The Nymphen Kiss

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It was difficult to imagine there was a connection between the feint tingling sensation in his lips, the erotic familiarity of the taste and scent of her and the uncontrollable urge he had to touch her breasts. There were no signs that she did not want him to. On the contrary she kissed him with the kind of desire that is usually reserved for more familiar lovers who knew where the kiss would lead. Did she know the uncontrollable effect she was having on him. He had no time to wonder, almost as soon as the thoughts swirled into his mind he felt her small pert young breast with his right hand and lost track of any thought but the passion that was rising in him.

She was a temp, a very young one perhaps 19. Long blond hair tied back in sweet ponytails either side of her angelic face. Petite and perfectly shaped like a faerie creature. Small pert breasts cupped in a sweet little cleavage by the white silk bra that was barely visible beneath the low cut yellow dress. The line of the dress hugged her shapely form like a second skin, curving round her superb hips and rounded ass and short enough to reveal long shapely legs in heels. Even in heels she was barely 5′ 6″ Tall. The office men were drooling over her like flies round a honey pot. Competing with each other to show her around and help her ‘settle in’. The few other women in the office were cool and indifferent and quietly laughing at the clumsy behavior of the male staff.

As the boss Neill watched with a mixture of amusement even though at times he felt his own imagination wandering to her he kept his mind fully occupied with the job he was doing. Such was his concentration that it was several hours before he realized what was happening again. There was a knock at his door and the fairy vision entered carrying coffee and cookies. Neill’s PA had perhaps told her to do this partially to please him and partially to put the new girl in her place.

“Sorry to interrupt Mr. Uwing but Jessica said you might appreciate a break.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of Jess thanks… um sorry I didn’t catch your name?”

“Tiffanie- Tiffanie Keen I’m a temp sort of well my family are large shareholders in this company and they thought it would be good for me in my University holidays to work here and get to know the business a little.”

She held out her tiny hand and he shook it. She smiled in a way that lit up the room. He could see what all the commotion was all about. She was not just pretty- she was divine. She had a lethal combination of youth, looks and warmth that was immediately enticing. Neill couldn’t stop his eyes from scanning her lithe form and found he was fantasizing about each part of her body and what he would do to it. He had no time for a mid life crisis and tried desperately to pull his mind back to the work at hand and the deadline.

“Well, welcome to S.H. Enterprises. Hope you enjoy working with us.”

He took a gulp of the coffee and reached fro a cookie and began to bite at it as she smiled and turned around to leave. ” Oh I will, thank you. And if there’s anything I can do for you just call. I do have a background in Project management don’t let my age fool you.”

She left the room giggling sweetly. She was use to being underestimated because of her size and youth. Neill’s eyes followed her from the room, scanning her sexy legs and holding the image of her pert round ass in his güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri memory long after she had left the room. Neill felt a stirring in his pants. He was visibly aroused by her, the first signs of an erection stirred in his pants. It had been 7 months since the disastrous incident with a call girl had left him feeling a lack of confidence and reduced him to fantasy, porn and masturbation. Divorced 2 years prior and never really recovered from it according to his shrink. The call girl had even been a suggestion from his counselor but it was a unsatisfying. She was pretty and expensive- every man’s dream and she made him very excited initially then he lost it the desire and the erection and the time ran out leaving him un-sated despite the expert attempts of the pretty stranger.

At 46 Neill and the doctors’ thought it was too early for impotence. He was still fit healthy and had a nice crop of dark hair with barely a few flecks of grey. Tall and athletic he worked out and ran fun marathons regularly. Neill’s mind wandered away from focusing on either the girl or his problem and he returned to work munching the cookie and sipping the hot coffee. He came to a point in his work where he was stumped. Needed to see things more clearly. He got out of his chair and walked to the main office.

“Jessica, do you or any of your staff know how to do a Gant chart? I want to put this project into perspective?”

He glanced around the office. The pretty young woman was sitting on a desk next to Jessica’s she swung her chair around and she beamed a bewitching smile.

“I can do that for you Mr Uwing. I’ve finished what I was doing and come right in if you like.”

Jessica looked annoyed if she had been jealous of Tiffanie before this made her livid. After all she was the PA she alone understood Neill’s problems. She had even tried to have an affair with him when his wife dumped him and then feigned motherly concern when it didn’t work out. What was this little tart up to? Before Jessica could say anything Neill smiled at Tiffanie and gestured for her to come to his office.

” Cool thanks Miss keen that would be a real help. Not sure how long it will take there’s lots of data.”

Every eye watched the sweet petite form stand and smooth her skirt over her hips and straighten the hem of her skirt. It had risen naturally as she sat giving the male voyeurs a view of her shapely legs while she sat working. She walked towards Neill’s office picking up a notebook computer from her desk. Once in the office she sat on a chair opposite Neill’s and opened the computer booting up the program she needed. Neill came up behind her and peered over her shoulders and caught a whiff of her scent. It wasn’t like perfume it was something different. Perfume was there but there was something more arousing in the scent. It was familiar. It was womanly scent. He tried to put it out of his mind and concentrated on giving her the information and for almost 2 hours she typed and organized the chart based on the information he gave her.

” Sex” he thought, she had the scent that a woman has when she has had sex. He quickly dismissed the thought of her fucking some office boy in the elevator or photocopy room but maybe she had. As she rocked in her seat the hem of her dress had risen significantly revealing more and more of her legs and thighs. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Neill was conscious that the erection he had earlier for her had been aroused and he returned to his seat partially to hide the obviousness of his interest in her. After a half hour more they had completed the work and he sat back and looked at it on the screen. Outside in the main office had been becoming more silent and dark as each worker packed up and left for home. Jessica had poked her head in and said her goodbyes early as she went home. By the time Neill had finished integrating the chart into his report the Place was empty. The two were completely alone.

“Tiffanie I could kiss you, you’ve saved me hours of stuffing around with figures. This is great work. You aren’t just a pretty face.” He regretted both these remarks, he didn’t want to be thought of as sexist or condescending.

” I’d like a kiss!” she said sexily. She closed the laptop and stood up. This time not bothering to smooth her hemline down, the hem was high and Neill could see a glimpse of white panties as she walked toward him. She bent down and kissed him sweetly and the scent became strong in his nostrils and the tingle that took his lips made him loose all track of where he was and what he had been doing. The kiss was short and sweet. Next moment he found himself standing kissing her as she sat on his desk, his hand already touching her small pert breasts and feeling the nipple erupt in a hardened outline thru her pretty silk bra and thin dress top. She opened her legs and he moved his body inside them and against her. They didn’t speak a word, their mouths entwined in lengthy breathy kisses and tangles of tongue punctured by hot sexy moans. Neill’s cock was hard as rock. His hand shifted inside her dress and bra and he pinched her nipple hard and she winced and moaned in approval. He tore himself away from her insistent kisses and took the nipple between his lips and teased it with his teeth, while grinding his impossibly hard cock against her gyrating pussy. He rubbed against her knowing his hardness was eliciting the moans she made. As she gyrated and moaned she breathlessly began to speak.

“Did you know I masturbated after we met this morning? I had already decided I was going to fuck you.”

“I want you inside me badly.” She purred.

She reached behind and unhitched her bra to make it easier for him to attach her tits, then reached down and ran her fingernails over his hard cock. As he leaned back from dry humping her she traced an outline around the thickness with her nails, scratching it seductively, tickling it relentlessly until she coaxed the first in a succession of throbs from it. Once the throbs began she clasped it with her hand to feel them and smile through the insistent breathless kisses. She unzipped him and slid the distorted cock free of its tight enclosure. She pulled him toward her and guided the tip of his cock against her pantie front. Neill could feel the moisture gathered in her pussy dissipate over his eager tip and felt it being pulled up and down so it slid across the hot wet silk until the outline of her labia became a slide of pleasure. She shivered as she felt her clitoris shiver in response.

“I came four times thinking about you today.” She teased.

She parted her panties and he felt the naked wetness of her pussy slurp güvenilir bahis şirketleri over his cock.

“Feel how wet you made me Mr. Uwing?” Neill could only nod and moan as she slid his cock up and down her slit. In a few moments she was shivering and moaning and a small squirt of cum sprayed his cock. She shifted his cock to her super tight entrance.

“Fuck me, fuck me deep.” Neill pushed against the tight constraints of her opening feeling his hardness enveloped by wet velvety ecstasy and his mind fill with rampant animal desire. All he could think of was pounding her fucking her deep and hard and fast. His balls slapped her ass as she wrapped her legs around him and they fucked wildly, she cam hot and hard. He took each of her legs in his hands and she lay back on the desk as he lifted her and fucked her again deep and hard. Her legs like a rag doll as he shifted her into multiple positions each bringing her to another climax. She was so wet and hot he was completely entranced by her. She rolled off the desk and smiled as they disconnected for the first time in an hour. She stripped off the remnants of her bra and peeled the dress to the floor and walked to the desk and bent over it.

“I love fucking from behind don’t you?” Neill slid her panties aside again and took her curvaceous hips in his hands and entered her again. He ground deep in her as she wiggled her ass seductively against his insistent and deep thrusts. Neill’s cock was on fire he was tingling and shivering. It throbbed wildly. She kept him on the edge of orgasm. Each time he felt himself about to explode she would sense it and shift position or remove his cock until it subsided.

“Mmmm I want you to cum where I can see it. I want to make you cum on my titties. Would you like that?”

Neill nodded and pulled his cock from her swollen cunt. She turned and laid back on the desk and Neill climbed onto it his knees astride her putting his throbbing cock onto her chest and leaning back to force his fingers into her hot pussy. She took his cock in her mouth and sucked expertly flickering her tongue over the burning flesh that throbbed relentlessly now. She squeezed her small pert breasts around it and suckled and swirled her tongue over it whilst he thrust it between her hot cleavage. She was moaning wildly now screaming as his fingers thrust into her pussy in a slapping rhythm that increased in tempo as her proximity to orgasm closed.

“OOOOOOOOooh yeah I’m cumming so hard baby. Cum on my titties cumin my mouth sugar. Mmmmmmmmmm nummy nummy come for me…”

Neill’s cock had shown no sign of impotence in fact it was bigger harder and fatter than he had ever seen it. The pleasure of her body, the excitement of their lovemaking, the exquisite feeling that took over his whole body spread like a warm shower. The pain of years of abstinence, the pleasure of explosive release swirled into a smorgasbord of wild shouts and shivers. His orgasm followed hers within and instant. He felt the shots of hot cum cascade across her sweet tits. Her mouth suckling his cock and swallowing the jism like a greedy kitten. She let go of her clenched breasts and took his throbbing mass in her hand and sucked and liked while waves of orgasm flooded his mind with endorphins. The pleasure of her was unbelievable. He barely remembered hurriedly dressing and driving home with her. He did remember how long, how often and how intensely they had fucked that night and he remembered waking up after she had gone finding the small white silk bikini panties in his hands, the memory of the tingling lips, the taste and scent of her were all over those panties. Neill had been kissed by a Nymph and loved by the divine.

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