The Paper Carrier’s Anal Bonus

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It was 1975 and I had been a paper boy for five years. Though I was getting tired of it and considered the job beneath my status as a now legal adult at the ripe age of 18, I just couldn’t find anything else. My birthday in fact had just been the week before and I was anxious to spread my wings a bit and do something I couldn’t have done as a kid. The opportunity to do just that would come sooner than I had ever expected.

Another paper boy had just moved so they had to reshuffle districts a bit and I was assigned a new area. It was a descent neighborhood but as was usually the case I wouldn’t meet anyone till I was collecting and that day had come. The day was hot so I was just wearing a t shirt and a pair of loose fitting gym shorts I had virtually outgrown. They were short enough on me now they occasionally exposed a bit too much but that was the last thing on my mind as I went from house to house. They were the best I had for this kind of weather.

The people I had met so far had all seemed nice. This route was shorter than my last one so I knew I would have a couple of hours to kill before my parents got home from work. At one of the last houses on my route I walked up to the porch and rang the bell. Nobody came, so I knocked again. Still no response so I turned and started down the steps when I heard a deep male voice say,” Can I help you?” I turned to see a guy on the other side of the screen door and climbed back up the porch steps to see him. “Collecting for the paper.” I stated in a friendly but business-like tone. “Sure, come on in.” he said opening the screen for me. On entering I got my first clear view of him. He was a good 10 inches taller than me, late twenties to early thirties, had somewhat slender build but not nearly as smooth and scrawny as I was and dressed in loose very short shorts like mine but minus the shirt and shoes. “Sit down and make yourself comfortable, I need to find my wallet.” He said politely as he left the room and went down a narrow hallway. I did as he said and sat down on the couch noting it was still warm. Then the magazines on the coffee table in front of me caught my attention. These were definitely not the kind of magazines I was used to seeing at home like Better Home and Gardens, Reader’s Digest, or the various women’s publications my mom subscribed to. These had naked men on the covers! There was really nothing to do as I waited and curiosity was overwhelming me. I picked up the top one, flipped it open, and stared in shock and disbelief at what met my eyes. The picture showed a guy a couple years older than me naked and on all fours with another, guy with his penis shoved halfway into his butt! Below it was a close-up of the penetration! I thumbed through the pages quickly and saw pics of guys fucking with a guy above lowering his butt onto a cock, guys doing it in a spooning position, a guy on his belly with a cock easing between his buttocks, and the one that most intrigued me, a guy on his back with his legs over the other guy’s shoulders with his cock buried almost to the hilt in him.

The reason I was so aghast at this material was that I was from a very sheltered religiously conservative environment. All I was taught about sex was that it was when a man puts his penis in a woman’s hole called a vagina for the purpose of making babies. And this I was told was strictly for married men and women. Not only had I never had sex I had never bursa escort even seen anything but some vague, unrealistic diagrams of the respective parts. This was the first time the concept of a penis penetrating a rectum ever entered my head! Had there been anything wrong with this, surely they would have told me!

“Like what you see there?” his voice asked as I was suddenly jolted from these thoughts to see he was now seated across from me with one leg crossed over the knee of the other as he wrote out a check.. This position combined with his loose fitting shorts allowed me to see up one pant leg of his shorts and catch a glimpse the big head of his penis.

Doubly startled I knew I must have turned beet red! “It’s ok, no need to be embarrassed, I can tell you like those pics.” He said reassuring me. Not understanding I asked ”How can you tell I like them?” He chuckled and said, “Look down at your shorts.” To my astonishment I was fully erect and making a very taught, obvious tent of my shorts! “Uh, oh I, um, sorry!” I blurted. “Relax its ok, hard-ons happen. I take it you haven’t done any of the things they’re doing in those pics, have you?” He asked calmly. Regaining my composure I said,” No, I didn’t even know people did that stuff. Why do they do it anyway?” “Simple kid, it feels really fantastic. Have you ever had anything in your butt? I mean besides shit of course.” I thought about it and said, “Well, they used to stick a glass thermometer in there to take my temperature till I turned eleven.” “OK. Now be totally honest with me, how did it feel when it was inside you?” he probed earnestly. My mind drifted back to my childhood doctor’s visits and my mother taking temps in my bottom at home. Then came the realization I was scared to admit. “It felt nice.” I reluctantly admitted. “Well, what they’re doing in those photos feels way better than getting a little thermometer in the rear. How old are you?” “Just turned eighteen.” I said shyly. “You know what that means don’t you? If you wanted to, you could do what those guys in my magazines are doing and see for yourself what it feels like.” he pointed out. “Uh, I don’t know.” I said with great hesitation. “I’ll tell you what, let’s go to my bedroom and let me slip a Q tip into you. Should feel a lot like the thermometer that felt so good to you when you were younger. If you honestly don’t like it I just pull it out and you can leave. But if you like it we can try some bigger and more interesting things. Sound good? Have time now?” My mind raced but my curiosity and the urge to feel that sensation again overrode my fears and I said “Yes.” in a barely audible voice. “Cool. “He said follow me. He led me down the hallway, grabbed a roll of TP from the bathroom then we continued down to his bedroom. It wasn’t very large but one wall was nearly all mirrors giving it the illusion of being far more spacious than it really was. He went and opened the drawer of a nightstand and pulled out some Q tips and a big jar of Vaseline with a blue lid. Placing them on the bed he said, ”Time to get naked.” I sat on the bed and pulled off my shoes and socks while he did the same. Then we both stood again and he told me to turn around. He came up right behind me lifting and removing my t shirt. Then I felt his hands grasp the waistband of my shorts on both sides of my hips which pulled them down till they dropped on the floor leaving me very naked. Turning bursa escort bayan my head slightly and glancing down at the floor I saw my shorts puddled at my feet then saw his drop to join them and I knew he was behind me also naked.

“God you have a beautiful butt!” he said as I stepped out of my shorts, “Let’s get on the bed.” I turned around to see him now totally nude with his eight inch penis standing as erect as a soldier at attention. It was weird realizing that just seeing my unclothed body had aroused him so much and that he wanted to put that massive thing IN me! “After you.” He said gesturing toward the bed. We clambered aboard rather awkwardly and lay down. “Get in the position they used to take your temperature in.” He suggested. I rolled onto my left side and bent both my legs bringing my knees toward my chest. “Cool! I can see your little hole no problem!” I felt him moving behind me and heard the lid pop off the Vaseline jar. “OK, here comes a Q tip, just relax.” He said a moment later. I had the same nervous anticipation I had always felt just before my rectal temp was taken. Then the gooey tip touched my hole sending a shiver through my body. It probed around spreading the Vaseline a bit then started to wedge itself in. “Let me know if you really don’t like this.” He said as I felt the Q tip gently sink into my bottom till all but the opposite tip was in me. “MMMM” I involuntarily purred as the familiar, pleasant sensations overtook me. “Yeah, you can’t fool me; I can tell you love it in there! He said moving it back and forth. “Do you really want me to stop?” He asked starting to withdraw it. Without the slightest thought of the implications I flatly said “No!” After a couple more minutes he said” Time for something more interesting.” Then he removed it. I felt the mattress bounce a little and a moment later something warm and much wider than a Q tip was pressing against my resisting flesh. I had no sooner figured than out it was his finger when it slid in all the way to his knuckles as I let out a little gasp! He probed around inside for a while then bent it and pressed against my front wall causing me to shudder saying “This is your prostate, feels good doesn’t it?” All I could say was, “Oh, Oh, yeah, uh!” as he caressed it. Before I knew it two fingers were in me easily sliding in and out. More minutes passed and he said, “Want me to quit yet?” “No!” I muttered in my pleasure still not giving thought as to what this answer might lead to. But I felt his fingers withdraw from me anyway as he told me it was his turn. I sat up and he reclined on his back. “Ever touched another guy’s dick?” he asked. “Go ahead, grab it, play with it, then smear this all over it when you’re ready.” He said handing me the Vaseline. Cautiously I grabbed the hard shaft and felt its warmth and the pulsing network of dull green veins. The plump, rubbery softness of the lavender colored tip was the size of a large plum. Hefting his ball sack I could tell his testicles were just as big. His apparatus virtually reeked of primal sexuality. My hands explored every nook and cranny of his manhood then I reached into the jar and started coating his entire organ with the greasy Vaseline. Once finished I admired how it glistened. Rising to his knees he said, “Good job, now I’m as ready as you are. Time to find out what those guys in the magazines were feeling. Now get in one of the positions you saw them in. That escort bursa is unless you want to stop of course.” I was so horny by this time the thought of quitting was incomprehensible. In a flurry, the pictures I had seen replayed in my mind and I chose one.

Facing away from him I knelt on all fours with my smooth, slender legs half bent presenting my silky young virgin bottom for his pleasure. My heart thumped hard from nervous anticipation and dread of the possible pain. “Doggystyle. Cool! Now relax as much as you can and take deep breaths. I’ll go slow but will stop if you need me to. Here goes. “He said. A powerful shiver shot through me as his tip touched my now eager opening and started to press against it. The persistent intruder pushed and retreated over and over wedging itself a bit deeper each time. I relaxed as much as I could. Once again his huge member retreated and pushed but this time my stubborn orifice gave up its futile defense and the tip suddenly popped through as I let out a gasp. The most difficult challenge past, the massive penis eased deeper and deeper into the moist soft caverns of my once virgin rectum! “My God you’re tight! You ok kid?” He inquired as he slowly started to hump me. “Oh yeah! It’s amazing!” I said still flooded with new sensations. I turned my head toward the mirrored wall to see a perfect reflection of him fucking me with his cock gliding between the succulent globes of my buttocks. After several minutes of this anal bliss he asked if I’d like to try another position that would let him get even deeper and of course I agreed. He pulled out, put a pillow in the middle of the bed and had me lie on my back with it under my butt then had me bend my legs bringing them clear back till my knees were almost in my face. As I watched the mirror he got above me, my legs resting on his shoulders, lined himself up with my totally exposed anus and sank his mighty member to the hilt in my greedy bottom. It was like the wonder of watching a sword swallower as it disappeared into me even deeper than before! Suddenly I remembered the picture that had most impressed me of the guys doing it just like this and realized I was actually living it! “You like it don’t you!?! You like me fucking you in your little butthole!“ he said with his cock pumping my rectum . The pleasure was like nothing I had ever felt or even imagined. How could such a lowly part of my body feel so good? The angle of the thrusting shaft within me steepened reaching new regions of my rectal depths. The pace slowed to where it almost most completely withdrew then would slide back in with sublime slowness till it was buried completely in the moist walls of my forbidden paradise. “God I’m gonna cum!” he grunted throwing his head back and plunging deep. I felt his penis throb and pulse then shoot powerful torrents of semen flooding into my bowels. He held still as the sensations of his orgasm ebbed then pulled his still dripping phallus from my now gaping and deflowered bottom. “Well kid, that’s how it feels like to those guys in the magazines. What do you think?” he said as we cleaned up. “That was amazing! Can we do it again sometime?” I asked anxiously. “Sure, you’re a great fuck!” He said enthusiastically. And we did. Over the next few months he fucked me in every position his magazines showed and more. In time I got a real job to save for college and our schedules no longer lined up. As time passed I had sex with both men and women but to this day nothing beats taking a big cock in the butt and the excitement of this first experience has never been equaled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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