The Podium

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There’s a small auditorium at the small community college I’m attending this summer where, in the late afternoon, I join several other students on Tuesdays for a public speaking workshop.

It’s nothing formal, no teachers or TAs. It’s just a half dozen or so of us guys who decided to start a summer speaking club to conquer our fear of speaking in front of folks before the fall semester starts.

Better to make fools of ourselves now in front of friends than in a room full of students or worse, business colleagues after we graduate, right?

Every once in a while, the drama teacher would check on us, make sure we weren’t jacking with his stuff. He used the room for small plays the students were work-shopping. Tuesday afternoons were free, so we got the room to ourselves alone. This was, as will soon become clear, a truly wonderful thing!

On the small stage, which was about three feet above the main floor, was a podium. We’d take turns at the podium reciting crap we’d have to present in class, or read short stories, poems or something gay like that.

The rest of the gang would listen and be supportive. At least that was the plan. Often, though, we’d laugh at or rip on the guy on stage. All in good fun, mind you. And it helped. Standing in front of any class was much less daunting than reading Walt Whitman in front of the guys!

One afternoon, near the end of the hour, Billy was up there reading his paper about Hannibal’s invasion of Italy when he stopped cold in mid-sentence. The boys and I looked at each other confused. Billy just stood there with an odd look on his face totally silent.

“Dude, what’s his deal?” John finally asked in a near whisper.

“Eff if I know” replied James.

We watched Billy’s face slowly relax and his eyes close.

“Looks like he’s dreaming of the blowjob he’s never actually had” I ribbed.

The guys didn’t respond. Instead, we were enthralled watching Billy just stand there with an increasingly goofy-ass look on his face.

“Uh, I don’t know about you guys” James finally said quietly, “but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what I look like getting a BJ.”

“Ya think?” John whispered. “How?”

“Dunno, but I’m next!” I declared.

True enough, I was next. John and James had already done their time on the dais, as we called it. We watched in silence as Billy started to breathe heavy. After a few minutes, the guy was turning Japanese.

“Holy fuck dude, he is getting a BJ!” said John, now in awe.

I practically flew out of my seat to take Billy’s place, careful to face away from the guys as I was sporting some serious wood. Billy regained his composure and, now embarrassed, walked off stage as I leapt up. He smiled broadly as he passed me.

“It’s good to be at the dais. Really good” Billy said.

As I approached the podium I checked it out. Billy must’ve had a wet dream up here, I thought, because it was just a normal looking wood box with a tilted top to hold papers at an angle. On the speaker’s side, it had a black curtain which normally hid the shelves inside.

I opened the curtain but couldn’t see inside since the stage lights were well in front of it. It was totally dark in there. I pulled my mobile from my pocket to provide some light.

Inside, barely visible, was nothing but the wood floor. The shelves were gone but nobody was in there. Fuck all, I thought, so much for getting’ lucky!

I put my poem on the podium, Ozymendias it was, and began to read.

“I met a traveler from an antique land who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert. Near them, on the sand, half sunk, a shattered visage lies, whose frown and wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command”

As I spoke, a soft white hand, definitely female, reached out from within the podium and began unbuckling my belt.

“How the heck”, I thought. Trap door? I tried to keep my composure and continued reciting my poem.

The guys were studying me intently, wondering, hoping more likely, that I was receiving the same treatment as Billy.

“Tell that its sculptor well those passions read which yet survive” I read as my zipper was gracefully opened. “Stamped on these lifeless things” I said, my cock now anything but lifeless.

“The hand that mocked them” I continued as the soft hand caressed me, devoid of any mocking. As I read the next line, “and the heart that fed” I felt the warmth of soft hot wet lips engulf me.

“My name is Ozymandias king of kings” I declared as her mouth swallowed me whole. “Look on my works, ye mighty and despair!” I said with gusto.

I now noticed that the drama teacher had entered the room. “Holey shit, what the fuck do I do now?” I wondered.

I pulled my hips back in panic, my turgid cock slipping from its heavenly dock. The drama teacher stood, mouth agape at my oratory as I stood there longing to return to the mouth that had been giving me the blowjob of a lifetime.

“Nothing beside remains” I continued, erenköy escort hoping that she remained! What could I do? “Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare” I continued with truer words were never spoken as the cold air bit down on my neglected and exposed member.

“The lone and level sands stretch far away” I finished with indescribable longing. The drama teacher and the guys were silent for several moments after I was done.

Although now silent as well, I was overcome by panic. My cock was falling flaccid from panic, dangling from my pants. I couldn’t back away from the podium without exposing myself. Neither could I tuck and zip without exposing my current state of undress. “Fuck!” I screamed in my head.

The drama teacher broke the silence as he clapped loudly. “Bravo my man. Huzzah!”

“Holy shit, really?” I thought. I’d tried out for a play once and he’d said I’d lacked emotion and depth. Apparently what I needed for drama was oral instruction!

“Excellent work Andrew! Seriously guys, fantastic work!” At these words, the soft white hand re-emerged from the podium curtain and resumed caressing me. It was as if she was both my groupie and oratory partner.

I leaned my midsection forward as the teacher left the room. Hot wetness engulfed me once more. “I have a workshop in fifteen, so wrap it up gentlemen” he said as he departed.

If a bunch of 18 and 19 year olds could be boggled, they were. Their mouths dropped in wonderment. My head tilted back ever so slightly in agreement with them as I felt her tongue lick my shaft lovingly.

“Dude, did he just recite that poem while getting a BJ?” John asked quietly in disbelief. The others nodded affirmatively, especially Billy. The woman in the podium, my luscious cock lover, now consumed me. I was in heaven. Her soft hand caressed the base of my cock and my balls as she deep throated me.

While I’d had blowjobs a few times before, they’d always been tentative. The girls had clearly not been into their task. As this woman went to work on me, I wondered if the others had simply been fulfilling a dare.

After several minutes of her ministrations, I could feel my orgasm coming. It was like seeing a tsunami on the horizon at the beach.

The air in my lungs receded like the ocean as the wave approached. My breath became shallow, with bursts of anticipation. My body stiffened and my eyes rolled back as the wave finally struck. Wave after wave of orgasm gripped me as I filled her mouth with burst after burst of my pleasure.

After a few moments, I regained my composure. The soft hand re-emerged and lovingly tucked me in, zipped my fly, and buckled my belt.

My lady of the pleasure lake, I thought as I watched her hand disappear back into the podium curtain.

Once again I became aware of the eyes that were transfixed upon me. The guys watched me in rapt silence. I felt more alive than ever before and took a deep breath before speaking “I am Ozymandias. Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!”

Chapter 2

I rejoined the gang who were now, in hushed voices, debating.

“We still have a few minutes, I can pop quick, I swear it!” James protested. John shook his head, an emphatic no.

“Think she’ll come back?” Billy asked.

“God, I hope so. I didn’t even get any” James whined.

“So, how was it champ?” John asked.

I could only smile with satisfaction.

“Holey shit, the fucker’s speechless. That good?”

“Best ever, she was fantastic!” I replied.

“Dudes, seriously, if we hurry we might be able to see who it was.”

“No!” John barked. He looked at each of us sternly one at a time. He was right of course. Our anonymous benefactor would no doubt be furious if we tried to catch her.

“And not a word of this to anyone, got it?” John waved his fist threateningly. We knew he meant it too.

Clearly, all of us were making the assumption that our BJ princess would return. To think otherwise was, especially for John and James who had been unable to partake, unthinkable.

I walked home that night but when I got to my door I couldn’t tell you how I’d gotten there. My mind was still at the podium, turning over the events endlessly, enjoying the memories almost as much as the real thing.

As I slipped my key in the door, I realized I was completely hard and probably had been the whole way home. “God, I hope nobody saw me!” I thought aloud as I entered the door.

Who was she? I wondered as I dropped my pants to quickly rub one out. I was sure that the other guys were thinking the same thing.

Sure, I could exclude maybe a third of the co-eds by the color of their skin. Maybe two thirds if it was as porcelain white as it looked in the bright stage lighting. With the number of students at my college, she still could be anyone. I was sure the other guys were wondering the same thing.

Still, for those glorious göztepe escort minutes, it was I she was pleasuring. I came quickly and hard reliving the best blowjob of my life, cum jetting from my cock onto the wood floor in tremendous pulses. After I cleaned up, I made some ramen noodles for dinner and decided I had to investigate first thing in the morning.

I woke up early with some serious wood. I tossed off, reliving the joys from the evening before yet again. When I came, long ropes of cum pumped out of my cock achieving tremendous distance. Cum landed in my hair and up and over onto the wall behind me. It was the second best orgasm of my life, last night’s live event being hands down the best.

I got to campus at the crack of dawn and began searching for a way into the under-stage space. There was no way to get inside from our room, nor the other three adjoining ones. I found a map of the floor mounted in the hallway. Together, the auditoriums made a large square. The stages all met in the center of the square, back to back. On the large-scale map, there didn’t seem to be a way in.

I walked the hall around the auditoriums and finally found a door midway between two entrances that wasn’t on the map. I turned the handle, but it was locked. I looked around to make sure nobody was watching and then slipped my ID card between the door and the jam. After a bit of fiddling, the door opened. I slipped inside, closing the door behind me.

Inside was a long wide dark hallway, maybe eight feet wide and fifty feet long. I used my phone as a flashlight to see, worried that someone might notice the light on from the hallway.

Drama crap was stored on both sides. Scene pieces, decorations and fake plants lined the walls. At the end of the hallway stairs led up to the next floor. I climbed the stairs and at the top were four doors. A black light dangled from the ceiling lighting up the auditorium numbers on each door.

I opened each door out of curiosity and, honestly, paranoia that I might have been filmed from above. You can’t be too careful these days.

A couple of the quadrants had painted scenes held up with ropes. All kinds of drama lights hung on dodgy looking hanging bars. I looked down to see if I could spy the podium, which I could, but the angle was oblique and I was pretty sure nobody could film the action from up here without some serious ninja action on the dangling light bars.

I went down the stairs to the main floor, my hopes fading of finding the way under the stage. On either side of the stairs, at the dead end, drama crap was stored. “Screwed” I thought aloud. I almost called it quits. But there had to be a way in!

I started poking around through the stuff on one side of the stairs when the door to the main hallway opened and light flooded the corridor. I killed my mobile’s light and ducked down behind some fake plants hoping not to be seen. Peeking through the plastic leaves, I saw the drama teacher drop a gym bag, turn off the light, and leave. The coast was clear. But where should I look next?

I slumped against the wall contemplating my next move. I felt the wall move a bit as I leaned back. Turning around, I saw that what I thought was the wall was actually a small door. The door was the perfect size for a fat dwarf, maybe 3 foot by 3 feet wide. “Bingo!” I thought as I opened it slowly, enjoying my victory.

Crawling inside I could barely see anything. I pulled my mobile out again for light. The light from my phone faded quickly in the massive but short space. Floor supports were everywhere, evenly spaced. I turned on the flashlight on my phone to see better and could make out what looked like a tall chair or stool twenty or so feet in the distance. I made my way there on hands and knees, avoiding the floor supports along the way.

It was a stool after all. My heart was pounding! I pointed my mobile upwards and sure enough, above the stool was a solid latch and hinge: a trap door! I carefully unhinged the trap door and found it well lubricated. Without a sound, the door opened downward. Instead of light pouring in, total darkness was above me. I climbed on the stool, careful not to bump my head on the stage floor.

Once seated, I slowly moved my arms around to get a feel for where the podium sides were. On one side, I felt the heavy curtains. My jeans strained under the pressure of my now hardened cock. This is where she blew me! Carefully, I fiddled with the curtain to find the center opening, the spot where my cock had slid through the other way-round. Once I’d found it, I gently opened the curtain a crack. Bright light poured in, nearly blinding me.

I heard loud thump above me and, startled, nearly fell off the stool.

“Let’s set up here. Cello’s on the left” a muffled voice ordered.

“Shit, seven AM music class?” I wondered. “Who are these freaks?!”

Ever so carefully, I got off the stool and closed the trap door. The mystery of how kadıköy escort she’d done it was solved. I also realized that she must have heard everything we’d said. Now the only question left was who our blowjob princess actually was. John’s warning echoed in my head. “Fuck him!” I thought. I just had to know.

Chapter 3

The week seemed to last forever. All the guys said so. I’d bumped into John in the hall a couple days later.

“Dude, seriously, it’s only Thursday?!” he complained.

“Yeah, slow for me too.”

“I’ve been thinking. You and Billy should go first on Tuesday. In case she doesn’t show up until half way through like last time” John recommended.

“Sounds fair. So you think she’s coming back?”

“Dude. DUDE!”

“She’ll be back” I replied hopefully.

After what seemed like forever, and a lot of anticipatory wanking along the way, Tuesday finally arrived. I’d had some time to think about it. I had a plan.

We gathered expectantly in the auditorium. The podium was in the same spot, which we considered to be a good sign. As agreed, I was up first.

After much thought, I’d decided to recite another Percy Bysshe Shelley poem. I mean, how could I not? The results were so fulfilling last time!

“Hail to thee, blithe spirit! Bird thou never wert, That from heaven, or near it, pourest thy full heart” I said with great spirit in the hopes that my lady of the podium would appreciate this verse as much as she had Ozymendias.

The guys were uncharacteristically transfixed on my every word and facial expression. With great anticipation they watched for any sign of bliss. To my dismay, as I read the rest of the poem, no hand appeared and no satisfaction was to be had this night.

“It’s not time yet” John counseled. “She came at the bottom of the hour.”

“So did Billy and Andrew!” James joked.

As I plopped on my seat disappointed, I realized that while she could be any one of half the co-ed population, if she’d arrived and heard James’ joke, she’d know my first name already. Which name belonged to which cock was still a fifty-fifty guess, but still.

Billy got up there with a glass half empty look on his face. But midway through his reading he began to stutter.

“Our angel has arrived!” James said delightedly. For a moment, I told myself I could argue for a second go up there. Maybe after the other guys had their turn? But James was clearly in no rush, savoring every caress and lick no doubt. The room reserve sheet posted on the door clearly showed we only had 45 minutes today and it was almost the bottom of the hour. Time for plan ‘B’.

As a key part of my plan, I’d set my mobile’s alarm for the bottom of the hour. At long last, the thing buzzed. I pulled it from my pocket and said “really?”

“What’s up Andrew?” John asked.

“Phil called in sick. Boss just texted me. I gotta go deliver pizzas.”

John looked at the clock and said consolingly “Well, you ain’t gettin’ lucky. Might as well make some money out there.” Hook, line and sinker. I made for the door.

I returned to the back stage door in the main hallway. It was locked but, as last time, I made easy work of opening it. Once inside, I made my way to the dwarf door that led under the stage. I carefully opened it to avoid making any sound, and crawled inside careful to close it behind me.

Once closed, though, it was pitch black.

I tried to remember the direction to the stool, which I was pretty sure of. But the floor posts? In my excitement upon finding a way in, I didn’t think to memorize the layout at all and bumped into several as I made my way before figuring out the pattern. I moved very slowly and was pretty sure I didn’t make an audible thud with each strike, but they did hurt.

Unlike in the auditorium, where the air handlers were pretty loud, down here it was as silent as it was dark. I began to make out the sounds I’d been hoping for, hard cock sliding into a hot wet and hungry mouth. My cock was swollen with anticipation and awkwardly positioned in my pants. I slid my hand down my pants to adjust my junk. As I did so, I discovered my eyes had finally adjusted to the point I could make out the stool and, at last, our princess.

I was only maybe six feet away from her now. She was wearing a skirt which was hiked up in the front. At first I thought it was from sitting on the stool, but then I saw the motion. Her hand was inside her panties rubbing away with abandon!

I’d never seen a girl masturbate before. It was good. Very good! I mean, I knew they did it conceptually. But to see it for real? Awesome! And I could smell her! Her sweet natural perfume wafted over me. As I drew her scent in, I was completely intoxicated.

As I watched our blowjob princess rub herself to bliss I realized that was doing the same. Between the sight and her pheromones, I was mesmerized. The precum poured from my cock, my hand was slick and more than willing to pleasure me.

I unbuckled my belt and began to pump my cock in earnest. Billy, or was it John up there now, was completely unaware of the true extent of the carnality going on below them. Our princess was blowing him as her fingers plunged in and out of her soaking hot pussy. And I enjoyed the best voyeur seat in the house while wantonly milking my member.

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