The Picnic

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I was wandering, lost in thought, when the vision of your face passed before my eyes. The sound of your laughter and the gentle way that your breath speaks my name causes me to pause. So there I am, in the middle of the road, wondering what to do.

Should I go home?? Should I continue on this quiet journey of reflection?? In the instance before I make my choice, I feel your arms encircle my waist and you rest your head on my shoulder. I ask how you found me and you just smile and point. I laughed softly as my cat turns and walks away from us. I grab your hand and pull you after me.

“There’s something I want to show you.” We rounded the corner and took this tiny path back into the woods. You started to ask something and I pull you down to kiss away your question. That, and to silence you.

“Just trust me.” I whisper as you try and pull me in closer. We come into the clearing, and there, by the stream lay a beautiful picnic dinner. You accuse me of seduction and I ask if that’s so bad. You sit down on the blanket and pull me into your lap. I squirm, not wanting to ruin my plans for you, which meant that I needed to disentangle myself from your grasp. I met your lips with mine. Gently nibbling and begging you to be patient –

I offer you the bottle of wine to open while I set out the contents of the picnic basket. You fill two glasses and we güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri toast the night that we’d met for dinner and ended up together, in bed, for the first time. You were so considerate and desirable. We drank and slowly fed each other as the sun set. Throughout dinner our contact had been almost constant. Just touching. Feeling. Caressing each other. It was almost more than I could bear.

I almost came undone when you pull me in for a kiss. Our tongues met and danced. I push you backwards so that I can be on top .The twilight darkens as the sun slowly fades away. Our minds on each other we don’t notice the deepening shadows or the impending darkness. I move my hand under your shirt. Pushing it up to feel your chest. Your hands move up my thighs and I can tell how close you are –

“Considering how new you are to this game you sure are a seductress. So tempting and sexy.” I smile at your comment and pull my shirt over my head. “You haven’t seen anything yet.” You reach up to cup both my breasts, first thumbing one nipple and then the other. I let out a low moan as I reach behind me to undo your pants.

You look at me questioningly. “Out here?? Are you sure??” I only smile that gentle smile and reach one hand into your pants to feel you. “Do you want me to stop??”

“Umm.well..not if you’re sure” . I look güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri into your eyes and smile. “Do you think that we’d be here if I wasn’t??”

I never give you a chance to respond as I move lower on your body. Kissing your chest while keeping one hand in your pants. I could feel your arousal and wonder how long it will take before you want control of the situation .I move even lower and tug on your pants. “I want them off.” I whisper as I give them another tug. I remove your shoes and you help me remove your pants.

I can tell that you want me and are slowly growing impatient but I just kiss you and ask you to remain patient. “I have a surprise for you.” Your hands move over my body and you pull me close. “Okay,” you answer. “Do whatever you want.” I start kissing your mouth, your chin, slowly moving down your body. Pausing here and there. Just tasting. My hands are busy caressing your body. Down your chest. Moving lower. You moan as I reach into your boxers to feel you. I move my hand up and down, occasionally stopping to caress your balls.

Your moans tell me that I am doing something right so I decide to help you out of your remaining clothing. With you naked I can taste every part of you. And I did. As I take you into my mouth, you gasp. “Sue?!” A mixture of surprise and enjoyment escape your lips. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I look at you, grinning devilishly as I mouth your balls. “You are a seductress.” Your breathing is jagged. Irregular. And I know that you are pleased. Just before you are about to cum, you touch my head.

I look up as you reach for me. “My turn” was all I hear before you flip me over onto my back and start kissing my breasts. “No fair.” I panted but didn’t have the will to fight. I didn’t want to. I love the way that you make my body feel. You reach your hand into my pants only to discover I’m not wearing any underwear. You arch an eyebrow in surprise yet your fingers continue their journey. As you part my lips and gently slide two fingers inside I gasp and arch my back “You like?” All I can do is nod. After a few minutes it was all I could do to pull your hand away.

I push my pants off and you bend to kiss my curls. No. You look confused and hurt. I need you inside. Now. Please?” You relax and move over me. “Like this??” As you plunge yourself deep into me. I arch in surprise and moan. “Yes” Each time you thrust home. I wrap my legs around you and it doesn’t take us long to climax. You relax a minute before pulling out and holding me close. “You do know that it’s dark outside right?” you whisper. “Yes, but I know my way around. Don’t worry.

“I just need a little dessert before we trek home.”


“Yes” I reply as I roll you over and kiss you again. “I could use something to suck on.” You groan as you catch my meaning. “You really are amazing. Do you know that??” I could barely answer as I slowly suck you into my mouth. “You can tell me later.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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