The Ogre in the Woods

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“Baby, what are you doing up this late? It’s 3 in the morning. Don’t you have classes tomorrow?”

“Yes I do, Daddy, but I’m nervous right now. I’m supposed to find out if I’ve been accepted into grad school, and I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“You shouldn’t be worried at all. Your GPA is way up there, and it’s a slam-dunk that you’ll get in.”

“I know. I know. But I’m still nervous. Too many things can happen to mess things up.”

“Well, staying up all night and going to school all bleary-eyed and groggy won’t help anything, either. Remember a couple of weeks ago and that calculus test you had?”

“I sure do. I wound up acing it.”

“That’s because you were relaxed and got a full night’s sleep, you know.”

“I think it was the bedtime story you told me. Can you tell me another one like it, Daddy?”

“Sure, baby. I want to make sure you feel good and rested and relaxed tomorrow. Slide on over and we’ll cuddle like last time and I’ll tell you another bedtime story.”

“I like that idea, Daddy. Ooooh, you’re cold. Let me snuggle up with you and warm you up. What’s the story tonight?”

“Baby, you’re nice and warm. You feel real good. Okay, the story is Honey and the Ogre in the Woods .”

“That’s a new one, Daddy. I haven’t heard that one before.”

“I think you’ll like this one. Honey lived at home with her mother even though she was fully grown, helping out as much as she could since her father had left. But then her mother met a man and got remarried. Honey didn’t like her new stepfather. In fact, she found him rather creepy.”

“I guess not all stepfathers are like you.”

“No, indeed — especially not this one. He was short and bald, plus he was fat and smelled funny. He was fairly rich, which Honey felt good about since her mother had struggled while she was growing up, but she didn’t like the price her mom was paying for security.

“Her stepfather would hang around her a lot, and Honey could feel him undressing her with his eyes. Honey was beautiful. In fact, baby, she looked a lot like you with her red hair and curvy figure.”

“So she had big tits like I do and a nice ass and everything?”

“Absolutely. 36DD’s on a tiny frame, just like you. She was just so sexy and all that it’s hard to criticize him, but he was kind of like a stalker and that scared her. Late one afternoon when her mother was gone to the market, he tried putting a move on her. Honey had just gotten up and was getting dressed when he came into her room.

“He walked up behind her, felt up her ass and breathed in her ear like this and suggested that since they had the house to themselves, they should get to know each other better. She whirled around, and he slid his hands up like this to grab her tits and ran his thumb over his nipples.”

“Ooooh, Daddy. But you said he was short and bald and fat and smelly and everything. I’ll bet she didn’t like that.”

“Indeed she didn’t. She shoved him away in horror. You would have done the same thing.”

“Yeah, that would have been gross. If he was like you, I’ll be Honey have enjoyed having her nipples rubbed like you’re doing right now. That feels good, Daddy.”

“I like making you feel good. Anyway, he was everything she couldn’t stand. She shoved him away as hard as she could. He fell on his fat ass, and Honey used the opportunity to grab her bra and the rest of her clothes and take off out of that house as fast as her pretty legs could carry her.

“She ran into the woods, and then finished getting dressed. There was no way she was going back to that house any time soon, so she headed off into the woods, looking for safety. The whole idea now was to put as much real estate as possible between her and that pervert.

“Now, living out in the woods was The Ogre. Actually his name was Benjamin Franklin Ogle. Ben lived out there and all by himself and was nasty to everyone and everything around him all the time. He was pretty much a hermit. Nobody in town wanted to deal with him when he went in for supplies, and kids would come around and mess with his stuff and taunt him. They’d seen his mailbox with “B.F. Ogle” written on it, and they would yell out ‘Hey, ogre!’ when he would tell them to get the hell off of his property. They finally quit coming around when he brought out a shotgun and fired it in the air one time. That got a little notice in town, and suddenly everyone around saw him as The Ogre.

“Honey just kept on going and going, not really heading anywhere in particular, just away from the house with her jerk of a stepfather. She was still really freaked out and didn’t notice how late it was until it was dusk, with nightfall rapidly approaching. She knew she had to find someplace to stay the night. And I bet you can guess which house she came upon when it was really getting dark.”

“Was it the Ogre’s?”

“You’re as smart as you are sexy, baby. Yes, indeed, it was the Ogre’s house. And as luck would have it, the Ogre was outside bahis firmaları doing some maintenance on the property. She didn’t see the mailbox, so instead of moving on and looking for some other place, she approached the house nervously.

“The Ogre heard someone walking up his path, so he stepped out from behind his house and saw her. ‘What do you want,’ he growled. “Why aren’t you home this time of night, girl?’

“She realized who it was immediately, but knew that it was so late she really didn’t have many options. ‘I’m sorry to bother you, but I need a place to stay. Can you help me, Mr. Ogre? I mean — Mr. Ogle. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I called you that!’ she stammered.

“The Ogre barked out a laugh. ‘I’m used to hearing that, so don’t worry about it,’ he said. ‘Now, why in blazes are you here in the middle of nowhere this time of night? Why don’t you get your little ass back home where it belongs?’

“Honey’s eyes filled with tears. ‘My stepfather made a grab for me and I had to get away from him,’ she said. ‘I need to find a safe place for tonight. Can you help me?’

“‘You’re Honey, aren’t you?’ the Ogre said. ‘I know your stepfather. He’s a jerk, and a real sonuvabitch. Your mother’s a fool for marrying him. Come on,’ he grumped, ‘it’s too dangerous out there at night. You can stay here for now.’ With that, he walked her to his house.

“This was the first time he’d seen Honey in a very long time. In that time she’d grown up, from a little girl into a very fine-looking woman. The sight of her ass swaying in front of him as she walked up the path to the house almost hypnotized him. It had been years since his divorce, and he’d avoided women all that time.”

“Wow, Daddy. Did she realize what she was doing to him walking like that?”

“When YOU walk that way, don’t you know what effect you have on guys?”

“I know what effect I’m having on you right now, Daddy. See?”

“Let go of me so I can get back to the story. It’s hard to think when you do that. Ah, thank you. Anyway, Honey had gotten her first real good look at the Ogre, and she was surprised at what she saw. She remembered the Ogre as being old and nasty. Seeing him for the first time since she’d grown up was a revelation. He wasn’t that old — oh, he had gray hair, but he was in pretty good shape. He looked like he’d lifted weights in the past, and she found him attractive. She liked guys a little bit older, she realized.”

“He sounds like he looks a lot like you. And she sounds like me. I love older men because they’re better in bed.”

“Thank you, baby. Anyway, when she walked into the cabin, her first reaction was that it was awfully small. It looked like a loft apartment, with some living room furniture and a bed in the far corner, a small kitchen and a bathroom. And that was it.

“He told Honey to sit down at one of the two chairs at the small table in the kitchen area. He asked if she had eaten, and she answered that she hadn’t. He got up and began putting together a sandwich for her.

“He put the sandwich on a plate and walked over and handed it to her silently. Honey was so hungry that she didn’t say anything else, just started eating. The Ogre watched her eat. Watching her graceful movements got him stimulated, and he felt his breath catch when she licked her lips to retrieve some stray mayonnaise.

“When she finished, the Ogre got up, and took the plate to the kitchen counter, then returned and sat back down at the table, and asked Honey what had happened. ‘What did that jerk of a stepfather do to you?’

“Honey gave him the whole story, and started crying toward the end. She saw him get madder and madder. In fact, he was so mad his face started turning red. The Ogre finally exploded, ‘He needs an ass-whipping for what he did to you. You just don’t do that.’ Then he handed her a box of tissues. ‘Dry your eyes girl. And don’t worry. You’ll be safe here.’

“After seeing how the Ogre had acted over the years around other people when they tried to talk to him, Honey was stunned. This wasn’t the reaction she expected from him. He was actually being nice to her. She began to relax a little bit, and realized she had been ready to bolt again because she was scared of the Ogre. The way he was acting put her at ease.

“At that point, Honey let out a big yawn. ‘Excuse me,’ she said. ‘I’ve been walking for quite a while, and I’m awfully tired. Is there a place where I can lay down and take a nap?’

“Like I said, the cabin was quite small, and the Ogre didn’t have a couch. He had a soft chair in the living room, but other than the kitchen table and chairs, the only other furniture for resting was his bed in the corner. He gestured at it. ‘The bed is all I have,’ he said. ‘You can lay down there.’

“As she walked over and sat on the bed, he walked over to a closet and got a blanket. She watched him move around in the cabin, and for some reason began to feel a little warm inside. She liked how he looked when he bent down to get that kaçak iddaa blanket from the bottom shelf of the closet.”

“I think I know what you mean, Daddy. I like how your ass is nice and muscular. It gets me all warm inside, too.”

“I see you’re getting into this story. Anyway, it was dark out by this point, so he could see her in the reflection in the window. It seemed she was staring at him, and specifically at his ass. He saw her lick her lips and he wondered if he was imagining things. Was she really looking at him with interest? He walked over to the bed and handed her the blanket.

“She thanked him and covered herself up and tried to close her eyes. The Ogre darkened the lights in the cabin, and went over to the other piece of furniture in the room, an overstuffed chair. He leaned back, and promptly dozed off.

“Honey, on the other hand, was still keyed up, and she couldn’t fall asleep even though she was tired. She started thinking about the Ogre and how nice his ass looked when he was getting her that blanket. Honey had broken up with her boyfriend about six weeks earlier, and she was feeling more than a little horny.”

“Six whole weeks without? Gee, Daddy, I’d be going nuts if I had gone six whole weeks without getting laid.”

“Yeah, baby. Like I said, she was a lot like you. She thought about her old boyfriend, and how long it had been. Even though he really wasn’t all that well hung, he’d managed to get her off most of the time. Then she thought about the Ogre, and at that point she knew there was only one way she was going to relax enough to go to sleep.

“When she heard him snore, she felt comfortable enough, so she quietly slipped out of her clothes until she was as naked as you are now. She slid her fingers down to her pussy, which was already wet with anticipation. Here, let me see. Yes, about as wet as you are right now, and she began rubbing like this, and sliding her finger inside. She was thinking about the Ogre while she was taking care of herself.”

“Daddy! You stopped.”

“Well, that’s because Honey got herself off really fast. It had been six weeks since she’d had a dick in her tight little pussy after all, not just a couple of days. Be patient, baby. We have to move the story along here.”

“Okay, Daddy. I guess.”

“Quit pouting. You’ll like the rest of the story, I promise. She wasn’t as quiet as she’d thought. She was quiet for her, but like you, she was a screamer when she came. The Ogre saw the shadows and figured out what she was doing, but didn’t let on.

“Honey was finally relaxed enough to fall asleep. He waited until she was sound asleep, then went to the closet and got his own blanket. He stripped down to his boxers and tried to settle in. It took the Ogre a little while to doze off again, since watching her had gotten him all hard.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, baby, except that Honey wasn’t stroking his cock like you are mine. Cut that out. Thank you. Anyway, about an hour later, the Ogre woke up and looked over. Honey was sound asleep, but the blanket had slipped and left her uncovered from the waist up. He quietly got out of his chair and walked over to the bed.

“He was transfixed by Honey. Her breathing caused her big tits to sway while she slept. More than anything, he wanted to reach out and touch them like this. You know, grab them gently and run his thumbs over her nipples.”

“Oh, that feels good, Daddy. But that would have woken her up.”

“Exactly. So he controlled himself and simply pulled the blanket up to her neck to cover her back up and keep him from temptation. Doing it was hard, almost as hard has his dick was. After all, it had been years since he’d seen a naked woman. Then to his embarrassment, Honey woke up and saw him standing there as he was covering her up.

“She smiled up at him and said, ‘You’re a really nice man. You’re taking good care of me. Why do you live way out here all by yourself, and act nasty to everyone? You’re not really a nasty man.’

“The Ogre was taken aback. He’d expected her to scream when she saw him standing over her. Instead, she’d seen through him, and through his façade. And for the first time since he’d retreated into the woods all those years ago, he felt like telling someone his story.

“He stumbled around a bit, because he’d never explained himself to anyone before. He told Honey of his long work hours to provide for his wife. And he told her how he was repaid by her. When he explained to Honey how he’d come home one day to find her in bed with another man, she let out a small gasp. She sat up in the bed, not caring about the blanket. The Ogre told of his reaction, hitting the other man and bloodying his face, then leaving his home and never looking back.

“He was staring at the floor the whole time he told his story, shame and sorrow and pain etched on his face. The Ogre finally looked up when Honey grabbed his hand in sympathy. She told him, ‘You didn’t deserve that. You’re a good man. She was kaçak bahis horrible to you.'”

“Daddy, that’s exactly what my mother did to you. Only you didn’t beat the shit out of the guy. You should have. He’s an asshole.”

“Well, you were there, not even a teenager yet, and I was worried about you. I didn’t want to go to jail and leave you alone with your bitch of a mother again. You deserved better.”

“You did the best you could, Daddy. The courts suck. Just because you’re not my bio father, they took you to the cleaners. I really missed you when we moved away.”

“Thanks, baby. You’re here now, and we’re together, and you show me how much you love me all the time. Let’s get back to the story. The Ogre looked at Honey in shock. ‘Thank you. You don’t know how much it means to me to hear you say that.’

“Honey slid over to the far side of the bed and asked the Ogre to sit down. She put her hand on his shoulder. ‘Everybody calls you the Ogre. I was a little afraid of you today when I first got here. I’m not afraid of you anymore.’

“The Ogre looked at her and grimaced. ‘You’re not afraid of the Ogre, hunh? Don’t you know I eat little girls like you?’

“Honey looked him in the eye. ‘I’m more afraid that you won’t eat this little girl.’ And with that, she leaned over and started kissing the Ogre, like this. Mmmm.”

“Mmmm. Daddy. You’re a good kisser. What happened next?”

“Well, the kiss progressed, and the Ogre found himself kissing Honey while she lay back on the bed. Honey broke off the kiss, put her hand on top of his head, and said ‘Please eat me, Mister Ogre.’ So he slid down her torso, kissing her like this until he got to her thighs. Why don’t you take over from here, baby?”

“Ohhh, okay Daddy. Honey felt the Ogre put his hands on her thighs, so she eased them apart so he could see her glistening pussy. She hadn’t been this wet for a very long time, and the sight of his gray-haired head between her legs only got her hotter. He began by licking the outside lips of her pussy, yes just like that Daddy, and working his way up to her clit. Uhhhh. Her clit was swollen and sensitive and he began to lick and suck on it. Oh yes. Annnnnnd she started squirming and lifting her asssss in the airrrr because it felt so good so good Daddy. That’s when he slid his hands under her just like you just did and pulled her closer to his mouth. Ooooooo. The Ogre really got to work, and began tongue-fucking her pussy. OhmygodDaddyjustlike that. Keepgoingthat’stherightspot. Why did you stop?”

“Sorry. Had to come up for air. The Ogre was trying to remember how he did it all those years ago for that ungrateful wife of his. He used to make her scream, but Honey not only reacted more intensely to him, she tasted better. Like Honey. Mmmm.”

“Ohthat’sgoodDaddy. The Ogre found just the right spot, and shefeltherselfgoingovertheedge. Ahhh. Ahhh. He hit a spot where Honey had never been touchedbeforeinsideandohmyGodDaddy. She. Let. Out. A. Yell. I’m cummmmmmming. Ing. Ing. Ing.”

“Mmmm. Tasty. The Ogre couldn’t believe how hard Honey came. He got to his knees, his face shiny with her juices, feeling proud that he’d remembered what to do and had made her climax so intensely.”

“Intensely. Yes.”

“Absolutely. It was at that point that Honey started getting her wits about her after that huge cum. She saw the huge tent in his boxers. She looked up at him. ‘Please. I want you inside me. Please fuck me.’

“The Ogre didn’t have to be told twice. He slid his boxers down and tossed them onto the floor. Honey started shifting around on the bed — slide up there, that’s right — and he slid forward between her thighs.”

“Oooh, yes. She reached forward and grabbed his thick seven inches in her hand. She knew she had to have it in her pussy, and had to have it now. And he slid it in — Daddy, that’s so good.”

“Yes it is, baby. He couldn’t believe how perfect her pussy was as he began with long, slow strokes. It was a long-forgotten feeling of velvet, except this velvet was tighter and wetter than anything he’d ever felt before. This was perfect. He saw her beautiful tits swaying with each thrust. Then he began speeding up, speeding up and going deeper and deeper each time. Ahhh.”

“Honey loved every inch. Of. Him. Inside. Her. Ahhh. She. Wanted him. Deeper. And deeper. Oh, fuck Daddy. Your cock. Feels. So. Good. Ahhh. Ahhh.”

“The Ogre knew. He wasn’t. Going. To. Last. Much. Longer. But he felt her. Begin to reach. The. Same. Heights.”

“Ahhh. Yes. Fuck me. Deeper. Ahhh. Ahhh.”

“And then. He. Came. Arghhhhhhh.”

“Ohgodyes. Cuminsideme. Yes. Yesssssss.”

“The Ogre felt transformed. He was at peace, a peace he hadn’t felt for over a decade. It was magical. Do you know what I mean, baby.”

“Oh, yes. Absolutely. Was there a happily-ever-after ending to this.”

“Yes there was. She stayed with the Ogre for a week after this, most of it in bed. He made up for ten years of celibacy, and she loved the feeling of his huge cock inside her, the biggest she’d ever had. When they parted, they parted friends. He became nice to everyone, and when she got back home, her mother had kicked out the stepfather.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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