The Nightcap

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It was the first night in quite some time that Sandy had been out with with her old friends, or even out for that matter. But tonight it was her friends’ annual get-together at Hogan’s and she couldn’t miss it for anything. They had been planning this for a looooong time. Her “buddy” was finally available to service her neglected sexual needs this evening, but she couldn’t spare even enough time for an “appetizer.” So regretfully, they had to put their overdue satisfaction on hold for yet another time.

Before leaving the house she had dressed for the night, short black dress with a plunging neck line, dark pantyhose and heels

The evening had gone brilliantly. She and her friends had drunk quite a lot of wine and cocktails and heads were definitely spinning. One of the girls had refused to drink and said that she would see them all home safely. Most of the girls had dressed similarly to Sandy. The short skirts and sexy blouses had the men at Hogan’s buying drinks and getting closer than they should.

At the end of the night, the lights in the club came back on and people started to look for coats and friends. Sandy had enjoyed the night and was now looking to just get back home and sleep because she had work tomorrow.

There was no trouble on the way home and they dropped Sandy off at the end of her driveway. She said her goodbyes, and headed to her front door. Standing in the shadows was her “buddy”. He stepped into the light of the front door and said, “hey there, you couldn’t accept my offer for an appetizer, I thought maybe you’d like a little nightcap.”

Before she knew what was happening, her buddy pulled Sandy close to him and kissed her fully on the lips. canlı bahis Sandy responded in kind, her tongue fighting his for supremacy.

Sandy broke the lustful encounter long enough to unlock and open the front door. They rushed inside and closed the door, immediately returning to a frantic embrace.

Moving with quick speed she felt his hands reach down, grabbed the backs of her thighs and pushed her body up against the wall, his mouth still locked to hers. Her light body was lifted and carried to the kitchen where she was perched on the marble countertop.

His tongue roamed ecstatically around her mouth, his head keeping hers pinned to the cabinets behind her. She could still feel his hands on her thighs, groping and advancing higher, pushing her short skirt up her hips. She tried to make a comment about this surprise visit, but it was muffled against his mouth.

One of his hands let her thigh go, before reaching down between them. She moaned out as she felt his large hand grab the crotch of her pantyhose. Her hands came quickly to his wrist, and pressed it harder to her wet pussy. Her hands joined his at her crotch and assisted him in ripping the crotch open. She felt the pantyhose rip open, exposing herself to the damp night air. She expected his big hand to start to toy with her, but it twisted itself and unzipped his blue jeans, freeing his hard cock.

The job done, his hand slid back out and quickly clutched her thigh again. She felt his tongue pushing deeper into her mouth, flicking around. He started lifting her body and pulling her towards him, keeping her back pressed against the cabinet. Suddenly she felt what he was going to do. His cock stood erect between bahis siteleri her thighs. She could feel the scalding heat of his skin against hers. Sandy wriggled furiously, trying to push herself to him. He stroked upwards with his dick, rubbing the back of her left leg. She writhed to him, trying to grip him with her tight pussy. He thrust up again, this time it hit its mark. Sandy felt the head of it slam into her. He slid effortlessly into her, because her pussy was dripping wet.

He supported Sandy’s writhing body, but she lowered herself quickly onto his hard dick.

The sensation of his thick cock sliding into her body made Sandy shout. His mouth prevented anymore noise than a high pitched whimper come out. Still gripping her upper thighs, he lifted her again before letting her body fall onto his dick.

He turned his eyes to look at her and kept her gaze as he lifted her again.

Sandy couldn’t tear her eyes away from his, not because his eyes mesmerised her, but because his huge cock had impaled her so deeply.

He lifted his mouth from hers to let her breathe, and took a step back. She could have led him to the bedroom for more comfort, she knew she should of, but with his step back she felt her body quivering. Quickly, she threw her arms out and flung them around his neck.

She kept looking into his eyes, letting the sensation of his hard cock fill her. Now able to breathe deeply she gulped the cool air as he resumed his fucking.

He took a step forward, letting her back rest against the cabinet as he clasped her thighs, pulling and pushing her up and down his length.

Sandy wanted to scream as his cock slid in and out of her soaked pussy. Her bahis şirketleri brain kept telling her to shout out, beg him to fuck harder, but her own body prevented her from being able to do anything but moan. Every time she started to talk, it would be at the point where he would plunge her body back down onto his.

She closed her eyes and thought of what was happening to her. Her body was thrilled at the sensations of his large cock in her small frame and speeded her along to her orgasm. Her pussy walls were stretched wide by his thick dick, her clit taking a beating against his body. Unconsciously, she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his back the best she could, her heels digging into his ass, goading him on.

It wasn’t long before she peaked. Her head tilted and eyes screwed shut, Sandy screamed out as her orgasm sped through her body. She felt her body violently shaking and contracting as he continued to fuck her willing body.

As she gasped for breath and tried to clear her head, she felt him quicken his pace and push her hard against the cabinets. With a quick stab of his hips, he rammed his dick in as far as he could and came. She felt his hot fluids gushing from him, his cock shooting wave after wave of his cum into her.

He then knelt between her thighs and began eating Sandy’s pussy. She was so sensitive she couldn’t sit still. She could barely stand the sensations. He then stood back up and pulled her to him. Kissing her deeply while embracing.

Sandy was then carried to her bedroom and placed her at the foot of the bed. He pulled the covers back, then pulled Sandy to her feet. He undressed her, then placed her in bed. Pulling the covers up, and tucking her in just before turning out the bedside lamp. “Goodnight Sandy, sweet dreams.”

Sandy was already drifting off to sleep with a smile on her face when her “buddy” locked and closed the front door on his way out.

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