The Party

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All characters are over 18 years old


The Party

When I was approached with the offer from Donna, it was impossible for me to turn it down. To be a special guest at an all women’s “Tupperware party”? How could I possibly say no!….because knowing Donna, this was not going to be your Mother’s Tupperware party….yes, there was to be lots of molded plastic involved…but not the type to be thrown in kitchen cabinets, but more like the nightstand drawer.

You see, the party Donna invited me to was an adult toy party. With a very special twist… all the women at the party spend several hours “testing” the merchandise together. Typically seven to ten women all arrive dressed in their favorite sexy outfits and they bring along their favorite toys… and one of them, Christine, who has a side business selling these exciting and erotic tools of pleasure…brings some of her latest wares for all to try.

This uninhibited and adventurous group of women…some single, a few married, a few divorced, some lesbian, some bisexual and some straight …have been engaging in this quarterly ritual for the past five years. They’ve grown very close, some sexually close, while others just sharing the bond of self-pleasuring together and sharing experiences. Each party typically has a special theme…whether its large size dildos, or suction cups dildos that can stick to a wall or the tub…or clitoral stimulators, or hand held massagers… or a new porno that one of the women found enjoyable….and sometimes, even a real live special guest. Yes, they’ve actually had men attend a few of the parties. Very select men…whether it was a male escort they hired…or someone they found on Craigslist after posting in the WW4M section under Casual Encounters. Of course there was a strict vetting process…the man would only be selected after he offered several photos, measurements, job verification and an initial meet and greet in a public establishment with Susan, the party’s host. Boy, it’s a great thing my mom and I are great friends of Donna. She is held in such high regard with all of the women, I didn’t need to do all of that….well some dick pics and a short video clip of me jacking off…but my approval was immediate!

On the day of the party, Donna and I took the 1 1/2 hour drive together. For confidentiality reasons, my mom did not attend, although that would’ve made it even more fun. We just didn’t want to take chances revealing our intimacy…and while my mom has attended the parties on occasion, it’s not really her forte. She sometimes felt a little overwhelmed…she even said with a smile before we headed out,

“You know Michael, you are going to be up to your ears in pussy, I’m not sure you can handle that.”

I know Mom, but I’m sure I’ll be able to struggle through it, ha ha.

When we arrived at the house Susan greeted us at the door. She was a medium build blonde woman wearing a low cut top revealing very eye catching cleavage…and a very pretty smile. She said most of the women had arrived already and were chatting in the living room. She expected eight in total and we were just waiting for a couple more. I have to say, the butterflies in my stomach were intense. It’s funny, I wasn’t feeling shy…actually pretty confident…but the feeling of anticipation, adventure and excitement of the unknown were pretty intense. I could see several of the toys were already out on the table as I walked into the room…and of course all faces turned to me and the conversation stopped. The women could not have been any nicer…and one by one they walked up to me and introduced themselves, gave me a hug and were so welcoming. And much to my delight, I found them all to be rather attractive in their own way. All several years older than I, but that was fine by me. I’ve come to the conscious decision that older women are “my type”…I don’t often find myself going after younger chicks anymore. I’m very attracted to maturity and experience!

The remaining two ladies arrived and greeted me very warmly and I poured them both a glass of wine and we all settled into the living room of the large home, and spent time chatting and getting to know each other. There were lots of questions for me, that included of course how I became friends with Donna…which we had rehearsed on the ride over. I used to work at a gym Donna went to…then she hired me on as a personal trainer for a while….and then, well you know how that story goes..

As we chatted I was so happy to see several of the women were wearing thigh highs and garters under their little mini-skirts. Thigh highs are like my kryptonite….wear those things around me and I am like putty in your hands. Why that is, I don’t know…I just find them so damn sexy!

Finally Susan stood up and said, “OK ladies and Michael…I think by now we all know how this goes…the special guest of the party is always the first one to disrobe. And Michael, several parties ago we had a male stripper pendik escort as our special guest…..and us girls really enjoyed ourselves..sooo, we decided we’d like you to do a little strip dance for us….that’s if you are OK with that.”

Well let’s just say, now my shyness kicked in…really, I have to dance? I was never that confident on the dance floor, but I decided what the hell…a couple glasses of wine in, I’m sure I can get through this…just think about the reward! So, as Susan turned up the beats I began shaking my ass while slowly unbuttoning my shirt. I felt surprisingly comfortable…the thought of putting on a show for these beautiful woman….and all of them seeming to truly enjoy what they were seeing…it was fueling my ego and giving me more confidence. I flung off my shirt and began unbuttoning my jeans to the beat. Had I known I’d be a stripper for the night I would’ve worn underwear…but instead I was going my usual commando. So it wasn’t too long before they were able to see ‘what I was working with’ and with all of the excitement and anticipation my erection sprang from my jeans at around 3/4 hardness….to a chorus of OMG’s, wows, gasps and genuine enthusiastic approval…I kinda felt like a rock star at that moment….or maybe a porn star. Whatever it was, it felt exhilarating!

Susan set up a bunch of cushions on the floor for me to sit as the furniture the ladies were on was arranged in a circular fashion around me. Donna said, “Hold on” and stepped out of the room with a jar of coconut oil…she knows me so well. There were plenty of bottles of lube on the table with the toys, but coconut oil is my favorite to stroke with…but I didn’t want it quite yet. I just wanted to tease myself without lube to start out.

And then Donna stood up again and said, “Now ladies, I just want to tell you something from personal experience….Michael REALLY loves eating pussy, he’s amazing at it…and he REALLY loves girl cum. So any of you squirters out there…and you know who you are…don’t hesitate to use his mouth, he’s ALWAYS very thirsty!”

And all I could do was smile and nod in agreement!

As I began stroking myself to a full throbbing erection, which took only seconds, I was watching the looks all of their faces. The smiles began turning to looks of pleasure and concentration as their eyes were on me while their hands began exploring their own bodies…over the bras, over their panties, soon under their bras..inside their panties. I started to hear all of the heavy breathing, the gasps…and I wanted to take all of it in, but at the same time try to tune some of it out. I’m very proud of my stamina when I’m masturbating in front of my mom or Donna …or when we are fucking…but something about being the center of attention for eight women kept making me feel like I was going to explode at any second. Concentration was in order…I didn’t want to ejaculate this quickly.

As one of the women, Laura, made her way to the table to select a dildo, she crawled up between my legs and began to kiss and lick my scrotum as I was stroking.

She then looked up and smiled and said, “Sorry I couldn’t help myself.”

Believe me, no apology necessary! She then laid back down on the couch and without losing eye contact, she spread her legs wide and pulled her panties to the side….I broke our eye contact only to see her beautiful swollen vulva as she spread herself open with her fingers. She began rubbing the head of the dildo up and down her slit as we stared into each other’s eyes again…..soon penetrating herself with flesh colored lifelike dildo. I could see it glistening with her juices as she began fucking her cunt harder and faster…it was amazing. I watched as all of the women began removing more clothing…wet panties flung in my direction. Fingers pinching nipples, plunging into wet swollen openings, the buzzing sound as vibrators were being turned on…it was all happening so fast.

They began providing me direction while they were pleasuring themselves.

“Use your thumb and index finger together to stroke just the head of your penis…until you see precum.

“Use your other hand and cup your balls….lift your hips off the floor…spread the precum all over the head so it’s nice and shiny”

They were very specific in their requests. They knew what they wanted to see, what got them even more aroused….and I was more than happy to oblige. Then suddenly, the first taker to Donna’s suggestion…Tracy said she wanted to try my tongue…I was so happy she was the first. She was the quiet one in the group, and she seemed like she was a little younger than the others…with long dirty blonde hair and the prettiest pink inner labia protruding from her neatly trimmed outer labia. I laid back on the cushions and she proceeded to squat down and mount my face. It had been a little while since I tasted a woman besides Mom or Donna…and she tasted silivri escort exquisite as I had a feeling she would. She gasped and moaned as she rocked on my face as I simultaneously darted my tongue inside her and sucked on her swollen clit.

Just as I was getting that feeling of being completely lost and buried in Tracy’s juicy hot cunt, I felt the feeling of warm wet lips and tongue on my cock. Yes, I had two women sucking me… Donna and Susan. They were going at me like women possessed…and all I could do is lose myself in all of these amazing sensations…the warmth and softness of Tracy’s womanhood engulfing my face as I was being deep throated by Susan while Donna was sucking my balls. It was now all too overwhelming, I could think about baseball scores all I wanted but it wasn’t going to help now…I was past the point of no return and I began shaking and convulsing and feeling that familiar throbbing tension in my penis telling me it was about to let loose. Just as I did, just as I began shooting all of my ejaculate down Susan’s throat, Tracy began flooding my mouth with all of her sweet delicious cum. I had a feeling she was one of the squirters Donna had eluded to…when I saw the look and the smile on her face after Donna instructed them to “use my mouth”…I just knew, and now I was the lucky recipient of her gushing juices…the more I lapped up, the more that kept coming. Until we all collapsed in euphoric exhaustion……wow, and all I could think was how the night had just begun….so glad I took my vitamins!

So now the floodgates were clearly open. But per Donna’s suggestion, we decided to slow things down just for a bit. After all this was a “Masturbation Party” and not an all-out orgy; although Donna did tell me in the car that most likely by the time I left I’d get to taste all eight of their vaginas and most of them would want me to fuck them. So I was willing to be patient and let the night dictate the action. I never fully lost my erection after ejaculating, so I opened the jar of coconut oil, sat back and began slowly stroking again and watching these beautiful women. The group dispersed a bit…as I was told they often do, venture off into different room for some semi-privacy…maybe watch a porn vid while they pleasure themselves…Cynthia, probably the oldest of the group in her later 50’s, enjoys playing in the bathroom. I was told she could spend hours playing with the shower head, or even just having water flowing from the tub’s faucet onto her clitoris giving her multiple orgasm. And when she’s being watched, especially by a guy, she just cums that much harder. So of course I had every intention of heading to the bathroom…..but for now I just couldn’t take my eyes off of a beautiful woman who was off by herself on the floor by the fireplace.

Her name was Shayne. I wouldn’t say she looked too much like my mom, but reminded me of her in many ways. She exuded the same eroticism and sensuality while masturbating as my mom does. Not many sons get to watch their mothers pleasure themselves ….and I never took that for granted. I always felt honored to watch my mom in her most intimate moments, exploring herself and her sexuality… and Shayne’s deliberate movements and self-pleasure techniques reminded me so much of my mom’s. She had long dark hair, beautiful tanned skin…legs not as long and thin as my mom’s…but where her legs joined together, the look was uncanny. Her mound was covered thickly by black hair…with larger, puffy outer labia that looked incredibly sexy as she pulled her panties between them…just as my mom does when she begins pleasuring herself.

Susan sat down next to me, started rubbing my balls while I stroked and whispered in my ear “Shayne is 100% lesbian”…which explained a lot. She seemed much more in tune with herself and the other ladies rather than focused on me…but that was the intriguing part for me. I found her to be so sexy yet so mysterious.

Susan also whispered, “You may want to go check out the bathroom…” so off I went to adventure further.

As I approached the bathroom, I was hearing those all too familiar moans I’ve been hearing for the past couple of hours…and as I entered the bathroom, there was another incredibly beautiful sight to behold. Cynthia had attached a large suction cup dildo to the top of the large soaking tub and she was riding it while standing…one of her legs in the tub, the other one out, moving up and down slowly. Watching the synthetic rubber cock disappearing inside of this mature woman’s wet hole drove me insane. She began rubbing her clit in circular motions and she began fucking the dildo faster ….I on the other hand, just sat down on the toilet seat, fully hard and ready…hoping she’d want to replace the toy with something even more real. Sometimes wishes actually come true …

Cynthia slid off of the dildo and said, “The problem with these things is that they can’t really şirinevler escort do a good job fucking me from behind”…and with that she turned around and put one of her legs up on the top of the tub …giving the most amazing view of her ass and gaping and inviting pussy from the rear..

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she said…which was my cue to come up from behind and slide my throbbing cock inside of her. She was already so incredibly wet and swollen from fucking the dildo that I was able to slide deep inside her…and immediately I began thrusting hard and fast. She gasped and screamed and muttered something about how good my balls felt slapping on her clit as I was pounding away…until I could feel the walls of her vagina squeezing and contracting around me as she climaxed….as I pulled out of her, again I needed to concentrate and focus on holding out. I didn’t want to cum again right away….it has always been much more satisfying for me when I can keep myself on edge. Deny myself so I remain in a state of constant arousal and horniness….until I just can’t take it anymore and have to release my pent up load.

On this particular occasion, I’m so glad that I did. After pumping Cynthia to a delicious orgasm and now holding her from behind, cupping her breasts, kissing her neck as she slowly came down from her heightened state, I turned around and saw Shayne standing at the bathroom door.

“Did I miss something?” she asked, “I was hoping to watch you and Cynthia fuck!”…..

“Well you are about two minutes too late,” Cynthia replied. “But I’m sure Michael would be more than happy to put on an encore performance”…..and with that, Cynthia turned around and we began making out.

Up until this time there hadn’t been much kissing going on…as we all went straight to the stroking, sucking and fucking. It felt good to engage in a deep passionate kiss with Cynthia. Her tongue intertwined with mine…kindling the flames of passion again between ourselves while Shayne looked on. My hardness pressing into her abdomen as I kissed her ear, the nape of her neck….down to her breast and firm nipple before returning to her mouth. After a few more minutes of kissing, Shayne suggested I lay down on the bathroom floor so Cynthia could mount me…while she herself could mount the dildo still attached to the tub while watching us.

Being their entertainment for the night and at their mercy, I gladly obliged. Cynthia climbed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl position facing Shayne, as Shayne teased her own opening with the head of the dildo before it slowly disappeared inside her. The acoustics combined with all of the mirrors in the bathroom made for some very exquisite sights and sounds…seeing beautiful breasts bouncing at different angles…hearing that wonderful squishing sound of hard things penetrating soft wet things….hearing soft moans growing louder and louder. I knew it was now only a matter of time before I’d explode again… but there was something I still really wanted..

While Cynthia was riding me I kept staring into Shayne’s eyes…finally I could see that there was some connection between us, or at least she was pretending there was… it was hard to tell. But after a few minutes time, she dismounted the dildo, walked over to me, kneeled down and began kissing my face, lips, mouth as Cynthia was still bouncing up and down on me.

Shayne then whispered in my ear, “You really want my pussy don’t you?”…Yes, I thought, I really want it!…”I know you do sweetie”…

With those words, Shayne squatted down over my face…rubbing her clitoris before dipping her middle and ring finger inside her dripping hole, then taking them out to let me have a taste. She tasted as incredible as I had imagined she would…and finally she spread those soft puffy outer lips and lowered herself onto my face…so eerily similar as to how my mom does it when I’m eating her. And like with my mom…the feeling of those warm wet outer cunt lips gripping the side of my face as I sucked her inner lips into my mouth was nothing short of ecstasy for me. These two women used my mouth and cock as their own personal sex toys until Cynthia suggested they switch position. There was hesitancy with Shayne, as she admitted she hadn’t fucked a real penis since her teen years…but the three of us were so caught up in the moment that it had to happen. The sight of Shayne’s meaty hair covered cunt enveloping my throbbing erection was almost too much to handle…and the feeling inside the depths of her vagina was like nothing I’ve felt before. I knew it wouldn’t be long. Cynthia was grinding all over my face while Shayne was milking my cock for everything it was worth…that familiar feeling was coming and coming at the right time as I felt these two amazing women’s orgasms, shaking, quivering and flooding me with their juices..I finally pulled out of Shayne’s incredible womanhood only to have Cynthia engulf me with her mouth as she accepted all of my loads of semen down her throat…fully draining me dry.

As the fog of amazing ecstasy began to clear, I realized we attracted quite a crowd…the whole party had gathered at the bathroom door to watch us! Wow! Now I truly felt like a porn star….I could absolutely get used to this…so, when are we getting together again ladies?

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