The Seduction of Sarah Continued

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Some time ago, another Literotica writer (Georgepat) posted a story called “The Seduction of Sarah”. I thought that it was a wonderful piece of erotic writing, but I felt that there was room for more of the story. So with Georgepat’s permission, I have written a conclusion of my own. I’d suggest reading his story before reading mine. I hope that you will enjoy my take on the rest of his story.


The big man walked up and shook Brian’s hand. The men exchanged pleasantries and conversed softly several feet from where Sarah lay. She couldn’t hear their exchange. The big man took a couple of steps toward her and said, “Hello, Sarah.” She looked up at the big man who towered over her. “I need for you to know that I’m in charge now. Do you understand?” Sarah nodded, although afraid of what might happen to her. The big man walked a circle around Sarah, still wrapped in the blanket.

“Unwrap yourself from that blanket now, Sarah,” he said softly. She hesitated, still fearful.

“UNWRAP, SARAH, NOW!” He said, in a stern voice.

Sarah pulled herself up into a seated position, still wrapped in the blanket. The big man smiled wryly as he recognized Sarah’s acceptance of his authority. “Take the blanket off slowly Sarah, beginning at your shoulders.” “Now pull it down to your waist. Lean back onto your hands and let me look.” The big man dropped to his knees and extended a large hand to her breast… he stroked her breast and then encircled a nipple with his fingers, pinching softly, and then more firmly. Sarah winced as the pressure of his fingers increased. “You like that, don’t you? He asked.

“Yes.” She answered softly.

“Good, Sarah.” he answered. “Now I want you to come out of the blanket and lay it back out on the floor.”

Sarah slid the blanket over her hips and off her legs. She began to smooth it out on the concrete floor around her. Her gaze remained locked on the big man’s eyes as he watched her figure come into his view. Sarah sat in the middle of the blanket with her knees folded up to her chest and her arms behind, supporting her upper body. “Turn toward me, Sarah.”

Sarah glared over at Brian who was standing just to her right. She was furious with him for his actions and for inviting the big man, unannounced. Her hesitation caused the big man to once again raise his voice. “SARAH! I need for you to pay attention!”

Sarah jumped at his voice. She swiveled her legs around to face the big man, once again locking her eyes on his. “Much better, Sarah” said the big man. “Now, lay back on the blanket.”

Sarah reclined on the blanket, her knees still up in the air and together. She stopped reclining when she got to her elbows. “Like this?” she asked softly.

“Stop there.” the big man said. “Brian. Move around behind her and hold her up. Brian stepped briskly around behind Sarah and knelt down behind her. “Move up closer” the big man told Brian. “You need to have her head in your lap.” Sarah’s head rested against Brian’s crotch as she took her weight off of her hands.

“Now, Sarah…” the big man said, “Open up your legs. Let me see you.” Sarah obediently, but slowly opened her legs for the man. His eyes broke contact with hers and drifted lower, between her opening legs.

Sarah parted her legs a few inches and then stopped. The big man looked up at her. “Further…” he said. “Open them further” with just a touch of an edge to his voice. Sarah looked up at the big man, his eyes still fixed between her legs.

“Brian” the big man said, “I don’t think Sarah understands what I am saying. Help her open her legs up.” Brian reached both hands toward Sarah’s knees and grabbed in behind them at the back of her thighs. He pulled them back toward him and spread her open at the same time, exposing all of Sarah’s private parts to the big man. Brian stopped as Sarah’s thighs met her abdomen.

“Stay like that, Sarah.” the big man said. “You can let go of her legs now, Brian. I think she’ll stay like that, won’t you Sarah?”

She nodded that yes, she would.

Sarah sighed softly and the big man looked her over. Brian tried to take advantage of his position behind and over Sarah and was moving his hand toward Sarah’s breasts. “Stop.” the big man said in a no nonsense tone. “That’s not for you to do, Brian.” Brian quickly retracted his hands back to his hips. “It’s her task.” The big man looked back into her eyes. “Show me how you play with your titties” Sarah hesitated momentarily. “Do it, Sarah.”

The word ‘task’ clicked in Sarah’s mind. She found it to be out of place, but somehow familiar.

“Sarah-” the big man’s voice brought her back in focus. “I want you to touch your tits now.” Sarah obediently raised her right hand toward her chest. “Both hands, Sarah!” the big man barked. Sarah brought her unused left hand to her left breast and began to fondle herself.

Sarah raised her hands from her side to the lower part of her rib cage and opened the palms of her hands against her lower chest. She moved her casino siteleri hands up over the lower curve of both breasts simultaneously, up and over the nipples and to her upper chest, and then did the same motion in reverse. Sarah’s nipples sprang to attention as her hands moved over them. Her eyes involuntarily closed as the pleasurable sensations began to wash over her. Sarah made several passes and then closed her fingers around each nipple, pinching and pulling gently on them. The men stared as Sarah pleasured herself in front of them.

The big man reached into the bag that hung from his shoulder and retrieved a camera.

“Oh, no!” Sarah whimpered. “You’re not taking pictures of this, too!!?”

“Relax- it’s just for me. No one else will ever see them.” the big man soothed. “Besides, you’re not in much of a position to do anything about it anyway.”

Sarah knew he was right.

“Continue, Sarah.” the big man said, matter-of-factly.

Sarah continued stimulating her breasts as the big man moved around her, snapping pictures of her at different angles.

Brian was clearly re-invigorated by the events unfolding before him. He began to rub his genitals against the back of Sarah’s head. He wanted desperately to have Sarah service him once again, but he wasn’t in charge anymore. The big man was.

Sarah watched the big man intently as he surveyed and photographed her body. He was yet to touch her below the waist, but she felt that soon, he would. Sarah’s eyes moved lower on the big man and she looked down at the bulge in his Levi’s. Most certainly he was at full erection. She could clearly see that shape of his shaft pushing the faded blue denim away from his leg. She became aware that Brian was softly pushing his hips toward her head and could tell that he was reinvigorated and that she’d be dealing with him again before long.

“Lean up, Sarah…” the big man said. “I think Brian needs to get his pants off” Sarah pulled herself upward and Brian scrambled to his feet, unfastened his pants, pulled them quickly down and lifted one knee, then the other out of his trousers and undershorts. He pulled them off over his feet.

“Very good” the big man whispered, somewhat to himself. “Now, Brian, I need her back in the same position as before.” Brian was once again erect as a flagpole. In spite if this, he knelt down behind Sarah’s back once again. The big man told Sarah to lean back onto Brian. Sarah settled back and Brian had to adjust himself to keep her head from bending his hard-on back. Sarah’s head shifted just a bit to the side and Brian’s cock poked through Sarah’s hair and past her ear, coming out along her right cheek.

“And who told you to stop playing with your tits?” the big man scolded Sarah. Sarah jumped and once again put her hands to her breasts. “No… Better yet… let Brian play with them.” Brian leapt at the chance to fondle her and began to massage and tease Sarah’s breasts. The movement of Brian’s upper body moved his penis back and forth against Sarah’s cheek. “Go ahead and take him into your mouth.” the big man told Sarah. Sarah hesitated for just a moment. “Turn your head and suck him.” the big man commanded. Sarah turned her head toward Brian and opened her mouth, taking the shaft of his cock in. Brian sighed in pleasure at the warm wetness of her mouth. The big man snapped another picture.

Because of the position of their bodies, Sarah had limited abilities to please Brian with her mouth. Her tongue wiggled along the side and underside of Brian’s cock shaft. Brian was enjoying the attention all the same.

“I don’t think that’s working.” the big man said. “Go ahead and turn over, Sarah. Brian, you stay as you are.” The big man snapped several shots of Sarah repositioning herself, and of her moving her face into Brian’s lap.

Sarah moved herself up onto her knees in front of Brian. She once again had eye contact with him and glared up at him. He smiled smugly as she silently mouthed the word “Asshole!”

Brian made out the silently spoken word and laughed.

“Oh, come on, Sarah. It can’t be THAT bad.” He joked. “I know you like to suck a big cock- you said so in your letters!”

“Shut up, Brian!” the big man scolded.

Sarah was taken aback at the big man’s defense of her. She wasn’t sure why, but she began to feel more secure in her situation and felt, or at least she hoped that the big man didn’t plan to do her any harm.

“I want to take a few more pictures, Sarah.” The big man said calmly. “I want to get a series of you sucking him. The big man stepped back and raised the camera to his eye and snapped a photo. “Go ahead, Sarah. Take him into your mouth again- but go slow. I’ll tell you when I have the shot I want.”

Sarah leaned forward and grabbed Brian’s cock with her hand and lowered her head onto his swollen erection. The big man positioned himself at her side, such that he could take a profile shot of Sarah impaling herself on Brian’s cock.

“Good, Sarah. Put your canlı casino lips around his head.” The camera flashed. “Take him a little further into your mouth…” The camera flashed once again. “A little more, Sarah.” Flash! Soon Sarah found herself nearly at the point where breathing would be difficult. She had taken Brian almost all of the way in her mouth and the big man seemed to realize this.

“Alright, Sarah. Now take him all the way in and hold it until I tell you.” Sarah inhaled deeply and forced herself down over Brian. His cock hit the back of her throat and she suppressed the reflex to gag. The camera flashed once again.

“Excellent, Sarah. Well done.” The big man said. “Brian- I want you to put your hands on her head.” The big man stepped back and snapped a couple more pictures.

“Sarah, your next task is to suck Brian off. Brian, I need to know when you are about to cum, got it?”

“Yup.” Brian answered.

A flash of insight entered Sarah’s consciousness. Her task…was- That’s it! G always gave Sarah tasks. Her mind flew through the things he had said and the tasks that G had given her. He had made her go to the ladies room and remove her panties and other times had tasked her to take them off in her office, when no one was looking. The last time she had done so, that’s when it caught Brian’s attention.

Sarah went though the motions of fellating Brian as she considered the possibilities. To her right, the big man was kneeling a few feet from her. She turned her eye his way only to see him smiling wryly back at her.

C’mon, Sarah- Suck it!” Brian’s voice brought her back to the present. “I’m getting close.” He said to Sarah, but such that the big man could hear. The big man moved close over Brian’s side, snapping another photo of Sarah with her mouth around Brian’s hard cock.

“When you cum, pull out and shoot it on her, Brian. Jack it off into her mouth! I want to see the cum!”

Brian’s breathing became choppy and he started to thrust his pelvis forward at Sarah. “Oh god, oh god…” He started chanting. “AAARRRGH!” Brian bellowed as he snapped his pelvis backward, pulling his cock from Sarah’s mouth. The big man snapped picture after picture as Brian’s cock started spewing his second load of the afternoon at Sarah’s still open mouth. The first spurt landed on Sarah’s nose and across her right cheek, the second flew into her mouth and over her chin. The third and final squirt dribbled out of Brian and hung in a long sticky strand from his cock.

“Stick out your tongue and lick that up, Sarah.” the big man urged. Sarah did as she was told as the camera flashed again.

The big man rose to his feet and stepped behind Brian. He aimed his camera down at the pair before him. “Look up at me, Sarah.” The camera flashed again, capturing Sarah’s face covered in Brian’s semen. “Now, that’s a keeper.” the big man said, examining the image in the display on the back of his camera. “A real keeper.” he muttered.

The big man stepped over to his camera case and pulled out a container of wet wipes and handed them to Sarah. “Clean that stuff off your face, hon.” the big man said with just the slightest degree of contempt in his voice. Sarah dispensed a few of the wipes and cleaned Brian’s essence off of her skin.

Brian looked up at the big man. “So, what’s next?”

“Nothing. We’re done.” said the big man.

“Nothing? You’re not going to get some of this?” Brian said, his voice raising a pitch.

“Nope.” said the big man, turning his back to Brian and reaching into his bag once again. “I’m not a rapist, Brian.” He paused. “But you are, and I have the proof, right here.”

“What?” Brian’s voice rose in shock. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

The big man stepped directly in front of Brian and put his head down toward his face.

“I have the evidence that could land you in prison, Brian. Right here in this memory card.”

Brian’s skin went white.

Sarah turned away from the confrontation of the two men and grabbed her clothing, turned and ran toward the warehouse door. She pushed the door open and vanished.

The slam of the closing door distracted Brian for a second as he spun toward the door.

“You need to go back to work, Brian.” The big man forcefully.

Brian scowled as the big man put his hands on his hips, awaiting Brian’s next response.

Brian stepped back and thought for a moment. He realized that the big man had gotten the better of him and that physically, he would be no match. “So what do you want from me?” he said.

“You need to recall that package. Sarah has paid her price. You need to let her off the hook.”

“Fine.” said Brian, defeated.

“You also need to get that program off your computer that eavesdrops on her.”


“Now, you go back to work and get it done. I want the package to be delivered to me at my hotel room.” He reached into the pocket of his shirt and retrieved a business card. “Have it left at the front desk kaçak casino to the attention of the name written on the back of the card. I’ll pick it up and e-mail you with your last instructions.”

Brian bowed his head, defeated.

“Got it?” The big man asked, impatiently.

“I’ve got it.” said Brian, somewhat under his breath.

“Once I get the package, I’ll e-mail you to let you know that I have it.”

Brian nodded. “Alright.”

“Now get back to that office and make this right. If this isn’t dealt with to my satisfaction, I’ll have Sarah swear out a warrant on you-” The big man paused. “And right now, I think she hates you enough to do it.

Brian nodded and turned away from the big man, walking slowly toward the same door that Sarah had just gone though. His shoulders sagged and his gait was slow. The big man watched as he walked out the door.


The big man arrived at his hotel after having stopped for lunch. He checked with the clerk at the front desk. The package had not yet arrived. The big man rode the elevator up to his room and logged onto his laptop, sending Brian an e-mail:


A few minutes later, a response came back:

The courier left about 15 minutes ago. He should be there soon.

I’m cooperating.

The big man wrote back:


A few minutes later, the room phone rang. The big man answered.

“There’s a package here at the desk for you, sir. Would you like our bellman to bring it to you?”

“Thank you, that would be nice.” The big man waited for the knock on his hotel room door.

Within a few minutes, the big man heard a knock at his door. He looked through the peephole and saw the bellman standing outside his door with a large manila envelope in his hand. The big man opened the door, took the envelope and handed the bellman a $20.00 bill for his efforts. The bellman smiled and began to thank the big man for the tip as the big man closed the door.

The big man opened the seal of the envelope and peered through what must have been a hundred or more sheets of paper. The big man went to the desk, sat in the overstuffed executive chair and slid the papers out of the envelope. The papers were held together with a large binder clip. Directly under the clip was a hand written note with Brian’s monogram on it. “This is everything I printed off. I’ve uninstalled the eavesdropping software from my computer and there are no other copies of these e-mails. I’ve done what you told me.”

The big man smiled and thought to himself: “Yep… so far, you have, Brian.”

He pulled his laptop in front of him and began to type again.


Within a few moments a response came back. They are the only copies. All has been deleted from my machine, as you asked. -Brian


A response from Brian came back within seconds. “Do you think she’ll even open my mail?”


The big man opened a new mail document and addressed it to Sarah.


Sarah had apparently logged on when she arrived at home. Soon a response came back: It was HORRIBLE, G! Brian blackmailed me for sex and had some other guy come and take pictures. It was so degrading and now I’m afraid that I’ll show up all over the internet on porn sites! I can’t believe this has happened! My life is over! Send.

The big man read Sarah’s mail, chuckling. He sent back a note: WELL, IF ALL THAT HAPPENS, I’LL TAKE YOU IN. YOU CAN COME LIVE WITH ME. Sarah didn’t respond.

Sarah had just finished reading G’s mail when a message arrived from Brian. Her instinct was to delete it, but the subject line made her look twice. “Sarah- I’m Sorry.” She clicked the e-mail open.

Sarah: I’m so sorry that all this has happened. It grew into something so much different that I had planned. The man who took the pictures has instructed me to return all of your documents to you. He will meet you at the Downtown Hilton hotel tomorrow morning at 10:00 in the restaurant and he’ll give you everything that I took from you. I had the package that I gave the courier yesterday delivered to him a few minutes ago. He assures me that you will receive all of it.

I’ve approved a vacation day for you tomorrow. I definitely recommend meeting him. He’ll have more news for you as well.

Again, Sarah- I am very sorry about all of this.


Sarah signed out of her e-mail account and closed her browser.


Sarah spent her evening with her family, silently contemplating what had happened earlier in the day. She decided that she had to meet the big man to get her documents and hopefully her photos back. She hoped that the images weren’t already posted on the internet somewhere.

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