The Power of Memory

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The hot water from the shower coated my body and I found myself lost in thought about the activities of the morning.

Less than fifteen minutes before, I had been curled up in bed after having some wonderful and languid morning sex with my wife. Reluctantly I had left her as I had to prepare for work and here I was, soap in hand, under the stream.

I started to scrub the mix of sleep and sex away and then I felt that familiar tingle that always comes when I start to get an erection. I’ve been aroused in the past many times with the thoughts of past sexual activities, but this was all triggered from the events of just a few minutes ago and the feelings were still very fresh.

Squirting a good amount of soap onto my hand, I started to apply it to my rapidly hardening member sending a shiver through my body. As I started to stroke myself, I replayed the scene in my mind and wondered if I could re-create the whole thing in the shower.

It all started with her hand sneaking under the sheets to find me already hard, so I released my grip and tentatively just lightly rubbed the head. casino şirketleri The memory instantly brightened as I could see her hand in my mind as my hand faithfully replicated her movements.

Eyes closed, I leant back against the shower wall, the cold tiles a sharp contrast to the hot water, and I continued to follow the path of my memory, grip tightening but still moving maddeningly slowly in long strokes. She always does this when I’m half awake as she knows that it really makes me harder. I struggled to keep the pace as slow as she had, purely because the strength of the memory and the feel of my hand was divine. But no, I wanted to keep to the wonderful images in my head so I resisted the urge to increase my pace.

Playing the scene through in my head I could see her smile again as she pulled the sheets away and turned her back to me, pushing her bottom towards me. I stopped stroking as I remembered pushing against her and the feeling as I nuzzled my cock between her cheeks. I pulled down as I saw her hand reaching between her legs and grab me to guide me in.

Closing my soaped casino firmaları fist, I rested my cock head against it, trying to faithfully recreate that sensation of when you first enter a woman. That initial feeling of pressure before her soft warm folds accept you in. Opening my palm a little I pushed myself inside, feeling that same pressure an involuntary groan escaped as watched the head disappear into my hand before my eyes and into her pussy in my mind.

Getting lost even deeper in the memory, I could hear her breathing and moaning as I started to fuck my hand in time with my memory, reaching between my legs to squeeze my balls just as she had done. I’d started to moan and thrust my hips as if I could get any deeper into my hand, and in my mind I could see her rotating her hips as I slid into her again and again. Pulling tight on my cock as I remembered burying myself inside her and holding myself there as she begged me to fuck her harder.

The sensations in my sensitive cock-head told me that I wouldn’t be able to last as long as my memory would serve. Yes, I could keep edging myself güvenilir casino in time and stretch things out, but I wasn’t waiting for her orgasm this time. It was purely for my pleasure, so in my head I skipped forward to the point where she held onto the headboard and started pushing herself harder against me. I started to pump my cock harder now, groaning not only with the pleasure I was giving myself, but the intense feelings from earlier.

Her grunt with as she came was so clear, she could have been in the room, and I tightened my grip to mimic the sensation that her pulsing pussy made. That, and the remembrance of how it felt to fill her sent me over the edge. I felt my balls tighten, and that wonderful familiar tingle that started in the very root of my cock which meant that the point of no return had been reached.

Crying out in ecstasy I came, hard. Rope after rope of my seed splashed against the shower glass as I shook uncontrollably with the pleasure I was giving myself, holding my foreskin back tightly to emulate the way I’d held myself inside her as I came.

As I gingerly cleaned the soap and semen from my tender and now deflating cock, the sounds of the shower returned me to reality and I couldn’t help but smile at what had just happened. The power of my memory had really brought a new element to my orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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