The Reunion

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“I am always looking for meaningful one night stands.”

-Dudley Moore

“You almost ready to leave babe?”

The gentle breeze through the open window billowed through the soft white curtains and grazed against Ashley Lafayette’s long, wavy chestnut hair as she hurriedly searched through her closet to find the right clothes to wear for the weekend. Every time they went away she found herself in this same position.

“Just a few more minutes honey. Sorry!” she called down from their bedroom.

Ashley had moved in with Mark four months earlier and it had been perfect. They’d been dating for 3 years and while they agreed on most things the few things that they disagreed on, she could usually convince him of eventually. He loved her absolutely, she was sure of that, and she felt the same way about him. He’d even moved most of his clothes out of the main bedroom closet so that she could have it to herself. He had to be the greatest boyfriend in the world, she thought. Ashley quickly grabbed a few pieces of clothing that she knew Mark loved and threw them in the suitcase. And turning around she gave herself one final check in the mirror.

The dark skinny jeans she wore, fitted snugly against her strong tight legs and gave her butt that hot, bubbly roundness that Mark loved. Her hair was pulled back in a long ponytail, which highlighted her large almond-shaped green eyes. She’d also chosen to wear her Red Sox t-shirt, the faded one with the deep v-neck, as it allowed her to display her tight waist and toned arms, but most importantly showed off her big 34E chest without seeming like that was what she intended it to do. Ashley liked using her breasts to get her way with men, and even though Mark was almost always the perfect boyfriend, there were a few instances where she needed to employ the use of a different kind of persuasion. Her huge rack always did the trick.

With that thought in mind she quickly opened her underwear drawer and grabbed her favorite bra and underwear set. The black ones with the sheer, almost see through fabric. The bra left almost nothing to the imagination…almost. And her boobs looked amazing in it. She could pretty much get Mark to do anything when she wore this, but she also loved how he looked at her whenever she had it on. Like she was his sex goddess; his nasty, hot, porn queen. His slut. Between this underwear and the dark red dress she’d brought she’d definitely be rocking his world tonight.

Grabbing the suitcase and rushing down the stairs Ashley found Mark standing in front of the door, his suitcase next to him and a knowing smile on his face. “We’re gonna be late baby.”

“Sorry honey. I just want to look perfect for you this weekend,” she said cozying up to her good looking boyfriend.

“You do realize that you look great in everything you put on right?”

“But this weekend is gonna be special,” she said giving him a kiss on the lips. “How often do you get to go to a reunion?” Ashley pressed her chest against Mark allowing the supple tenderness of her breasts to mold to his body.

Mark kissed her more deeply and reached around behind her to grab her ass, nestling his hand just next to her already damp pussy. He could feel how hot she was already. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look better,” he said, reaching up with his other hand to squeeze her big tit.

Mark was not only her fantastic, loving, thoughtful boyfriend of three years, but he was also a catch. He had black hair that he kept short and gelled, he always smelled great, which was a huge turn on for Ashley, and even though he wasn’t the biggest or strongest guy he was definitely the most thoughtful which meant so much more to Ashley than muscles.

“Mmmmm,” Ashley said excitedly, but pulling away, “easy there big boy, get me too excited and we’ll never get out of here.

“I can think of worse ways to spend a weekend.”

“I can too, but we already paid for the hotel and I’m looking forward to seeing how fat and bald everyone is.”

Ashley and Mark had both gone to Westville High School ten years earlier, and while they had known each other in passing, (he was a senior when she was a sophomore) they hadn’t started dating until after college when they reconnected through some mutual friends. This weekend was Mark’s ten-year high school reunion, but, unlike many of the couples going, they’d both be able to enjoy themselves as they’d both graduated from WHS.

“Come on,” Mark whispered into her ear, which always sent tingles down her spine, “just a little preview…”

“Mmmmm…” Ashley moaned as he sucked on her earlobe and he reached under her bra to cup her massive tit. Ashley’s hands instinctively moved down to his waist, unbuckling his belt as his pants fell, and reaching inside his boxers, her cool hands wrapping around his solid cock she said, “Is that what you want baby? Hmmm? You want me to play with your cock?” Mark loved when she talked dirty.

“Yeah – fuck.”

“Mmmmm, I love your dick illegal bahis baby,” she moaned into his neck as her hand continued to gently jerk at Mark’s dick. He wasn’t huge, maybe 6 inches, but Ashley didn’t need anything more. What she needed was a boyfriend who loved her, and who cared for her, and Mark was both of those things.

“UnNNNGggHHH,” Mark groaned as Ashley felt the warm sticky droplets of cum in her hand. She softly massaged his softening dick while he came down from his orgasm, still playing with her breast, and then finally removing her hand she smiled at him.

“You like that baby?”

“Fuck yeah. That was great honey.”

“Maybe when we get to the hotel we can finish what we started,” she said, flirtatiously moving her hips as she walked to the bathroom to wash her hands.

Mark pulled up his pants, smiling at his hot girlfriend. “We should really get going though Ash if we don’t wanna be late.”

“I’ll be there in a second,” she called from their bathroom, “I’m just washing your cum off me!”

He loved when she talked dirty.


The Westville High School reunion that year had been organized as a kind of weekend vacation. All of the alumni would arrive at The Grand Hotel which was nicely situated right on the beach only a couple hours drive from Westville proper. And as Ashley and Mark drove along the water she found herself looking forward to a weekend away from regular life into a surreal time warp back to high school.

While Mark had been captain of the lacrosse team in high school with more friends than he’d known what to do with, Ashley had been more of the brooding artist. She’d spent most of her time in the studio with her paintbrush and canvas, and it wasn’t until college that she had become more social. She was looking forward to turning some heads this weekend.

Pulling up in front of the hotel Ashley stepped out of the car to see a banner above the doorway that said ‘Welcome WHS Class of 2003.’ As they unpacked the car and walked into the lobby she saw a few faces that she thought she recognized, but wasn’t completely sure. While Mark checked them in she surveyed the room and trying to find someone she remembered. High school felt like a million years ago, she barely remembered anyone, but suddenly she felt a tap on her shoulder and turning around she recognized the jubilant, glowing face of her old friend Mandy Rhines. Pregnant.

“I was wondering if I’d see you here darlin!” Mandy said giving Ashley a hug.

Mandy was in Mark’s class at WHS, but she and Ashley had been friends mostly because neither of them found much enjoyment in shop class, and Mandy would often convince Ashley to ditch with her so they could talk and relax under the bleachers. At 5’2″ Mandy was petite, but she was a ball of pure energy and perky as the day was long. Her blonde hair was loose around her face with sweet bangs that framed her cherubic features; Mandy was as cute as she’d been in high school and just as perky ten years later. Hugging Mandy over her extended belly Ashley pulled back to look at her friend. “Mandy! Oh my god. You’re-“

“A whale.”

“No, beautiful and very pregnant.”

“Yes ma’am. I’d introduce the man who did this horrible thing to me, but he’s on a business trip to Detroit. I said, ‘you go to Detroit honey, I’ll be in paradise with your unborn child’.” Ashley laughed. “But look at you darlin!” Mandy twirled her around. “You look great. Better than great. If I was a man I’d take you right here. I mean, are those things real?” she said pointing at Ashley’s chest.

“As real as I am,” she said a little embarrassed. Ashley hadn’t ‘filled out’ completely until after Mandy had graduated and even then she would wear baggy sweatshirts to hide what she thought back then were breasts that were too big. After graduating she realized the true asset of her assets.

“Well done,” Mandy said giving her a wink. “Honey, so good to see you. I’m gonna go check in and lie down, my feet are killing me, but you’ll be at the dance tonight right?

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Ashley said smiling brightly, “See you there.” And turning around she walked back over to where Mark had reunited with some of his lacrosse buddies and was also making plans for that evening. Mark introduced her to some of his old friends who almost unanimously shook her hand while staring at her chest. They moved off and Mark turned back to Ashley.

“Crazy, right?”

“Yeah,” Ashley said smiling and looking around the lobby at people she’d known, but like in a dream she’d had years earlier. “I think we’ll have fun this weekend though. It’ll be strange, but as long as you stick close to me we’ll have fun.”

“Don’t worry baby, “Mark smiled, “one of the main reasons I wanted to come here was to show you off.” Ashley laughed. “You ready to go up?” he said giving her a peck on the cheek.

“Absolutely,” she said grabbing her suitcase and following him to the elevator.

Walking illegal bahis siteleri down the hallway of the fourteenth floor, the couple laughed about what this weekend might entail. The idea of seeing all of these people that they hadn’t seen in almost a decade was exciting. Ashley hadn’t even thought about almost anyone from high school in years and now to be spending an entire weekend with many of them was wild.

“Here we go,” Mark said in front of room 1411. And slipping the key card into the lock he opened the door. Just before entering behind him Ashley saw the door to room 1413 open and a handsome guy with light brown hair walked into the hallway. They made brief eye contact, his eyes looking at her with what she thought to be shock or amusement for that split second, before he turned to walk towards the elevators. Ashley watched him go for a moment and then walked in the room.

It was perfect. She pulled back the thick, heavy curtains to reveal a beautiful view of azure ocean and white beaches. People were playing tennis on the courts and swimming in the pool while others swam in the ocean and played volleyball on the beach. It was paradise. Ashley turned around smiling widely and surveying the room. A thick carpet surrounded a big king sized bed. Ashley jumped on it and sprawled over the bed covers luxuriously.

“Wanna have some fun?” she said looking at Mark with a smile.

“I’d love to baby, but I told some of the guys I’d meet them at the bar to catch up before tonight. Is that ok?”


“What? It’ll just be for an hour, and it’ll give you time to check out the hotel. I’ll meet you back here and we’ll go down to the beach.”

“Fine, fine,” Ashley said disappointed. And then just to get even for him abandoning her she said, “I waaaas going to give you a long, hot, vacation-style blowjob, but I guess you’d rather not.”

“Aw come on! You can’t do that!”

The look on Mark’s face, a combination of disappointed and extremely horny, made her laugh out loud. “Don’t worry baby. I’ll take care of you later. Go have fun with your friends.”

“What’re you gonna do?”

“I’ll probably just head to the pool,” she said.

“Okay, well, I’ll give you a call when we’re done. Love you,” he said leaving the room.

Ten minutes into their trip and already Mark was taking off on her. Maybe she should go find Mandy, but then Ashley remembered her old friend was very pregnant and probably had a tough time moving around these days. She grabbed a magazine and her sunglasses and decided to head out towards the pool.

Ashley walked down the hallway and took the elevator to the ground floor. Upon exiting she made her way outside to the outdoor pool area only to find that it was a complete nightmare, children screaming and parents yelling and just the intensity of the noise was enough to drive a person crazy. Not to mention every single lounge chair had been taken. The reunion must have had the hotel packed to capacity. Not really a pleasant, relaxing scene at all.

Re-entering the hotel she saw signs for an indoor pool area and thinking that it couldn’t be worse than the zoo outside, she thought she’d give it a try. Ashley followed the signs and walking through a changing room/sauna area, she opened a swinging door to find herself at the indoor pool. A skylight gave the pool a nice outdoor feel and she happily chose one of the many empty lounge chairs to read her magazine and relax.

About ten minutes later Ashley gazed up from her magazine to glance around. The pool area was still pretty much empty. The only people were a middle aged couple laughing and playing a game of chess on a couple of the lounge chairs and a guy swimming laps in the pool.

She watched as he reached the end of the pool and got out of the water. His strong back and thick arms on display as he pulled himself out. He removed his goggles and she saw that it was the guy she had run into outside the hotel room, the guy who was staying next door to her and Mark.

Subtly glancing at him from behind her magazine she noticed that he was good looking. Very good looking. His perfectly defined muscles glistened in the glow coming through skylight. She stared at him as he started walking towards her, his body dripping in his black swim trunks. Ashley quickly started reading her magazine as he walked right up next to her and grabbed the towel on the lounge adjacent to hers.

She pretended to read as he wiped himself dry, but casually glancing over at him she saw that he was staring at her with a smirk on his face.

“Hi,” he said.

“Hello,” said Ashley going back to reading her magazine. A few seconds later she glanced back over and saw that he was still looking at her. “Can I help you?” she asked.

“You come here often?”

“Wow. Nice line,” she said rolling her eyes.

He laughed and sat down. “I was just wondering why you weren’t outside with the rest of the world.”

“Well. Not that it’s your canlı bahis siteleri business, but the rest of the world was loud and…not quiet. I wanted some place quiet,” she said, emphasizing the last word. He still had that smirk on his face. Not quite a shit-eating grin, but not far from it.

“I’ll stop bothering you,” he said and turned to lie down on the chair, closing his eyes.

Ashley pretended to read her magazine, but all she was actually thinking about was this strange good looking guy lying next to her. She glanced over at him. Why had she decided to sit down here? The whole pool was available, but she ends up sitting next to some strange… annoying… good looking guy. Really good looking. She scanned his strong arms, chest, chiseled features and –

“I can feel you looking at me,” he said.

“I wasn’t,” she blurted out, “I was reading. Don’t flatter yourself.”

“I’m not. But I would be…very flattered,” he said looking over at her. “Especially if that flattery were coming from such a beautiful girl.”

Ashley couldn’t help but feel the color rise to her cheeks as she blushed at his compliment.

“It wasn’t…I mean…I wasn’t…flattering you. So. Don’t get flattered!”

He laughed and smiled at her. His teeth gleaming like a predatory animal. “I won’t.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ashley asked, more than a little offended though she didn’t know why.

“Nothing,” he replied, leaning back on the lounge and closing his eyes again. “Just that it’s ridiculous to think that someone as sexy as you would be flattering me.”

Ashley was appalled at the cockiness of this guy. He hadn’t actually done anything wrong, and now that she thought about it, he hadn’t actually done anything at all, but she still was appalled. She was flustered. She was NEVER flustered; she was the flusterER not the flusterEE. Ashley looked over at this guy who seemed to be perfectly content to just lie there next to her and not say anything, and she found herself getting more and more tense as if just sitting next to him, just being in his general cocky proximity was somehow exasperating.

“Well I wasn’t. Flattering. You’d know if I was,” she said trying to dull his smugness.

He looked at her and grinned again. “Yeah? What would you say?”

“About what?”

“If you WERE flattering me. What would say?”

You’re hot. You’re insanely hot. You’re the finest specimen of masculinity I’ve ever seen. “Nothing.”

And without removing the grin from his face he settled back into his chair and closed his eyes.

Ashley grabbed her magazine and her glasses and walked out of the pool area in a huff. Why was she so annoyed at that guy? Because he’d said hello? Because he’d flustered her? Because he’d said she was sexy? She could still picture that arrogant smile. UGH!!

She walked back to the hotel room and heatedly began to unpack her suitcase. Mark was no where to be found and she decided that the best thing she could possibly do before the stress of the reunion was to take a nap and try to sleep off any issues she had at the moment. And pulling off her jeans Ashley pulled back the comforter on the bed and climbed in. The soft, cool sheets felt comforting on her overheated body and she quickly dozed off.

…Ashley’s dreams were turbulent and restless. She found herself being chased by a snarling, evil witchdoctor who wanted to eat her alive. She was climbing a mountain, higher and higher, but the witchdoctor was gaining on her steadily, his hands clawing at the back of her heels, until finally, just before he was about to grab her she was saved by a Tarzan figure in a loincloth who swept her away on a long vine. Swinging away to safety she turned to see who her hero was and instantly she recognized the face of the guy by the pool. Quickly she tried to pull herself away from him, but instead of pulling away, her body began to do something strange. Without her approval her body began to pull him closer. It was holding him and touching him. Her mouth was kissing his and her arms were wrapped around him, clawing at his back as his hands held her breasts and she moaned over and over while he fucked her harder and harder and harder, calling her name, “Ash! Ashley! Yes! Ashley”

“Ashley! Ash! Hey baby!”

Ashley opened her eyes to find her boyfriend Mark kneeling over her and gently shaking her.

“Wh- what happened?” she asked, blinking her eyes open.

“You must’ve fallen asleep baby. I thought I should wake you ’cause it’s almost time for the reunion to start. I thought you’d wanna get ready.”

How long had she been asleep? She looked at the clock radio and it said 6 o’clock. Three hours! She sat up and saw that Mark was already dressed for the reunion in a dark blue suit. Ashley also realized after sitting up that her flushed skin was tingling and her pussy was wet. What had she been dreaming about? She couldn’t remember. Something to do with witches? Good looking witches?

Ashley got ready while Mark watched a basketball game on TV. Her body was still tingling as she took a shower, and although she desperately needed to relieve the sexual tension, she decided against asking Mark to join her for a quickie as they were in a rush.

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