The Office

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inspired by MJP…

* * * * *

Lauren woke up and stretched out on the big brass bed. Her shoulder-length brown hair in disarray. Not really wanting to get up, but then she remembered her date with Michael for lunch. They were meeting at his office in two hours. Slowly she rises and makes her way to the bathroom. Assessing herself in the mirror, her green eyes were still a little puffy from sleep, and her large nipples visible through the silk, peach nightshirt. With her hands on her waist she smiles, admiring her own reflection.

Before disrobing, she turns on the shower and adjusts the water temperature, then steps in and lets the water cascade down her body. Lauren was taking more time than usual washing her hair and scrubbing herself clean. When emerging from the tub, she grabs two towels; one for her hair and the other for her body. She dries herself off thoroughly before applying lotion and powder to her skin, then styles her long, thick hair with the blowdryer.

She makes her way back to the bedroom to get dressed. Stopping at her dresser, she dabs on some of the perfume Michael loves so much. Thinking about being with him is turning her on, so Lauren decides to wear one of his favorite outfits; a straight, black (below-the-knee) skirt, with a slit up the back, and a red silk blouse. Underneath she has on black, silk stockings, a black and red garter belt, lacy red thong and matching pushup bra. Then she fastens a long, elegant strand of pearls around her neck and slips her feet into a pair of shiny red high heels.

Satisfied with her outfit, she sits down at the vanity to apply some light make up. Lauren curls her eyelashes before putting on the mascara, then dusts her cheeks with blush and outlines her lips with a liner prior to applying lipstick.

Since she still has some time before meeting Michael, and the weather is beautiful, brisk and sunny, Lauren decides bahis firmaları to walk the mile or so to his workplace. Many men stopped on the street, ogling her curvaceous body as she made her way downtown. It took twenty minutes to get there. When she arrived at Michael’s office, it was empty. Disappointed, Lauren went inside and sat down at his desk, waiting for him to return.

A half hour went by and still no one came back. She was getting extremely fidgety, so Lauren got up and closed the office door. Sitting at his desk, with naughty thoughts dancing around in her head, she was becoming more and more aroused. While daydreaming about their last time together, Lauren partially unbuttons her blouse and hikes the skirt up to her hips, almost unaware of what she is doing.

She licks the first three digits of her left hand before reaching inside her bra and caressing each nipple, alternating between the two, making them erect as she rolls them between her fingers. Then she cups the left breast and lifts it to her lips, sensuously swirling her tongue around the nipple before pulling it into her mouth and sucking on it. Slowly sliding her right hand into her panties as she runs a finger up and down the wet slit, stopping to massage her swollen clit while her left hand tweaks the other nipple. With her eyes closed, she moans as she circles the little nub with her index and middle fingers.

Suddenly the door swings opens and in walks Michael, who sees her sitting there exposed. Startled, Lauren quickly pulls her hand from her panties, then looks up at him, grins, and slowly raises her index finger to her lips, seductively twisting it around in her mouth as she sucks on it. Then she licks her other fingers one at a time, putting on a show for him. With passion in his eyes, Michael turns around and locks the door, then makes his way over to her.

She stands and gives him a long, deep wet kaçak iddaa kiss, letting him taste her juices before sitting back down in the chair and unzipping his pants with her teeth. She slowly slides them down to his ankles. As his turgid cock springs free, she takes it in her hand and strokes it, paying special attention to the bulbous, mushroom-shaped head. Lauren pushes it toward her nipples and rubs it around each one, loving the incredible sensations coursing through her body. Placing his penis between her breasts, she pushes them together and sucks on the head, poking his slit with her tongue and lapping up all the precum. Reaching down to massage Michael’s balls, she looks up into his eyes, before ravenously stuffing his huge cock in her mouth…. sucking on it very slowly and sensuously.

He can feel the tip of his penis touching the back of her throat as she grabs his ass and forces him deeper into her mouth. His hands lost in her hair as she devours his pulsating manhood. Lauren wants him to flood her mouth with cum, so she can savor every drop. As Michael’s orgasm begins to erupt, he screams her name and buries her head in his crotch. She hungrily swallows all his cream, then slowly licks the shaft, like a cat cleaning its paws, giving him another erection in the process. Lauren begins to suck and twist her lips around his hardness, forcing him to feel her passion, which makes him want her even more.

Clearing the top of his desk in one swift movement, Michael picks up Lauren and lies her down while forcing her skirt above her waist. He rips off her thong, unable to control his lust for her a moment longer. She lets out a little moan as his tongue glides over her swollen clit. As he hears the gasp escape from her lips, his need to taste her becomes more urgent and he plunges his tongue deep inside her pussy, licking the walls and savoring her juices, before moving his lips over her kaçak bahis clit. Tugging playfully at the little nub with his teeth, then grabbing her ass as he pushes his face deeper into her snatch.

Moaning and writhing beneath him, Lauren raises her pussy up to his wanting mouth. Michael takes her clit between his lips and sucks on it gently. She bucks her hips wildly as her moans grow louder and louder. He feels her body tense up and knows she is close to cumming. As her breathing becomes more labored, Lauren grinds her pussy into his face and climaxes violently. But Michael isn’t satisfied with this, he keeps his head buried in her cunt, causing her to have one intense orgasm after another, her body jerking uncontrollably in his arms.

After a few minutes, he slides her off the desk and spins her around, running his hard cock over her wetness before piercing her hot pussy with it. They both moan in pleasure as he enters her fully, then he slowly starts pumping his tool in and out with long, deep strokes. Lauren presses back into him while contracting her muscles tighter and tighter around his swelling prick. She can feel his balls slapping against her ass as Michael slams his cock in deeper with each thrust.

She places her hands on the desk and lifts up her bottom for full penetration as both of them are on the verge of another mind shattering orgasm. Lauren clamps her muscles around his manhood like a vise, feeling the first shot of his sperm hit her cervix. He screams in ecstasy, which drives Lauren over the edge, her body convulsing in more intense pleasure. Michael collapses on top of her, panting and out of breath; each of them too tired to move.

After what seems like an eternity, he rises and helps her off the desk. Michael gently pulls Lauren’s lips to his by entangling his hand in her pearls. He french kisses her passionately, taking her breath away again. She presses her body tightly to his. They gaze into each other’s eyes, smile and both start to laugh simultaneously. Then Michael tenderly brushes the hair away from her eyes and says, “So Lauren, where would you like to have lunch?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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