The Perfect Day

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There are good days and then there are those rare great ones. Here is the tale about one of those days…

I was running late to work that morning, luckily, I missed a huge blowout between my boss and his soon to be ex-wife

! It happened right out in the middle of the shop floor in front of God and everybody! His wife suspected him of having an affair with his secretary. So, she had followed him to work that morning, caught them in his office “red handed”, “polishing the ole morning wood”! I was told the confrontation was epic!

There was so much drama going on around office, no one even noticed I was 30 minutes late! I couldn’t believe my luck! Then my day got even better! I go back to the dock and into the shipping office to drop off some shipping orders and I catch our lovely shipping clerk Darleen, with her dress hiked up to her waste, taking selfies of her gorgeous naked ass! Giving me one hell of a show! She saw me, turned a bit red as she quickly smoothed her dress back down. She just giggled, then gave me a wink. Knowing full well I’d keep my mouth shut. I knew those hot little pics where soon to be on their way to her boyfriend deployed overseas.

Let’s just say I’m one of those type of guys that “loves the ladies”, but also the type of guy who knows how to act respectfully and only kid around at work. Never having any affairs or entanglements in the work place. I have plenty of female friends at work don’t get me wrong, but no lovers! I’ve seen too many relationships go down in flames at work to ever risk a workplace romance. They’re nothing but a train wreck waiting to happen! Even a casual hook up is something I would avoid, no matter how tempting it might be. There was something my grandpa once told me. “Boy! Don’t You Ever Shit where You Make Your Bread!” Sadly, it stuck! I find my rule to be a real hassle when I see a girl like Darleen, horny as hell, knowing full well she would be an easy romp. Warm, fun and oh so sexy. Knowing she would be very discreet. Only needing a boy toy from time to time, till her man got home. Yea, I know, some would frown on a woman for that! But hey, guys do it! Not my place to judge!

But as days go, it only got better. I could do no wrong. The day went like clockwork and I got to leave early. I left in a good mood with a spring in my step and made it to the train station in plenty of time to catch the evening train. Even though the ride was over an hour long, I never seemed to mind. Plenty of time to decompress and plenty of beautiful women to admire! As I stepped up on the elevated platform, I realized the evening ride was looking to be a crowded one. We were coming up on a three-day week end and it being a Friday, there were twice as many commuters. A lot of folks would stay in the city during the week and go home on the week ends or stay late to miss the rush. This being a long weekend, it looked like everyone was trying to get an early start on their respective activities.

As I jockeyed to get in line to board the approaching train, a stunning woman in a beautiful blue dress stepped up to get in line. She was struggling and losing ground in the pressing crowd. She looked up and gave me a weary smile, almost pleading for assistance with her expression. I gave her a warm smile and reached out and touched her elbow to get her attention. Reading my intentions, she quickly escaped the pressing crowd by slipping in front of me while I held back the crowd. Giving her just enough time to get in line. Turning her head quickly to smile warmly and whisper a sweet thankyou over her shoulder.

As the canlı bahis train rolled to a stop, the crown started push, making it virtually imposable for me to keep them from jamming me bodily into the lovely woman with a grunt. Oh! I’m so sorry, I can’t hold them back! No worries, she said with a smile, as we were smashed together in the press. Thanking my good fortune that I had showered before leaving work. The only downside to this was my outfit. I was now wearing a pull over Polo with a very lightweight pair of slacks and no boxers! So, we were now crushed together with just my thin slacks and her shear blue dress between us and our flesh! She was warm and firm and very lovely. I could feel her firm thighs against my legs and the crack of her lovely heart shaped ass was now pressing firmly into my, soon to be, very stiff cock! If I wasn’t able to quickly remedy this predicament, this was going to become a very embarrassing situation!

When the doors on the car finally did slide open, the sea of people on the platform waiting to board, quickly surged forward. I soon realized I had no choice but to grab the woman by waste and lift her into the car before we both got knocked off our feet by the pressing crowd! I sat her down quickly and steered her to the rear of the car! Hoping we might find an empty seat or be able make our way to the back. That way we could at least have the bulkhead to lean on. We sure as hell didn’t want to get caught in the middle and be at the mercy of the press that would be caught in the center of the car. Jammed together like cattle! There weren’t enough handles in the center for everyone to hold on too! So, they would all end up jostling into each other for several stops until the crown thinned out.

We finally wrestled our way to the back, but unfortunately, there were no seats left! So, I let her get next to the bulkhead. I grabbed a handle and tried desperately to keep my growing cock out of the crack of her ass and maintain some level of decorum! But as more people crammed into the already crowded car. The poor woman was soon pressed closer and closer, until her lithe body was totally crushed up against me! There was nowhere for either of us to go or even move! I could feel her tense up as we first made contact. But soon I figure, she just gave up and realized the situation was hopeless. I soon felt her relax, as she leaned her head back on my chest and whispered “SORRY”. “Not your fault”, I replied, as I inhaled the scent of jasmine and the hint of lavender in her hair. Her body now crushed into mine, our body’s in total contact with one another to the point I was very aware this lovely lady had only her shear silky dress between us and what God had given her!

The crowd around us was a mixture of suits going home and a few couriers, who were probably just trying to get up town for their last delivery of the day. They all had their noses buried in their phones or papers, oblivious to the world around them. The woman leaning her head back once more, looked me in the eyes and simply said “Sandra”. I’m Joshua, terrible way to meet I’m afraid. So sorry about this. I know you have to be uncomfortable with this invasion of your personal space. Not really, she smiled. I could have gotten stuck with someone far less pleasant or not near as good looking, she said smiling at me again, leaving her head back, just resting on my chest. I inhaled the scent of her hair once more, as the train lurched forward and began to move.

I had to grab her by the hips to steady her. She had been leaning back on me, losing her balance when the bahis siteleri train lurched forward. As she squirmed to regain her balance, her ass kept rubbing my cock and I felt a deep stirring in my groin, and I began to stiffen almost instantly. With her crushed up against me, I slid my hands to her waist to try and hold her off, to keep her from noticing my quickly growing manhood. But I quickly realized it was useless, as the crowd pressed and soon, she was once again crushed into me. Her lovely ass rubbing my growing cock. There was no way she couldn’t notice! I’m a well put together man, and I have been told that I am a bit larger than normal. Not porn star material but bigger than most.

So, the odds this woman was aware of my growing arousal was almost certain! With nowhere to put my hands, I just left them there on her waist, trying to keep as much space between us as possible. As the train jerked and rocked, her ass kept rubbing me. My cock quickly grew to its full potential and was tenting my thin slacks. The woman was once again pressed by the crowd and instantly my fully erect cock was rubbing up and down the crack of her ass in rhythm with the train! She didn’t try to move away! Then she did something I didn’t expect! She gently covered my hands with hers and slowly pushed my hands from her waist down to her hips, then reached up and grabbed the handle up in front of her! She leaned back with a whisper, don’t fight it. I’m ok Joshua, I know you can’t help it, so lets just enjoy this rare opportunity. With that said, she smiled as she arched her back and pressed her ass harder into my cock, using the handle above her to gain extra leverage!

She moved with such a fluid purpose after that, rising up on her toes then pressing her ass into my cock harder, before lowering her ass back down. Very successfully placing the base of her hot pussy on the head of my cock for a brief moment before losing contact. Her movements became more urgent as time passed. She reached back with a soft hand and quietly unzipped my fly! Freeing my now engorged manhood! She quickly looked around and saw no one looking and whispered for me to lift the back of her dress. As I held her dress, she reached back and grabbed my cock and guided me slowly in. Trying desperately to mute a deep groan of satisfaction, as my cock penetrated deep inside her! Filling her pussy, as she smiled and bit her lower lip. Trying desperately not to cry out with pleasure.

We both looked around and then at each other, smiling at the idea that we were having sex in a crowded train car and for now, no one was the wiser! As the crowd pressed and rocked, we made love! Driving into her with deep slow strokes, as her hot wet pussy griped and caressed my swollen cock over and over. Man, she felt so good! Then I felt her shudder, then push into me harder! Now up on her toes, trying to drive me in deeper as her excitement grew. She was close, I could tell. She started to lose a bit of control and her breath started to come in short gasps. I’m going to cum Babe! She whispered, as she shivered, then all of a sudden, she froze! She raised a finger pointing to my left. There she was, a young woman smiling at us! Her face all sweaty, with her hand up her dress, furiously fingering her pussy! Mouthing to us, PLEASE!! DON’T STOP NOW!!

Sandra giggled softly and pressed back on me once more, her pussy so tight and wet, as she once again stroked my cock. Never taking her eyes off the cute girl, as she fingered herself like a mad woman! Sandra began to shudder. Babe I’m close! Harder babe! I don’t care if we bahis şirketleri get caught, she whispered! As she pushed back on me, meeting my thrusts harder and harder! The girl now moving through the crowd to be with us! Helping us by blocking the crowd from seeing us, as I drove my cock deep into Sandra’s lovely sweet pussy. The young girl overcome with lust, fondling Sandra’s tits as they swung in rhythm to our thrusts! Sandra turning to her and deeply kissing the girl as she still fingered herself. Then I heard a soft groan, then an OH Fuck! As Sandra reached up under the girl’s dress, driving her finger deep into the young woman’s ass, as she started to cum!

Getting to see this with my own eyes, or I would never have believed it! I felt Sandra’s body taken over by all of this! Then she was caught up in her own deep, earth-shattering orgasm! I drove faster and harder, trying to carry her through. Feeling her legs buckle as she broke our coupling, almost falling to the floor as I steadied her, then turning her to face me. Her hands instantly on my cock, pulling my balls out to fondle them. she leaned up kissing my neck. Stroking my cock whispering to me, begging me to cum. Cum for me babe, I want you to give it to me lover, she purred, as the young woman drew closer. Kissing Sandra as she too, began to fondle my balls while Sandra stroked my Cock. I was soon very close. My breath was short and fast as I drew closer. Sandra felt my cock swelling and started to pull harder and faster as the young woman slid a finger down below my balls and taking our juices on her finger and lubing my ass, firmly pressing her finger on my ass hole to loosen it up, as Sandra brought me closer and closer!

I shot my eyes around the car and quickly realized no one was the wiser to our sexy act and smiled at the show they would regret missing if they ever knew. I could feel my balls tighten. Sandra really knew what she was doing as she stroked me, bringing me even closer still. The young woman now slightly bent over, her finger now wiggling in my ass as I felt myself ready! The girl looked at Sandra with a pleading look. Sandra giving the young woman the nod, as I began to cum, she went to her knees and engulfed my cock to the root! I shot one of the biggest loads of my life! Deep down the woman’s throat! I shot rope after rope into the women’s eager mouth, as she ate my cum. Swallowing deeply as she moaned with pleasure at the load, I was giving her. She waited till I was completely done then licked me clean before gently putting my cock away and zipping my fly.

She stood up, smiled, then kissed us both deeply before disappearing into the crowd. Sandra smiled at me as she held me close, placing her business card in my shirt pocket. I sure hope you call? Oh, you can count on that I said! You think we could do this again sometime Joshua? Well we can try! I said, as the train stopped. She took my arm as we walked off the train. I walked Sandra to her car and took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. She smiled with a funny face, What? I asked. Was it ok the girl saw us? Well she was willing and it seemed like you enjoyed it as much as she did. I did, she said with a smile. Next time, can we pretend that we were strangers again, like we did today? Sure, we can do anything you want honey. Can I invite another friend? Of course, I don’t see why not! Well I need to pick up the kids she said with a grin. Jakob you still need to pick up something for dinner, you promised, she said with a giggle. No problem honey I got it covered. See you at home in an hour? Yep, that sounds good, I love you babe! I love you too honey. See you when I get home…

Sure, hope you liked my story. I have more to come so please vote, comments are welcome. I have thick skin so be truthful and be honest. Thank you for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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