The Parking Garage

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As I headed out to pick up my friend, I keep thinking to myself “I can’t believe I’m going to do this.” When I told my friend what my plans were after we left the bar she said pretty much the same thing, except after she expressed her disbelief she then said, “Go girl, you deserve to have some fun.”

The evening started at her place, she had to change since she’d been at work and she wanted to have a couple of drinks before heading out to the bar. The whole idea behind going to the bar was to try to find out exactly what my date looked like before I met him when he was done work at 3:00AM.

I had been made to promise that I wouldn’t look for him, but he didn’t make me promise not to have someone else look for him. As soon as we entered the bar she asked me where in the bar Nick was suppose to be working. I answered her honestly, telling her I didn’t know. Once we’d reached the rear of the bar my friend asked one of the bouncers if he knew where Nick was working. The bouncer didn’t but told her he’d keep and eye out for him.

Since after for him didn’t work we decided to try to find him ourselves. It wasn’t going to be easy; the description I had was pretty sketchy. We were looking of a 6’2″ bouncer, with short light brown hair, blue eyes, and he weighed about 235 lbs. Not a lot to go on, but we could eliminate the short guys, the skinny guys, the guys with dark hair. I was just about to give up when my friend pointed to the bouncer working on the dance floor and told me that it had to be him. Shortly after we’d picked him out the bouncer we’d talked to earlier told my friend that Nick was working on the dance floor. What can I say, the girl has good instincts.

As the night dragged on my friend and I danced, check out illegal bahis my date, socialized with a few other friends, met some new people. I was beginning to think the night wasn’t ever going to end. I did my best to pay attention to the mindless drunken chatter, but it was difficult, my mind was elsewhere. I spent the entire evening thinking about how I was going to met this stranger on the roof of the parking garage to give him a blowjob and get my ass fucked. I couldn’t wait.

Shortly before closing time I played taxi to my friend, her sister and her roommates, someone had to make sure everyone got home safely. It was 2:30 when we left the bar. That would give me a half an hour to drop off my drunken cargo, get back to the parking garage and get changed so I would be waiting for Nick, as he wanted me.

He was quite clear with his instructions. I was to park my car beside his car, and sit in the backseat of my car. I was to be wearing an outfit that allowed his easy access to my breasts, my pussy and my virgin ass. I had the perfect top it had a very low cut neckline; an empire waistline and the bottom fell just above my knees. I was also to have a dildo close by for him to use on me once the fun got started.

Sitting in the backseat I quickly changed into my outfit for the night, as I finished changing I realized I’d made one mistake, I should have taken a piss before I’d left my friend’s house. Knowing I couldn’t possibly hold it until after the evening’s entertainment was over I scanned the parking garage roof looking for a good place to go. I decided on the wall near the elevator shaft. Lifting my top above my knees I spread my feet apart and squatted. God it felt so good, the cool breeze on my pussy lips, the possibility illegal bahis siteleri that someone might come up and catch me. It was a little exciting.

As I walk back to the car I check my watch, it’s 3:05, he’ll be here soon. Time crawls by and I’m starting to wonder if he’ll show up. Of course, he doesn’t really have much of a choice since his car is parked beside mine. Just as I’m getting ready to give up and go home, he walks around the front of my car and opens the passenger door. As he slides himself into the backseat, my pulse starts to race and I realize just how wet my pussy has gotten while I waited for him.

Nick apologizes for being late, “It took forever to get everyone out of the bar, Nobody wanted to leave. And did you know they shut the elevator off at night, I had to climb 10 flights of stairs to get to you.” I smile at that comment and he says, “I guess this is what you’re waiting for,” as he unzips his pants and pulls out his hard cock.

Getting on my knees in the backseat I position my head over his hard cock. I lean in and flick my tongue across the head of Nick’s cock, licking the pre-cum off the tip. Then I licked my way down the underside of his cock before taking the head into my mouth to slowly suck his entire cock into my mouth and down my throat inch by inch.

Nick reached under my top with one hand and began to play with my clit. A muffled moan escaped from my lips and he asked “Did you get a dildo like I asked you?” I nodded my head as best I could with my mouth full and pointed to the back window. He reached up and searched for the dildo. “Interesting” he said as he picked up and inspected the red 7″ strawberry scented Jelly dildo. “Very interesting.”

As I started to suck canlı bahis siteleri him harder and bob my head over his crotch, he took the dildo and slid it into my wet pussy I moaned again. Encouraged Nick coated a finger in my juices and brought it to my tight asshole. I pressed my ass back onto his hand and moved my mouth up and down on his cock faster wanting him to put his finger in my ass. As he pressed his finger into my asshole all I could think of was how good it felt.

I was now sucking him so hard my cheeks were aching, he placed his free hand on the back of my head and forced my face down into his crotch as he began to hump my face. He removed his finger from my ass and I moaned in protest. He returned his hand to my pussy and pumped the dildo in and out for a few minutes before driving it deep into me and lubing his fingers in my juices and returning his attention back to my ass. He first slid one finger in and quickly followed that with a second. He started to thrust his fingers in my ass as he fucked my face. As my orgasm started to build I sucked him as hard as I could, wanting to let him know I was enjoying what he was doing to me.

Once again he pulled his fingers out of my ass and returned his attention to my pussy, but just long enough to cover them with my cum. He placed his fingers against my asshole and shoved three of them inside. Driven over the edge I came with such force that the dildo shot out of my pussy and onto the floor of the car.

He left his fingers inside me while I continued to suck him off until he came, shooting his load down my throat. Making me swallow every drop. After I cleaned all of the cum off his cock I sat up and snuggled into him. “I think you killed it,” he said with a smile. “Will you give me a rain check, so next time I can give your ass a real good fucking?”

“Most definitely,” I responded.

Nick then pulled up his pants, got out of my car and drove off, leaving me alone to think about my most interesting night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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