining bed.

Katherine was stunned! She didn’t disapprove at all. She enjoyed sex herself but other than a couple of XXX rated videos she had seen she had never seen other people fucking in her presence. She had also never seen a shaved pussy before and that was as startling to her as the act she was witnessing. She didn’t even shave her legs, for Heaven’s Sakes! Craig and Maureen were apparently totally unmindful of their audience as their fucking increased in pace and intensity. Maureen’s ankles were crossed at the small of Craig’s back and he had his knees braced against the bed, his legs slightly spread so that the view of their fucking was clear to John and Katherine. Katherine was aware of her own pussy beginning to moisten as the eroticism of the scene grew. As she turned once more to üsküdar escort look at John he kissed her on the mouth, his tongue exploring. She found herself returning the kiss.

Everything suddenly seemed to explode in Katherine’s mind. All at once it seemed the only thing important to her was to do something about the fire that was suddenly burning in her. Some of the things John had said to her in previous weeks now made sense to her and she realized that the exploring foot she had felt at the bar was not Craig flirting with Maureen at all. It had been John flirting with her and she now knew he had been flirting with her for weeks. She kissed him back passionately as they tore at each other’s clothing. She broke a fingernail tearing at the buckle of John’s trousers while he was pulling at her skirt and slip, pulling them down over her hips and to the floor, taking her panties with them. Katherine kneeled on the bed, now totally naked, and told John to lie across the bed so that she could straddle him and still face the couple on the other bed. She was hypnotized by seeing the intense fucking which was increasing in tempo as

Craig and Maureen continued the ascent to their climax.

Katherine swung her leg over John and guided his cock to the entrance of her now dripping pussy. Without pausing she thrust downward with her hips, sinking John’s swollen cock all the way with one motion. She began thrusting at him, pushing backwards on the down stroke so that the top of his cock rubbed against her throbbing clitoris. She usually required a lot of clitoral stimulation before she could come but this time she knew it wasn’t going to take long. The intensity of the moment, the sight of Craig and Maureen fucking right there in front of her, the realization that John had been wanting her, the wine she had drunk; all of this plus the incredible feelings of John’s cock deep within her made her know this wasn’t going to take long at all.

John suddenly grasped the cheeks of her ass and held her tightly as he began fucking up into her with increased speed. “Oh, God, Katherine! I’m going to come in you! Oh, Katherine!” And with that he thrust upward and she felt the first spurts of his semen deep within her. She gasped as her own climax overtook her and seized her and shook her like some sort of wild animal. They both froze for a moment, clasping each other as two people might who realize they are drowning together. She heard the unmistakable sounds of a sexual climax coming from the other bed as Craig and Maureen reached their own peaks. She had never had a sexual experience which came even close to this. She collapsed atop John who hugged her to him in a passionate embrace.

The four lovers disentangled themselves from each other and looked around themselves, still surprised at the intensity which had overtaken them all. Maureen was the first to break the silence.

“Well,” she said, laughing, “that certainly was fun!”

Katherine saw the humor of the situation and said, “We must get together more often,” and she giggled happily. She turned to John and reached out and stroked his cheek. “Who would ever have known?” she asked.

Katherine and Maureen excused themselves to go into the bathroom and Craig got up and refilled all of their glasses. He and John anadolu yakası escort sat beside each other on one of the beds. When the ladies returned they retrieved their glasses and Katherine sat, naked, on the other bed while Maureen sat on the floor between the feet of the two men. She sipped at her champagne and eyed the two now limp cocks just in front of her at eye level.

“It looks like we have a pretty well matched pair here, doesn’t it, Katherine?” She sat her wine glass on the floor and reached and took one in each hand. “Not much good for anything in this shape, though,” she laughed. She bent forward and kissed the head of each cock in turn. She rose to her knees between the two men and leaned forward enough to take the head of Craig’s cock in her mouth, fondling John’s cock in her hand as she did so. She began sucking on Craig’s cock, taking him almost all the way into her mouth. As it began to respond to the sucking she turned and did the same for John who also began to show a response.

“Mmmmm,” she murmured as she moved from one to the other taking each deeply into her mouth in turn.

Katherine was watching with fascination as Maureen sucked on the two men. She got up and climbed onto the bed the men were seated on and moved up between them. Craig turned and took one of Katherine’s breasts into his mouth, flipping at the hardening nipple with his tongue. John did the same for the other side and Katherine could feel herself becoming aroused once again. Maureen stood and said, “I think we have something here we can work with now.” She sat down in John’s lap facing him, and guided his hard cock into herself. She began moving in a sensuous circular motion, John’s cock now completely buried in her pussy which was still filled with Craig’s come.

Craig pushed Katherine forward so that she was kneeling on the bed as he rose to his knees and entered her from behind. This time she was positioned so that she could watch John and Maureen and she found it to be extremely exciting seeing John’s cock sliding in and out of Maureen’s shaved pussy while Craig was fucking her. Craig reached around her and began rubbing her clitoris in rhythm with the deep strokes with which he was fucking her. She could sense that she was going to come again and closed her eyes and began bucking back against him. The orgasms came for the foursome this time more spread out in time. Maureen came first, followed pretty closely by John. Craig came before Katherine’s second climax. Katherine was helped by John who began kissing her and pinching her nipples as Craig pumped his seed into her from behind. When she came it was almost violent. She shuddered as the forces overcame her and then collapsed face down on the bed. John lay down beside her and took her into his arms and held her while her breathing returned to normal. She opened her eyes and looked at John seeing something she had never seen in him before.

When they finally left John’s room, Katherine said to John, “Why don’t you spend the rest of the night in my room?” She giggled and added, “There isn’t really much we don’t know about each other, now, is there?”

Although it was now very late and they were both completely sated sexually, they came into each other’s arms once more in Katherine’s room. This time, just the two of them finding each other for what strangely seemed to be the first time for both of them. They fucked for a long time, slowly and in several positions. Katherine achieved her final climax of the long evening quietly and with a knowing smile on her face.

The seminar still had another day and a night to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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