The Pool

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From eddie.

Hey, this is my second attempt at a story, it was edited by the wonderful velvet rose, and im looking to improve so any comments welcomed. thank you!


They were all sat around the pool again. Lorna had the pool built ready for the summer; and what a summer it was. They were out there almost everyday. It had cost her a fortune, so at the time she couldn’t actually afford the heating. Throughout the cooler autumn days and then all through winter she had worked her ass off to buy the heaters, and now in the beginning of spring she had them fitted. Everyone she knew would come round and have some fun. She didn’t mind as it didn’t cost her anything and made her some very good friends. However, with a large group of friends there is always one you don’t get on with. With Lorna it was James. She didn’t know exactly what it was that she didn’t like, but she just didn’t. he was kind of arrogant, and he did always assume he was right; the annoying thing is that he usually was. But her being her she accepted everyone and didn’t complain, which made her even more popular.

The group that were around today were her regulars – her best friends, four of which lived on her road and the other two and James lived quite a distance, and so was glad she could see them so often. Their stomachs had started rumbling at three o clock after a couple of hours of splashing about so they had started talking about ordering in. Paul climbed out of the pool to see who was knocking on the gate. Since the pool Lorna had put up a giant fence to keep out peeping toms. As he walked to the gate he was still talking, and he pointed out it would be best to just go home.

“Oh, sorry bud, I think we’re all off,” he said to James as he stepped through.

“What? Aw, I’ve only just finished work!” his voice was slightly tired.

“Sorry bud,” he repeated and tapped him on the shoulder. The rest of the group started climbing out of the pool and running into the house to get dressed, avoiding the cool spring air.

He turned to Lorna who was wrapped in a big towel. “Erm, what are you doing?” He enquired.

“Going inside,” she shrugged.

“Could I have a little swim?” His eyes said ‘please’ rather than his usual demanding so she shrugged again.

“Sure, knock yourself out.”

The troops echoed their usual thanks and left closing the gate behind them. She walked up to it and turned the key. She walked towards the back door, and without turning her head she threw over her shoulder the words “Just knock on the door to tell me your leaving so I can lock the gate.” With that she closed the kitchen door without waiting for an answer. She was shivering so she ran upstairs to the bathroom where she stood under some hot water in her shower to thaw out. She flicked on the heating and threw on a big jumper and some girly boxers. Her stomach attacked her demanding food so she went back down to the kitchen and stabbed a potato a couple of times and put it in the microwave. She slumped in front of the TV to find something to kill time. Finding absolutely nothing she settled for some game show that she didn’t understand. When adverts came on she strolled back into the kitchen to check on her food. It only had a few minutes left so she went and poured herself a drink. She took a sip and looked out of the window. James was flying up and down the pool like a dolphin on speed. She was amazed at how fast he was going. She watched his muscular arms pushing in and out of the water. Her mind eyes wandered to his upper body when he leaned on the wall while he caught his breath. He was still mostly underwater but from what she could see he looked very thin – the healthy thin not ‘we should feed him a burger’ thin. He had pecks that made him look like a model. His back dented in deeply down the middle and she found herself wishing she could follow it all the way down until….

The microwave beeped and saved her from her thoughts. She didn’t know why she was so intrigued, she had seen him topless before but she supposed she just hadn’t ever looked. She pulled out the hot plate and, burning her fingers, she cut open the jacket potato and coated it in butter and cheese, then slumped in front of the tele.


A loud noise from the television woke her. She jumped, which took a few seconds to calm down. She rubbed her eyes: how long had she been asleep? The sun was beginning to set so she guessed it was about six o clock with it being spring. She stood up and reached for the remote to change the channel when it switched off, along with the lights and the street lamps outside. She walked to the window and peered out, where she saw most of the street coming out to look to see if it was just their own houses. She sighed and pulled out her phone. It was six twenty. She had been asleep for two hours at least, and now her body was stiff and tired. It was still practically the middle of the day so she went upstairs to change. The pool was the only thing that could really wake canlı bahis her up and tire her out at the same time, and didn’t run on electricity. Well, the heaters did but she supposed it would still be a little warm. Hopefully.

She reached her room and closed one set of curtains. The only light came from the setting sun, when she closed the curtains she was encased in complete darkness. She couldn’t be bothered to find a candle and matches so she opened them again and looked out. There was no one on the street and even if there was the chances of them looking up were tiny. The second window was to the side as it was a corner room. That window faced the back garden and a field that was empty. It was safe unless someone had access to her back garden. Thinking of it James didn’t even bother waking her to tell her he was going. What a twat, anyone could have come in and messed up her pool with washing powder and crap.

She huffed as she gripped the hem of the big jumper and turned her back to the street window. She lifted it above her head, feeling the cold of the room hit her now naked skin. As she lifted it completely off her body and her arms still up she got caught in a stretch. After her a few seconds she flopped her arms to her sides and dropping the jumper. With the confidence of darkness she slid her girl boxers down her hips with her thumbs and a little wiggle until they fell and she kicked them off her toes. She ruffled through her draw to find some sort of swim suit, only finding one matching bikini and settling for it, sliding her long legs into the tiny fabric. She didn’t normally wear this one as the bottoms were incredibly small and had a habit of sitting just that little bit too low on her, revealing little black hairs. She had bought them in turkey because the top made her boobs look amazing, which was a first for bikinis. She had bought a pair of cotton shorts to wear over them but they were in fact in the wash. Still she was alone. She untied the side ropes to tighten them, as it had been a while since she had worn this particular set. As she did so she stroked her sides admiring her new frame. Since the pool she had slimmed and toned amazingly. Being thinner also made her boobs look bigger than before.

She bent over and ruffled through the drawer once more to find the top half. She saw the sparkle of the glitter that lined it and she pulled it out. She looped it over her head and tied behind the neck before sliding her hands over her boobs to smooth the material down before tying round her back. She looked down at her 34B’s. She had never felt good about them without clothes so she made her damn best with clothes. She looked out of the front window just to make sure, she saw no one and walked down the stairs carefully. Reaching the bottom of he stairs in one piece she flicked on the heating for when she came back in and threw a clean towel on the radiator closest to the back door. She braced herself for the cold. She opened the door quickly and the chill hit her skin, covering her with goosebumps. The temperature itself was actually warm to say she was practically naked on a spring night, but the breeze sent a chill straight to the spine. She closed the door to keep the heat in and stepped to the edge of the pool, about to dip a toe into the water to see how it was after about half an hour without heaters. It shouldn’t have cooled that much.

As she stood next to the water she heard a bubble next to her right foot. She looked to see a body beneath the water. She gasped and cursed before jumping into the water feet first. The water was only tip toe deep so she hit her feet on the bottom. The water itself was freezing, and the shock forced all of the air from her to be expelled. She grabbed his arm and wrenched him out of the water, reaching the surface and gasped desperately for air.

“What the fuck? What the fuck did you do that for?!”

Because of the shock of the cold water and the panic she spoke between gasps.

“What the fuck am I doing? What were you doing?!” Her tone was bitter after the unnecessary heart attack.

“I was just holding my breath for a bit. I got fed up of swimming!”

She took a few more deep breaths and stretched out her toes to reach the floor. “Why didn’t you go home then?”

He stood easily on the floor so she could quite easily see him shrug before answering.

“I dunno, I like swimming.”

She shook her head violently before starting to tread water, turning and swimming away. She went to the far end of the pool and put her arms up, violently forcing her head down onto them. She stayed there until she started to get her breath.

She heard the water swilling behind her so figured he was getting out of the pool, until she felt his arm catch hers as he gripped the wall next to her right arm. She lifted her head to only see an arm, so turned the other way to see him resting his elbow on her left. This forced his body to rest against hers, to which she would object to only his body heat acted as a radiator to bahis siteleri her.

“Look, I’m sorry that I scared you. I didn’t know you cared” She turned her head away from him but didn’t want to escape his warmth. Her body twisted a little under his body pressing her left bum cheek against his leg.

“I don’t want a corpse in my pool!” she exclaimed, making it painfully obvious of her discontent of the man.

“Ok, ok. I am sorry. You obviously didn’t realise I was still here.” After a small pause his tone lowered like he was talking to himself, not realising he was speaking aloud. “…obviously.” She was about to ask what he meant but she was stopped by the movement by her leg. His whole body seemed to tense and his grip on the wall tightened next to her, as he obviously prayed she didn’t feel that. A moment of panic crossed her as she wondered what it was that was pressed up against her bum cheek, but she felt an exhilaration as she realised what it was. Her head was still turned from him which was good, as she bit her lip and closed her eyes. She opened them again as she darted her eyes about trying to find out what the hell was going on. She glanced up to the house to see the spot she had been stood in when she was in her room. She closed her eyes again in a painful embarrassment, but then at realising what it had done to him she decided she would take advantage and have a little fun.

Lorna threw her head forward into her arms on the wall with a sigh. This movement pushed her bum out which pressed into his now rock-like hard on. He inhaled sharply as he bit his lip, trying to hold it in. she simply turned her head with an innocent look on her face. “Pardon, did you say something?” He held his breath as he shook his head. He was still buried into her skin as she looked straight at him. Surely she must have noticed? After a few moments she decided she wanted a drink. She pushed back which pressed her right into him and he seemed reluctant to let go of the wall to let her free. When he did she went to the ladders taking time to pull up her bikini bottoms – builders bum isn’t the most attractive thing in the world. She dripped off into the house and picked up a glass from the side. She looked out of the window to see him splashing the cold water over his face and shaking his head violently. She poured herself some orange juice and placed the carton back in the fridge. Then unrepentantly collapsed into her arms on the side.

“What the fuck are you doing Lorna?!” she thought to herself, surprised she had said it out loud. Sure, he was very attractive she thought, but she can’t stand the guy. He is normally a pain in the arse. Not today though, today he almost seemed….nice. She looked out to him again to see him swimming another length of the pool. His upper body sent a shiver down her spine that ended in her wet bikini bottoms. She had to tighten her abs to gain some control over herself.

She took a deep breath and stood tall, walking with long smooth strides with her long smooth legs. She closed the door behind her as she stepped out into the cold and took a long sip before approaching the edge of the pool.

“Drink?” She leaned down to him offering the glass, making sure he got a good eyeful of what her top held. He looked up drinking in the sight but also trying to figure her out.

“Sure, thanks.” He took the glass slowly and drank down the whole thing in almost one mouthful. He passed it back and she walked to the door, opening it and leaning round without stepping in the house, and closed the door. He just had to ask.

“Why you being so nice to me all of a sudden?”

She smirked with one side of her mouth. “You scared the hell out of me! Besides I always take care of my guests.”

She took a step a little too close to the edge and he swooped up and grabbed her legs, pulling her in the water, only just avoiding scrapping her whole back off against the wall. She popped back up out of the water with a gasp. It was still freezing, more so now, and normally she would have been so angry. Yet something overcome her and she actually laughed. She splashed him with the icy water to which he attacked back. His arms were much stronger than hers and so splashed her so much she had to retreat back to the wall. He followed and when she had nowhere else to go she just held her arms up to stop some of the water. When he got closer still she put her hands on his shoulders to stop him. They were laughing as he pushed forward, not even sure what he was going to do if she gave up and let go of his arms.

The water was slippy for her toes to stay on the ground so the only thing holding her up was his arms pushing her onto the wall. She put her feet against the wall behind her to give her something to push with, and was succeeding until her hands slipped off his shoulders, propelling her into him. Luckily she missed his head and so didn’t knock him out, but he too fell forward and the two were now in each others arms. Her heart stopped for a moment when she realised what bahis şirketleri they had done, and decided the best course of action was to laugh it off and play innocent. So instead of screaming ‘oh my god’ and pushing him away like a dog she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed back, looking at him and smiling a laugh. Because of the water however this action did push her hips forward, and with her parted legs, she somehow became wrapped around his waist. She could see in his face that he hadn’t expected it either as his smile slowly escaped his face and a slow gasp escaped him. She could feel the material of his swimming shorts around the thin hem of her bikini bottoms as they slipped a little to the side, and the stirring again that she had felt earlier, but this time she knew exactly what it was and why straight away. He put his hands on her shoulders to pull her off of him but she hesitated. His thumbs rubbed the goosebumps on her arms for a moment and that shiver went down her spine again. It forced her legs to tighten which pushed herself onto him more, forcing him into a full on hard on.

They looked at each other for no more than a second before they knew what was going to happen. She flung her arms around his neck as his hands slid onto her sides pulling her in close as they dove into each others mouths. Their tongues manically attacking each other as they fought to get closer. He stepped forward and forced her against the wall, pressing into her hard with pleasurable ache. She pulled her legs tighter around him, squeezing the life out of him. Her hands reaching down his back following that line she had longed to find the end. It lead her to the band of his shorts where she followed it over the material at first, squeezing his bum cheeks with frustrated passion. His hands went up to brush her hair back out of her face, and being wet it stayed leaving his hand free to follow her neck down to her shoulders and up again, holding her chin to let him in deeper to her mouth.

She pulled back from his grasp with the top half of her body, to which his face looked hurt. His features all begged her to come back, to forget that he had been a jerk for so long. As he released his grip on her sides to let her escape she leaned back in, leaving him completely confused. Her soft lips caressed his neck forcing him to gasp and return his hands to her hips. He pulled her into him letting her know he wanted more and she dragged her lips and her teeth down his collarbone, down to his chest. She couldn’t reach much further because of how they were joined and she didn’t want to pull apart. When she pulled away and looked at him again he forced her back against the wall, hurting her slightly making her grit her teeth together and then diving into him more. His hands now slipped down the back of her bum, squeezing and dragging his fingertips down her skin. He slid back up and hooked his fingers under the material, re-enacting the action but this time sliding off the material. It stayed beneath her bum but without parting she couldn’t remove them.

Cheekily she pulled the side ropes which made the material float around as it was still trapped between their bodies. She pushed her hand down the back of his shorts, pulling them down as she did so, but only so far so when she removed her hand they twanged back into place, forcing another gasp of pleasure from him. His mouth opened as he did so, and his bottom lip quaked before he bit it and looked at her. His eyes were determined now he had reached that point of no return. Again his tongue reached for hers, finding it and revelling in its taste. The lights made them jump as they all flickered on from the kitchen and the bright pool lamps that were set on a timer and surrounded the pool, putting them completely on show. Lorna cursed as she tied her ropes and jumped out of the pool, leaving him leaning on the wall. Alone with his thoughts he knew that she didn’t like him, and how something like a power cut can make people act in strange ways. If the lights hadn’t come on then who knows, but now maybe she remembered who he was. He closed his eyes tightly in frustration and rubbed his forehead with his fingertips. The water was heating quickly into non-ice temperatures which was quite thankfully a god send, but he had hoped to warm up in another way. He heard her open the kitchen door and walk in, after which he expected a slam, but instead he got darkness.

She reached round and flicked off the power to the pool lights. The street lights didn’t reach the back garden because there was nothing there but a shelter of trees and a field. Thank god however the heaters had come on because she didn’t fancy her chances of coming back in without hyperthermia. She looked out of the window to see a confused looking man lit only by the light from the kitchen, and smiled. She jogged to the kitchen door and flicked off the light, realising how dark it had actually got. She walked dangerously slowly towards him, he looked confused but pleased. He reached up his strong arms and placed his hands on her thighs, holding tight and lifting her into the pool gently. She hadn’t expected such strength and her face showed it, while he just smiled. He shook his head a little as he tried to find words.

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