The Regiment Ch. 02: The Jungle

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Thanks to all for the feedback on Chapter 1; criticism is the path to improvement. Chapter 2 is told in a different ‘voice’ and therefore has a different style of sex. Be warned – there is the smallest amount of D/s in this chapter so read no further if that is not your thing.


Chapter 2 – The Jungle

The sunrise was only minutes away and the jungle around him was shifting from black nothingness to fuzzy grey shapes. Very soon he would be able to make out colour amongst the trees and the barbed wire fence 50 metres to his front that marked the limit of the enemy camp. Cpl Martin Banner and his troop had spent the 9 hours since it had last been light crawling towards this objective so they could be this close when it was light enough to see. And fight.

He checked his watch which was now just visible. 30 seconds. He lifted the electronic initiator from the leaf debris in front of him and looked towards the line of bodies lying, just like him, in the gloom to his right. He made eye contact with the officer who was acting as the troop commander and waited. On a chopping motion of the officer’s hand, Martin pressed the twin buttons on the green box in front of him. On the other side of the camp a huge echoing explosion shook the trees, followed by what sounded very much like gunfire but was actually short lengths of det cord going off. At the first noise the 16 men around him had resumed their crawl towards the fence. Martin tore the now useless wires from the bottom of the initiator and stuffed it into his daysack, then joined his team crawling forward.

As they got to the wire they could hear the garrison running towards the opposite side of the camp, taking up positions looking out into the trees where the explosions were still echoing and shouting excitedly to each other. The 16 men reached the wire and in four places started cutting gaps, allowing their teams to crawl through. Once inside the fence they got to their feet and split up into fours with each group taking a different axis through the camp. Martin took his place as the second man and covered the arc over the shoulder of the man in front as they closed in on the first hut to the left. They stacked up against the outside wall. Martin took a slim black grenade from a pouch on his webbing, reached past the face of the lead man and tossed the grenade into the open doorway. As the grenade exploded in a series of loud but harmless explosions, the lead man stepped through the doorway and immediately moved left. Martin was almost on top of him and moved right, scanning from the wall back to the centre of the room. He could hear the man to his left firing and knew he must have found a target but he remained focused on his own arcs until there, right in the centre of the room, he saw a man getting to his feet from where he had obviously thrown himself to the ground when the grenade had gone off. As the man straightened up to his full height, Martin settled the sights of his rifle on his chest and fired 5 quick shots into him as his body jerked and twisted, trying to get away from the pain. As the body crumpled, the soldier entering the room behind Martin fired some follow up shots into the prone form to make sure the target was down.

“Clear!” Martin shouted, finishing the rest of his sweep.

“Clear!” his team echoed back – all of them breathing hard. As they took turns swapping fresh magazines their team commander sent an update over his radio. No sooner was he finished than a whistle blast sounded across the camp and the men watched in amusement as the two bodies on the floor uncurled from their foetal positions and stood up; bright blue paint splats making rough circles on their chests.

“Fucking pricks!” the first man spat, rubbing the previously fatal wounds off his clothes. “One of you hit my fucking nipple!” he raged in a sharp, scouse accent.

One of the directing staff stuck his head into the hut. “That’s it boys. The war is over. Results will be 1400 tomorrow. Helo is due in here in 20 minutes and you’ve got the rest of the day to yourselves.”

Martin looked at the men around him. The months he had been on Selection had been the toughest he had ever experienced and now it was over. He should have been nervous about the results the next day but one of the staff had tipped him a wink the day before and hinted he had already done enough. In 24 hours, he would no longer be Corporal Martin Banner of the PBI, instead he would be a Trooper in 22 SAS.


“Have you decided yet?” Steph asked Martin as they sat sipping beers in Raul’s Rose Garden that evening.

“I’m in no rush.” Martin responded, watching what could have been a dance floor anadolu yakası escort in any nightclub in the world with its bad lighting and cheesy music; except it was filled only with women. Nubile young waifs from the Philippines, big assed black girls from the Caribbean, stocky but beautiful local girls and even two blonde haired stunners from Moldova. How the hell had they got here he wondered?

After the helicopter had brought them back to camp he had spent a full 30 minutes in the shower, washing his large, but underweight frame until he felt the jungle was off him. Next, he jumped in a taxi with Steph and got to the best steak house in town where they had eaten until stuffed. Now they were at Raul’s to take care of their other needs.

“Fuck it.” Martin said, standing up. He walked up to two of the girls, both local, both stunning – a caricature of what men found attractive with ample curves bursting out of the neon pink and yellow miniskirts and boob tubes they wore, tottering on high heels and smiling enthusiastically with red painted lips.


5 minutes later he was upstairs in a private suite, relaxing in an arm chair while the girls helped themselves to beers from the ice bucket on the table near the door.

“So Mister,” said Hasmita, the bolder of the two girls. “What do you want to do now?”

Martin took a sip from his beer. “I want you to make her feel like she was the one that paid for you.” He said, pointing at Joya, the slightly younger, slightly quieter of the two girls. This got a big grin from Hasmita (and a very shy smile from Joya).

“No problem, Mister!”

Hasmita took Joya’s hands and led her to the edge of the bed where she gently pushed her back until she was sitting tensely, watching her friend. She then stalked across the room to the wall mounted TV and played with the remote until an American R&B channel was filling the silence, then she turned her attention back to Joya. With her dark eyes, outlined in smoky black make up, she fixed a stare on the younger girl before dropping to her knees and crawling like a dog across the room. When she reached the enormous stripper heels on Joya’s tiny feet she climbed up her body and started to dance, slowly and seductively, while still keeping eye contact.

A new song came on the TV. Hasmita squealed her recognition and turned up the voracity of her moves. She bent at the waist and kissed her friend on the lips and from where Martin was sat he could watch her miniskirt rise up her thighs until he could see the mound of her pussy, barely covered by a bright white thong, peeking out at him. A surge of blood rushed to his dick and he took a swig of beer to dampen his suddenly dry mouth.

Hasmita stood up, turned around and fixed Martin with a seductive stare while she backed her gorgeous arse into the lap of her friend and ground on her while Joya unzipped the dancing girl’s top and discarded it. Hasmita kept eye contact with Martin while she wiggled her micro skirt down her legs to the floor, leaving her in nothing but a thong and heels.

“This is meant to be for her, remember?” Martin chided. Hasmita, with a face like a scolded little girl, turned around and gripped Joya around the chin with one hand and kissed her deeply. Martin could see their tongues dancing and felt another rush of lust. The target of all this affection was soon laid flat on the bed with her top off, her skirt bunched around her hips and her equally tiny pink thong on display. Hasmita turned the girl so that Martin would have an uninterrupted view and then dipped her head between her legs. Using two fingers she pulled Joya’s thong aside and revealed (unsurprisingly) that her pussy was as smooth and bare as glass, with a sheen of moisture forming on her pussy lips. Once suitably exposed, Hasmita shot a smouldering smile at Martin and then licked her friend from arsehole to clit in one smooth motion before diving into her wetness and working her higher up the ladder of pleasure.

By now, Martin’s trousers were feeling far too tight around the crotch and a fog of arousal had started to cloud his eyes. He stood up, shedding his shirt as he did and then walked behind Hasmita who was so enthusiastically eating out her friend. He tugged Hasmita’s thong down to her ankles and picked it up from the floor. He could hear tell-tale gasping noises from Joya so he rolled the tiny piece of lingerie into a ball and walked to the other side of the bed. As her pleasure started to become more vocal, he pushed the warm, slightly moist thong into the girl’s mouth.

“Don’t spit it out.” He casually said to Joya.

As Hasmita stepped ataşehir escort up her licking, he watched Joya screw her eyes tight as she came, grinding her teeth on the material in her mouth and her pussy on the face of her tormentor between her thighs.

Hasmita beamed a sticky smile from between the thighs of Joya and Martin rewarded her by grabbing her hair, pulling her to her feet and kissing her on the mouth, tasting one young whore’s juices from the other’s lips.

“Now I want you to help me fuck her.” Martin whispered into her ear.

While Joya recovered from her orgasm, panting around her makeshift gag, Martin pushed Hasmita to the floor in front of him so she could undo his belt and then his trousers. As his cock sprang free he bent it downwards and let Hasmita go to work on it with her mouth. He drew air over his teeth as his shaft disappeared inch by inch past her lips and he distractedly reached for the bed to tweak Joya’s nipples gently but firmly, eliciting soft cooing noises. When he felt he could not possibly be any harder, he pushed Hasmita away with a wet sucking sound and retrieved his belt from his trousers.

“Tie her hands.” He ordered to Hasmita. “No, to the back.” He corrected when she started work.

Soon Joya was laying prone, face down with her mouth still stuffed full of thong and her hands tightly tied behind her. Hasmita stripped off what remained of her clothing and then got back down on her knees at the foot of the bed. She ripped the corner off a condom packet and popped it into her mouth before grabbing Martin’s thighs and pulling his dick towards her face. 30 seconds later his dick was bolt upright, rock solid and ready for action.

“Now get her ass ready for me.” He said, enjoying the stiffening of the tied girl on the bed. Martin watched in pleasure as Hasmita pulled the girl’s ass cheeks apart and started to lap her tongue against her ring. Her even brown skin was a sight to behold and he very nearly just grabbed his shaft and sorted himself out there and then. Joya was wriggling and moaning but the belt and gag were doing their jobs and he had no idea if she was writhing in pleasure or struggling in fear.

Martin actually had no intention of sodomising this girl. He was so worked up after the dirty display and the blowjob that he knew he would barely last any time in her pussy, but it gave him a huge thrill to watch a girl do his bidding on another. As he stood watching Hasmita run laps of Joya’s hole with her tongue, Martin reached down and traced his fingers around the dominant girl’s puffy lips, delighted at how wet she was. He must make sure she got her satisfaction he thought.

When he could stand the tension no longer he pushed Hasmita out of the way. She obediently used her hands to hold Joya’s cheeks apart so he could see her whole treasure. He then ran his cock around Joya’s arsehole, causing her to tense up again. Finally, he dipped his cock lower and speared her soaking wet cunt with the head of his cock. She was so tight he had to put his weight behind it for the second thrust that got him in up to the balls. Her head reared up from the bed and her eyes went wide but as she realised he had not taken her tightest hole she grunted through the thong rather than screamed and after a few seconds, it was her that started rocking her hips, trying to introduce some friction for her now neglected clit.

Martin flexed his cock inside her and enjoyed the feeling of her movement but did not start thrusting himself. Instead he reached forwards and pulled the thong from Joya’s mouth, waved a hand to Hasmita and said “Your turn.”

With a winning smile, Hasmita bounced onto the bed in front of Joya, lifted the panting face in front of her in her hands and then pulled her mouth to her clit, giving the poor, bound Joya no choice but to eat her out. She meshed her fingers in her hair and held her face to her wettest spot.

“She never normally do this right.” Hasmita explained when she saw Martin looking at her hands. Considering this for a second, Martin took one of his hands from Joya’s hips, pressed his thumb against her arsehole, still slick from its licking earlier and pushed it in up to the first knuckle.

“Joya, if you have not made Hasmita orgasm by the time I cum, I will do it up your ass.” He threatened in a low voice. Hasmita threw her head back and laughed loudly. The effect on Joya was immediate – she went mad on pussy, lapping long and slow, then short and fast. Martin pulled his thumb out of her bum, part of him hoping she failed her task so he would have an excuse to carry out his threat, and started sawing his dick in and out of her while he used his weight avcılar escort to push down on her hips.

The view and the sensation were incredible. He would stare into Hasmita’s eyes, then look down at her friend’s face buried in her pussy. Further down he would take in the bound and defenceless Joya, nothing but a fucktoy between them, being used at both ends and then all the way down to where his dick was disappearing and reappearing in and out of Joya’s slit. She was still very tight even without the threat of being anally deflowered and he revelled in the feeling of his entire shaft sliding out of her until only his fat head was still inside, then powering back in until he could go no deeper.

Perhaps because there was so much to see but he ended lasting much longer than he had thought and he got to watch with great pleasure (and some pride – like it had been him fucking her all along) when Hasmita came noisily on Joya’s face. The orgasm lasted a long time and Hasmita made no secret of it, curling her toes, straightening her legs and screaming loudly in the small room.

As soon as Joya’s tongue was freed from its duties it became clear that Martin and Hasmita were not the only ones enjoying themselves. A stream of curses, encouragements and exhortations flew from her mouth while her cheeks burned red. Martin put some real effort into fucking this restrained whore hearing the bed (but not the woman) protest. Finally, her barriers broke and she tipped over the edge. Unlike her first orgasm which had been quite a tidy affair, this time it was a girl at full steam. She thrashed desperately from side to side, wriggled her hips and whipped her head back and forth. It was a very satisfying sight.

Martin pulled his still raging dick out of Joya who immediately crossed her legs and rocked her hips from side to side like she was trying desperately to compensate for the emptiness she now felt. He walked to the side of the bed and, turning her head towards him, stuck his cock in Joya’s mouth, watching her taste herself from the latex. Once he realised how little he could feel, he stripped off the condom and placed his shaft at Hasmita’s willing mouth as she slipped off the bed. She swallowed his length with barely a complaint and only made the slightest gagging noise when she reached full depth. She then picked up a tremendous rhythm; running her lips from tip to base and back again as he felt the pressure which had been building for so long now reach boiling point in his balls. As Hasmita lightly gripped his scrotum and her nose brushed his pubes – the tip of his cock far down her throat – his entire body went rigid and he grabbed her by the hair. Martin unleashed a huge load into her mouth, coating her teeth and tongue with his spunk. He thought back to the girls eating each other out, sticking his thumb up Joya’s arse and fucking the helpless girl until she came and this made his dick pulse harder and shoot even more seed. Not that Hasmita seemed to mind. She kept eye contact the whole way through and as he finished throbbing in her mouth, she ran her tongue over the eye of his dick to make sure she got every last drop.

Then with nothing but an evil smile she slipped her lips off his helmet, leant over the bed and spat the whole load into the face of the still prostrate, still panting Joya. Both Martin and Joya were equally surprised but it made quite a sight. His pearly white cum, mixed with her spit, pooled in any recess on Joya’s sideways turned face. It was in her eye, her nose, her mouth, her hair. One drop was hanging off her earlobe.

Still Hasmita’s depravity was not spent as she was clearly getting a thrill from her role as dominatrix. She picked up her discarded thong from the floor, used it to mop all of the spit and spunk from Joya’s face and then pushed the soaking wet, sticky mess back into Joya’s mouth. She then reached over to the table for Martin’s empty beer bottle and wedged the slim end up inside Joya’s cunt until it filled her hole and left it there causing her to wriggle against the cold, invading glass. Finally satisfied; Hasmita pushed Martin back into the arm chair, opened another two beers and sat totally naked on his lap, his suddenly resurgent cock wedged between the cheeks of her arse.

The two of them sat there for some time drinking their beers and admiring their handiwork; who was still trussed up on the bed with a mouth full of cum and underwear until eventually Martin’s fresh erection could not be ignored and he fucked Hasmita hard on the bed as if the humiliated Joya was not even there.


The following morning, he woke up to see Joya in front of him. He looked at the marks on her wrists and the cum still glazed in her hair. On the other side of him he saw Hasmita, smiling even in her sleep like a cat. He checked his watch and smiled, he still had 6 hours until he needed to be back at camp. He reached under the sheets and tweaked Joya’s nipple and watched her eyes flicker open. There was plenty of time…

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