The Private after Party

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They had left the moment the award ceremony had finished. Afterwards, there would only be half an hour left of the dance and then students would be flooding back to their dorm rooms and Ebony was already aware of the dorm party Sadie Miller was holding. The two wanted to slip out without anyone noticing, get back to Ebony’s dorm room and make use of the deadbolt now on the door. Once pulled across, no one would be interrupting them during their own little after party.

“How many skirts does this thing have?” Wade chuckled, rummaging beneath her gown as they tried to kiss and undress one another on her bed.

“Only three,” Ebony replied, helping him lift up the last so he could stroke her legs. As he did so, Ebony got to work on unbuttoning his shirt, but unable to see them as they kissed, Ebony was struggling. And while Wade had been able to find her knickers, his other hand was starting the impossible task of undoing the back of her dress with its intricate rope ties. Finally, they both stopped kissing and slumped back against the pillow.

“This is going to take hours,” he sighed.

“Maybe we could just undress ourselves?” Ebony suggested.

Wade propped himself up on his hand, peering down at her from Ebony’s side.

“That’s not very sexy,” he grunted.

“Neither is fumbling for ages trying to get each other’s clothes off. And you always struggle with my bra too – just this once, maybe it could be kinda sexy,” Ebony sat up and with a soft kiss on his lips, she got to her feet.

Wade watched curiously as Ebony kicked off her heeled shoes and took out her earrings. Finally, she let her hair down from its French twist. Wade sat up a little straighter, unbuttoning his shirt as he watched.

“Do you mind?” Ebony said, turning her back to him and hinting at the back of her dress.

Wade got swiftly to his knees on the bed. He pushed her hair aside and kissed the top of her spine listening as she let out a small moan. Then, he skillfully (now he could see) untied the corset back, tugging at each tie until Ebony had to hold the gown to herself. Wade removed her hands gently and watched in delight as the dress slid down her body and to the floor. Ebony looked over her shoulder with a shy smile to see Wade gazing at her, his warm hand running around from her waist to her lower back until his fingers met the hem of her knickers. She turned around allowing his fingertips to slide to the front of her panties. She grinned down at him, standing in just her underwear and nude coloured stockings. Wade bit his lip to contain himself at the sight of Ebony’s garter belt and stockings.

“Your turn,” Ebony said, taking a step back to view him undress.

Wade canlı bahis had never unbuttoned a shirt so first. Next, he was pulling off his belt, yanking his under-vest over his head and shucking off his suit trousers, ignoring the sound of his phone and change hitting the floor. He was far too busy staring as Ebony gradually backed her way over to the sofas, beckoning him with a curl of her finger.

As if in a trance, Wade followed her, kicking off his shoes at the last minute, unable to draw his eyes off of her. Her breasts were cupped in a pink polka dot bra, her knickers matching – for once. Her black garter belt sat on her hips, the four clips extended down to the tops of her thighs to meet her stockings which had lace detailing at the top. Wade had never seen Ebony looked so sexy, or confident. In fact, it surprised him how assertive Ebony was being as she stood with a hand on her hip, one eyebrow raised questioningly.

“Where do you want me?” she purred.

“Oh wow…erm,” Wade stammered. “Erm, there,” he pointed to the sofa but when Ebony went to move around to the front of it Wade shook his head. Ebony didn’t have a chance to clarify with him before Wade was turning her around so she was bending over the back of the sofa, her behind exposed for him. Wade grinned to himself, running his hand down from the back of her head, over her bra strap, his fingertips grazing her small of her back, and finally down and around to her bum, giving it a soft smack for good measure, making Ebony gasp a giggle of surprise. She looked back at him inquisitively.

“Is this what we’re doing now?” Ebony beamed.

“Only if you want to?” Wade shrugged but could already tell from the hungry glint in her eye that Ebony wasn’t about to say no.

She turned back around, elbows resting on the back of the sofa. Wade took this as permission and wasted no time pulling down the small French pair of knickers just enough to reveal her smooth cheeks. He listened as she let out excited whimpers and began to rub the soft skin of one bum cheek, warming the area before he laid another smack, a little harder this time. Ebony gasped and giggled. This was good but Wade didn’t want to make her giggle. He wanted to hear her moan. He rubbed more and smacked again, this time she only gasped. Wade grinned harder, the palm of his hand warming her pink skin and slapped again, even harder. Ebony finally released a moan of satisfaction. Now Wade knew exactly how strong to do it and continued, doing double smacks or triple, to catch her off guard and make her groan with pleasure, her head hanging low between her arms as she succumbed to the sensual pain. As he rubbed, his other hand bahis siteleri slipped between her legs, eager to know just how much he had turned her on. His fingers returned sodden.

Without saying a word, Wade pulled down her knickers. She stepped out of them and felt as he ran his hands up and down her legs, crouching down so he could kiss her thighs. Ebony turned and looked down to see him on his knees beneath her. Even from that position, she knew he held the power.

“Open your legs,” Wade commanded, a fire in his eyes that only turned Ebony on further.

She did as he said, parting her legs and leaning back against the sofa. She watched in anticipation as Wade moved so he was kneeling between them. His fingers slid up the insides of her thighs until he met her pussy. She chewed the insides of her cheeks feeling as he parted her pussy and slipped his finger deep inside of her.

“Don’t you want me somewhere-,” her words were interrupted by the involuntary moan that escaped her lips.

“No, here’s good,” Wade grinned, spreading her pussy further so he could see her clit. Then, he reached up and pressed his tongue to her wet warmth and groaned with pleasure himself. Removing his finger, his arms wrapped around her legs and he lifted her until they dangled over his shoulders. Ebony leant back against the sofa, clutching at the cushions as Wade’s tongue moved quickly up and down and around her clit. Allowing Wade to support her, Ebony lost control of her limbs and gave in, only inching her hips up and down to meet his lips every so often as the pleasure grew deep in the bottom of her stomach. And when it became too much to bear, Ebony had to let go, feeling the orgasm gushing throughout her body, making her tremble and quiver.

Just when Ebony thought Wade would stop and take her back to the bed, he proved her wrong. He did indeed take his tongue away from her pussy, grinning up at her smugly, but he didn’t move them back to the bed.

Instead, he allowed her legs to drop from his shoulders but caught them before they hit the floor. Wrapping them around himself, Wade then lifted her up into his hold with just one muscular arm around Ebony’s waist, kissing her strongly as he crossed the room to the door.

“Wade?” Ebony hesitated but soon understood when her back pressed the dorm door.

Just as they were about to kiss again, they heard voices in the hallway. People were already returning from the Winter Formal…Sadie Miller sounded like she was one of them. Ebony held Wade steady, listening carefully as the voices drew closer. All of a sudden, she felt the tip of Wade’s throbbing hard-on press to her pussy.

“Shh no we can’t here,” bahis şirketleri Ebony whispered, though her eyes were gleaming with friskiness.

“Why not?” Wade pushed the tip of his cock ever so slightly into her pussy, watching as her face contorted with pleasure. She opened her eyes again, pointing into his face.

“She’ll hear us,” Ebony could hardly contain her giggle.

“Maybe I want them to hear?” Wade raised his eyebrows and without another word, gently slid Ebony down onto his cock, pushing all the way until she was stifling her moans. One hand on his shoulder, the other clutching the door frame, Ebony’s whole body rocked and bounced up and down on Wade’s cock as he mercilessly pounded deep inside of her. He didn’t care who heard her sweet moans. He pulled down the top of her bra to reveal her soft breasts and pink nipples. Sucking and nibbling and kissing, both hands on her bum, clutching as he pressed her against the door, Wade sped up, his hips thrusting back and forth, going for that second orgasm.

Ebony tried to bite in her moans but soon it was all too much. Wade’s teeth and tongue on her nipples. His hands and nails grasping her bare bum cheeks. His gorgeous ripped, sweaty muscular body sliding against her skin. Wade’s own tantalizing grunts of pleasure. Ebony had to open her mouth and scream…wail his name as he began to move his hips in a circular motion, staying deep within her pussy and stroking every inch of her. Wade moved his lips to her ear where he whispered and encouraged her to orgasm again, his hot breath tickling her hot neck. Ebony’s arms draped around his neck, but the rest of her body was in Wade’s control as he pulled his cock all the way out, so just the tip was stroking the outside of her pussy. And just as she was about to beg him to stop… to plead him to fill her again…her wish was granted.

For those final minutes, as Wade felt his own pleasure reach a peak, his cock humming with that sense of great relief, he kept his hips thrusting up and down, pummeling her pussy until she was howling and breathlessly screaming his name. To push her over the edge, Wade slipped his thumb up to her hard clit and applying just the right amount of pressure, he rubbed in circles until he felt her orgasm, the walls of her hot pussy gripping erection. But he didn’t stop there, not until he burst. Head buried in her neck, Ebony’s body bouncing like a rag doll up and down on his hard-on, Wade’s own orgasm rippled throughout his body, the ringing in his ears deafening, only his pure strength keeping them both standing. He took a deep shuddering breath.

Wade pulled his face back from her salty sweet neck to look at her. Ebony was gazing back at him languorously, open-mouthed and her fingers tracing the golden cross he wore for her on his chest as it rose and fell rapidly. The two were pretty certain that this had been the best After Party they’d ever been to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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