The Personal Service Bureau Ch. 01

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The small sign on the door said Personal Service Bureau. Why Bureau? James thought. He knocked twice, as instructed. The tall woman who opened the door was disappointingly dressed, in jeans and a t-shirt, but she led him through another door into a shadowy reception area manned by a slim blond, wearing a revealing black mini-dress. Smiling, she asked him to sign in and register his credit card, as the other woman took his coat. The blond woman’s eyes danced mischievously up at him from below heavily mascaraed lashes. James could feel his pleasure at her ample cleavage stirring in his trousers. She asked him whether he wanted a tour first, before choosing his service. He agreed and allowed himself to be led down a dim corridor, where three special rooms were waiting.

The advert had said that Special Tastes were catered for. The first room held an assortment of toys, different sized whips and paddles and a couch covered in a velvet throw. There were large ornate mirrors on each wall, presumably so one could watch oneself being punished in style. A tall, leggy brunette, wearing a cat mask, rubber stockings and the tiniest of dresses perched high on a stool overlooking the scene. She said nothing, but her dark red lips pouted sullenly.

The next room was altogether more soothing. Mobiles hung from the ceiling, calming music played and there was an adult sized cot and a bahis firmaları large padded changing mat on the floor. A shelf held bottles of talc, large dummies, babies bottles and clean toweling nappies, folded neatly. The keeper of this room was about forty with a full bust and was dressed in a full blue apron over a white nanny style dress.

The third room held a swing, candles, chains, handcuffs, leather straps, blindfolds and various other bits of bondage gear. There was no-one in this room. Further down the corridor were an assortment of dimly lit massage cubicles, plainly adorned except for some framed erotic posters and shelves holding a variety of oils, condoms, wipes and tissues. Scented candles burned in each room and everywhere looked clean. Following their little tour, the blond led him to a waiting area where he was given a drink (he chose vodka and coke) and a menu to peruse. An erotic video was playing on the TV in the corner: two women were playing with a man on a big black bed, rubbing their breasts on him and then on each other. James cock hardened and strained in his tight jeans.

The special rooms were a lot more expensive than the cubicles, plus he was feeling a little out of his depth, so he decided to try a simple erotic massage for his first experience. The blond, who said her name was Kim, then offered him a picture menu of masseurs. He was kaçak iddaa disappointed Kim was not on the menu, but chose Lucie, a pretty, young, blue eyed blond with big boobs. Kim pressed a buzzer and a couple of minutes later Lucie arrived wearing the short gray uniform of the Bureau. She looked good in the dim lights: nicely tanned skin, white teeth and he could see the top of her rounded breasts. She smiled at him and took his hand, leading him to cubicle three and closing the door. Although the booths were meant to be soundproofed he could hear low moaning coming from nearby and his cock stiffened even more in anticipation.

Lucie began by helping him undress, observing his large cock unfurl with apparent pleasure as she removed his pants. Handing him a towel, she instructed him firstly to lie on his stomach on the well padded bed. James groaned as she rubbed scented oil around his shoulders and down his spine, reaching under his hips to pull him straighter on the bed. When it was time to turn over James though he would not be able to control himself much longer. Lucie had removed the overall to reveal a white lace bra and matching pants. Her thighs and stomach were firm and toned and her breasts heaved in the tight bra. He could see a damp patch on her crotch and realized she was enjoying this as much as he was.

As she squirted oil on his stomach and rubbed it in kaçak bahis a circular motion, getting slowly closer to his huge erection, his hands moved to enclose her slim waist, moving up her body slowly, up under her well endowed breasts, under the bra, which she had unfastened, until his thumbs were rubbing her hardened nipples. His left hand continuing to massage each breast in turn, she gasped as his right hand reached down and slid the wet lace of her panties aside, his fingers stroking the silky slipperiness of her gorgeous cunt.

The massage had turned into something else now, she really seemed to want him. She lowered her mouth to his cock, sucking and licking up and down the length, before gently sucking first one ball, then the other, while running her hand up and down his huge shaft. He maneuvered around until his mouth was beneath her gorgeous wet fanny. She shuddered as his full soft lips gently sucked the delicate area around her clitoris. She could feel his hot breath on her as his tongue gently licked and flicked, teasing her to a climax. As he felt her coming and heard her cry out, he could hold back no more, shooting his load deep down her throat as he groaned and moaned uncontrollably into her hot, pulsating fanny. Then he turned her over, licking around her ass as she continued to shudder and cry out like a kitten, each wave of orgasm taking her over entirely.

Afterwards they both lay quietly on the bed for a few minutes, floating in the aftermath. While he dressed and got ready to leave, Lucie said she would not charge him for the extras, so long as he came back soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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