The Poker Party Ch. 06

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“I think I need another beer,” Debbie said, intrigued and titillated by Lucy’s proposition. The more she thought about it, the more attractive the idea seemed, particularly after she watched Lucy take Jeremy in the ass.

“Good idea,” Lucy said, “I could use something to eat. How about a pizza?”

“Okay, make mine Hawaiian.”

Lucy headed to the kitchen to grab a couple of beers and order the pizza. Debbie’s eyes followed her, admiring her ass, swinging side to side, showing just a hint of her bush.

“Should be here in about thirty minutes,” Lucy said, setting two cold beers on the table. “I brought a couple of bananas to tide us over. You want one?”

“To eat?”

“Of course to eat!” Lucy exclaimed, “What are you thinking?”

“Never mind, things are a little crazy today. I can’t believe how horny you and Jeremy have made me.”

Lucy laughed, “Yeah, it’s been a little wild this morning.”

“You thinking of doing the pizza delivery guy?” she asked, only half joking.

“Tempting, but no,” she said, “One delivery guy is enough for today.”

After finishing off the beer and bananas, Lucy said, “Let’s take a dip before the pizza gets here.”

“Sounds good.”

After a cool swim, Lucy asked, “Ready for another beer?”

“Sure, I’ll get them,” Debbie said, grabbing a beach towel to cover up on her way to the kitchen.

With two beers in hand, she was about to head back to the pool when the doorbell rang. “Pizza,” a voice called out.

Opening the door, she said, “Hi, just set it on the kitchen counter, please. Give me a second to get my purse.”

She walked out to the pool, dropped off the beers and grabbed her purse.

“I prepaid when I placed the order,” Lucy said.

“Oh, well, then let me get the tip,” Debbie replied, heading back to the kitchen.

The young women delivering the pizza wore a crisp, long sleeved, white blouse, with long khaki pants and a red visor emblazoned with the pizza company logo. The name-tag pinned to her blouse read Lila. Her close-cropped auburn hair was done up in tiny spikes. If it wasn’t for the hoop earrings and name tag, you could hardly tell she was a woman.

Lila opened the pizza box and showed Debbie the pizza. “Can I serve it up for you?” she asked, politely.

“Thanks, we’re out by the pool.”

“Two of you?”


She reached into her purse for tip money while Lila served up the slices. Thumbing through her bills looking for a ten, all she found was a five and some ones. As she handed the bills to Lila, Jeremy’s card fell out and landed face down on the counter.

Debbie looked down at the card, embarrassed by the drawing of Jeremy’s naked body. “Oops, didn’t mean for you to see that,” she said, blushing.

Lila immediately recognized the card, and couldn’t believe what she had just stumbled into. Jeremy had called her not less than fifteen minutes before, and asked her to take his three o’clock modeling session at the art school. His boss called him in to make some unexpected deliveries, interrupting his morning. He wanted to blow off the modeling session so he could get back to what he was doing.

Lila gave him a hard time for asking, and wanted to know what was so important. She was gay, a good friend, and they often traded stories about their love lives. He told her about Debbie, the text she sent him, about the picture of Lucy, going over to find Debbie and Lucy getting it on by the pool and fucking Lucy in the ass. He really wanted to get back to them. She agreed to take his gig, and told him to have fun.

From Jeremy’s description, she suspected this was the same place. “Are you Debbie or Lucy?” she asked.

First surprised, then shocked, she finally said, “I’m Debbie, how did you know that?”

“Jeremy and I both model at the art school, he asked me to take his modeling session this afternoon.”

“I don’t get it.”

“I talked to him just a few minutes ago. I think I wormed a few more details out of him than he intended to reveal.”

“No shit!”

“I’m sorry, we’re just good friends. We share stuff. He didn’t mean anything by it. I was just giving him a hard time for asking me to cover for him.”

“But he told you enough to figure out who we were?”

“He told me about the house, the pool and what you two looked like. That was enough to figure it out.”

“And he told you about what we did?”?

“Well, a little, I mean, just generally,” she stammered, feeling a little intimidated by Debbie’s tone of voice.

“Hey, where’s the pizza?” Lucy yelled from the pool.

“Be just a minute.”

“Are you two lovers?” Debbie asked, now very wary of the threat Lila might pose to them.

“Hell no!” she said emphatically, “I’m a dyke, you know, gay pride and all that. We’re just good friends, that’s all.”

“Oh,” she said softly, relieved that she probably had nothing to worry about, “Why the long sleeves and pants. It’s summer?”

“Company policy, no tattoos showing, it sucks.”

“You have tattoos?”

“Yes, just about everywhere that’s covered kartal escort up.”

Debbie was having trouble wrapping her head around the days events. Two hours ago she was at the Lucy’s front door, sobbing. After getting off twice, then watching Jeremy ass-fuck Lucy, she’s getting the hots for a tattooed, gay, delivery girl. She thought, how in the fuck did this happen.

Lila could see the confusion on her face. Sensing an opportunity, she stepped in to give her a hug.

“I’m sorry if I came off a little harsh,” she said embracing Debbie, “I didn’t mean to shock you.”

“I understand,” she replied, returning the hug, lingering just a moment too long. She thought to herself, God I’m horny today.

Catching the musky scent of a woman on Debbie’s face, Lila kissed her on the lips and savored the taste.

Shocked, Debbie struggled to keep composed, further aroused by her desire to return the bold kiss.

“Is that Lucy I taste?”

“Yes,” she said, leaning in to return her kiss.

Lila broke off the kiss, stepped back, and tugged on the towel covering Debbie. It dropped to the floor, revealing her naked body.

“Beautiful,” she said, running her hands down the side of her torso, admiring her slender body.

“Can you come out to the pool and meet Lucy? She is not going to believe this.”

“Sure, you’re my last delivery until I have to cover for Jeremy.”

“Good, Lucy will want to hear about you and Jeremy.”

“Okay, my car is still running, I’ll just turn it off and meet you out back. No suits, right?”


Debbie grabbed the plates of pizza and walked out to the pool.

“What took you so long?” Lucy asked.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” she said, sitting down at the table.

“So tell me,” Lucy said, biting into a slice.

“Just wait, you’ll see.”

They were halfway through the pizza when Lila walked, naked, onto the pool deck carrying a gym bag, coming up behind Lucy.

“Oh my god,” Debbie said, “those are beautiful.” Lila’s clothes had completely hidden the most gorgeous tattoos she had ever seen. Intricate, colorful designs covered much of her body.

Lucy turned to see what she was talking about.

“Lila, meet Lucy.”

Lucy was stunned by the sight of Lila’s naked, tattooed body, momentarily speechless. “How long have you been working your tattoos?” She finally blurted out.

“Several years,” she replied, “I’m still not finished.”

“Did they hurt?” Debbie asked.

“Oh yeah, they hurt a lot,” she replied, “but it’s worth it.”

“They’re very exotic looking. Did you design them?” asked Debbie.

“Yes, they’re my designs. It’s the reason I am in art school.”

The tattoos started just below her neckline covering the upper part of her chest. Her creamy white breasts stood out dramatically, along with the tiny pale areola and nipples, free of tattoos. The intricate design flowed down both arms stopping just above the wrists. The vibrant colors accentuated her auburn hair. The upper chest tattoo flowed down in a narrow pattern between her breasts, then expanded out to encompass her abdomen, dropping to just above the slit of her cleanly waxed pussy. Her back was a mirror image of her front, with the tattoo snaking into the crack of her ass. More designs wrapped around her thighs, leaving the creamy white skin of her ass exposed, continuing down to her ankles.

“What’s in the bag?” Lucy asked.

“Take a look,” she said, mischievously.

Lucy unzipped the gym bag and peered in to see a large collection of sex toys and lubes.

“Looks like you came ready for action.”

“Hey, I’m the original girl scout,” she said, “always prepared.”

Lucy pulled out one of the dildos. It was black and had a soft, slightly flexible feel to it. One end looked like a cock, maybe seven inches long, but the other end had a three or four-inch bulb shaped extension perpendicular to the cock part of the dildo. “What is this, a handle?”

“No,” she laughed, “it’s something I use to fuck my girlfriend.”

“I don’t get it,” Lucy replied.

“I do,” Debbie said, “you slip the short end inside you, to hold the dildo in place.”

“You’ve used one?” Lila asked.

“Oh no!” she exclaimed, a little embarrassed, “it just seems obvious to me.”

“Well,” Lucy said, “you have a better imagination than I have.”

“It’s called a strapless dildo,” Lila said. “They’re a lot of fun.”

“What else is in there?” Debbie asked.

Lucy pulled out several more of the dildos of different sizes and colors. She then pulled out a collection of butt plugs and arranged them on the table by size.

“Now, there’s something Lucy can understand,” Debbie said, with a hearty laugh.

Lucy saw the quizzical look on Lila’s face, “inside joke, but these definitely have me interested. We can use them to break in Debbie.”

“Lucy!” Debbie all but shouted, “are we back to that again.”

Lucy glanced over to Lila, “my husband has been challenged to fuck her virgin kurtköy escort ass.”

“Really!” she said, astonished, “I’d like to hear that story.”

“Later, I want to see how these work,” Lucy said.

“Okay, but I want to get warmed up first,” she said, “each of you grab a towel and we’ll get started.”

“Where do you want us?” Debbie asked.

“You in front, Lucy in back.”

Lila pulled Debbie in close to her, gently kissing her neck, their breasts touching. Lucy quickly caught on and embraced Lila from behind, kissing and licking the back of her neck.

Debbie ran her hands up Lila’s torso, gently massaging her way to Lila’s breasts. Lucy was doing the same from behind, working her hands around to the side of Lila’s breasts.

“Mmmmm,” Lila said, “I like that. Kiss me.”

Debbie touched her lips to Lila’s and slipped her tongue into her mouth. Intertwined, their tongues danced together from mouth to mouth. She could feel the heat rising from her loins, surprised at her own reaction. Aside from briefly kissing Lucy earlier this morning, which was only to swap Jeremy’s cum, it was the first time the kiss of a woman aroused her.

Debbie continued to massage the lower half of her breasts, while Lucy cupped them from the side, gently tweaking her hard, erect nipples.

“Work your way down,” she commanded, her voice husky, “kneel on the towels.”

They did as she asked, slowly kissing their way down the intricate tattoo lines of her exquisite body. Debbie worked her tongue in little circles around her areolas, teasing her erect nipples with the tip, nibbling on them with her lips. Finishing with her breasts, she ran her tongue down the center tattoo line to her belly button. Once there, she pressed her tongue into the tiny depression, swirling it in tiny circles.

“Ahhh, that feels so good.”

Debbie dropped to her knees, pressing her face into her cleanly waxed mound, nuzzling it, waiting for Lucy to finish with her back. She started with long licks of Lila’s tightly closed slit, using the broad, flat area of her tongue.

Lila parted her legs, opening herself up their probing tongues.

After several wet, sloppy licks, Debbie pointed her tongue and pressed it into her slit. She felt Lila’s body shudder as the tip brushed against the little nub of her clit.

Lucy worked her magic on Lila’s ass, licking her way up and down her freshly waxed crack, teasing her crinkled rosebud on each pass of her tongue.

“Oh my god, push in harder, both of you,” she gasped, her breath coming in short bursts, an orgasm building inside her.

Together, they pressed their tongues into her two most sensitive holes. She felt an orgasm near and lowered her hands to Debbie’s shoulders, trying to steady herself.”

“Yes, yes, yes, push harder, harder,” she moaned in ecstasy, “I’m going to cum!”

Feeling the resistance of her sphincter give way, Lucy pushed her tongue in past the tight muscle.

Debbie used her thumb to massage Lila’s clit while pushing her tongue in deep.

Her hips bucked against the pair of protruding tongues, as a powerful orgasm took control of her body.

When her orgasm subsided, they got to their feet, guiding her over to the chaise lounge. Together, they squeezed in beside her, cuddling up against her, massaging her, easing her down from her orgasmic high.

“You girls are the best, are you sure you aren’t gay?” she asked with a laugh.

“Nice try Lila, but now it’s time to show us how your toys work,” Debbie said, “I’m ready to get off.”

“That’s only fair. Lucy, grab the small butt plug and put some lube on it. Debbie, get on your hands and knees at the foot of the chaise,” Lila commanded, once again taking charge.

“This one,” Lucy said, holding up the smallest butt plug for Debbie to see.

“Is that really necessary?” she asked, a little annoyed.

“It’s part of your break in,” she said, with a laugh.

“I haven’t agreed to an ass-fuck, you know,” she said, defiantly.

“I know, but it can’t hurt to be prepared. Remember, you did have a thumb up your ass the last time you got off,” she said, trying to sound encouraging.

“Go ahead,” she said, knowing full well what was coming her way. She just wasn’t sure when.

Lucy lubed up the butt plug while Debbie positioned herself on the chaise lounge.

“Okay Lucy, gently work it into her asshole,” Lila commanded.

Lucy dropped down to her knees, bringing Debbie’s ass to eye level. She really admired her tight little ass, and how it opened up when she bent forward, arching her back. She couldn’t resist leaning in and giving it quick lick.

“Mmm, nice,” Debbie said, “I’m ready.”

She pushed the butt plug up against her, meeting the resistance of her tight sphincter.

“Relax Debbie, push back against it,” Lila said.

Debbie complied and eased herself back as Lucy wiggled the plug, working it halfway in.

“That’s it Debbie, nice and easy,” Lila said.

Debbie let out an audible gasp when maltepe escort the thickest part of the butt plug finally slipped past her sphincter.

Lila looked over the dildos on the table and selected one for Lucy. “How about this red, eight inch one?”

Lucy looked at it. It was shaped like the black dildo, but had a third protrusion, parallel to the bulb end that looked more like the butt plug she just slipped into Debbie.

“That’s for my ass?”

“Yeah, I thought you might like it.”

“Ya think?” Debbie replied sarcastically. “Anal is all she thinks about lately.”

“Debbie!” she exclaimed with mock indignation.

“Hey, it’s the truth, look what you’ve got me doing.”

“You need to lube up the two short ends,” Lila said, “especially the butt end.”

Lila positioned Lucy behind Debbie then bent her down, resting her head on Debbie’s fanny.

Lila stepped behind Lucy and dropped to her knees, facing her ass. Having just watched Lucy do it, she couldn’t resist the temptation to give her a lick. Spreading the cheeks of her ass, she gently rimmed her tight little pucker. Satisfied, she gently worked the bulb and plug ends of the lubed dildo into their respective holes, firmly pushing them all the way in.

“Ahhh,” Lucy moaned, as the dildo filled her holes.

“Okay Lucy, stand up. Grab the cock end and slip it into Debbie, just like you’re fucking her.”

“Ohhh,” Debbie gasped, feeling the eight-inch dildo stretch her open.

“Good,” she said, “now pump her a few times so you can get used to holding the dildo inside you.”

Pushing the dildo into Debbie, she could feel two ends forced deeper inside her. Pulling back, she felt them start to slip out and stopped.

“Don’t worry,” Lila said, “tighten your muscles when you pull back. It won’t slip out.”

After a few more tries, she got the hang of it, and was able to focus her energy on pumping the dildo into Debbie.

Lila grabbed the blue ten inch dildo, lubed the bulb, and inserted it inside her.

“Okay. Lucy, pull out of Debbie,” she said, “I’ll take your place.”

Lucy stepped back and let her move in behind Debbie. Lila stroked the cock end of the dildo while she practiced gripping the bulb. Satisfied she could hold it snug inside her, she positioned the dildo, ready to thrust into Debbie’s pussy.

“Ready for more Debbie? This one’s a little bigger.” she said, slowly pushing the dildo into her slippery tunnel.

“Ahhh,” she moaned, “that thing is huge.”

She pumped the dildo into her a few times, and then stopped to prepare herself to take Lucy’s dildo. “Okay Lucy, work your dildo into my ass.”

“Bend forward a little, just until I get it in.”

Lila felt the head press up against her tight hole and pushed back, relaxing her sphincter. Lucy bounced the head of the dildo against her, forcing it open.

“Ohhh, that feels good,” Lila said, “go easy, it’s so big.”

Lucy continued to work the dildo, feeling her sphincter finally give way.

“Ahhh,” Lila moaned, feeling the dildo stretch her open.

Awkward at first, they fell into a rhythm, pushing and pulling together, getting the most out of their dildos. As their pace picked up, Lila felt Lucy’s hot breath on the back of her neck.

“Oh my god! This is fantastic! I’ve never been sandwiched between two women before.”

Lila was grunting loudly with each thrust. The harder she plunged her dildo into Debbie, the more stimulation she felt inside her. With an orgasm quickly building deep within her, she struggled to keep up with the ass pounding she was getting from Lucy.

“Ahhh, I’m so close, make me cum, make me cum now,” Lila shrieked.

Lucy reached around, roughly grabbing her tits, as she made one last thrust, burying the dildo deep inside her. She held her tight and wiggled the dildo with her hips.

“Oh, oh, oh, I’m cumming,” Lila screamed, unable to continue pumping into Debbie.

They all stood motionless for a minute, letting Lila’s orgasm drain out of her.

“Jeez,” Lucy said, “I hope the neighbors didn’t hear that.”

Lucy slipped her dildo out of Lila and lay down on the lounge next to Debbie. Exhausted from fucking Lila, breathing hard, she needed a moment to catch her breath. Debbie hopped up off the chaise and let Lila lay down next to Lucy.

“Your dildos are both standing up like erect cocks,” Debbie said, laughing at the sight of two women brandishing brightly colored dildos, “that would make a great picture.”

“Don’t you dare,” Lucy said.

“I won’t,” Debbie teased, “but I’m ready for more. Who’s going to do me?”

“Let Lucy do it, I’m too exhausted,” Lila said, “besides, I already got off.”

“Okay Debbie, hop on top of me.”

Lila got up off the chaise to make room for Debbie to straddle Lucy.

Debbie reached between her legs and positioned the dildo at her entrance. “Ahhh,” she said, slowly lowering herself on the big red dildo.

“Wait a minute,” Lila said, “I think she needs a bigger butt plug.”

“Oh yeah,” Lucy chimed in, “definitely a bigger butt plug.”

“Will you two give it a rest!”

Lila pulled the small butt plug out of Debbie, and gently worked the medium size butt plug into her.

“Mmmm,” she moaned, feeling the bigger plug easily slip into her.

Debbie bent down and kissed Lucy on the lips, sliding her tongue past her parted lips.

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