The Next Step

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I have a dream…

That you pick me up in your car.

“We have to talk,” you say.

We go parking in a street that doesn’t have prying eyes. I tell you to stop talking, move in close to your face and then slide up to your ear.

“I want to fuck you,” I whisper.

I lick your ear and lightly tongue your hole. You quiver slightly.

Meanwhile I rest my hand on your thigh. You’re wearing a denim skirt with black stockings.

Your legs are stuck together.

“No. This can’t happen.”

I move down from your ear to your neck and lightly tongue the main vein running up its length, its blood flowing strongly to your pleasure centres.

“Shhh,…Give it up,” I suggest as I lightly suck on the now throbbing vein.

“Noo…no,” you breath.

My hand moves up your thigh just moving under your skirt.

Your thighs remain tightly closed.

“Give it up.”

I increase my sucking and start to give you a love bite.

“No…You can’t!…Stop…He’ll see!” you gasp, but your not pushing me away.

I increase my suction on your neck and a slight tremor runs through your whole body.

I move my hand further up under your skirt.

Your legs almost imperceptibly stop clenching together.

“Give it up.”

I move up from your throbbing vein and hover my mouth over your open lips.

“I…Want…To…Fuck…You,” I repeat slowly, and then lightly brush my lips against yours.

“Nooooooo… Doooonn’ttt,” you say breathlessly.

I slowly extend my tongue out to also brush against bahis firmaları your lips, tentatively exploring the entrance to your mouth.

I move my lips into full contact with yours.

My tongue now delves into your entrance and your lips open and allow me to explore your mouth.

My hand moves higher up your thighs and then down, between…inside.

Your legs have fallen further apart, so my hand is now free to press all the way up your succulent thighs and suddenly…contact.

You almost hiccup into my mouth in surprise, “Oh!”

You’re so hot down there. I let my fingers graze over, ever so lightly, the panty and stocking covered entrance to your pussy.

Your plump lips are almost panting.

“Give it up,” I breath again into your now open mouth, as I fully enter you with my tongue, gliding across yours. Slightly flexing against you…exploring.

“Nnnnnnnn,” you mumble as your tongue begins to respond.

Your legs unconsciously spread even further apart and my fingers now fully press up against your wetness. Gliding, like my tongue, up and back against your lips, now slickening with real desire.

Involuntarily your hips slightly push forward, increasing the pressure of my fingers against you.

Your skirt has completely ridden up your thighs and the wetness of your desire is now audible, as my fingers move back and forth, back and forth, against your stocking covered cunt.

Outside a person passes by walking their dog, thankfully not noticing the heat and urgency of the two people in the front kaçak iddaa seats of your car.

My cock is straining industriously against the confines of my jeans.

“I want to fuck you,” I repeat, and plunge both my tongue and fingers deep into your clefts.

“Mmmmffff.. Ohhh.. Ohh.”

Your stocking starts to tear at the crotch and my fingers insinuate themselves through the small hole, now touching your sodden panties.

I can feel your urgency as you simultaneously suck my tongue into your mouth and now press your own hand onto mine. Pressing me harder into your needy passage, you send me further over the edge. I move both hands between your thighs, grab your stockings, and rip them apart at the crotch.


My fingers now freely move to your lust soaked panties and I pull the embedded material out and away from your folds.

“Touch me,” you gasp, as I easily plunge two fingers into your soaking pussy. You jump slightly, before unbelievably pushing your cunt harder up against my infiltrating digits.

“Nnyeesss,” you grunt, as my fingers start to saw back and forth through your incredible wetness.

“Oh fuckkkk… Noooooooo.”

Your hand clamps down on mine and jambs it further up into you as your face breaks away from me.


Your face, red and flushed, your thighs and bottom, bucking up against my hand…rubbing hard.

“Ahhhhhhhh yyyyeeeessssss… AAAHHHHHYYEESSSSSS!!”

I look at your face going through the throes of orgasm and in lustful awe, I actually explode in my kaçak bahis own pants!

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuck…You can’t…We cant!” you gasp, breathing hard, your whole body heaving.

“No, no, no, no, no…Fuuuuuuuck.”

Your eyes are closed as you begin to come down, releasing my hand, now soaked in your juice.

I slowly remove it from the confines of your still trembling pussy and actually bring it up to my nose.

Your eyes open slightly. Staring at me, you say, “You fucker…Go on, suck them…You absolute fucker…We couldn’t do this…I said we couldn’t…What are we going to do?”

I bring my fingers to my mouth and casually lick and then suck my fingers, finally tasting your essence, wallowing in the whole fuckeduppedness of the situation.

The woman with the dog has turned around and is now wandering back toward your car.

I move back into your face and slowly and sensually kiss your lips and deeply immerse my tongue back into your mouth, where you now happily play with me, pushing your tongue back into my mouth…tasting yourself.


We break apart. The wet stain is spreading across my pants. You look down and smile slightly, just realising.

“Wow, did I do that? But I never even touched you.”

You look at me questioningly. I smile. You start to smile.

“You’re naughty. You’ve ruined my stockings,” you say quietly.

The woman with the dog passes by, this time casually looking into your car.

You begin to pull down your skirt and the woman sees, realises, and turns away quickly.

“Wow. Ah, thanks…I guess? Are you ok?” you say.

“I want to fuck you,” I reply and your, “No, no, no, no, no! We can’t. We just can’t!” strangely causes blood to start flowing into my cock again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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