The New Redhead in My Life

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I’d meet her a few weeks earlier in a club. I was just walking past and this extremely cute and sexy little redhead smiled at me. It was a smile that actually stopped me in my tracks and made me wonder just what the hell I could say to her. Well I guess I managed to say the right thing because since that night I’ve been having one mad and lust filled adventure after another with my new partner in crime.

This night we were at a party that was happening at her house. A band was playing in the front room and the crowd of mostly punks, anarchist and crusts were singing along and drinking hard. We kept kissing constantly and whispering dirty things to each other. The bands was good, the party was good but when she took me by the hand and lead me outside i knew we’d soon be doing something better.

She has short red hair that smelled of cinnamon, sexy smile, beautiful eyes, 5’6, compact and tight little body, perfect breasts and cleavage, plus she was more kinky than I was. We stood in the cobble stone alleyway just off canlı bahis a quiet suburban street, she knew that sex in an alleyway and in public was a fantasy of mine, so here we were. We had little chance of discovery as it was an alley for residents to get to their garages and not for walking down, but still it was exciting as hell.

We kissed hard with her pressed up against a cold corrugated metal fence of someone’s back yard. Hungry lips and tongues finding each other. My hands roamed over her body, rubbing her through her jeans. I pulled up her stripy green top and pulled her bra down a little to revel her perfect nipple, quickly I took it into my warm mouth and started to suck and lick it. She moaned lightly and leaned back more, I loved it that she liked me playing with them as much as I did. With my other hand I massaged her other breast, gaining such a primal satisfaction from having a handful of her breast, and squeezing it hard.

I reached down and started to undo her studded fake leather belt, and undid the bahis siteleri top few buttons on her dark denim jeans. She pulled her cute polka dot knickers down over her lovely hips and presented the sight of her pussy to me. I was now kneeling down on the cobble stone ground, weeds coming up between the uneven stones. Staring at this gorgeous sight. Her sexy body exposed in the moonlight, soft pubes lightly covering that sweet little pussy of hers, that I was about to taste again.

I leant my face in to her and she murmured in anticipation. I rubbed my face lightly against the downy softness of her mound and smelt her, god she made me hard. My hands on the outside of her hips I started to slowly lick around the outside of her pussy lips with my warm and nimble tongue. Slowly tracing around the outside and then in flat strokes running my tongue right up the middle over her entrance and then over her eager clit. She bucked lightly as my tongue flicked over her little button.

I moved my right hand from her hip and after bahis şirketleri a second slid it deep into her pussy, she pushed hard back against it, moaning a little. I leant in again and started to lick her clit faster and in earnest. It was so damn hot to be on my knees in front of her, just worshiping this girl’s sex. My tongue flicked quickly over her clit, up and down, while my finger slide deeply into her over and over again. Her hands were now on the back of my head pulling me deeper into her, telling me to do it faster and harder. I quickly sucked her clit in between my lips and sent my tongue flickering over it as fast as I could, she began bucking her hips into me faster and faster. Remembering my fingers I pushed them deep into her wet snatch as she began to cum for me. She moaned loudly into the alleyway and then slapped her hand down on my shoulder, the old wrestling signals for ‘I give’ I slowed down my licking and then just rested my face against her, as we both recovered, panting slightly.

Standing up we kissed deeply sharing the taste of her sweetness that was all over my tongue and lips. Later we slipped back into the party and into her bedroom. I think tomorrow will have to be my turn to moan out an orgasm in out new alleyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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