The Party

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As I approached the house I took a final deep breath in an attempt to steel my nerves. What I was about to do was so new to me, so wicked. I had heard about this house party from a very dear friend, and I knew that the secret longing deep inside of me could wait no longer to come out and play.

All of my life I had suppressed the urge to share my body and to display myself. To give myself to many willing men, and hopefully at the same time. I wanted men to watch me being fucked and get so hard that they had to join in or start jacking off. I wanted to feel cocks of all shapes and sizes and I wanted to be bathed in their cum. I had been having a recurring fantasy of laying on a table completely nude, while nameless, faceless men stood over me squirting their hot fluid all over my naked body. Some nights, as I masturbated furiously, I could literally feel the hot ropy strands hitting my tits and face. That’s why when I heard about this party, I knew that I was finally ready.

Once inside, I handed my coat to the doorman and gave him the password. He looked me over and smiled, and told me that everyone was starting with drinks in the den. As I entered the room and walked towards the bar, I took my time to show off my best assets. I knew that this was an icebreaker of sorts, but it was also where you scoped out a few potential partners. I didn’t want to be lonely my first time out, so I had dressed to kill. I wore a clinging burgundy gown, more a simple sheath really, and my breasts and legs had never looked better. The very high heels I was wearing pinched like hell, but they were worth it to show off my muscular calves.

Sipping my cocktail, I mingled lightly with many different people. I tried to make my way around the whole room, hitting everyone at least once and hopefully making a good impression. One woman even asked me if she had seen me at one of these before because I looked very familiar to her. I replied no, first timer, but very excited. I couldn’t help noticing how attractive everyone was, and then I wondered if they were just very selective or I was just so aroused that everyone was attractive to me. The women were even very sexy to me, and I had never even glanced at women before. I did keep noticing this one very attractive man, with short dark hair and the most adorable smile, and I couldn’t help hoping that we would meet again later.

Before long, the organizers of the party appeared, and they laid down the ground rules. As I had figured, this was simply an icebreaker. The real fun started upstairs. Whenever someone decided they were ready to play, they were to go upstairs to the many empty rooms. However, to do so you must be completely nude. Once upstairs, if a door was open you were welcome to go in and watch, but you couldn’t join unless you asked permission or were invited. If the door was closed it was a private party.

Downing another quick drink, I went to the changing room to slip off my dress. Once I was completely nude I made my way up the back staircase. At the top, I saw many open doors. I could already hear moaning and panting, and I could feel my pulse beginning to race. Since this was my first time, I thought that it might be wise to look around a bit first. Tiptoeing into the first room I came to, I saw something that made my breath catch and my pussy begin to throb. There were chairs lining the walls, and I quickly found an empty one and started enjoying the view.

On a small bed in the center of the room, a man laid prone on his back. One woman was sucking his large cock inside her mouth and playing with herself, and another woman was sitting on his face. As I watched, the one sucking moved up to sit on the engorged shaft, and the woman on his face rotated to face merter escort the other woman. These two women then leaned towards each other and began kissing and fondling each other’s breasts, and I swear that I could feel every caress in my own. My nipples were swollen and tingling, and my pussy was quickly following suit.

After a while I decided to try another room, hoping to find more men on display. The next room was not a disappointment. In this one, there was one very lucky woman, also lying on her back. She currently had one man thrusting away between her thighs, another man straddling her stomach and fucking her tits, and her head was hanging upside down while another man fucked her mouth. This was getting me so fucking hot. I glanced around and noticed that I wasn’t the only one. Many observers were already stroking their cocks, and one woman was wearing the hell out of her vibrator. God! I had never realized what I had been missing!

As my eyes continued to wander, they landed on the attractive man I had seen earlier. He seemed very caught up in the action, and I could see that he was stroking slowly. I don’t know what it was about this one man, but I was very drawn to him. There were others there with sexier faces and bigger cocks, but he was unbelievably magnetic. He glanced towards me, saw that I had also succumbed to the urge to masturbate, and gave me a quick wink and a smile. I came in that instant, and I couldn’t keep from groaning loudly. I had cum and I wasn’t even watching the show. That of course got some attention, and I saw that a few men were now watching me as well.

“Excuse me,” a voice said to my left. I turned and saw a very sexy man smiling at me.

“Yes?” I breathed.

“Would you like to go to another room? I’ve been watching you all night and I would love to have some fun with you,” he said with a deep voice and a playful grin. Ok, it was now or never. I glanced again at the man I’d been watching, but he was ensconced in the action again, and paying me no attention. A little sad that my first time couldn’t involve him, I shrugged it off and turned back to the sexy man smiling at me with a very prominent erection.

“Yes…but please be patient with me. I’ve never done this sort of thing before.”

“Of course! Don’t worry, I’d be honored to help initiate you to this.” I could see the excited gleam in his eye at the thought of breaking in a newbie, and I could swear that his cock twitched.

He took me by the hand and led me to another room. We started out slowly kissing and getting the feel of each other, and we were already drawing a crowd. When I was properly warmed up, he laid me down on the bed and slowly thrust his huge cock inside me, and it felt like heaven. He began to thrust deeply, and I was meeting every movement with a twist of my hips. My loud moaning was attracting even more onlookers, and my partner was groaning deeply. Around this time, another man walked towards the bed.

“May I please eat your wet pussy? You two are so hot, I want to taste what feels so good to him,” He begged. I noticed that he was stroking his erection and staring at where our bodies were joined.

“Would you like that baby?” My current partner stopped to ask.

“How would we do this?” I asked, and they both chuckled at my naiveté.

“Simple. We just rearrange a bit,” he returned. He stopped to withdraw from me, and I groaned from the feeling of emptiness. “Don’t worry, I’m coming back,” he soothed. He lay down on the bed and pulled me on top of him on my back. I started to get the picture, so I sat up and slowly lowered myself onto his hard cock. Once I was in position, I leaned back against his nişantaşı escort chest and began to grind against him again. He held onto my hips and began to piston himself up inside of me.

This new position felt amazing. He was deeper than ever, and it exposed us both to the room. My tits were thrust up proudly and shaking as we fucked, and my impaled pussy was now open for a new guest to feast upon. The newcomer knelt between our legs and lowered his mouth to my soaking wetness, and the first swipe of his tongue had me screaming. I could feel a hot wet tongue licking at my clit, while a huge cock was fucking me deep. This was such unbelievable torture, so much stimulation; I just didn’t know how I was going to keep from going insane.

I opened my eyes again to notice the large crowd of onlookers. There, in the back, was my mystery man. I was so thrilled to see him there watching me. He looked as if he liked the show, too. I suddenly knew that I just wasn’t having enough fun.

I looked right at him and asked, “Wouldn’t you like to join us?” To my deep sorrow, he shook his head.

“I just want to watch right now.” That’s all he said, and he went right back to stroking his cock. I caught his eye right before he went back to looking at the whole scene, and his look said one thing: Make them cum for me. I knew right then that I could give him a wonderful show. I glanced around the room and noticed another man, furiously stroking his enormous cock and staring at my dripping, occupied pussy.

“Hey baby,” I called to him. His gaze snapped up to mine, and he looked frantic. “You wouldn’t turn me down too, would you?”

“Oh God…fuck no!” He groaned.

“Then why don’t you come over here and play with my tits while I suck that huge cock?” I panted, and he literally jumped up and was with us in the blink of an eye. So there I found myself, getting fucked from behind, my pussy licked, and my tits fondled. The new man’s cock was right in my face, so I reached out and stroked it for him, pulling him closer to my waiting mouth. I looked over at my silent observer, saw that he was loving this, and I sucked this new cock deep inside my wet lips. I heard him groan loudly, and I could feel him starting to thrust his hips inside my mouth when I grabbed onto his ass.

All four of us then tuned everyone else out and really began fucking in earnest. I was screaming my second climax around this man’s cock, and I could feel the man below me starting to shake. I knew that they were all close, and I was dying to feel their cum. I pulled away for a second from sucking to tell them just that.

“If you guys are close, I want to feel it all over me! Please! Cum all over me!” I went back to sucking for a minute, when he started shaking too. All of a sudden, almost as if we had timed it out perfectly, all three of them pulled away from me. The man below me scooted out and stood up next to the other two, and they all grabbed their cocks and jerked harshly, groaning and sounding tortured. I lay there eagerly, with my mouth wide open and my fingers playing in my pussy. At that moment, I heard three final grunts, and I felt that hot, ropy fluid squirt all over me. Some went in my mouth and on my face, when the rest hit my tits and my stomach. I came with a screaming climax in that instant, finally experiencing the rush I had been searching for my entire life.

When they were done, I laid there rubbing hot cum into my breasts. I looked to my lovers and thanked them, and they laughed and said, “No, thank you!” as they left to search out other encounters. All that was left now were a few observers and my hesitant onlooker.

As I kept massaging the cum ortaköy escort into my tits, I looked at him again. “Interested yet, baby?” I asked with a smirk, noticing the desperate look on his face.

“God yes!!” He came towards me eagerly, laid down on top of me, and I could feel the stickiness sliding between our stomachs. His chest hair rasped against my wet nipples and felt amazing. He reached up and stroked my face, looking into my eyes. “You are so beautiful baby. So gorgeous covered in cum!” Our lips met then, tongues battling and slipping together. I could feel the large tip of his cock brushing up against me, and it was driving me crazy.

“Please! Fuck me now! I need you so badly!” I begged him. He entered me slowly. I could feel every inch sinking in deeply, every vein. Exquisite torture. This was better than having all the other men at once. Having him as was like my prize for being with the others. He twisted his hips sharply and sank all the way home, beginning a rhythm that was making me shake. Long, deep strokes, fast hard strokes. They all felt perfect. On and on it went, and I could feel my pussy starting to clamp down on his beautiful cock from the inside.

“God, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum so hard for you baby! Do you want me to cum all over this fucking hard cock?”

“Yes!” He moaned in my ear, “Cum baby! I can feel your pussy dripping all over me. I can feel it starting to grip me. Cum for me baby, show me you love it!”

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as it hit me hard, “God…I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you!” I couldn’t stop screaming while I rode out the most intense orgasm I’d ever felt. I could hear him groaning in my ear, barely able to hold on, and as soon as I was done he was up and grabbing the back of my head. He held my head and shoved his dripping cock, covered in my juices, between my lips and started thrusting.

I sucked him clean, and as he was about to burst I heard him yell out, “Fuck baby! I love you so much!” He pulled free of my mouth, and as he did his hot sperm shot out against my plump pink lips and down my chin. It was the most erotic thing I had ever done in my life. As soon as he collected himself, he looked at me and seemed shocked at what we had said. He awkwardly said his goodbyes, and quickly left the room. I hoped that I would be seeing him again, but that was a risk one took coming to things like these.

I cleaned myself up, and went back down to redress. As soon as I was finished, I thanked the hosts and went out to my car. Driving home in a flushed daze, I realized that there were lights behind me. I didn’t think much of it, until they followed me into my driveway. Slowly and cautiously, I stepped out of the car. There, getting out of his car, was my man. He came up to me quickly and wrapped his arms around me, kissing me deeply.

“God baby, you were so fucking hot tonight!” he moaned in my ear.

“Thank you,” I said, kissing him back eagerly. “Sorry I broke character, but I needed you so bad!”

“Oh, it’s ok. I couldn’t help it either! You have never turned me on so much! This was the best party yet!” he moaned, running his hands over my breasts.

“I agree, but we may have to start going farther out of town. One lady recognized me tonight. It’s hard to play strangers if people know that we aren’t.” I rubbed up against him, feeling his renewed erection grinding against my hip.

“Mmmm….well, we’ll worry about that later. How late do we have the sitter?”

I looked at my watch and answered, “About an hour, why?” He just smiled and reached behind me, opening the back door of my car.

“Well, I couldn’t help noticing that you have a flat tire, ma’am. I thought I would stop here on this lonely stretch of road and see if I could be of assistance.” He smiled at me and gave me a wink.

“Why, how kind of you! My tire is actually fine, but I know something else that could use a hand…or two.” We just giggled like teenagers and hopped in the back seat, my dress hiked up before the door was shut.

I just love Saturdays!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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