The Party

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When I drove to the party I felt nervous. I was attending a party at the invitation of a secret admirer. The invitation came by mail three weeks prior. The party was described as a “sexy night”. I was told to dress in a relaxed manner. Further, I was told to expect to see and experience the outrageous. Finally, the invitation told me that I was invited because my secret admirer intended to suck my cock. But who was my secret admirer? I honestly had no inkling whatsoever. I didn’t hang in kinky circles and didn’t know anyone who did. While I certainly could not pass up the invitation, it was the most unusual party invitation I had ever received.

I pulled up to the wrought iron gate at the driveway entrance. A hot young babe in a bikini confirmed my invitation and allowed me to drive onto the grounds of a huge estate. I was twenty-two and had never been on an estate type of property. This would be different. I took a circular driveway to the front of the mansion where another bikini-clad hottie gave me a valet ticket for my car and directed me to the front entrance. Again, a sweet vixen in her tight bikini checked my invitation and, telling me to “enjoy”, let me in the party. I walked down a hallway to a locked door. I knocked. It was opened by yet another centerfold type and I was admitted to the party. I was told to expect the outrageous and that’s what I saw. Right in front me, not more than five steps inside the door, a large athletic black man was getting his ten inch cock sucked by bleach blonde while she was being eaten out by an Asian babe lying nude on the floor. I stepped over to the side and watched as my cock jumped to full attention. I decided I might as well find out if this place was for real. I kneeled down next to the Asian and fingered her clit. She pulled on her nipples so hard I thought she’d rip them off. I worked her pussy over and she drove her hips upward so that her pussy was pressed hard against my hand. I fingered her left nipple. Watching her work the other one over made me crazy. I pinched her left nipple harder and harder and harder. Her pussy got wetter and wetter. Finally, I was tugging on and pinching her nipple so hard I couldn’t believe she could stand it. But she could. She screamed out an orgasm. I have never seen anyone so extreme. She stood up in front of me demanding, “Put your cock in my cunt now.”

I said, “No, I’m meeting friends.”

She just shrugged and turned towards the black man. She pulled his cock out of the blonde’s mouth and basically jumped on and fucked the hell out of him in a vertical position. It was unreal. As I moved on, the blonde was reaching around the Asian and was cupping her breasts. Oh man, this party certainly was the real deal.

I turned the corner and entered a room with about six couches. As I passed through the room, my eyes were drawn to a pair of babes who were 69’ing each other. God, the blonde was so hot, I figured I might as well check it out. I moved over by them. She was on top. I picked up a beer bottle from the coffee table and let the neck of it move up and down her ass crack. She moaned. Her friend reached out and rubbed my cock through the front of my jeans as she continued mersin escort to eat the blonde’s pussy. The blonde moaned more so I tipped the beer bottle so that the spout neared her ass hole. She pushed back and sure enough, a portion of that bottle entered her asshole. Her friend said, “Oooo, you’re so wet baby. Let me suck your sweet pussy.” I tipped the bottle more and drove the neck of the bottle up her ass. She pushed back against it and I continued to slip it in and out. My cock was getting a good rubdown and was about to erupt. I wanted to save my first cum blast for whoever invited me so I backed off. As I walked out of the room, I had to laugh looking back at the blond getting her pussy eaten with a beer bottle stuck in her ass and she hadn’t a clue as to who put it there.

When I entered the next room, there was more of the same going on everywhere I looked. The amazing thing is that these were all good-looking people. No one looked like they’d have to work too hard to get laid yet here they were doing everything with anyone willing. I saw a bar set up outside on the sunlit veranda. I passed through some sliding doors and ordered a margarita. As I looked around, at the other party-guests, I noticed some were completely naked, some had their tops or bottoms off and some, like me, were still fully dressed. There were a lot of people though. I’d guess at least three hundred from inside to outside. At least half of the guests were “getting it on” in one way or another.

I took my margarita and walked over by the pool. I watched beautiful naked babes swim by, usually a shark with a hard-on was in hot pursuit. A couple was fucking doggy-style on the diving board. I was on sensory overload. I tried to stand there looking cool but my cock let me down. I was so hard it looked like I’d stuffed my entire sock drawer in my pants. I felt a naked body press up to my backside. She said, “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation. Let me make you more comfortable.”

I leaned back against her as she reached around my body. Her hands went to my belt, which was quickly unbuckled. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and she pulled them down to my ankles. Her hands went back to my raging hard and hot cock. She moved me towards the edge of the pool. She stopped when I was about two feet from the water. She stroked my erect cock for all to see. I looked around through my sunglasses and saw that people in all types of sexual activity were using my stroked cock to further heighten their own sexual experience. She worked my cock over. I said I was going to cum and a babe watching from the pool below me, pulled herself out of the water and said, “Mmmm, let me swallow your load.” My host moved around me and pushed the babe back in the water. As I looked down at her I heard, “I’m the one that’s going to swallow your cum, sweetie.”

Kneeling between my legs, with my cock in her hands and pulling it to her lips, was my twenty-year-old sister. I couldn’t believe my eyes. She said, “I’ve wanted your cock for five years.” And with that, my gorgeous sister, the one I’d fantasized about for those same five years, ever since she’d developed into a woman with her 34c-21-34 escort mersin perfect body, sucked my steaming cock into her mouth. I put a hand on both sides of her face and fucked her mouth while our eyes locked on one another. I came almost immediately and my baby sister gulped it all down. I pulled her to her feet. I kissed her soft, pouty lips and cupped her beautiful tits. Her nipples were hard buds. I plucked at them as we French-kissed. She sucked on my tongue. My cock never softened. I t was pressing against her stomach. I whispered in her ear that I had wanted to fuck her for years. She whispered back that today was the day my dream would come true.

We moved to a blanket spread out on the grass. I laid my dream-fuck down, spread her legs and buried my nose up her pussy. She cried out, “Oh yeeessss! Eat me babe. Eat my wet pussy.” I ate her. I didn’t just lick that shaven snapper; I munched on her clit. I sucked on her swollen clit and she erupted. Her juices were thick. I pulled myself on top of her and looked at her magnificent tits. I sucked on her nipples and she held my head to her tits. I wasn’t sure I could cum so soon, but I didn’t care.

I was rock hard and she was sloppy wet so I slipped my cock inside my sister’s tight pussy for the first time. I pushed myself up above her so I could look down at her as I pumped back and forth. Her tits were firm and full as she pushed back against my cock trying to take me completely within her. She looked up at me with an angelic face that said she was in heaven. She mouthed the words, “I love you”. I leaned back down and French-kissed her with my cock plunged deep inside of her. We lay there like that for fifteen minutes, kissing and occasionally stroking. Then I felt my cum building. I humped the hell out of her with her legs locked around my waist. I cried out that I was going to cum and she pleaded with me to shoot it deep inside of her. I fired of a full round and collapsed on top of her completely spent.

We dove in the pool to clean off and then went naked to the bar to get a drink. The whole time she held my cock in her hand. I of course was hard almost instantly, although, no way was I going to cum for awhile. It didn’t matter to me. To stand naked in the sunlight surrounded by sexual activity and my cock in my naked sister’s hand, was about as good as it gets. I asked her what she thought was going to happen between the two of us in the future.

“I think we’re going to fuck each other a lot.” She smiled, “I’m telling you, ever since I saw you folding the laundry and watched you examine my bra, I’ve wanted my tits in your hands.” I reached out and cupped her boob. Her nipples were still hard. I gently fingered her nipple and she moaned.

“So,” if we spend time fucking each other, what about other people? Will we still date and have sex with others in your plan?”

She pulled gently on my cock and put her hand on my hand as I played with her tit, “Sure. You and I can fuck each other forever with no strings attached. I’ll always love you and I’ll always want to suck your cock. So, if you meet some girl and get married, you make love to her and then you come over and have mersin escort bayan fucking sex with me. And when I marry Mr. Right and enjoy his cock, I’ll always save room for you on my busy schedule.”

I smiled at her and let my hand trace a line from her titties down to her puss. I stroked slowly and gently at her clit. She liked what I was doing. She leaned back against the bar and spread her legs to give me better access to her muff. I lowered my face and licked that sweet pussy again. While I nibbled on her clit, I looked up at her tits. God how I’d always loved them. She squirmed around as my tongue brought her near orgasm. Suddenly, I noticed hands on my sister’s tits, tugging hard on her nipples. Her juices gushed onto my face and I slurped them up. I stood back up and there was my friend, the Asian babe, massaging my sister’s tits and French-kissing her. Oh my, my sister was BI. This was too fucking hot to believe. I sat down on a barstool and sipped on my margarita. My sister pinched away at the Asian’s nipples. She pulled on them as hard as I had. The Asian was just standing there, hands above her head begging my sister to “Pinch harder, pinch harder.”

I figure I might as well make this a family affair. I moved to the backside of the Asian and put the tip of my cock to her asshole. She looked back and said, “Fuck my ass hard, I want it to hurt baby.” My sister smiled at me and urged me to drive my cock in hard. I plunged it in without any regard for her comfort. She cried in her delirium. “Oh baby, I cum, I cum, I cum. Oh, fuck my ass baby.” My sister still pinched her nipples hard. The Asian came, her whole body shook. She turned around and kneeled before me. “I clean your big cock off.” With that she swallowed my entire cock into her mouth. As good as my sister was, this babe was the best. She made my cock feel like it was attached to a cock-sucking machine designed to milk every ounce of cum out of it. My sister kissed me and sucked on my nipples. I cupped her beautiful tits. She came up and whispered in my ear, “come on sweetie, fuck the little bitch. Push your big cock down her throat. Oh I love you. We’re going to have fun together. Mmmm, just imagine you and me out on the town. We can get anyone we want whenever we want. And always, before the night is through, we’ll fuck and kiss and hold each other close.”

My sister’s desire and the Asian’s cock sucking brought me amazingly to one final orgasm. The Asian stood up and kissed my sister. I could see them sharing my cum and they both swallowed down their share. The Asian said, “Mmm, you two can fuck me anytime.” I was spent. I told my sister I had to go but that I’d call her in the morning. She said she was leaving soon but there was one more person she had to have. She pointed to the end of the bar. There stood a black woman, about 6′ tall and with a body unimaginable. She was fine looking. I looked at her full, firm tits. She had inch long, hard nipples that she was playing with while she stared my sister down. I was tempted to stay and watch but sometimes, enough is enough.

As I walked towards the door leading back into the house, I turned and looked back. My sister was sitting on the end of the bar, and was sucking on the black babe’s tits. As I stood and watched, the black babe pushed my sister back onto the bar, spread her legs and buried her face in my sweet sister’s pussy.

Uh, I started to get hard again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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